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Day 7

Imagine Being The Volturi’s Secretary

For My Followers

Part 1

Signing up for a shady secretary job is one thing but said shady job actually being offered by vampires is another thing.

You’re not a skeptic and you’ve never exactly valued your own life very much so you took the job.

You quickly find out that the Volturi value your life about as much you do.


“Your job here is to organize the schedule, pass messages onto the masters, welcome us as we come in, say farewell as we leave, do anything we ask, and collect the mail. You are not to open any mail you must pass it onto the masters. You are not to interrupt when the doors are closed, and you are not to divulge the secret. You can continue living your life in town but you’ll find you won’t have time to return to your social life. You will call members of the guard sir or ma'am and the three kings master,” the tall beefy guard explains as he leads me through the old castle. His name is Demetri and he seems annoyed at being given the task to play tour guide.

“Yes sir,” you reply. He grunts and leads you to a nice mahogany desk.

“This is your desk,” he says and gestures for you to sit. You nod and sit down at the desk. There’s a set of pens and pencils on the desk in a straight line and a mac computer. You fold your hands and look up politely at your red eyed boss. “You are to be here at seven sharp every morning and you leave at three unless instructed otherwise. You may have days off if you request them a week in advance. Any questions?”

“None sir,” you answer politely and smile. Demetri rolls his eyes and stalks away. Once the blonde vampire no longer watches you scribble down all the rules he said and place them in the top desk drawer.

You may not value your life but you value work ethic.

So begins your first day as the Volturi secretary.


You quickly learn names and abilities of all the guard except who don’t seem that bad at all. Of course they’re all horribly frightening and don’t care for you at all but they aren’t rude.

You’re good at your job and you assure to follow all the rules laid out. Even though your job is easy you never slack off in your free time. To keep busy you start hand making a calendar for the Volturi. Each month has a guard member or two sketched out on it while the three kings stand as the cover.

Your main task is organizing fake tours for Heidi to lead so the Volturi can eat without suspicion being raised. Though the screams haunt your dreams you manage to stop flinching every time a tour comes through.

Other jobs include scheduling trials for vampires who’ve broken laws, planning parties, handing on letters, sending gifts to friends of the Volturi, and anything else that is asked of you. Once you had to learn how to fishtail braid so you could braid Jane’s hair.

Overall you’re not happy, you ever are, but you don’t hate your job. The pay is nice and it keeps you busy.


“(Y/N)!” Jane snaps and you instantly bounce to attention. The blonde vampire is storming up to your desk with a murderous look on her face.

“Yes ma'am?”

“A trial is scheduled for the day of my and Alec’s birthday!” she hisses. “We were supposed to have a ball.” Jane is furious and looks ready to kill.

“I’m sorr-”

“I know it wasn’t you! You keep track of the birthdays ritualistically.” It’s true you have all the birthdays written down and you always plan something if the particular vampire cares about their birthday. “I want to know who told you to put a trial over it!”

Jane is glaring viciously and her hands are clenched.

“Mr Demetri requested it,” you answer calmly.

“I’m going to rip his head off,” she growls. “Thanks.” You’re stunned, none f then has ever shifted blame from you to another member of the guard, and no one has ever said thanks.

“Your welcome but ma'am, is the fault not mine?” you ask curiously.

“It’s not because I know you were ordered explicitly to follow all orders. I also know Demetri is mad because I stole his favorite cloak,” Jane replies curtly and then storms off.

You wonder silently if they’ve started to like you.


“Dear (Y/N) I wonder if you could help me choose a table cloth for Jane and Alec’s party?” Aro inquires with a sickly sweetness. He called you into the throne room for this express reason apparently.

“Yes I can master,” you say and walk forward. Your heels click on the granite floor loudly, too loudly.

“Never wear heels again (Y/N) they are intolerable,” Caius demands.

“Ah but sweet (Y/N) looks so delicious in heels,” Aro muses. “Felix, and Heidi certainly think so.” The referred vamps immediately hiss and scowl. You feel your face heat up in betrayal to your mind.

“How can they stand the sound?” Caius mutters but everyone disregards him.

“Oh hush brother. Now (Y/N) tell me which table cloth is best?”

You choose the red one which pleases Jane and Alec.

On your way out you purposefully take light steps to cushion the sound.

“Aro this girl has been here for months when will we kill her?”

“Caius we also discussed turning her.”

“We always say we’ll turn them but we never do.”

“This one is different.”


“(Y/N) will you come to our party?” Alec asks suddenly appearing behind you. You squeak in surprise and whip around to find Jane and him looking at you expectantly.

“If you request I come then I shall sir. Unless I’m indisposed,” you reply nicely.

“What do you mean? What could possibly make you unavailable. You have nothing to do outside this job,” Jane remarks bluntly.

“Ma'am the only way I would miss your party is if I was dead. In my line of work I understand that my death could occur at any moment.”

Jane and Alec both stare in shock and then a certain emotion you couldn’t figure out.

Before you know it Jane grabs your arm in a bruising grip and roughly pulls you to the throne room.

So it’s finally happening, your death.

Invisible | Charles Xavier x Reader *Smut*


Omfg please do a Charles xavier smut!! I don’t see that many tbh…. -Anon

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Some charles smut would be amazing!!!! -Anon

Please may you write a Charles xavier smut??? - @5secondsofcraziness

Please write a Charles xavier smut -Anon

A/N: This is the 3rd most voted smut in the poll that I created a few weeks ago. Hope you like it and as always, feedback is always appreciated. MASTERLIST

Word Count: 957

Warnings: Smut, Language, Unprotected sex, Teasing

Tags: @doctorwhoandrory @harishaanne @xloudwhocares@thelonelyshe-wolf@5secondsofcraziness

You looked down at the student’s faces; some were panicking while some were just writing away every information they’ve had…while others just scribbled on the paper, pretending to write something so that they don’t leave any unanswered questions. Exams.

You walked up and down the rows of desks when you noticed your boyfriend, Charles Xavier, standing at the door, looking at you, smirking. You gave Charles a suspicious look. “After this exam is over, I’m going to rip that pencil skirt off you and I’m going to fuck the senses out of you.” You heard Charles’ voice in your head which made you go wet. You looked at the clock that was hanging from the wall, ticking away. 10 minutes.

You felt a hand sliding down your waist but as you looked behind you, there was no one. You looked at Charles who had a smirk on his lips. He was playing mind tricks on you. "You like it don’t you?“ The invisible hand slowly slid up, under your skirt to slide a finger inside you. All the students in the room lifted their head as they saw you flinch, dropping some book off the table along the way.

“Oh fuck!” You cursed inside your head. Another finger slid inside you and started to slowly pump deep inside you. You felt your nipples straining against your bra. You had to leave! Just in time as you looked at the door, Storm was walking. You tried your best to walk as you felt that the two fingers were still moving. “Storm!” You looked at Charles who had an “innocent” smile on his lips.


“Hey, do you mind watching my class for a moment please?” Storm gladly walked inside the classroom. The hand started to thrust harder making it even harder for you to hold back your moans.

“Something seemed to bother you.” He said as you walked towards his office. You stopped in your tracks and turned around to see Charles walking slowly behind you. The thumb of the invisible hand slowly started to rub your clit, making you moan. Charles quickly appeared in front of you and pushed you back in his office.

His lips met yours, your tongues fighting for dominance. Charles’ hand moved to your waist, pressing them while the other free hand moved up under your skirt; his index teasing your entrance while his thumb rubbed your clit slowly. “Shit! Charles!” You removed your white shirt, ripping the buttons as they bounced on the floor. HIs hands lifted your skirt up to your waist, his finger tips brushing against your skin, sending your nerve endings on fire. You laid back on his desk as he dove in between your legs to lick a line up your wet core. Your heart was about to burst out of your chest when he started to suck on your bundle of nerves.

“Charles! Stop teasing!” But he didn’t hear a words you said. He lifted his head up; his eyes blown from lust meeting yours, his hands gripped your thighs and puled you closer to him. You felt his hard cock between your legs, begging to be inside you.

“On your knees.” He demanded. You obliged. With a fistful of hair in his hand, you dove at his member, taking him whole in your mouth. Charles threw his head back, groaning as your warm tongue danced around his cock. He looked down at you, forcing your head to get deeper, hitting the back of your throat. “Oh shit! Oh fuck!” He cursed under his breath. Charles felt you smile around his dick. You started sucking on him, tasting the precum.

“I’m not going to last long baby girl.” You looked up, through your lashes at Charles and winked, sucking harder in the process.

“Oh no you don’t.” Charles said as he read your mind that you were going to stop. He pulled your head up to face him, and slowly entered you. Your breath hitched in your throat as you felt yourself stretch to his size. Charles’ hand wrapped around your back and pulled you close to him; your breasts pushed against his chest, his blue eyes boring into yours, making your heart throb.

He thrust his hips towards your hips, throwing your head back in ecstasy; your toes curled as he increased his movements. You felt yourself clenching around his dick. “You like it, don’t you?” Charles chuckled as he looked down to see his dick thrusting in your wet core. You nodded furiously. “Yes daddy!” You moaned.

You gasped as you clenched around Charles and your orgasm washed over you. You laid back on his desk, your body whriting on the desk. Charles dove in for your breasts and started to suck. But that didn’t stop Charles from thrusting until shot his load inside you. “Oh shit!” He groaned as he got out of you, his cum sliding down your thighs.

You lifted your head to look at Charles who was smiling. But his smile faded. “Get under the desk!”


“Logan’s coming!” You quickly rolled under his desk while Charles put his dick back in his pants and buttoned up his shirt. There was a knock at the door.

“Come in.” Charles said. You took a sneak peak from under the desk and saw Logan entering the office. “Hey Charles I was wondering-” Logan stopped in mid-sentence. “Charles, you dog.” Logan chuckled.

“Excuse me?” Charles asked, surprised.

