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“If I were to fall, would you catch me?” 

My part of an art-trade with @stupidsamurai of Kureha and Kazuya ! 
  I had sooo much fun with this piece, like just experimenting and trying to get fabric to flow and poof about was interesting to do, especially drawing these two precious babes of theirs. And also learning about them and their shenanigans was awesome !! There were many laughs and giggles, and I would love to read more about these two! 

For art friends who want to do a daily thing for October but maybe not necessarily Inktober, I compiled a list of objects to put on people in place of their heads. Because surrealist art is fun.

EDIT: realized I put CRT Monitor on here twice so it’s now been fixed oops. also took a suggestion for the name

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Are both Bailey and Laurel of Asian decent? I real Laurel as have at least some South Asian ancestry, and Bailey looks of central asian extraction - am I wrong?

kind of a weird way to phrase this question, but yes to asian, no to the rest of it! it’s a silly urban fantasy so it won’t come up too much, but bailey is chinese and laurel is of iranian descent.

Is it it okay if I write something on whiskeyflower? Also love your art!

you can do whatever you like, and i’m flattered that you want to! however, because i have a few solid ideas for their story that i haven’t shared yet, i will ask that you don’t show me what you write, for now!

Ok but what would a lazy day with Bailey be like?            

bailey is a jock there are no lazy days. no im joking she would put on music laurel scolds her for but secretly loves (showtunes, carly rae jepson) and cook!

for what event did you go from sydne to Florida

metrocon, bro

Are you going to Nycc in October?

i live in australia

also all my cons are posted on my FAQ

hi!! i recently got into taz and i absolutely love your taako!! i began to draw him earlier and didn’t realize it but your taako kinda inspired mine (mostly in color scheme ;;;;) but i kinda borrowed how the umbrella handle is shaped like (only the shape tho!) bc i liked how it looked like. if that bothers you I can change it to something else!!             

this is totally fine! my taako design is a) a fan-design and b) pretty silly w/ not a lot of thought put in – i’m only flattered that you like it, haha!

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YOUR WARDEN REMINDS ME OF Yennefer's offspring with one of the Hawkes (which is fitting because Amells are Hawke's distant family which just makes Alexys even cooler I want to cry I love her design so much) and also do you have any artist recommedations on Tumblr I might stalk? Basically, if you have any inspirations/artists whose art you like on here? Thank u thank u bye<3

i’m forgetting a lot of peepers but some of them i’ve seen on my dash recently are

@nipuni || @louminx  || @drawingllamas ||  @papabay  || @seagrot || @projectnelm  || @shamianasart  || @me-za-me-ro  || aischeu || @crystalgraziano  || @toiek || @rebelflet  || @revolocities || @moksutinn ||  @rynisyou  || @endrae  || @qissus  || @marceline2174  || @gawki ||  @fishslappping

they all have lovely lovely art, go shower them w/ love

Hey! Sorry for being so slow/inactive lately!

I haven’t been overly motivated lately, mainly because college is in a week and also I finally got Terraria for PC! I’m definitely not dead though, just dealing with mild depression and real life

current projects:
- sock (Daily Asks, gijinka stuff
- mew blog
- wooper blog
- upcoming nsfw poke blog
- every other personal art project i hope to do someday

have a good day!

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Imo kink shaming is what's gross :/ bdsm is heavily based on consent and trust. Tumblr staff can't shut down every single blog, it's impossible. Ngl but those kink blogs were probs not even chasing you off, why would they lol

Somebody actually sat down, typed this out, and sent this to me. Can’t it just be respected that I don’t want to see or hear about what people do in their bedroom if it makes me uncomfortable? Also, I didn’t mean they were purposefully trying to run me off. I just meant that they were going to run me off because, despite very blatantly stating everywhere that I do not consent to their interaction, they still continued to follow and interact with me. Why the hell am I made out to be the bad guy in this situation when other people are the ones not respecting my boundaries. I don’t want to be exposed to mature content and neither do most of my followers. That’s why I’m an ART blog, not a p/orn blog.

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When I was still in art school, I attended the school's annual winter fair thing where students could sign up and sell whatever, as long as it was artsy or craftsy. Some student was selling a Hamsa charm keychain. I pointed this out excitedly to her because I assumed this girl must have been Jewish or something too (this was in Manhattan, so it was all I could assume). Got a blank stare and a "Huh?" Great. Well, I bought the charm anyway because I wanted it -- After explaining what it was. :/

hnnnggg why do goyim just keep using cultural symbols when they have 0000.000 clue what they actually mean!!! stop that!!!


I’ve been working more and more digitally lately. My sketchbook has really only been used for roughing out vague ideas before moving across to my computer. And I realised that it had gotten to a point where I was struggling to draw in my sketchbook. Without the ability to constantly rearrange and redraw, I didn’t know how to draw a finished piece, or even a neat underdrawing, and it was frustrating because I wanted to be able to take my sketchbook places and just… draw. Even if those places were just the couch.

