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5-Ingredient Oreo Pancakes

I adapted this from a video by Brothers Green on Youtube (they only used four ingredients but I added salt), and it’s something I whip up the night before school for breakfast! Tastes pretty good for something so easy, and a great way to turn leftover Oreos into a meal.


6 Oreos (or any generic but similar sandwich cookie)

1 Egg / egg substitute

a ~splash~ of Milk (any will do, and you don’t really need a lot. I personally use almond milk)

Baking Powder (like barely a teaspoon)

pinch of Salt


Crush the oreos and combine with the rest of the ingredients in a bowl till it has the consistency of pancake batter. If the batter’s too thick, add some more milk. If the batter’s too watery, add some baking powder. When it reaches the desired consistency, make over an oiled and heated pan like you would regular pancakes. If you have some lying around, whipped cream or peanut butter would be a nice touch.

Yields: 6 - 8 mini pancakes


Hello all!! I’m doing my best to get into college soon and I’m trying to save up money for gas/food/etc. As of right now I don’t feel comfortable taking any more 12 frame animations since I’ve got some folks who already are getting some of those (and they’re a lot of work).

I take payment via paypal (lferg92 at gmail.com). These prices are based on 50x50 sprites; larger sprites will cost a little more. You can find more examples of my pixel art in the appropriate tag. If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an IM, or an email (lferg92 at gmail, which I prefer). Thanks for looking!

Vagina Care post

I’ve gotten a lot of messages on vaginal care, do’s and don’ts etc. so I’m just going to make a general post of how to take care of your vajayjay (feel free to add on). 

 1. Do not shove anything that isn’t supposed to be in your vagina in your vagina. Your vagina practically does all the work for you, all you have to do is wash it with warm water. Stay away from douches, vagina soap, vaginal deodorants, regular soap, (I’ve heard of girls shoving yogurt and fruits directly in their vagina to keep it fresh?) major no no. Save the vagina food storage for when it’s needed during the zombie apocalypse. 

 2. Eating fruits, vegetables, cranberry juice AND GREEK YOGURT are major keys to balancing your ph which is great for vaginal odor and taste. But if your vagina doesn’t smell or taste like a edible arrangement that’s okay! Nothing is wrong with your vagina. Some girls say that their vaginas taste like freshly cut pineapples after eating pineapples and some girls say their vagina tastes and smell just like a vagina even after stuffing up on pineapples. To each is their own vag.

 a. There is no scientific evidence that your vagina taste sweeter because of fruits and veggies (side note: a “sweet” vagina can sometimes mean diabetes) 

b. A vagina with a balanced ph is naturally tasteless. 

 3. If you don’t want to shave your vagina hair you definitely don’t have to by any means. However, a trimmed vagina decreases vaginal odor, it’s easier to clean during your menstruation, decrease in the amount of dirt and bacteria trapped in hairs. But if you think you smell fine and or have found a balance to maintaining the smell and taking care of your hairs, cornrow your vag hair if you like, shit it’s your body. 

 4. Wear cotton underwear, the thinness allows your vagina to breath. For a happier vagina don’t even wear underwear. My gyno recommended going commando after your day is over and you’re relaxing at home so your vagina is free to live and explore the world. 

 5. Kegals. You gotta keep ya thing tight for bladder control and so ya partner can chase ya waterfalls during intercourse if you know what I mean *wink *wink 💦💦💦 

 6. For all my freak a leaks out there do not switch to vaginal inter course after anal (and if you do switch condoms). This increases your chance of a UTI due to the bacteria from your feces (yes bitch your feces) easily traveling to your vagina. Pee after sex and get all those toxins out of your life girl. 

 7. I can’t stress this enough go to your annual check ups and don’t lie to your doctors! They’re not there to judge, they’re there to make sure your ass is being a healthy hoe. That’s all I can think of for now babes. Feel free to add on. Bless up

St. Patrick’s Day in a university town is always surreal. My friend and I saw cops breaking up three different house parties at 11am while we were driving to a grad faculty event.


foods of thedas : THE FREE MARCHES

the free marches are the crossroads of thedas, and thus they adopt & improve cuisine from all over the continent. styles and traditions vary wildly between city states, but in general, marcher cuisine marries the practicality of ferelden with the inventiveness of antiva. street vendors can be found on every corner, selling a variety of finger foods: cold meats, cheeses, olives, as well as various pickles, chutneys, and preserves. the marches are also the bread central of thedas, turning baking into an art form and boasting baguettes, ciabattas, and pretzels, among others. traditional dishes include pasties, focaccia, samosas, and spanakopitakia.