“Did you and Y/N bang in here?” Charles’ face turned red with embarrassment. Luckily for you, you were blushing from behind the desk. “H-How did you know?” Charles asked again.

“Well there are the same buttons that Y/N’s shirt has and she’s hiding under your desk.”

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Rated: Mature
[A bath with Zelo]


“Get the hell out of my bathtub you giant!” you yelled as Junhong made himself comfortable in your tub, making the water uncomfortably high, sloshing over the edge.

You had an entire day of tattooing due to the flash designs your shop was doing and you just ached. Your everything hurt, your back was sore from crouching over, your wrist cramped from holding your tattoo gun and you spent close to forty minutes setting up your playlist, candles, bath bomb and bubbles. And here comes this giant throwing off your zen. 

“Why’s the water blue~ Hey it’s glittery” he chuckle at the water, taking a sip of your wine.


There was no way he was comfortable, he was all long-limbed and broad shoulders and your tub was the perfect size for you. You might even consider it a little on the small side. And yet here he was with his legs spread wide on either side of you, trying to make room in a place where there was no room. 

“You said you wanted to take a bath together” he gave you a sheepish look.

“No! I said I’m going to take a bath. That was in no way an invitation for you! You’re too big!”

He smirked, quirking a brow. “Not the first time you said that”

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“Hey, (y/n).”

You roll your eyes at the now familiar voice and look up over the computer. “Peter,” you giggle. “I’m working.”

The adorable boy grins at you with his crooked smile, and your heart practically melts. You don’t know why the newest Avenger has decided to talk to you the past couple of days, but you’re glad he has. You’re Maria Hill’s niece and are extremely skilled with computers, which is the only reason you work for the avengers.

Only thing is, you don’t really get to see them because you’re stuck in the computer bank most of the time. But Peter…he goes out of his way to come see you. And you love it.

“I know, but I’m on my way to training, and I thought now would be a good time to show you my powers?”

You giggle. “I’ve seen your powers, Spiderman.”

“Well, y-yeah, but…I mean up close.” He holds out his hand. “Come on, it’ll be fun. I’ll have you back in five minutes tops.”

You laugh. “Okay, fine.”

Peter claps, and you giggle as you step out from behind your desk and follow behind the almost-skipping superhero down the hall to the training room. As you walk, you get a chance to admire his lean, but fit body in his red and blue suit. You look away from him and out the windows almost immediately, blushing to yourself. You can’t think about him like that.

He’s a superhero.

“Okay!” Peter yells, pushing one of the two double doors open and holding it for you to walk through after him. “You ready?”

You look around the huge training room, stepping up to the railing in awe. You’ve never been in here. “Yeah,” you reply distractedly.

Peter grins to himself at the plan that just formed in his mind.

All of a sudden, you’re pulled away from the railing and into a warm chest-Peter’s warm chest. One of his white webs is attached to your waist. “What are you-”

You barely have time to get that many words out before he fires another web at the ceiling, and the two of you are lifted off the ground. Screaming, you wrap your arms around your friend’s neck as he swings you around the huge room with his one arm, the other arm holding you tightly to him by your waist. He’s laughing at your reaction, but you can’t hear it over the rush of the wind.

After about a minute, Peter finally sets you down in the middle of the room. You hold onto him for a couple of seconds just to make sure your feet are actually on the ground, before pulling away completely and swatting him in the arm. “Peter Parker!”

He rubs his arm. “What?”

“That was terrifying!”

“But was it fun?”

You freeze. “Well, yes, but-I could’ve fell.”

“(y/n).” He steps forward and closer to you with a soft smile. “I would never let you fall.”

With his soft brown eyes staring into yours, you realize that you already have.


You nearly jump out of your skin at the sound of your aunt’s voice echoing through the cavernous room. “Aunt Maria!” you yell, whirling around to face her. She stands at the entrance of the room with her hands on her hips, staring down at you with stern, yet curious eyes.

“What are you doing down here?”

Peter steps forward. “It was my bad, Agent Hill. I just wanted to show (y/n) something while I had the time.”

Your aunt nods at him before looking at you. “Time to stop flirting and get back to your station, agent.” You blush when she says “flirting.” “I’m more lenient with you, but you still do work here.”

Nodding, you scuttle quickly away from Peter. “Yes ma'am.”

“Bye, (y/n)!”

Turning around, you smile at Peter once more. “Bye, Peter.” Then you exit through where you came and follow your aunt back to your station.

Ex-Pilot Pt. 1

A/N: I wasn’t requested to do this, I just thought I’d spread some Cassian love lol (also sorry i went on hiatus :c)

Warnings: Mentions of death

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He hated it. He hated every grueling second he spent walking up to the hangar to meet the popular, snarky mechanic. Mon Mothma had assigned you to him as a partner, and she knew, oh she knew how he hated working with someone other than K-2. She had explained to him how you had been one of the best pilots in the resistance, if not the best pilot in the resistance. Then, after one particularly unsuccesful recon mission, you spent less time in the cockpit of the U-wings and more time under them. It wasn’t that you had lost interest in flying, hell, the only reason you stayed in the resistance was to be able to fly the ships. It was rather a personal choice, something that happened during that mission that caused you to never want to see the inside of one again.

Rounding the bend, the massive expanse of the hangar became visible to Cassian. Searching for you was easy for him, you were always surrounded by a group of pilots and mechanics who were always trying to get you to fix something. This was never a problem for you, as you enjoyed all of the attention, but after a while it got a little annoying. You were trying to push your way through the swarm of needy people until you spotted the Captain walking in your direction.
Holding your breath, you observed his features. Tall, muscular, handsome face, and definitely checking you out. You quickly averted your gaze to one of the U-wings after you realized you had been staring. Pushing aside a rather annoying mechanic, you headed over to your next client- a torn-up, beat-up cargo freight that had definitely seen better days. You had just grabbed a few tools and were about to start work until you heard someone clear their throat behind you. Swivelling on your heel, you came face-to-face with none other than Cassian himself. Quirking a brow at him, you placed a hand on your hip to try and signify that you were the boss here. You heard horror stories from other mechanics in the mess hall of him getting his way with people when he visited them, and you definitely didn’t want that to happen to you. You shouldn’t didn’t care that he was one of the best intelligence officers the Resistance.

“I don’t usually get many visitors,” you said, sarcastically. “What brings you here, Captain?”

“I understand you don’t know why I’m here.” Cassian started. “Mon Mothma sent me to collect you. You’re my new.. partner.

“Let me guess, she expects me to fix every little papercut that happens to appear on your ship?”  

“Remember who you’re speaking to,” He warned as you backed away, hands raised defensively.

“So, what do you need me for?“ 

“I have some information regarding your past in the Resistance. It seems as if Mon Mothma thinks you would be an excellent co-pilot for my ship.” Your cocky smile instantly disappeared from your face.

“Go find someone else. I’m not helping you.”

“I had a feeling you’d say that.” He started, stepping closer to you. "Walk away from this and you get to spend your days in the Resistance as a cleanup lady. Mothma’s orders.“

You could feel anger bubbling up inside of you as he said those words. You were never going to fly a ship again, not after what happened during that recon mission. Mon Mothma knew that you never wanted to set foot inside of a cockpit again, so why would she make you do it with this asshole? Numerous questions flooded your mind as you failed to realize Cassian patiently waiting for an answer. You were brought out of your thoughts by Cassian letting out a sigh. Glowering up at him, you swallowed the numerous insults threatening to burst out of your mouth.

“Whatever you say, Captain.

Giving you a triumphant smirk, he turned on his heel and left. Huffing as you turned back to the ship, you noticed that your toolbox was nowhere to be found. You soon realized that you had forgotten where you placed it and frantically began to search for it until you were interrupted.
"Excuse me, ma'am,” you turned to see an impatient looking mechanic.

“What do you want?”

“Captain Andor requested that I inform you takeoff is in 10 minutes.”

Sighing, you stopped looking for your toolbox and brushed past the mechanic. Maybe, just maybe you should show up just a few minutes late to show your appreciation for the captain. You caught a glance of a certain impatient looking captain as you jogged to your quarters to stuff a duffel bag full of some clothes. 

Oh well. He would just have to wait.

The Fiancée: Kylo x Reader drabble

A/N ok so this was an idea I had… not sure where to take this. I’m leaving it up to my Padawans. the intent is to imply that Kylo is up to no good and so is the reader. this is not my first time writing but this is my first time writing a drabble. if you want part two just lemme know!

warnings: none. future cheating? forbidden love?  

words: 1.5k

Today was a big day for Armitage Hux. He made sure every detail of the finalizer was in place and he made sure every inch of the ship was clean. cleaner than usual. He had his room redecorated twice; never satisfied with how it looked. He showered longer than usual and groomed himself slowly so that no hair on his copper head was out of place. He sent for his boots to be shined and his uniform to be pressed. Armitage made sure to keep his cat Millicent away from his clothing. He kept her in her cage; which he never did but it was only necessary to make sure her fur didn’t cling to his crisp clean uniform. Today was a big day… today was the day his fiancée came for a visit.

The shuttle she was on would be landing soon, and he couldn’t have been any more excited. It had been just about six months since they had last seen each other. They kept in contact when he could but he had been so busy with the plans for the first orders new weapon and the tantrums of the Commander that he had become distracted and forgot about his dearly beloved. Armitage felt bad for neglecting her so he had arranged for her to stay with him for as long as she pleased. Once they were married she would have to become familiar with the finalizer, for it would be her new home along with Starkiller base once it was completed.

Smiling genuinely, he stood tall in the docking bay as the shuttle touched down. As the ramp came down he only smiled wider. Out stepped some of his men carrying her things and marching straight to his quarters. They saluted as they passed and he nodded his head. He could have cared less if they had stopped to acknowledge him; he was focused on something else, and when she stepped out last he nearly lost his composure.

