i do believe

An overdue commission for the lovely @nilesdaughter of Inquisitor Lavellan and Commander Cullen at Halamshiral!

Thank you for commissioning me!

Wolf Hunt

I have clipped the red ribbon and popped the champagne. Well, I made a smoothie, but that counts too. I’m celebrating, because here is the prolouge to my first fanfic! 

I really hope you like it, and even if you don’t, I will be ok.
I am thankful for any feedback you will have for me!!

Read it on Ao3 or below the line.  

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Somewhere in between the pace of
life and work and where you’re going
something makes you stop and
notice and you’re finally in the moment!

Somewhere in the middle of no where.
In the middle of who knows where (who knows where)
you’ll find. Something in the middle of no where.
In the middle of clear blue air, you’ve found
your heart, but left a part of you behind.

Come From Away - 38 Planes Reprise/Somewhere In The Middle Of No Where

Okay I know I’ll regret it but… @theniceacefriend sent me the original picture (I’m on phone so I don’t know how to link to the pic and it would be nice if someone added it) and after making a dirty comment she made me want to put the “yaranaika face” on Akko’s and this quality edit (or rather atrocity) was born

You can blame both her and @articuno2011 for making me post it because I wanted to keep it private since it’s so bad (it was done on a bad app, on a phone and past midnight by a really tired me), and now you’ll have to look at it too

So it is derailing to advocate for tolerance instead of action but I think what is lost in the response is that the pacifist wants to believe in the worlds ability to change for the better and the warrior wants to change it. And it’s okay to be a pacifist but don’t tell others not to meet the invaders at the city gate


Thousands gather in Manchester and across the UK to pay tributes to those who lost their lives and the families affected after a terrorist attack after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. Many of the victims were children, and the youngest confirmed dead was only 8 years old.


                                                 stammi vicino, non te ne andare
                                             stay by my side and never leave me

                                                                     aria / duet

zen: i’m allergic to cats!

jumin: i’M aLlErGiC tO cAtS

jumin: her name is Elizabeth 3rd!

Seven: hEr NaMe iS eLiZaBeTh 3rD

jumin: you don’t understand the stress of running a company–

zen: yOu DoN’t UnDeRsTaNd tHe StReSs Of RuNnInG a CoMpAnY

zen: ah it’s such a curse to be this gorgeous~

yoosung: aH iT’s SuCh A cUrSe tO bE tHiS gOrGeOus

seven: i’m so jealous you get to play with elly~

jaehee: i’M sO jEaLoUs YoU gEt To PlAy WiTh ElLy

yoosung: rika is so amaing

mc: rIkA iS sO aMaZiNg

yoosung: my life is so hard

everyone: My LiFe Is So HaRd