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tried the two buns thing again and remembered why i hated them when i was little, never could get them to be equal and it always made me so frustrated that i would be on the verge of tears, just like right now. did not need that, nope.

they did look kind of cute in the beginning tbh (ft. tony the cat)


My electricity in my apartment will LITERALLY BE SHUT OFF TOMORROW if I can’t pay the bill. If ANYONE AT ALL can help me, please. I’m fucking crying about this.
It’s 500 DKK I need, and I’m fucked by tomorrow if I don’t get the money from somewhere.
Please help me

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I honestly really didn't like Maya in GM Ny like she literally looked right at Riley sitting all alone looking sad and then walked over to Lucas. Then when Farkle said that Riley still loved Lucas she looked disgusted. dkk i just didn't like the triangle at all she was such a shitty friend and it really made me dislike her. She was barely there for Riley and like actually believed Riley liked Lucas as a brother when Maya knew she liked him since the day they met.