Walking elegantly as if she were gliding on air, she moved to him. Removing the scarf from around her head she let her beautiful curled long (y/h/c) locks flow freely. Her ruby red lips curled in a smile and her eyes sparkled. She was just as beautiful as ever.

“Hello, my darling kitty.” sighed Hux happily as he kissed his fiancée’s cheek.

“Hello, my love.” She greeted back.

Armitage gently took her hands and kisses them both as well, before finally kissing her plush lips.

“Was the flight well?”

“A bit rough but nothing I couldn’t handle.”

“Excellent, Allow me to show you my- I mean our quarters.” He winked.

Once she was settled and relaxed he took her to the bridge of the ship so he could carry out his business and still spend time with his darling kitty. She had no business being there other than she was the future Mrs. General Armitage Hux, and no one was going to tell her to leave. She stood center out of everyone’s way, but her Klein blue beaded dress made it hard for her to go unnoticed. She was the most colorful thing in the room and her positive ora brought joy to the officers around her. When Hux was happy they were happy, and his fiancé being there was a blessing to them all… all but one man. The one man that hated everything, Commander Ren.

He was heavy on his feet, and suddenly the room was filled with tension and anxiety. He marched straight for the general saying something almost un-audible to her ears but the General seemed to understand it. His smile was gone and his eyebrows were creased in anger. He looked to her then to Ren and sighed.

“Kitty, I am most sorry. It seems something has come up. Stay here, will you? I won’t be long. Commander Ren here will keep you company.” He turned back the man in the mask. “Mind your manners, Ren.”

If he could have seen through the Commander’s mask he would have seen him roll his eyes. The Commander honestly didn’t care. He had no vendetta against her and she had done nothing to deserve his backlash. Though he was not a kind man, the Commander knew if he left her alone the General would leave him alone and that’s all he wanted.

She stood with her hands crossed in front of her. “It’s very lovely to meet you, Commander Ren. I’m (y/f) (y/l)-”

“I don’t care.” He said simply, voice covered in layers of synthetic sound.

“Oh well alright,” she smiled then nodded, “those are very lovely robes you are wearing. A bit more tattered for my taste but I’m sure they have great stories to tell.”

The Commander looked down at the woman to his left. She was so small compared to him and he could crush her like nothing if he wanted to. It wouldn’t take much of the force to break her delicate neck. He played through the scenario of killing her and determined it wouldn’t be a fair fight. She was far to petit and defenseless to protect herself. The Commander wondered if protection and safety were why she chose the General.  Kylo Ren wasn’t one for emotion but he wasn’t blind. She was attractive. far too decent looking for Armitage and far too nice.

“I like your helmet. It really does intimidate.” She said softly to the Commander, and he tilted his head intrigued.

(y/n) smiled; eyeing him up and down. “You know- not many people can pull off black but you pull it off very well, Commander.”

“Must you speak to me?” He muttered, rather sourly.

“Yes, who else will I talk to?” She countered.

Kylo growled taking a step to his left. “You’re standing too close to me.”

“Dearest apologies, Commander.”


“Stop what?”

“With all the politeness!” He gestured with his hands.

(y/n)’s jaw dropped as Kylo’s hand flew in the air. She snatched his hand squeezing it in her own. 

“My- What large hands you have, Commander! Amazing!”

“Ok, no touching!” He hissed pulling himself free.

Interrupted, (y/n) was approached by an officer who bowed awkwardly.

“Oh, I love your uniform.” She complimented.

“Thank you, ma'am. It’s the same as everyone else.”

(y/n) laughed. “Yes, but you wear it differently- dare I say better than everyone else.”

The officer blushed. “The General has requested your presence for tea.”

“Oh, I do love a good tea!” (y/n) clapped, knowing exactly what that meant. “Commander Ren, would you mind helping me back to the Generals quarters? I’m still getting familiar with the corridors.”

Kylo shrugged and lead the way.

He was silent the entire walk to the General’s private quarters but she was not. He was irked by the spring in her step and couldn’t stand the way she complimented the officers every time they passed on in the corridors. She even found a way to complement each stormtrooper individually; no two compliments were alike.

When they had reached the destination Kylo sighed in relief.

“My darling kitty, just in time for tea.” Smirked the General as he stood in the doorway. “I was beginning to think I’d have to have a cup alone.”

She laughed. “As if you’d ever start without me.”

Armitage took (y/n)’s hand and gently kissed. “Is that one lump or two?”

“We shall see how I feel after the first cup of tea.” She winked before stepping in.

Suddenly Kylo realized it wasn’t tea they were talking about at all and he shivered in disgust.

“Was he good to you, kitty?” Armitage said, more for Ren than he did as a question for (y/n).

“Oh most definitely-” She smiled as she poked her head into the doorway. “-So kind he is, and a great listener too!”

“Really, a good listener?” Hux sneered. “Wish he listened to me as well as he did you.”

(y/n) kissed Armitage’s cheek and looked at him with a fake pout. “Come now darling, the tea.”

Kylo stood awkwardly; it wasn’t like he needed to be dismissed. The General had already walked away and he had already escorted her where she needed to be.

“Goodbye, see you tomorrow commander Ren.” She smirked, blew him a kiss, then shut the automatic door.

“See me tomorrow?” He thought to himself in a far to chipper tone.

Why in the galaxy did she plan on seeing him tomorrow, but why in the galaxy did he get excited?

Never in my life

Have I seen so many people refuse statins (in the stroke belt, mind you) and ask for jury duty excuses. I have a huge percentage of my patients who purely refuse any cholesterol medicine, even non-statin meds, for fear of a muscle cramp. But we aren’t worried about strokes or heart attacks. No, if we don’t think about them, they won’t happen. I swear my patients come up with the most ridiculous reasons to not take their meds.

I’ve been inundated with requests for jury duty excuses lately for things like “can’t be around perfume,” “vocal cord dysfunction,” and “severe diabetes” (in a patient whose diabetes is well controlled and has no long term complications from it).
Um, just no. You can go to jury duty. There aren’t but a handful of people in this county who can do it anyway, so suck it up and do your duty.

Also: ma'am, your 10mg of Crestor did not make you fall. Your refusal to use your cane made you fall.

And sir, yes, statins can cause muscle aches, but working all day in the heat and never drinking water can do it too.

Take your meds, folks.

Customer: I want to send an HTTP request.

Me: Sure. You can use Java to-

Customer: I don’t wanna use Java.

Me: Oh okay. Well how about JavaScript. We can-

Customer: I just said I don’t use Java!

Me: Um… not the same but okay. How abou-

Customer: I want to do this using MySQL.


Me: I don’t know how to help you anymore, Ma'am…


Title: Past and Present

Character: John Wick

Movie: John Wick

Warnings: None

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

I shivered as I entered the warm and inviting house that I shared with my husband, John. I hung up my jacket and scarf and toed off my shoes.

Walking through the hall, I smelt some amazing coffee; a perfect way to ward off the fall chill.

“John?” I called out, looking into the living room.

“Kitchen,” he called out, followed by a curse, “damnit!”

“What are you doing?” I asked, laughing.

John looked over his shoulder as I entered the kitchen, then turned back to the coffee maker.

I paused at the island, watching him. The sleeves of his long sleeved Henley were pushed up his forearms and he wore dark blue jeans and his boots.

I noticed his shirt had a couple dirty patches on it. Walking up to him, I wrapped my arms around his waist, dipping my cold hands underneath his shirt to rest on his warm stomach.

His stomach muscles tightened as he hissed, “You’re freezing,”

“You’re warm,” I chuckled, giving a quick squeeze.

I pulled my hands from his warmth and leaned back against the counter, folding my arms, “Busy day?”

He grabbed two coffee cups and nodded, “Somewhat,”

My brow pinched at his tone, immediately letting me know that something was way off. After he poured the coffee and placed the pot back on the warmer, I gently took hold of his wrist.

“What’s wrong, John?”

He was quiet; searching my face as he fought with himself. He swallowed and looked down at our feet before raising his eyes back to mine, “Have some coffee with me?”

What ever was on his mind… it was weighing on him heavily. I knew he’d tell me when he was ready, but if I were honest, he was scaring me a little.

I nodded, “Of course,”

He grabbed our cups and went to the living room where a nice warm fire was going. John sat, waiting for me to do the same.

I took my normal spot next to him, our thighs touching as we both loved being in close proximity of each other.

“Thank you,” I whispered, holding the cup between my hands.

Tentatively, I took a sip, closing my eyes and couldn’t help the moan that came from me.

John smiled as he looked to me.

“You make the best coffee,” I sighed, taking another sip.

Holding his cup in one hand, John placed his other on my knee, rubbing it as he stared into the fire.

I rested my head against his arm, letting my own mind drift away with all the wacky, messed up scenarios that could take place at any moment.

After a quiet few moments, I blinked my eyes rapidly to shake off the daydreams. Turning my head, I kissed his arm, gaining his attention.

“I love you, John,” I began, “You know you can tell me anything,”

He nodded, placing his cup on the coffee table, then taking mine from me.

“Someone from my past showed up today,”

“You don’t have an illegitimate child or another wife, do you?” I was somewhat joking, of course.

John looked at me like I was nuts, “What? No!”

I let a breath out that I didn’t know I was holding before responding, “Well, I don’t know what could possibly be so bad, then,”

“I’m a hired assassin… was a hired assassin,”

He said it with such a straight face, but it sounded so absurd to me. My kind, gentle, loving husband was a trained killer?

I snorted as I chuckled, “Are you kidding me?”

His face never changed.

The smile slipped from my face, “John… you’re serious?”

“Deadly serious, Y/N,”

Clearing my throat, I placed some hair behind my ears, “Umm, okay… I- can you explain to me what’s going on? I’m confused,”

John stood, holding out his hands to me. Taking his offered hands, he pulled me up, then gently cupped my cheeks, “Do you trust me?”

