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since ur so passionate on that god awful Dream Girl outfit, can u make a post of Shinees worst/ugliest outfits

alrighty im starting full on with one of the most repelling outfits shinee’s ever wore…. for crying out loud look at TAEMIN what the fuck is he even wearing with that weird ass hat and jonghyun’s jacket which fits with his shirt only in a parallel universe MY GOD

next up is this lmao…what is there to say…look at taemin, key and onew’s pants… then look at taemin’s “shirt” with SPIKES…then key’s boots….i want to Die

there is. a weird ass belt on his..chest??????? or is it a harness?? and that ugly hat which apparently someone thought was a good idea adding??

haha dream girl era is indeed……something else. are the stylists obsessed with making taemin wear these ugly ass hats??? and what kind of bs outfit was minho wearing…. not to mention all their shoes rip

we taking a LEAP back to 2009 !! honestly onew nd jonghyun are still acceptable on some levels but then u look at taemin with a jacket that has the zipper going down vertically, witch like books, and a weird half skirt going down?? then minho with the long coat w a high ugly wide collar….and then KEY’S PANTS…….i dnt know who created them but they were def high. not to mention the weird tilted coat???

a G E M !!!! im glad taemin was feeling himself in this outfit but HJFKDHG those PANTS are so…..unexpected :—)

guess which era this is?? dream girl era haha!!!! i want to Burn the stylists to this day. that’s all.

taemin is BACK to serve us those LOOKS. KING of half open shirts and weird ass pants

i HAD to include these three outfits from the dream girl mv….jonghyun’s unmatched clothes and minho’s leopard printed pants are already enough…. but then u look over to taemin….w that turtleneck pink t shirt.. aND THOSE UGLY UNWORTHY PENCIL PANTS I WAN T TO KNOW WHO’S RESPONSIBLE BITC H

kbs gayo 2012 was tragic….jst look at minho looking like a damn star wars character or smth idk…onew looking like a piece of chocolate…nd then taemin looking like a damn tropical forest (the material of the clothes was also SHIT cause taemin’s pants completely ripped by the end JKLFHD)

i HAD to include this JUST for the pants. the rest is fine…,,,the pants are Hell.

ok now this is a Wild one. u have jonghyun not even looking that bad, the outfit is nice. but then u look over at ur right…,,,,surprise bitch! !!! ! !! the bright light blue hat w the FLASHING pink short pants pulled up by some damn SUSPENDERS is truly unforgettable. nd then u have the black socks w some weird cartoons on them ???? 

and last but not least:

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idk if ur still takin prompts but i need to send this bc ur writing is beautiful???? and also if u could do yoonseok with 3 (or 16) i would weep tbh

3. things you said too quietly

omg i hope u dnt weep also thank u sm im glad u like it help i forgot how much i love drabbles to break up my concentration when im workin on longer fics

Hoseok can tell Yoongi is in a bad mood. When he gets like this, his outward grumpiness disappears and he becomes quiet, withdrawn, like he doesn’t want anyone to notice his mood. He goes straight to his room when they get back from the studio, and the others barely notice, piling onto each other on the couch and putting on a movie.

“Are you going into the kitchen?” Taehyung asks Hoseok. “Can you get popcorn?”

Hoseok rolls his eyes. “Get it yourself, lazy,” he says, but he chucks a bag of popcorn in the direction of the lounge room when he opens the pantry anyway. There’s a bag of ginger crackers that he’s hidden behind the health cereal that none of them eat. And he saves them for moments like this, when he needs to cheer someone up. Because that’s Hoseok’s job.

He tucks the bag of crackers under his arm and makes his way down the hallway, stopping at his own room to grab his biggest, comfiest jumper before continuing on to Yoongi’s room. “Hyung?” he asks, peeking his head around the corner. Yoongi is curled up on his bed on top of the covers, facing the wall. He swivels his head back and when he see’s it’s Hoseok in the doorway, he rolls over entirely to face him.

“I told you, you don’t need to call me that,” he mutters.

Hoseok smiles. He knows Yoongi well enough to know that the grumbly words mean more than what they actually say — the way he says them, the gesture —it makes Hoseok feel all warm and floaty on the inside. “I come bearing gifts!” Hoseok says brightly, padding across the room and pulling Yoongi up into a sitting position so that he can dress him in his jumper.

Yoongi goes totally pliant, limbs floppy, but accepting of Hoseok’s actions all the same. The jumper is big on Hoseok, so Yoongi is completely drowning in it, but he tugs it around his frame when it’s on and looks a little happier. “Snacks?” he asks hopefully and Hoseok grins, brandishing the bag of ginger crackers.

He pulls back the covers on Yoongi’s bed, pushing him until he slides under them, before climbing in after him. Yoongi raises an eyebrow at him, reaching for he crackers and Hoseok laughs. “This is all we need to keep Min Yoongi happy, right? A warm jumper and some sweet food.”

Yoongi mumbles something that Hoseok doesn’t hear, which is normal. He’s always muttering under his breath. But the way his cheeks flame after he speaks make Hoseok curious. “What was that?” he asks, voice quiet, waiting for Yoongi to finish crunching on the cracker he just shoved into his mouth.

“And you,” he finally says. He doesn’t look at Hoseok, but if he did, he’d see shock written all over his face, jaw hanging slack. He clears his throat and continues on. “You keep me happy, too.”