Warm Pasta Toss

Here’s a super easy way to use some leftover pasta if you don’t feel like cooking things to go with it! It’s kinda like a warm pasta salad sort of deal?

- Pasta (I usually do this w/ small pasta like rotini/campanlle/penne)

- Butter/Margarine (or a vegan or dairy-free substitute)

- Seasonings (My favorite combo is garlic powder/dill/oregano, but you could do lots of stuff! Basil! Thyme! Rosemary! Whatever you want!)

- Spinach (or other leafy greens. We often get one of those mixes w/ kale & chard)

- Tomato

- Optional: Cheese! Olives are good in this if you like ‘em! Already cooked meatstuffs! (Chicken or maybe ham would be good I think?)

Heat up your pasta.

Put your butter in a little bowl w/ your seasonings. Microwave for a few seconds to melt.

Toss your pasta w/ the butter.

Chop some greens & dice your tomato & toss them w/ your pasta.

Salt & pepper & done!

[trans] 2017 Season’s Greetings Calendar: Onew’s interview

※ Do not re-translate into another language

You must have been incredibly busy lately. How are you feeling? ─ I’m a little tired but I’m good.

This album is receiving a good response. How does it feel? ─ I’m curious about how it is to fans of younger ages. I think the response from the people around me is good but I feel like there’s a sense of distance.

What are you into lately? Do you have anything in particular that you have paid attention to? ─ I’ve been listening to a lot of melancholy songs perhaps because I get sentimental during autumn.

Do you have any particular artist you recommend? ─ A song called <Here, My Heart> by Shim Kyu-seon. I felt the lyrics were very sad. Maybe it’s because it’s autumn. I think I felt it more sensitively because of my slight tiredness and also because I’ve been moderating my food intake due to managing my diet.  

Then what did you do when you had free time? ─ I went to escape room game cafes. I felt the desire to win because it’s a game in the form of solving problems. I went with my friends without much thought at first but I played hard because it was fun. I succeeded in all of the escape room games currently made in the café.

You picked a baseball glove as a treasured object. What is your reason? ─ While I was wondering about ‘what would be a sport that I can do having fun?’ ‘What would be something that could relieve my boredom?’, hyungs that I was close with recommended it. It relieves my stress although it’s just a simple movement of throwing and receiving a baseball. I played it so frantically that a callus formed on my hand.

Then after that, did you end up collecting baseball gloves by their types and brands? Or have you put a special meaning to that particular glove you used? ─ Of course, I started collecting gloves of various brands after that as I got more interested. But somehow, I feel attached to that glove that my hands feel the most used to. Anyone who tried baseball would know but gloves are tamed by the hand that each person uses. I like the glove that I used that time the most. The comfortableness given by a sense of familiarity. I can say that this glove is the only one with that characteristic.

Have you always liked that kind of ball games? ─ I like sports played by racquets. I frequently played badminton with my parents when I was young. I’m not good enough to boast about it but I enjoy playing it.

Will you be passing this glove down to your child if you have one in the future? ─ It’s a question that I have never thought about yet. I haven’t thought about passing down this glove but wouldn’t helping the child in finding something he/she likes while growing up be more important than that. No matter what that is I want to try it together and want to be a dad who can play with the child helping him/her to find the thing he/she feels interested in. Just like how my father taught me how to ride a bike and played ball kicking and boomerang.

What is the special charm of baseball games played with gloves? ─ People who haven’t tried will not know the joy of the ball coming into your hand embracing it. It’s much more thrilling than you think. On the other hand, it feels like I’m training myself too. I feel like I’ve somewhat found a sense of enlightenment after the repetition of a countless number of balls touching my hand and leaving it from a simple movement. I also felt, what is there that cannot be achieved in the world if you try hard?