I bit my lip and nodded, “You know I do,”

He sighed, “Okay. Come with me,”

While holding my hand in a firm grip, he led me to the basement. I could smell fresh dirt when we hit the concrete floor.

To the left of the stairs, I saw a pile of rubble with a large chest opened from within the hole in the ground.

“Just… be honest with me, Y/N,” John said, softly.

I gave his hand a squeeze and went to take a closer look in the chest. Two guns, ammo, a large knife, two grenades and a lot of gold coins were nestled in the red velvet lined box.

I knelt down, leaning over and reaching into the box for one of the weapons. I was careful, extremely gentle with the gun. The weight of it surprised me as I turned it over to look at all of it.

I placed it back in it spot, then picked up a coin to examine it, “What does this all mean, John?”

He sat down on the ground, leaning against his workbench, “It means that I’ve been summoned to carry out the blood oath that I’d taken to get out of it,”

I rolled the coin between my fingers absent-mindedly, “Summoned? Blood oath? John, what did you do?”

“I did what I had to, to get out from that world so you wouldn’t get hurt. You don’t belong there; you’re better than that… better than me,”

Not giving a damn about the coin, I tossed it back into the box and went over to John, straddling his lap.

“I don’t fully understand what’s going on here, but I get the jist of it. No matter what, do me the favor and don’t put yourself down.”

He nodded, then slowly began telling me of his previous job. His tale was horrific; making me question how this honorable, kind man that I married could possibly take a life.

“So the ones that you kill, they’re deserving of it?”

“Yes,” he was quiet a moment before taking a deep breath, “I- I understand if you don’t -”

I covered his mouth with my hand and shook my head, “Johnathan Wick, don’t you dare finish that sentence,”

His smile peeked out from beneath my hand, “Yes Ma'am,”

I removed my hand and glared at him. I understood why he never told me any of this, but now that he was being dragged back in, I worried.

“This person from your past… what is supposed to happen?” I asked.

John placed his hands on my thighs, “I carry out their request.”

“And what am I to do here while I wait for you?” My heart raced at the thought of never seeing John again.

“You’ll need to come with and stay at the Continental. Nothing will happen to you there. Winston will be sure of that.”


John’s gaze was weary, “That’s it? No arguments of you wanting to stay here?”

I raised a brow, “You were expecting a fight?”

“I- well, kind of, yes. You’re taking this rather easily,”

I scooched myself farther into his lap and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. Leaning forward, I slowly kissed him, taking my time to savor this last little bit of quiet while I could.

“Would you ever hurt me?” I asked him.

John held my head as he claimed my lips in his own searing kiss.

“Never,” he whispered, our breaths mingling together.

“Then you have nothing to worry about,” I said, just as softly.

He ran his fingers through my hair, resting his forehead against mine, “With you, I’ll always worry,”

“The same goes for me, John. Until all of this is said and done, I’ll always worry about whether you’ll walk through that door or not.”

He kissed me again, pulling me tighter to his body. I can’t say for sure how long we sat in the basement for, but we knew our time was up when the doorbell rang.

Sharing a look, we dusted ourselves off as we stood. John took my hand, his grip even tighter now than before.

Our lives were about to drastically change.


What Was Once Mine: Part 1 (Cassian X Reader)

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PAIRING: Cassian Andor X Reader
WARNINGS: Fluff, cussing & PDA
PART ONE / PART TWO / SUMMARY: Y/N goes to Base one to grabs the last of her belongings so she can move in with her fiance, the Prince of Artorias. While packing her things up she runs into her first love. Cassian Andor. 

“This is it. This is my old room.”

Y/N thinks out loud like it’s a dream. If it was a dream only a girl like her would appreciate it. She inspects at the rusty metal looking door like it’s a treasure chest while the two men behind her are looking at it as if it’s just another plain door. It’s not though, it’s the door to her home, to her past, to another future. She’s lived in her whole life. She never thought she would see it again when she left for Artorias last year. Yet, here she is in hand made royal clothing with two Artorias guards by her side. She doesn’t glance their way when she thinks out loud.

“I only have a few things so you guys can wait by the ship.”

“Prince Finn Galfridian requested that we help you-”

“I don’t need help, I just need a few minutes.”


“It’s fine, really. I can do it alone,” She waves them off casually while grabbing one of the bags they’re holding for her, “I want to do this alone.”

“Princesses shouldn’t be-”

“I’m not a princess, not yet.”

Y/N turns to finally look at the guards with wide eyes from the single name they called her. They instantly look at her in alarm from her angered expression. Her body and face soften when she realizes she shouldn’t have freaked out so forcefully from a name she will have to get used to everyone saying and not just an old Captain. She just lost it for a second since they are at her old home, the Rebellion’s base one. She’s been living at Artorias for the last year, she has no history there so when the guards call her that there it’s easier for her to swallow. Smiling politely Y/N explains in a commanding tone to her personal Artorias Guards.

“Please, let me do this myself. I don’t want to be here any longer than you guys do but this is something I have to do by myself.”

The men turn to look at each other before putting their gaze back on her knowingly and nod. Y/N nods back in relief and they walk back the way they came from. She stares them until they are out of sight before turning back to the ancient door. Holding her breath she puts her code into the bar as if she did it yesterday and not a year ago. It slides open immediately making her let out a breath in anticipation. Taking a step in and looking around she smiles warmly at the sight of her old quarters. It’s exactly the same as when she left it to Artorias to live with her fiance, Prince Finn Galfridian or Artorias. Walking down the small hall to the cramped room she sighs in content, she missed this, she missed home. This is the room, after all, she grew up in before the Prince of Artorias asked her hand in marriage. As she walks further into the room she has to move her expensive dress out of the way of being snagged on by the corner of her desk.

She growls in frustration as she impatiently forces the dress to move the way she wants it. Y/N hates wearing these over bearing gowns but being the future princess of Artorias she kind of has to look like one, even if she’s just going to her old home to pack a few belongings. She’s wearing a luxurious long puffy deep red dress, the dress has skin tight long sleeves that that hangs off her shoulders and shows the curves of her neck. With that, she’s wearing heels, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces that are purely made out of gold. Her hair is done up in braids and curls that have gold specks in it. Her face is caked with makeup and the only makeup she can identify is the red lipstick her maid put on her lips this morning. She never was dolled up like this before she got engaged to Finn, before him she like another riff raff.

She use to wear cheap too small for her t-shirts/ tank tops, some worn out leather jacket with plain pants with holes in them and dirty combat boots. Her hair was always down and usually a mess back then, not to mention she never wore makeup. She wore things like that back when she did mission work for the Rebellion but those days are over now. In a few weeks, she’ll be royalty and won’t have to wear clothes that make her look like she came out from a battle. Going to her dresser she opens the drawers and stares at her old clothes sadly because she secretly loved them since they were so comfy. She won’t be able to wear them though, not with the title she is about to have. She has a whole room of clothes Prince Finn Galfridian has given her anyway so she has no need to bring them back. However, her old clothes aren’t the reason she opened her drawer.

Moving the clothes to the side of the dresser she finds a single picture that she taped onto the bottom years ago. It’s a photo of herself and her old captain, she’s kept it hidden there for years now. In the picture her captain is holding her close to his chest with his arms wrapped tightly around her waist, he’s staring at the person who is taking the photo but she is looking up at him like that’s where the sun is shining. They both have wide toothy smiles in the small dusty picture. They look so innocent, so happy and so in love. Y/N stares at the picture before carefully taking it off the bottom of the drawer. Her best friend, Jyn Erso, took the photo the day after they came back from the battle at Scarif. They were getting the plans for the Death Star, they all almost died too but Y/N got them on a ship and hauled ass before the explosion could turn them to dust. After that day things were looking exceptional for the Rebellion. Smiling sadly Y/N stares at the photo like she wants to fall into it and be back in that moment. Sitting down on her old bed she doesn’t take her eyes off the valuable picture in her hands.

Her bed makes a squeaking sound as she sits down, her dress covers the entire bed easily from how puffy it is. Her bed feels so uncomfortable compared to the one she sleeps on in Artorias. The one in the palace is so wide and long that if can fit her whole team. Well, her old team. The team did use to do all her mission work with for the Rebellion. The Palace bed never makes a noise and is the softest thing she’s ever been on but if she got to choose she would take the bed she’s sitting on right now in a heartbeat instead of the royal one in Artorias. Because this is the bed all her friends tightly sat on after a mission they almost died on. And this is the bed her and her captain laid in while memorizing each other’s bodies at dawn. She couldn’t bring it back to the Palace though, it wouldn’t mean the same there like it does here. Getting up she goes to her bookcase and begins taking her favorite books from it.

She only grabs three, there is a total of seven on the shelves but these are the three that matter to her. She didn’t have much time to read either since she was always doing mission work back when she lived here. She did read two out of the three though because they were bought by her best friends. One of the three is a small book about droids and the basic way of putting one together. K-2SO, a rebuilt Imperial Droid, gave it to her when she kept fixing him wrong and was too prideful to ask for someone’s help. The second one is thick, it’s the history of Jedism. Chirrut Lmwe bought her it himself one day on a mission saying it will help her in the future, it hasn’t yet but then again this is the book she hasn’t read since she keeps falling asleep when trying to read it. The last one is an old barely together poetry book that her captain gave to her on her first birthday he shared with her, it was his mother’s. It might fall apart any second now so she’s very gentle with it when she sets it along with the other books and picture on her desk in a simple pile.

On the same desk is a makeshift jewelry box, it’s tiny and can only fix about 4 things in it but she loves it more than anything. Bodhi Rook made it for her when she broke her last one by throwing it at her captain during an argument, it didn’t hit her captain but the wall behind him causing it to be unusable. Opening the box she sees her lucky old earrings she used to wear everywhere, a necklace Baze Malbus found for her in his bag and a familiar old ring. It’s a wedding ring, it’s clearly cheap, it doesn’t look like it costs much but an engagement ring nonetheless. It’s silver with a simple design on it, it has a small crystal in the center of it that use to be a part of Jyn’s necklace. The ring is nothing like the one she’s wearing from the Prince of Artorias. The one he bought her has a certain diamond in it that is supposedly one of the rarest in the galaxy and it’s five times bigger than the dusty one in her jewelry box. If she had a choice though she would be wearing the rusty one in the makeshift box right now.