The smile that lights up Hoseok’s face is blinding, and he smooshes his face into Yoongi’s cheek, dotting kisses all over the side of his face, his jawbone, on his nose. “You’re so cute!” he laughs into the curve of Yoongi’s jaw.

Yoongi scoffs. “I take it back,” but he’s laughing. “I don’t need you to be happy. In fact, your presence is reversely correlated to my happiness.”

Hoseok pouts, but his eyes are bright. “You hate me!” he wails and Yoongi laughs, low mood basically forgotten.

Yoongi shoves a handful of ginger crackers in his face. “I love you and your stupid jumper and your dumb snacks,” he says. He speaks loud enough that he doesn’t have to repeat himself this time. It feels like a victory to Hoseok.

Send me a ship and one of these and i’ll write a minific

i like a lot of the discourse blogs that follo me & check them all rlly often like every day or every other day like @starrydiscourse & @dogsanddiscourse & @discourseoka & @h8keepers & if any of my followers like ace discourse/lgbt discourse abt intercommunity issues & stuff like tht i suggest those blogs to follow or at least scroll thru
i cnt personally handle seeing discourse constantly so i dnt follo any of u guys but i lov you guys & u make a lot of well written & coherent posts abt discourse & lgbt related things

i need everything to stop for a minute just a minute so i can get my life together because i am hurting so very deeply that i don’t know how to get help and i am this close to just stopping attending my classes because it feels like i don’t even have the time to breathe and my chest is very tight all the time and i wish i didn’t exist and i hate it i hate it i hate it

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Hi Auntie!! Can I ask what your thoughts are on having a Tumblr gf? AS I'm in a ldr and we just watched "Almost Adults" and there (*SPOILERS)is a scene that the main character is hooking up with someone in real life but then she mention she has a tumblr gf. But she main girl doesn't know who her tumblr gf really is. Like my gf saying that its nothing coz of the fact that they dnt even know each other. What r u thoughts on that?

Personally? I think it sounds like cheating. Compartmentalizing parts of your life to justify being with two different people is something you see people who cheat do all the time. If either (or both) of your partners would be upset to know about the other, it’s a problem. 

Like, just dicking around on the internet and having a ‘waifu’ or a ‘husbando’ like I’ve see on here or whatever is a little different than actually having an online girlfriend, but if either or both of your partners would be uncomfortable or upset about it, it’s a no-no. 

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for that colour pallette thing ocean clay and zolo ?! :b

hello i present everyone punk zoro. he has piercings, shaved head and a constant frown of worrying over his bf. everyone thinks he’s scary, but he does, in fact, rescue kitties on his spare time. loves big yellow hoodies he steals from luffy and wears them all the time cuz they smell like him and its, uh, comforting and helps him during break downs. dnt tell anyone tho, he needs to maintain his reputation!!!!!!

BTS as babysitters:

Jin: oh, whats that? u drew a picture? bet it wont b as pretty as my face

Rapmon: *hands the child a box of broken crayons* here, colour all u want

child: why are they all broken?

Rapmon: hush little one, dnt u kno that curiosity killed the cat

Jungkook: oH so jusT cos u can count to 100 u thinK u can be the new golDEN MAKNAE??? ?

Suga: alrite kid, time for my- i mean UR afternoon nap, now sleep

Jimin: here u go, *gives the baby 50kg dumbbells* u got 2 start early if u wanna hav muscles lyk mine

J-Hope: *child insults his aegyo* *gasP* how dare U!!!11!!!


~request by mr.anon

S P A C E D - O U T

long, personal gender related stuff under the cut bc i need to just dump all the stuff in my head somewhere 

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Your art is absolutely beautiful, your comments are great, your tags are hilarious, what did you sell to get this good at life???? (In all seriousness, your art is so pretty!! I'm gonna look at it more later cause I'm on mobile and mobile sucks, but just the little bit I've seen looks awesome! Your OCs are also super cool.)

ok so i’ve been like reading this for like half an hour lmao thANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE SO SWEET! tbh I probs gave up my life anyway with the amount of time I spend sitting at home drawing!

@boltxnbastard  replied to your post: “but u Didn’t fight him when he asked u to.. get rekt Sno”:

“Sorry but I have to agree with Lord Bolton on this one.”

▌☠ ▌See, this is all that matters! When Lord Bolton agrees with me,
it puts all you Starks & bastard, to shame He speaks only the truth. 
And not only does lord bolton agree but the queen @leomatrem !

@killthebxy & @sansavis

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So imagine Sporty taking advantage of his strength and just scoops up Robbie whenever he wants and Robbie's all nervous and flustered. (oml that's so gay I love it)

i rlly love stronk sportle sportle scooping up his big gay robert but also i feel he’d respect robbie’s space & stuff ykno? like rob is v delicate he spooks easily & flinches at heckn everything so i feel sport would just do that like “hey rob ilyvm would u mind if i hugged u/carried u home?” or ukno whatever & heck its not like thos heckn im a nice guy wheres my hug bby cheeks but its like hi robbie if u dnt mind i would like to kiss u :}) u get me? like he always asks permission and stuff bc he knos rob is a fragile boy & rob does the same 2 sport sometimes but sport is always like yeA I LOVE AFFECTION & he lets rob kno he doesnt mind at all & he doesnt need rob 2 ask all that good stuff yeah heck theyre gay & i rambled a lot but this is one of my favorite hcs sport is rlly considerate and robbie is rlly scared of everything all the time