So I’m gonna be working on traditional art for a while, at least for my line art, and taking baby steps as I work back up to fully rendered scenes with people and perspective. But first: plants and robots!

It’s good timing, what with it being nearly Inktober (though I have no plans to use ink) and I expect I’ll still do some digital pieces in the meantime (I have a few unfinished pieces sitting in my files at the very least). And hopefully when I get through this I’ll have more confidence and freedom in my work. Ideally some more speed too…

EDIT: this is not at all to slight artists who work mostly or entirely digitally. That’s cool, you do you! This is just a thing for me.

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Why is all your art tagged as Mormon/LDS? Like I get it if you are Mormon but I don't want to associate w that church by liking/reblogging your art. From an artist's standpoint, I would recommend separating ur art from your religion to draw a bigger fan base. Food 4 thought.

I decided to start tagging my art as Mormon and/or LDS because it’s such a big part of who I am. I enjoy when I have something in common with an artist, so I promote this aspect of myself to help other LDS people know that we have something in common. Many artists do this with a major aspect of themselves (like race or ethnicity, gender identity, nationality, sexual preference, etc.) 

Thanks for commenting about this. I appreciate the advice.

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QuQ But it is haha x3 I can do better but I don’t have the time to work on an art piece for hours straight which makes me sad.

But hey, if I want to get into my dream university I’m going to have to work my butt off to raise my grades because my dream university is competitve and selective as heck quq 

I’d rather start now than to start when it’s far too late.

Fluttershy: Hello? Twilight? Are you here?

Spike: Hi, Fluttershy!
Twilight: You seem awfully happy.

Fluttershy: I am! Look at this letter.

Twilight reads over the letter.
Twilight: The Equestrian Society for the Preservation of Rare Creatures has given  Fluttershy permission to observe the rarest and tiniest of creatures- the Breezies. Fluttershy! That’s wonderful news!

Fluttershy: Not just wonderful. It’s the best news ever!

Keira: Well then make that three.
Spike: You too, Keira?
Keira: Best news I’ve gotten this month!

Twilight reads over Keira’s letter.
Twilight: It’s from your aunt in Trottingham! I’ve always wanted to take a look there. I guess their business is slowing down a little because of the season and she asked you to come over.

Keira: Her and I are going to be doing some research to something very close to my heart.
Spike: Art?
Keira: While that is close to me, not it. We’re going to learn more about the most important thing in my life. I’m going to find answers about my dad, Lost Legacy.

The Demons in my Closet

Despite if the title and the image is rather grim, I have some positivity to share as well.

I have a lot of issues mentally. I am constantly battling myself when it comes to being an artist–especially one at my age. I am always comparing my work to others, and why I don’t get as much publicity as they do. I always wonder if maybe my art is really that trashy, because I went hiatus for several years… thus my skill is rather low.

I’ll admit. I never thought highly of my art, but some of it I can say I am proud of, and seeing very little recognition for it DOES dampen my confidence. I have ZERO self esteem and even less confidence.

I want to add that this new Sia song as well helped me. It’s from the MLP Movie. I think you guys should check it out even if you’re not a MLP fan


… but I will say…I was much worse years ago than I am today. I never got more than 4-5 notes on my stuff, and lately it’s been averaging between 13-20 notes, depending on the content. My OC stuff still gets minimal, however I know my followers came for other content I draw; such as Undertale or shipping like Frans.

So I wanna thank you guys for supporting me. To those who do like, reblog, comment on my things…you’re awesome. While I hope that my animations can get better views on Youtube, I’m still happy that you guys kept me going. I am trying my best to not think about numbers…despite if I plan to resume making number goals…

… Like the 100 subs I will never see on youtube hahaha.

But anyway, I am close to 200 followers! Thank you guys for sticking around, and I hope you continue to stick around in the future.

#potterweekprompts2017, day 7: yer a wizard, harry

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UNDERTALE 2nd Anniversary and ALARM CLOCK Development

Well, it has been two years now.

I would like to announce that we have started working on the UNDERTALE ALARM CLOCK APP FOR IPHONE/ANDROID. Me and my friend Chess are working on it in our spare time.

Basically, it’s a barely-functioning Alarm Clock app, where a few of the characters from UNDERTALE will set your alarm for you.  (Actually, I highly discourage using it as an Alarm Clock, and take no responsibility for what happens if you do.)

However… it’s not only an Alarm Clock! You can interact with these characters in some simple ways and read a little bit of dialogue from them. This dialogue is pretty similar to the Q&A in terms of tone: Not very important, but pretty fun.

Since it’s just a minor project, development is really slow. There’s no specific release date. I’d say “hopefully 2018,” but if it ends up taking way longer, it wouldn’t be too shocking. No idea on pricing either…

Because there’s no Q&A this year, I’ll leave you with some snippets of character dialogue from the project behind the cut. Hopefully you can figure out which character is which…!

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