Y/N looks around her room cautiously before taking off the expensive wedding ring around her finger. Setting it carefully on the desk she picks up the dusty one in her jewelry box. She stares at it for a moment with a million memories coming to mind. Glancing around one more time like what she’s about to do is wrong she looks to her ring finger and slowly puts it on the priceless engagement ring. Y/N lets out a shaky breath at the sight of what used to be her future. The ring looks absolutely made for her, looking down at her hand her eyes begin to get watery. After a moment of staring at the dusty old ring Y/N starts hearing footsteps and voices coming near her front door making her take off the ring quickly and put it back in the box. As she slips on the expensive one back on she hears familiar voices.

“Cass, the General isn’t going to like it that we’re going into her room.”

“Captain, there’s a 75.0999% chance we’ll get caught.”

“Let’s think this through first. She’s a royalty now, we can’t just walk in.”

“Listen, Jyn. Prince Galfridian ordered some of his men to get the rest of her belongings today so I’m just going to get a few things before they come.”

“Maybe she wants those few things you’re about to take.”

“I promise you she isn’t going to want her old-” Her captain voice dies down when the door slides open and he comes face to face with the woman in red, “…Y/N.”

“Cassian.” She blurts out loud with a complete starstruck expression, “I- You- What…”

“Told you guys we would get caught.”

“Oh my god!” Jyn sees the future princess of Artorias and immediately shoves Cassian out of her way, “Y/N!”

Sprinting to her Jyn grabs Y/N by the arms before tackling her in with a hug. They both burst out laughing as they hold tightly onto each other. The two girls haven’t seen each other for a whole year and it’s been driving each other insane. The two are practically sisters, they have no other woman to talk to other than each other so the past year has been very hard for them. Which is why Jyn waste no time and begins speed talking to Y/N with Cassian looking at her like a ghost and K-2SO acting like he’s in the presence of royalty.

“When did you get here?”

“Half an hour ago. I thought the team was on a mission right now.”

“The General decided to wait a week before sending us out. Why didn’t anyone tell me you were coming?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to come at first but I decided to at the last minute.”

“Why wouldn’t you want to come?! Everyone here misses you like crazy!”

“I miss everyone too, that’s why I wanted to come.”

“Good to know your royal ass misses us, peasants, because we were all starting to wonder…”

“Jyn, come on. I’m not royalty.”


Captain Cassian Andor announces making everyone turn to look at him. He’s behind Jyn and K-2 as he leans on the wall with his gaze directly on Y/N like he’s holding something back. The room is now unbearably silent from the tension between the old couple. Everyone can feel it, even the droid could feel it. Jyn looks from Cassian and Y/N as they stare intently at one another, the look at each other almost as if they weren’t actually seeing each other but a memory of the other person. She knows the two haven’t talked since Y/N left for Artorias a year ago. He spent countless nights without a wink of sleep or drunk off his ass because Y/N wasn’t there. This might be the only time he sees her too because everyone knows after she’s married she’ll be living in Artorias indefinitely. After a moment of seeing the longing and star-struck expressions from the old couple Jyn thinks out loud softly.

“Why don’t K-2 and I round up the team. They’ll want to see you before you go.”

“Good idea,” K-2 says brightly before following her out the front door, “If they don’t there is a 93% chance Baze will cry and use me for target practice.”

“If you don’t zip it now, there is an 110% chance I will rip all the wires out of you.”

“That is most certainly impossible. Where are you getting your calculations-”

Jyn smiles understandingly at Cassian and Y/N before leaving the room with the babbling Imperial droid. When the door shuts and when they hear it lock the couple turns back to face each other. At first, it’s just a glance like they aren’t allowed to look at what used to be theirs but then their eyes roam each other in the realization that a year of being apart has changed them. Y/N a year ago looked like something the cat dragged in but now she looks like she’s made of money. Cass used to look like a respectful Captain but now he looks as if he has been in a war for the past year. He let the hair on his face grow into a light stubble beard, his thick long hair is not combed back and his clothes look wrinkled. Yet, he still looks as handsome as Y/N left making her smile sadly at him while she offers her a defeated one of his own.

They don’t say a word as they stare at each other and just take in the sight. They both look so different but somehow look like people from a year ago. Cassian’s eye still makes her want to fall into them and Y/N’s lips still make him want to reach out and feel them. Standing in front of him now she truly looks like a princess with her hair and face dolled up. She never needed all that though for him to believe she is one. The two eyes meet after inspecting one another causing them to unwillingly sober up to reality. Y/N looks down to her hands shyly as Cassian thinks out loud awkwardly.

“You look great… Stunning really…”

“No- This… I-”

“Y/N, stop it. You’re perfect.” Cassian instantly blurts out with a heavy heart, “You truly look like the princess of Artorias.”

“I’m not the princess yet.”

“Doesn’t matter. You’ve always been a princess to me.”

Y/n looks up from her hands to Cassian from hearing his simple words, for a moment his words didn’t sound real they sounded like they were a memory of him saying it. He used to be the only one who would call her that. Back when they just started out as partners in missions he would call her that because she would always do things her way even when he was her Captain. It seemed so long ago, they were barely adults when they used to just be partners in the Rebellion. So much has happened since the first mission they went on together. Y/N wishes they could go back to when it was just him calling her princess. His princess. Things are different now though, they can’t go back even if that’s all they wanted. Closing herself off Y/N straightens her back and looks at him unusually polite.

“Well, I’ll officially be one in two weeks.”

“I know, that’s all anyone here ever talks about anymore.” Cassian says in a soft voice with a sad crooked smile, “The first Rebel to get everything, that’s what everyone’s saying.”

“I didn’t ask for everything, Cassian.” Y/N snaps but it dies down to a whimper as she turns to look away from him, “I didn’t ask for this.”

“I know, princess.”

Y/N’s heart drops at the name, he made it sound like a secret, like it was just his name for her, like he earned the right to call her that. The way he said it made her feel like the young girl with nothing but hope and the will for adventure again. Looking up she sees her old mirror a few feet away from her on the wall facing her. She looks at herself in it and watches as Cassian comes closer to her from behind so she can see him in the mirror too. She couldn’t recognize herself in the mirror, she looks like a completely different person with the makeup and elegant hair. She didn’t look like the girl who grew up as a member of the Rebellion anymore. She didn’t look like the rough, wild, and the dangerous person the Republic fears. She didn’t look like the woman Cassian fell in love with and it breaks her heart at the sight of the stranger staring at her in the mirror. She didn’t want to change, she didn’t ask to be changed, all she has ever asked for is Cassian’s love. Looking away from the stranger she stares into Cass’s eyes in the mirror and says defensively.

“So you know I didn’t have to say yes.” Y/N turns around to face him then with her dress twirling, “Mon Mothma said I could have said no, that I could have refused but-”

“But the Rebellion needs Prince Finn Galfridian on their side.” Cassian says regrettably calm since they had this discussion plenty of times just a year ago, “And the only way he was willing to help is if…”

“Is if I agreed to marry him.”

Y/N finishes his sentence like it was said a million times and she was sick of hearing it. A year ago the Rebellion tried to get planets to let them set up base camps, most of them said no because it would make their planet more at risk. Which is why the Rebellion would do anything for just one planet to let them set a base on. So when the Prince of Artorias said he would for a certain woman to be his bride the Rebellion agreed. Finn Galfridian told them he wanted to marry a woman who survived the battle on Scarif when they got the plans for the Death Star. The prince wants a woman who survived because it would benefit his people’s hope and determination tremendously. The only women to survive that was Y/N and Jyn but the prince said he couldn’t make Jyn his wife and queen of Artorias from her history behind bars. Which left only Y/N who at the time was engaged to the one and only, Captain Cassian Andor.

“Which is why you agreed to. You’re the only one who can.” Cassian states with no jealousy or anger but she could hear the misery in his voice, “It’s for the Rebellion, Y/N.”

The two spent months talking, yelling, and fighting about the same conversation they’re talking about now only a year ago. They tried to talk rationally about it at first but it always ended in a fight. How could it not? They were talking about her marrying someone else for the Rebellion when they already planned to get married. At times they felt like it was so messed up that they were even talking about something such as this. Then again it wasn’t so messed up because since they were kids they did everything for the Rebellion’s benefit. That’s all the two know how to do, they have done so many terrible unforgivable things for a cause they both grew up believing in. How could they say no to the Rebellion for their own selfish reasons? Everyone said Y/N could say no but they both knew it wasn’t that simple. Thinking about the old fights they use to have Y/N suddenly glares at the man she loves while saying in resentment.

“Isn’t it always for the Rebellion? Everything you do is for them.”

“Me?” Cassian laughs with no humor to it as he barks back without thinking about what he’s saying, “I’m not the one getting married for the Rebellion!”

“Well, you didn’t tell me not to!” She shouts right back and comes closer to him with tears wanting to fall from her eyes while saying in agony, “You actually let me! You let your fiance agree to marry another man!”

“Because we agreed to put the Rebellion first!”

“No! No.” Y/N voice cracks while trying to stay calm and collective, “You decided to put the Rebellion first. Not me.”

“Then why are you getting married to the Prince?!”

Cassian waves his arms with a frustrated expression since he knows exactly how this is going to end. They fought about this so many times and all it did was hurt them more. They both know how this is going to end but they keep fighting like it’s going to change the ending. It doesn’t matter if they fought about this a year ago or a day ago, time doesn’t change the fact that Y/N is going to marry someone other than him. The woman he offered his heart and soul to is going to marry an another man. Every day for a year he kept thinking that, all their friends tried to get his mind off it but it didn’t matter how many missions he went on or how long he busied himself. It doesn’t change the fact that he lost his princess. Which is why he is so infuriated with Y/N now because she’s just saying what he’s been saying to himself for the last year. He steps closer to her then and says sarcastically blinded by jealousy.