Did it influence you while preparing this album? ─ I don’t know if it is an influence from it but I tried writing the lyrics of all the 9 songs. I worked hard thinking about the various emotions that humans can have such as happy feeling, sad feeling, aspiration, desire, and anguish. That’s why I had a lot of time on my own and a long period of contemplation. I’m not the type who can get immersed into one thing for a long time but it was a period of time that I concentrated more than ever.

New Year, Mr. Robot season 1 marathon!!!

I’ll start it at 6PM EST tomorrow to celebrate the new year. Everyone is invited and if you haven’t seen Mr.  Robot before you’re free to join us so you can watch it for the first time.

Bring your own food and snacks AND ALCOHOL!!! Gotta have booze on New Years Eve.

 A marathon perfect for the socially awkward people on here who have nothing better to do on New Years than to watch another socially awkward person try to destroy the world economy woooooo.

I’ll post the link tomorrow, but hit me up if you need a personal reminder and I’ll directly message you. :)


I really do spend a lot of time thinking about this…

Because the way Rodimus apologizes to Drift without actually ever saying sorry. His thing about Drift reading his aura is utter crap; he can’t properly apologize because…It’s not in his nature? He doesn’t feel sorry for the right reasons? It reads to me more like he’s worried about his own feelings than Drift’s.

And Nautica…Had a chance to be free to forge better, healthier friendships without someone as mismatched as Firestar behind her. She choose to keep that friendship, so that Firestar wouldn’t be ostracized. And Firestar…never even apologized for treating her badly and hurting her.

It bothers me. It bothers me so much. And it’s comforting to know then that both of those scenes are intended to show us how compassionate and kind Drift and Nautica are.

Here’s a fun fact: my mom used to eat raw potatoes as a kid. She’s reading this btw (Hi mom!) Yes, her pops raised 9 children alone. Needless to say, she didn’t grow up with much.

Most folks think that potatoes are poor man’s food. Little do they know that the poor food they speak of has some great benefits. If you disagree please share! Potatoes help fight disease due to the phytochemicals they contain, they help maintain healthy blood pressure and are a good source of vitamin C and B6 and fiber when you eat the skin! The Quechua from Peru have cultural traditions surrounding the potato. So it’s sacred. I eat a lot of potatoes. I just do what my elders and ancestors did. ❤

Oil-Free Hash Browns

2 Russet potatoes, shredded
1 zucchini, shredded (optional)
¼ onion, shredded
2 tbsp. all-purpose flour
¼ - ½ tsp. salt
1 tbsp. water

Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Place a large baking sheet in the oven.

Wash potatoes and shred them with a cheese grater. Working with one potato at a time, place shredded potatoes in the middle of a kitchen towel, roll it up and wring the potatoes to soak up and drain any excess liquid. Repeat with the second potato. Next, shred the onion (and zucchini, if using). Add potato shreds to a large mixing bowl plus the onion, flour, salt and water. Mix until combined.

Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat. Drop ¼ cup portions of potato mix into skillet and cook until browned on both sides; about 3-4 minutes per side. When done, transfer cooked hash browns to baking sheet in oven. Bake for 20 minutes. Serve with fresh salsa or ketchup.

It’s only been a year.

Around this time last year I was having the time of my life. The kind of “time of my life” wherein I didn’t care ¬– I was drinking hard, going out every chance I got, getting home at an ungodly hour with greasy food inside of me. I was being 21. 

I thought I was doing the post breakup single life really well, considering that in the first few months I was exercising a lot, eating healthily, always had time for family and friends with just enough time to get myself active and moving. That didn’t last long. After my birthday trip, my eating habits went berserk, gym time became…stay-at-home-to-cure-this-hangover time, the only time I had free I spent out with friends chugging beers and listening to really good music. Anyway, to cut it short, I developed a side of me that people didn’t recognise. I loved every part of it though. It felt like I was living the “normal” life. I was able to go to small bars in the middle of Cubao, share cheap alcoholic drinks and deep drunken conversations about the “adult” life, the love for film, the craziness of our country and of love. Yes. I felt like I was connecting to the real world.

