i do actually love her al lot

My second attempt at coloring with shading and such, al-la mouse. :3

My sister likes MLP but not nearly as much as I do, but even still I wanted to make her a little something as an extra Christmas gift. I bought her a pink elephant pillowpet for her birthday because she loves elephants, so I figured I’d draw said pillowpet if he was an actual character existing in the MLP world (at least with how I see it in my headcanon). This little fellow is named Tenderheart, and he likes making others happy and lots and lots of bubbles.

I really like how it came out, although painting it made me wish I had a cintiq. ;_; Still, it was fun, and I’ll probably print it out on a canvas or perhaps as a shirt… I dunno yet. o3o

Buuuuut yeah. I just wanted to show you guys. Here’s hoping my sister likes it. ^.^

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Phanfic recommendations??

hhHMMM AL RI GHT i actually do read a lot of phanfics but i usually forgot what they were names so uhh;;

i’d also recommend phanallamallama’s fanfics because her writing style is really nice and i adore reading ALL of her fanfics, so def check her out

From AO3, here are my recommendations:

If Lost, Return to Phil: o k im gonna be honest i wasn’t able to read ALL of this because it was TOO MUCh fo r me„ but i also absolutely adore the whole idea and the writing!!

I Dare You to Love MeFlower shops are my weakness tbh and this was a really relaxing fic, i really loved reading it, one of my faves~~

Roll The Dice and Swear
( NSFW ) : hhO OKAY IM GONNA BE HONEST ABOUT THIS ON E„ , i dont actually get all that worked up in nsfw fanfics, but i really really love this one and its amazing and tbh i’d read it over and over again

these are like my ULTIMATE FAVES esp the last one but i do also have a few another that i forgot the names of;; i always go to AO3 phan tag and filter the search by hits, but sometimes i check out new ones too

so ye, i actually tried to read some on wattpad but u could guess how fast i ran away :-))