“For money? For power? Oh wait, I know. You’re going to marry him for love, right?”

“Fuck you, you cocky, arrogant, piece of scum.” Y/N shoves him before grabbing things from her shelves and throwing it at him, “I agreed to marry him because you told me too! You, my fiancee, told me to marry another man for the Rebellion and I fucking listened because I love you more than anything!”

“What was I supposed to say?!”

Cassian yells as he dodges the things she throws at him in the tiny room. When they first met they would fight all the time, sometimes it was quiet and sometimes it made a scene. Those were the days when they were young, new to mission work, and liked to fight about every little thing. When they started dating everyone thought the fighting would stop. Nothing changed though, they still fought like crazy but it was only because they were crazy in love with each other. Running out of things to throw Y/N grabs her pillows and chucks them at Cassian while spitting out violently.

“You were supposed to say stay! You were supposed to marry me! You were supposed to be my husband! You were supposed to love me!” Y/N shouting dies down as well with her throwing fit as she says openly exposed, “You were supposed to fight for me, Cassian.”

Her old captain’s firm eyes are locked with her’s as he slowly walks up to her. He has no words that could justify what he did a year ago. She was absolutely right, he should have done something or anything to keep her but he didn’t. Now he has to live with the consequences. Not a day goes by where he wishes he could go back and tell her to stay, to become his wife, to be the mother of his future children. He could remember when they use to lay in his bed in the morning and trace shaped on each other’s uncovered skin while talking about their future. Some days he could still see her jumping on his bed in his jacket that’s too big for her like she used to. When he’s on missions now with his team he’ll catch himself looking for his fiance only to realize she’s not there nor his anymore. Cassian is so close to Y/N now that she could feel his body heat coming off from him. She looks up at him with a pained expression as she cries out heartbrokenly.

“You were supposed to be my future, all you had to do was tell me to stay.” Y/N tilts her head to the side as silent tears fall down onto her makeup face, “That’s all you had to do and I would have been yours. Why? Cassian, Why? Why didn’t say anything? You didn’t say anything! You watched me as I agreed to spend the rest of my life with another man while I was still wearing your engagement ring!”

“What do you want me to say?” Cassian whispers as he lightly sets his hand on her cheeks to wipe the tears away with his thumb, “You want me to say I should’ve held my ground? That I shouldn’t have let you leave with him to Artorias a year ago? That you should marry me for love and not him for the Rebellion?”

“Yes, you should have told me that!” Y/N shoves him with a heavy heart before spitting out in loath, “You should have told me that a year ago!” Anger begins to take over her emotions as she slaps him with everything she has, “You should have told me that when I was yours!” She cries out before slapping him again from the thought of what she could have had with him, “Now it’s too late!” Her body is numb from the pain in her chest as she tries to slap him again but this time he grabs her wrist before she can while wrapping his free arm around her waist strongly as she snaps in despair, “I’ll be the princess of Artorias in a few weeks with a prince for a husband all because you didn’t speak up.”

“Well, I’m speaking up now, princess.”

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My shop, my rules - part 1 (A Kyungsoo & Noona series)

Cakes are silly things, people spend all this time and money making them pretty only to cut into them an devour them without much thought. Haerim hated cakes. But she loved cakes at the same time. Honestly she was just tired of making the same Disney’s Frozen cake over and over. She contemplated banning the theme from her shop.

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Blind Date Part 2

Title: Blind Date Part 2 

Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/Reader 

Fandom:Criminal Minds 

Notes: This was meant to be only a one shot, but whoops it came 2 parts. Possibly 3. :)

https://tissytumbles.tumblr.com/post/159563148804/blind-date Part 1 :) 

 You stand in front of the mirror admiring yourself in what feels like the 10th outfit you have tried on. You hear your cell ring and you smile as you see it is JJ. Putting her on speaker you place the cell on the edge of your dresser.

“Hey JJ,”

“Hey. How’s it going?”

“Just trying to decide what dress to wear.” You say while twirling in the blue dress before wrinkling your nose deciding it wasn’t right.

“I thought you would be. Wear the red dress you wore to that party you came to with me and Will.” JJ tells you. 

“I’ve tried that one on already,” you say as you pull the blue dress off and grab the red one off your bed, pulling it over your head.

“You look hot in that dress, Hotch won’t be able to resist you." 

You grin as you tie the dress behind your back. It fits to your body in a flattering way helping hide lumps but also showing off your curves. 

 "Yeah, maybe your right.” You admit.

“I’m always right with these kind of things,” You can see JJ smirking down the phone. 

“Alright, alright." 

"You curled your hair?” JJ asks. 

“Yes Boss,” you laugh, as you pull on your shoes. The heels helping to show off your tanned legs.

“Well text me when you can,” JJ requests.

“Of course,” You tell her. "I will speak to you later.“

"Good luck!” JJ shouts before the call goes dead. 

Grabbing your purse you look out the window and give yourself a shake as the cab pulls up.

“You can do this,” you tell yourself. With one final look on the mirror you walk out to the cab. 

You walk into the restaurant with your head held high, your heels click on the stone floor as you walk to the waiter. 

“Good evening Ma'am do you have a reservation?" 

"Hi, yes. Under the name of Hotchner?" 

He looks at his clipboard and then taps his fingers on a name before looking up at you with he smile he holds his arm to the restaurant. "This way Ma'am'”

You follow him and you see a dark haired man seated at a table look up and smile softly. You immediately recognise him straight away from JJ’s description and as he stands up, smoothing his tie down you feel butterflies appear in your stomach. As the waiter nods and walks away, you get a good look at the man in front of you. He is so handsome. His clean shaven, good looks make your legs feel a little like jelly.

"Y/F/N,” Aaron says softly. You lean in as he grasps your arms, kissing you softly on your cheek. His cologne fills your senses. 

“Hi Aaron, nice to meet you." 

"You too,” he pulls back your chair as you sit down.

“Thank you,” you say as you sit down, you smooth your dress and smile at the man opposite you. 

The conversation is relaxed and filled with laughter. You have never felt this comfortable on a first date before. 

“Do you fancy going for a drink somewhere?” Aaron asks you after you’ve finished your meal and he has kindly paid the bill. You can’t help but grin and nod, your just not ready to leave him yet. You stand and he places his hand on the base of your back, leading you out of the restaurant. Outside he takes your hand, your fingers entwining, as you walk down the street.

You sit beside one another in a small booth you conversation flowing like in the restaurant. You learn all about Jack and you tell him all about your job. 

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this,” Aaron starts, “but I really would like to see you again." 

You feel your cheeks go a little red and you smile.

"I would like that,” you tell him. He grins at you and you can’t help but notice the cute dimples. 

“Next time we could go to that new little theatre we were talking about,” Aaron suggested. 

“I would love that,” you tell him, squeezing his hand. Before you pull your hand away, Aaron takes your hand entwining your fingers. You grin at him.

“I don’t mean to spoil anything, but I need to head home.” Aaron says. You squeeze his hand.

“It’s fine, its late.” You tell him. 

You both slide out of the booth and walk hand in hand to the cabs outside.

“Are you sure you don’t want a ride home?” Aaron asks you.

“No it’s fine, it means driving out of your way.” You smile. 

 "I’ve had a lovely time,“ Aaron tells you opening the cab door for you. 

"Me too,” you say.

You see Aaron start to lean into you and you take the edge of his jacket into your hand as he presses his lips firmly against yours. His lips move against yours and when he pulls away, you whimper a little which makes him chuckle softly.

“Text me when your home safe,” Aaron tells you as you climb into the cab. You can’t actually get any words to come out, so you give him a wave as he closes the door and the cab driver takes off. You let your head fall back onto the seat and close your eyes for a moment. 

“Good date Dear?” The driver asks you. A smile spreads over your face as you think about the evening.

“Yes thank you,” you continue to smile as you tell the driver your address. You text JJ telling her what an amazing evening you’ve had. 

When the cab pulls up at your house you pay the driver and walk up to the front door. As you let yourself in you text Aaron. 

“Home safe. Thanks for a great evening. X" 

You remove your makeup and get into your PJ’s. Checking your cell you see that you’ve had a reply.

"I’ve had a great night too. Can’t wait to see you again. X" 

You smile at your cell as you walk into the kitchen getting yourself some water. You make sure your door is locked before climbing to bed.

"Can’t wait to see you again too.”

“Sweet dreams.”


You put your phone on charge before lying down. You close your eyes and can’t help but think that the evening is one that will change your life forever. You can’t help but wonder, have you met the one?

The Director- Chris Evans One Shot

Pairing: Chris Evans X Reader

Prompt: You are a best-selling author and Chris wants to direct the film adaptation of your book.

Word Count: 1690

A/N: I know this is similar to my other Chris one shot “Never Been Kissed”, but I really liked this idea. I wrote all of this is about a hour, so I’m sorry if it is terrible.


Heels clicked outside of your office, signaling you that someone was on an urgent mission. You glanced up from the paper in front of you to see your assistant gently closing your glass door behind her. You raised your eyebrows at her as she came to a halt in front of your desk.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” You asked as she stayed quiet for a moment-attempting to compose herself after basically running down the halls in her high shoes.

“Oh, yes. I’m sorry to interrupt, but a man has requested to meet with you tomorrow. He says he is a director and wishes to adapt your book into a movie.” She explained, moving a loose piece of hair out of her face and behind her ear.

“Thank you for informing me, but please tell him I am not interested. I do not want my work to become a film-or at least not at this time.” You stated and she nodded.

“Yes, ma'am.” She replied.