Months later and one weekend getaway later.. reality punched me in the face. A conversation at 11pm after an 8 hour drive back home from the beach awakened me to what I was really doing to myself and to the people around me. All the late night going out and getting sh*tfaced is part of growing up, yes, and what makes it still okay is that I was only 21 years old. But I couldn’t take it any longer. During those days I drowning myself in the thoughts of just giving up on how to handle everything, I was living by the buzz of the beers rather than facing my demons and challenges sober and with thought. My body wasn’t taking it anymore either. I had been to the hospital twice since developing my horrible drinking habits. I wanted out.

A year later and I find myself on a Saturday night, alone in bed with my Papito snoring on his bed. Life is totally different. My boyfriend is out of town for a while getting a shoot done for his surf school and I’m here making good use of my time by filling you all in on what’s been a very good year to me. I honestly don’t regret last year (maybe the amount of alcohol consumed, that’s about it). But what makes me happy tonight is the thought that sometimes it just takes a crazy experience to get your butt kicked so you can get moving and improving again. An experience you grow through rather than just go through. 

PS.I know I promised on Twitter that I was going to post about Europe but that can wait.

PPS. I stopped drinking earlier this year due to my acidity. Don’t get me wrong, I still go out every now and then the only difference is now I stick to one glass per night out. :) Sa lahat ng magsasabing KJ, kayo nalang uminom ng alak para sakin. Tnx. 

About Tinysupervicki.

This is real me and tiny me ^^

About Vicki: I am a 23 year old tiny, I vary between sizes. I’m usually between 4-5 inches when I’m with humans and if there are giants that are over 10 ft, I am my actual size 5′5. I’m a tiny artist that draws mostly G/t and some soft and safe vore. I absolutely love the G/t community, it’s the place I call my home away from home. I am also an advocate and feminist and do my best to inspire others, even if I can’t do a lot. I work very hard. I am Chicana; I’m very proud of my heritage.

I am a panromantic demisexual, although I’m awkward as fuck. I love hugs, cuddles, and I love to be handheld. Even though I’m tiny, I can cook a lot! Especially since I have to eat gluten-free for life, so I gotta make my own food.


I am watching Z Nation (like TWD, it’s a post-apocalyptic tv series about zombies and the collapse of society) and they just homaged the hell out of Beth Greene.

Mariah is a pale blonde woman in a yellowish coat who ended up with facial lacerations. She grew up on her daddy’s farm and takes care of a little girl. A woman came up to her, placed a hand on her shoulder, and complimented her mothering. She replies, “I’m not her mom. Her mom’s dead.” Beth is a pale blonde woman in a yellow shirt who ended up with facial lacerations. She grew up on her daddy’s farm and took care of a little girl. A woman came up to her, placed a hand on her shoulder, and complimented her mothering. She replies, “She’s not mine” and that the mom died.

The episode began with this quote, “You all came here because you have hope. Hope for a cure. Hope for a tomorrow. But hope has a price. And for some of you, that price will be your lives.” Odegard was trying to convince people to risk their lives to keep his work going and drug lords happy.

^ Sounds a lot like Dawn trying to justify sacrificing people, “I’m giving you food, clothes, protection. When have those things ever been free?”

“But without hope, what do we have to live for anyway?”

^ Sounds a lot like Beth’s, “If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living?”

“And for the one who succeeds, there is the promise of life. Not just for himself but for all of humanity. Somewhere in that GREENhouse is the hope we all came here for.”

^ Sounds like Dawn, “There have been compromises, but it’s working. And after they rescue us, we’re gonna help put the world back together. Because we’re the ones holding on. That’s the good we’re doing here.”

Team Mission searched for Murphy, an escaped inmate who is immune to the virus. Doctors experimented on him. TM made it their mission to get him to a lab in California. After losing the prison, Team Family are all escaped inmates. Beth was held prisoner in a hospital. They made it their mission for awhile to get Eugene to Washington.

The Z Nation episode is called “Batch 47.” The 47th episode of TWD is “Still.”

However it is food studies that keep dragging me back!! The work I’m revising now, for example, has a lot to do with nutrition and agriculture.