“Call me, Y/N, please.” You said.

“Right. Yes, Y/N.” She smiled shyly at you, which you returned with a warm grin she scurried out of the small office and headed back down the long hallway to her desk.

You worked as a magazine editor in Los Angeles and as an author. About a year ago, you published your first book. It became was added to the list of The New York Times’ Best-Sellers. You had received numerous contract opportunities to develop your book into a movie; but you declined each of them. None of them offered what you wanted-a say in the production. If you were going to change your book into a movie, you were going to have a say in its screenplay and development.

The day went on as normal as usual. Nothing excited ever happened and it did not help that you so desperately wanted to write a sequel to your story, but could not find the time to do so. You were busy helping your co-workers with their articles, doing press here and there for the book, and writing your own editorials. You had no time to write freely.

The clock struck three and there was a buzz from your office phone. You answered it, knowing it would be your assistant. She was brand new to the system and very starry-eyed. She wanted to be a writer-you could see the ambitious spark in her eyes. She was bright, but allowed the nerves to overcome her. You saw a lot of yourself in her; therefore, you never attempted to harm her with meaningless coffee runs and what-nots.

“Hello, Y/N. I’m so sorry to interrupt you again. The director is here and he is very persistent about seeing you.” She explained in a shaky voice. You sighed quietly, hoping not to frighten her with your distress.

“Did you inform him I am not meeting with anyone about a movie adaptation?” You questioned.

“Yes. I’m afraid he will not go away. Would you like me to call security?” She asked.

“No, that will not be necessary. I will come down there as soon as I can. Thank you for notifying me.” You replied.

“You’re welcome.” She said and you hung up the phone. You stood up and straightened out your pantsuit. You had a plan-go down there, tell the man to his face that you will not accept the offer, and call security if he tries anything. You exited your office and stalked down the hall to the lobby.

You turned the corner and were met with your assistant, typing away at her computer. There was a man wearing a gray baseball cap and casual clothing sitting in one of the hard lobby chairs. Your assistant and the mysterious director both looked at you upon hearing your shoes snap against the pristine, white tile.

“You must be Ms. Y/L/N.” The man stood up and made his way over to you. He held out his hand to you as he approached. As he stood in front of you, you recognized which director he was. He had only directed one film, but that didn’t stop you from remembering his face.

“And you must be the man who does not know what ‘no’ means.” You replied, shaking his outstretched hand.

“Look, I just want to talk. I read your book and I love-” Chris Evans began to say as you dropped his hand.

“How many siblings does the main character have?” You cut him off with a question. He scrunched his eyebrows together in confusion and you simply raised yours, awaiting his response.

“I don’t think you specified exactly how many, but Chloe did have a cousin named Marcus. He was the one that taught her the constellations.” He replied. You turned to your assistant, who looked pretty impressed by the actor and director.

“It appears that I now have a meeting to attend to. Mr. Evans, if you will follow me.” You said, rotating on your heel to walk back to your office. You heard Chris scuttle along after you.

“Does this mean I can film it?” He asked, entering your office space.

“This means you get a chance.” You sat behind your desk and he sat across from you, “I was surprised by you. The other directors I have met with have fed me the same line of 'I read the book and it was my favorite’. They couldn’t answer any question that you could not read the answer to on the back cover, but you-you could. Pitch me your deal and I will tell you if I agree or not, after some consideration of course.”

“Well, there’s not much to pitch. I’m not a big-time Hollywood director. The film will be an independent one, if I were to actually direct it. I would leave the screenplay up to you, if you want. You could have the final say in the actors and actresses we use-as well as a final say in the whole production. You could also be on set, if you would like to see how everything is running.” He explained.

“Are you serious?” You asked in confusion, “You would allow me to hold that power? I could control the writing portion and what goes into it?”

“It is your story, isn’t it? It would be wrong if I changed it from what you pictured it as while you wrote it.” Chris said, “Am I also the first to consider your interests in this project?”

“Yes.” You nodded. “I do appreciate the control I would hold if I was to accept this offer; however, I will need to discuss this all with my agent before I can make any official decisions.”

“That is perfectly okay with me. I just really enjoyed the story and I want to see it transform onto the big screen, whether or not I direct it.” He explained.

“I will consider it. I will have my assistant contact you with any information.” You pulled out a sticky note from your drawer and wrote on it, “Excuse the sticky note, I do not have business cards. You can use this to contact me directly; but, please, only if absolutely necessary-at least until I give you an answer.” You handed him the small piece of paper.

“Thank you for your time.” Chris smiled at you, standing up. You stood up as well and met him at your door.

“Thank you for considering my interests.” You shook his hand with a kind smile. He left your office and you returned to your seat.

A complete twenty seconds later, you cell-phone lit up, alarming you that an unknown caller was trying to reach you. Chris’ smiling face flashed across your mind as you reached to answer it.

“Hello?” You said.

“Hi, Y/N. It’s Chris.” He replied, causing you to laugh lightly, “I know you are probably busy, but would you like to get coffee tomorrow? Outside of work.”

“That sounds lovely.”


*Eight Months Later*

“Cut!” Chris yelled in his 'director’ voice. A frown was displayed on his face as he looked at the male lead for the movie, “Five minute break, everyone. What the hell was that? This part is one of the most important scenes in the whole book and you can’t even get your lines right! Get it together, Sebastian!”

“Chris.” You scolded, turning his attention away from his friend to you.

“Yes, dear?” He asked.

“Stop being the mean director. Please.” You replied. Sebastian came over to you two and sat in his own chair, “You did great, Sebastian. You make a great Louis.”

“Tell that to your boyfriend.” Sebastian laughed.

“Hey! I could fire you.” Chris threatened, making you and Sebastian roll your eyes at him.

“You are never going to direct another one of my books again.” You stated, teasingly “The next one is going to be Clint Eastwood.”

“Why didn’t you offer this role to Scott Eastwood?” Sebastian asked.

“Louis has dark hair and blue eyes. He looks more like you than Scott.” You replied.

“How is the sequel coming by the way?” He asked, casually-the two of you ignoring Chris as he mumbled stuff about directing and filming.

“It is almost completed. I just need to send it into my editor after I finish the last chapter.” You explained.

“Well, I’m excited to read another one of your works.” He stated.

“You can do that by reading my magazine.” You laughed.

“Sebastian, go get ready to reshoot your scene. And remember your lines!” Chris said, pulling him out of the chair. Sebastian pouted like a child, but went off to rehearse before they filmed again.

“I am glad you were so persistent on directing this.” You informed Chris.

“I saw a book with the face of cute girl as the author and I just couldn’t resist.” He replied, leaning down to kiss you.

“I hope you do not do that to every book you read.”

“Only the best ones.” He smiled.

  • Eileen: Oh, yeah. You're a dirty little windowsill now aren't ya?I'm gonna clean you something all, right.
  • Neinhart: Uh, ma'am?I finished the upstairs as requested, ma'am.What?
  • Eileen: What?
  • Neinhart: Uh, what are you doing?
  • Eileen: I was just enjoying my fucking awesome handiwork, but then an annoying little brat and ruin it all.

Selina Meyer/Kent Davison (requested by anon)

- “Oh my God! I’d kiss you right now, but I’m never gonna do that!”
- “My brain is at you service, ma'am.”
“We’ll see.”

A sneak peek for you who asked me this fanfic. I’m trying my best to write this for you, okay? Just wait a little more. ^^

The old lady smiled, finishing buttoning Jinki’s shirt that was nervous, his lower lip being chewed by his little teeth.

“This is your first day, huh?”

Jinki looked at her and nodded, staring out the window for an instant. “They said that we’ll start with wooden swords.”

“Oh,” she said with a serious expression on her face, slipping the waistcoat into Jinki’s arms and beginning to button it up. “Swords of wood are also dangerous, so be careful.”

A small smile spread on Jinki’s lips as he stared at the mistress who walked away after finishing dressing the prince. “They are pieces of wood, they can’t hurt me.”

“That’s great, my brave knight,” she said curtsying and finally making Jinki giggle. “But we do not want the king to forbid you from taking classes, right? So you need to be careful.”

Now Jinki had managed to understand what the mistress was talking about. The king, Jinki’s father, was a good and generous man, but very strict with the prince, wanting nothing more than perfection, and Jinki was not exactly the perfect son, not yet, but he was going to be. Jinki would grow up to become a prince worthy of the throne.

“I will, ma'am.”

Before finally walking away, the old lady smiled again, ruffling Jinki’s hair. “I know you will, and don’t get too worry about it, you will do well. Will have other children there too and you will all learn together.”

But that was what really worried Jinki, the other children, the sons of the nobles who like him, were there to learn to defend themselves, learn to handle a sword. Jinki could not fail in this and he was clumsy enough to knock down one of those swords in someone’s foot.

Waiters (4/4)

A/N:Thank you all so much for following me and I’m happy that you all enjoy my writing. It’s been a hobby of mine since I got into reading when I was 11. I started writing at 13 and have continued to do so since then. Thank you to those who submitted the requests. If you’d like to continue to submit some, you can. I can’t promise you that I will write it, but I might however it won’t be done right away.