I lowkey hate food history because it is affect scholarship (no offense) but also because doing public food history in my area of interest (the monster of postwar u.s. political economy) always seems to make people pivot around nothing but a disgust aesthetic, which is the absolute worst. (I believe the same thing is true with design, we can’t “sell” historical materials concerning interiors without always inviting the audience to imagine the ways that they would not like living in such a space, usually for the absolute dumbest reasons, and I hate it and this is my strongest and most important take of all time.)

BUT I will continue to engage with food history ‘cause I gotta eat anyway 

im crying its book fair week at my brothers’ elementary school and my mom is fundraising chair on the pta so she runs it, and as a way to get parents in to buy books for their kids they did this thing called ‘donuts with dad’. basically the pta went out and bought a fuckton of donuts, and EVERY  person that came in to see the book fair this morning got a free donut.

The PTA bought thirty dozen donuts. They ran out. Someone had to go out and buy like 20 more dozen donuts. The line was from the media center out the front door into the parking lot. The teachers couldn’t get in. It was absolute chaos. The event lasted from 7:50am to when school started, at 8:45am. 

They made almost $5,000. 

Healthy, vegetarian little foods

Hi there! So I see a LOT of little space food which usually include the same old; macaroni, dino nuggets etc
And if you’re either a health nut or a veggie, these aren’t right for you of course! Luckily, I’m both of these things so I’m gonna do a little post for healthy, veggie foods I eat whilst in little space!

All of these options you can learn to make by just doing a quick YouTube search! (Example; “healthy oatmeal banana cookies”)


- fat free natural yogurt with honey and blue berries
- oatmeal with skim milk, banana and honey
- egg and banana pancakes


- carrot/celery/cucumber sticks with hummus
- rice cakes with no Palm oil peanut butter with sliced banana
- lettuce, cucumber sandwich with wholemeal bread “buttered” with avocado cut into your favourite shape


- lettuce rolls stuffed with sweet potato salad
- egg white omelette with spinach and mushroom
- corn on the cobs


- guacamole with sweet potato roasted chips
- soft boiled egg with wholemeal toast
- cut up apple, grapes and strawberries


- zucchini “spaghetti” (just slice it up like spaghetti) with a simple tomato sauce
- veggie dino nuggets (sweetcorn, carrot, peas, sweet potato mash frozen slightly then cut into dino shapes, breaded then oven roasted)
- refried bean tacos with guacamole and low fat sour cream


- banana, raisin and oatmeal cookies
- chia seed pudding
- berries on fat free yogurt with honey

(Because I know littles LOVE their sweets there are healthy alternatives for soooo many sweets online, even brownies!!)

Swap out sodas and flavoured milks for homemade milkshakes, fruit smoothies, infused water and green tea! Just keep that sugar out! Replace sugar with honey, agave or another sugar substitute like stevia

So there you go! I wanted to make this list for any veggie little who are dieting/wants to keep fit whilst still being little!

Hope this helps!

One of my favorite things about this last trip to Europe–and this says a lot about me–was when we got to Skerries and the restaurant we ordered in from gave us a free bottle of wine if our order was a certain amount.

I just kept thinking “this is the same amount of food I’d normally order if I was staying home for the weekend AND I get a free bottle of wine? Why do I even LIVE in America?!”

bar/restaurant AU where Berwald is a cook, Tino a waiter, Mathias works at the bar making the drinks and Lukas cleans the dishes and the place.

Berwald lets Tino try out bits of the food, and Tino loves it.

Sometimes Mathias stays overtime and helps Lukas with the cleaning.

Sometimes Mathias offers Lukas special free drinks.

Berwald puts a lot of effort into what he does and Tino loves watching him doing the thing he loves. Sometimes Berwald catches him watching.

Berwald can hear Lukas’s curses from the next room, while the norwegian is cleaning the dishes.

Tino and Mathias secretly judge the customers, and make bets on what they’ll order.

Late hours, as the restaurant closes and bar stays open, you can hear Berwald singing karaoke. Mostly Abba.

Mathias drinking beer behind the counter during work hours.

Tino complaining about it, but joining a minute later.

Lukas choking Mathias with his tie, to make him stop. He never does.

Berwald dancing in the kitchen while he thinks no one is looking.