Request: 5/10 (all requests)
@moodboard5sos: could you please do one where 4/4 are waiters at a restaurant, I’ve never read any like that. thank you😙

Masterlist || Ask


“I’m Ashton and I’ll be your server for the evening. Can I start you off with something to drink?” A curly haired male asked as he approached the table you were sitting at.
“Just water, please,” you told him.
He nodded. “I’ll be right back out with your drink, Ma'am.”
He walked away and you looked back at the menu and decided on just a club sandwich with some fries.
Ashton came back with your water before pulling out his notepad. “Are you ready to order?”
You nodded. “Yeah, I’ll just take a club sandwich with some fries, please,” you told him then handed him the menu after he jotted it down.
He smiled. “It will be out soon,” and with that he walked away once more.
You had been on your phone scrolling through your social media when a plate was placed in front of you as well as a second one in front of the seat across from you. You gave the second plate a confused look before looking up to see a blushing Ashton.
“Uh, I hope you don’t mind but I’m on my break right now and you were eating alone so I thought you’d like some company…” He told you nervously. “I mean, if you want some company. I totally understand if you want to eat alone. I should have asked before I put my food down. God-”
“Ashton,” you cut him off and giggled. “Just sit down already. Our food is going to get cold if you continue to ramble.”
He beamed and took the seat across from you. “So, why are you here alone?”
You bit a fry. “Is there a reason why I can’t eat alone?”
He shook his head. “No, no. It’s just, you know, you’re so pretty and I just thought a pretty girl like you would have a boyfriend eating with her.”
You couldn’t help but smile at the compliment. “Thanks and no, I don’t have a boyfriend.”
“That’s shocking to hear.”
“Why is that?”
“Because I would make you mine in a heartbeat,” he mumbled.
You stared at him for a moment as he ate a forkful of his pasta. “Well?”
He looked up and swallowed his food followed by wiping his mouth with a napkin. “Well, what?”
You gave him a small smile. “Why don’t you?”
He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. “Why don’t I what?”
“You just mumbled that you would make me yours in a heartbeat,” you explained, “so why don’t you?”
He smiled then chuckled. “I was hoping to ease you into the idea over the meal.”
You laughed. “Well, you could buy me dinner.”
“I was going to anyway.”
“Then consider me yours,” you smiled.

“Hey, I’m Michael. I’ll be your waiter for tonight. Can I get you anything to drink?” A red haired male greeted you and your cousin as he approached your table.
The two of you had given your drink order to him and he noted them before walking away then returning a few minutes later with your drinks and took your order. He took both of your menus before retreating to the kitchen.
“He’s cute,” your cousin told you as she took a sip of her soda.
You gave her a look. “You have a boyfriend, Y/C/N.”
She waved you off. “I wasn’t talking for me. I was mentioning it for you.”
You shrugged. “Yeah, he’s cute.”
“What are you waiting for? Make a move! Flirt it up!”
“He is working right now in case you forgot that minor detail.”
“I’m sure he can spare a few minutes to chat with you.”
“Just leave it, Y/C/N,” you tell her in a stern tone.
She gave you a look but dropped the subject.
“I’m going to the bathroom,” you tell her and stood up.
She nodded and pulled out her phone.
You walked in the direction of the bathroom and turned to go into the little hallway when you bumped into someone, quite hard actually.
“Oomf,” you let out as you basically bounced off the person due to the force of the collision.
“Oh, shit. Sorry. I didn’t see you,” a deep voice apologized as his hands steadied you.
Once you regained balance, you looked up at the person and were surprised to see that it was Michael. “No, it’s fine. I should have been more careful coming around the corner.”
He put his hands in his pockets. “Nah, I should’ve known to be careful. I do work here after all.”
You smiled. “Hey, no harm no foul.”
He cocked his head to the side and gave you a half smile. “I didn’t quite catch your name earlier.”
“It’s Y/N,” you tell him.
He held his hand out to you and you placed yours in his. You thought he would give it a good shake or two, but he surprised you when he brought it up to his lips. “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Y/N.”
You blushed as he let go of your hand. “Same to you.”
He stood there for a moment and you looked at him. “Shouldn’t you go back to working?”
His eyes widened in realization. “Oh, shit. Yeah,” he moved to walk around you but stopped short and turned to look back at you. “Wait, before I do, how would you like to go on a date with me sometime?”
You nodded. “I’d love to.”
He smiled. “Cool.” He then sped walked around the corner out of your sight.
It was a little after your food had been delivered when a folded piece of notepad paper was placed beside your plate.
You glanced at it then looked up to see Michael walking away. He turned his head halfway to give you a wink before attending another table.
Your cousin raised an eyebrow at you but you grabbed the piece of paper and unfolded it.
Looking forward to our date.
Mike x

Followed by his phone number.

“Good evening. My name’s Calum and I’ll be your server for tonight,” a dark haired, olive skinned, God told you and your friend as he smiled.
You two exchanged a look before looking back at Calum.
“Is there anything I can start you off with to drink or any appetizers?” He asked.
Your friend wiggled her eyebrows at you before turning back to him. “I’ll have a Coke and we’ll take any appetizer that you recommend,” she told him in a seductive tone.
You rolled her eyes at her antics as Calum wrote down what she had asked for. He turned to you with a smirk. “And for you, Miss?”
You blushed under his gaze. “Just an iced tea please, raspberry if you have it.” You smiled up at him.
He smiled before jotting it down. “I’ll be right back with your drinks,” and with that, he left the table.
“Ugh, he is one fine piece of meat!” Your friend exaggerated.
You rolled your eyes. “Pick your food.”
She smirked at you. “Oh, I know what I want to eat.”
You pulled a face. “Gross, Y/F/N.”
Before she could say anything, Calum had reappeared with both of your drinks and a small bowl of soup with crackers. “Have you both decided on what you’d like to order?”
“Oh, I know what I’d like to eat, it just depends if it’s on the menu,” your friend suggestively hinted at Calum.
You blushed in embarrassment. “I’m so sorry about her,” you apologized to him and gave your friend a glare.
Calum chuckled. “It’s not a problem. It happens a lot.”
You raised an eyebrow. “Quite the ladies’ man, eh?”
He smirked at you. “What can I say?” He popped his collar and you couldn’t help but laugh.
“Smooth, very smooth,” you told him with a smile.
“You have a beautiful smile,” Calum told you.
You blushed. “Um, thanks.”
He winked at you. “Anytime pretty lady.”
You rolled your eyes but a smile on your lips nevertheless. “You’re such a flirt.”
He shrugged nonchalantly. “I am when it comes to beautiful ladies.”
Your friend cleared her throat and shot you an annoyed look. You glared at her then looked back at Calum who was still staring at you.
“Uh…” You let out awkwardly.
He blushed. “Oh, sorry. Uh, what would you liked to eat?”

“Hey, I’m Luke. What would you like to drink?” An attractive guy asked as he walked up to you and your friend’s table.
You looked at your friend who told him that he’d take a water. You turned to look back at Luke. “Make that two, please.”
He nodded then walked away.
“He has a nice ass,” your friend muttered.
“Y/F/N!” You scolded him.
He gave you a look. “Don’t deny that you didn’t notice how attractive he is!”
You rolled your eyes. “He is, but he probably has a girlfriend.”
“Or boyfriend,” your friend piped in.
“Right, so why look at something that can’t be mine?”
“It’s like window shopping. You can look but it can’t be yours.”
Luke came back with your waters and took both of your orders before walking away again.
You and your friend kept talking about Luke, well, more like arguing over things concerning Luke until your food came.
Luke had placed your friend’s food on the table in front of him and was about to put yours down, but some other customer bumped into him and your food had spilled onto your shirt.
You pushed your chair back immediately and the rest of the food fell onto the floor.
“Shit, I’m so sorry!” Luke apologized.
“It’s okay. It wasn’t your fault,” you reassured him while using your napkin to wipe away the food then dab at the stains.
“I have a spare shirt in my locker if you’d like to change,” Luke offered.
“No, it’s-” You were cut off by your friend.
“Yeah, she’ll take you up on that offer.”
You shot him a look and he shot you back a glare.
Take it,’ he mouthed at you.
You sighed and looked back at Luke. “Yeah, I’ll take it. Thank you.”
He nodded. “Just follow me. I’ll get someone to clean this up.”
You followed Luke to the employees locker room and watched him pull out a red plaid flannel.
“Here you go,” he held it out to you.
You took it and gave him a look as he stood there. “Uh, can you…?”
A look of realization crossed his face. “Oh, yeah. Right.” He turned around.
You took off your soiled shirt, leaving you in a tank, then slipped on his flannel leaving the buttons undone. “Uh, you can turn back around now.”
He did and his eyes widened slightly and he cleared his throat. “Yeah, uh, we should go back out.”
You nodded and turned to walk outside the room, but a hand grabbed yours and spun you back around.
A pair of lips landed on yours and stayed there for a few seconds for you to realize that Luke was kissing you before he pulled away.
“I’ve been wanting to do that since you walked in and seeing you in my flannel made it too hard to resist,” he whispered to you.
You blushed. “Oh…”
He chuckled. “C'mon, let’s go back out.” He held his hand out to you and you took it then he intertwined your fingers together.
You both walked back to the table where your friend was looking at you and Luke in a shocked manner.
You sat back down at your now clean seat with a new plate of food in front of you.
Luke had pushed your chair in and kissed your cheek. “Don’t leave without seeing me once more.”
You blushed and nodded. “Okay.”
He smiled and walked back to the kitchen.
Your friend opened his mouth to say a thing but you shut him down. “Not a word.”


Room 64: Mr. March

James Patrick March was not one to be preoccupied when wandering the halls of his hotel. Today, however, he was distracted by the lack of guests. When there was no guests, there was nothing to do.
“Oh my!” you said as he ran into you, flinging your purse across the hall.
James looked at you, realizing. “I’m so terribly sorry. Are you alright?”
“I’m fine,” you replied, brushing off your jacket and smiling. “Who are you?”
“Just a regular guest in the hotel, like I assume you are. Who are you?”
You shook his hand, politely. “(Y/N). Nice to meet you.”
“Can I get your bag for you, ma'am?” He asked as he reached for the bag.
“Oh, I-”
He paused, picking up your purse and lifting several weapons out of it. “My, my, Miss (Y/N), what are these you’re bringing in my hotel?”
“I’ve been planning to do some…recreational work.”
James grinned, glad he had ran into you. Literally. “I see. Well, I’m a bit of an aficionado at such things. Maybe during the duration of your stay we could engage in this work together.”
“Sounds lovely.”
He reached in his pocket and handed you a key. “Room 64.”

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