i dk wanted to try this again

Seventeen reaction to you wanting to give them a blowjob because you are bored.

Woozi: *you are in the studio* “But jagi… yeah never mind you can do it” *lowkey agrees and tries to keeps the moaning to a minimum in his little work area*

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DK: “just because you are bored? Okay” agrees as well because he is bored too*

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Joshua: “Listen baby, you can just do that when ever you are bored. You can try asking again later tonight when we get home though”

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Jeonghan: “Well if we can make this quick because I have to go get my makeup done for the concert that starts in a couple of hours.”

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Seungkwan: “Babe can I suck your dick?” “BITCH WE ARE IN PUBLIC… later okay baby”

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S.Coups: “If that’s what my baby wants”

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Wonwoo: “Well… this movie was getting lame anyway”

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Mingyu: “Right now? The guys are in the other part of the house though… hmm okay then”

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Vernon: *this boy is actually so ready*

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Jun: “There is nothing else better to do… why stop at a blow job when I can pleasure you too with sex?”

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The8: “Okay baby” *no arguing needed because this boy can’t turn down one of your blow jobs*

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Hoshi: *becomes a shy fluff ball but eventually agrees*

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Dino: “Well… you see… uhm… yeah this episode is so boring and there are way too many commercials” *literally tries to stay quiet but you are just too good.*

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A = Aftercare 

A soft bunny bub ugh I adore him. DK probably needs more aftercare than you, he gets worn out by sex so easily the poor bby. Anyways, aftercare really isn’t an extensive, necessary process after sex with DK, it’s not rough or anything that’s going to leave you bruised or sore the day after so aftercare is very minimal. It dip more onto the line of just cuddling and tender kisses and talking about the sky and aliens than ‘fcuk gotta massage my legs so i dont get a cramp after getting fckin raILED BY THE GIANT DICK’ y’know?

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

Boi got some bomb ass thighs. You know it. I know it. He knows it. We all know. His thighs are a frequent weapon during sex, or more for foreplay and teasing tf outta you. Everyone loves a good thigh ride but boi gotta have good thighs to ride, you know? DK got’s em and he loves em. Along that lines, DK ain’t even going to play around, he loves your hips. Loves them rolling against his thigh muscle, or bouncing on his lap, or in his hands while he’s holding you and thrusting into you with all he’s got. 

C = Cum 

The younger the boys are as I go down the list, the more messy I think they are lol. Haven’t quite figured their dick out and stuff, he’s a fcking mess. Get the baby wipes ready, you’re gonna need them. DK’s loud…might need to put a pillow over his head when he cums, you’re not going to be able to hide what you’re up to if his mouth is uncovered. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Sex with DK is pretty mundane, it’s fairly vanilla and what you see in those dumb romance movies. Buuuuuut DK’s kind of a baby and something he wants to try is just letting you take the reigns and dominate tf out of him. Hand over power completely and have him at your mercy.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Again, the younger I go down the list, the least experience I expect them to have? A house full of boys and stuff, I’m sure they all know and watch porn cmon. Still, I think he’s a bit rusty when it comes to actually putting it to a real person, you definitely have to guide him through a lot of stuff, and explain a lot of things to him; a few trial and errors, and you’re good to go. 

F = Favorite position

Pretty classic and usual, missionary is his go to move, DK likes the contact and the intimacy of missionary. It’s basic but it let’s him express his love to you easily. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Pff, DK would be one of, if not the goofiest member in bed. He’s one that would remember a dumb joke and pause with his damn dick in you and tell you ‘or i’ll forget it again!’ and carry on like nothing happened. Sex is really fun and free with DK, nothing is really intense and there’s no expectations of how serious it’s taken, it’s just a happy and fun time between you two.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
I don’t see DK doing much down there, I don’t see him having a lot of hair to begin with so there’s not a huge need to tame it. Besides that, he doesn’t do much, if any, manscaping or anything. He leaves it alone.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

Romance is sky high with DK, it’s over the moon. Take his lighthearted sex and missionary position, he’s a talker, he constantly coos his love and adoration for you the entire time you’re having sex. The room isn’t decked out in props and bs, but he’s very vocal with you, showering you in sweet words.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

Masturbating is kind of frequent with DK, oddly. He’s got pics of you pulled up or calls you or even facetimes you almost every night, and you two take care of business together even if you’re not physically together.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Kinks with DK are fairly limited, and pretty innocent. Light hair pulling, marking, marking is a big one, it’s not uncommon to leave the bed with hickies covering you from head to toe. Seeing, or just knowing beneath your clothes are a garden of purple and red roses, all made by him, sends a spark right through his body.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

Although kinks and sex are kept rather calm and vanilla, DK’s a little shit that doesn’t really care when you two are when he’s horny? When the feeling hits, it’s gotta be taken care of or he’s whining. From the bedroom, to bathroom, to closets, even sneaking in the bathroom at the park, he’s really not picky where you two do it, but his favorite the bath at home, horny or not, no one likes getting it on in the dirty toilet at the park, at least the bathroom at the dorm is clean…

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

It really doesn’t take anything to turn DK on, he’s one of the boys that just randomly gets a boner and you’re like ‘i…didn’t do anything…’ ‘yeah well mini dk thought you did so we have an issue rn’. But if you’re intentionally trying to rile him up, just behind his ear is a lil sensitive secret, nibble on that and he’s putty in your hands.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Bondage isn’t DK’s thing. Handcuffs, scarves, rope, anything that’s going to constrict him from having free reign in moving, he’s not here for. Just doesn’t seem fun and damn, if it’s about teasing, he’ll let you have fun without tying him to a bed so? Don’t tie the baby up, he don’t like it at all.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
DK doesn’t mind it, but he’s not a master at oral. He works better with his fingers than his tongue, so take that for what it is. He’ll need lots of practice and help if oral is a huge thing you want, he’s not awful, just not the best. Help him pls. Flip side, he’s not that big on bjs, much rather be inside you you know? But he’s not going to turn it down, it’s just not his favorite play time with you.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

He toes the middle line, very average speed. Not hard and fast but definitely not slow. Pretty normal speed, steady precise thrusts; his hips work better than his tongue, that’s for sure.

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

Quickies are fairly favorable to DK, sneaking in a good 5-10 minutes here and there is pretty common with him. I’d go as far to say that as many times as you have quickies vs proper sex is pretty 50/50.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

DK isn’t very shy with you, so he’s down to experiment for nearly anything. Roles, positions, locations, he’s down to play with anything at least once, to get a feel for it.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
His sex drive is pretty wild still, not quite settled down yet so…random boners…beware. But his stamina is really average, he may be able to pop hard ones like no tomorrow but they don’t stick around for long, 10-15 minutes is the most he can stretch out of one session, so you’ll live. I promise. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Toys are a bit limited too, he doesn’t dabble too much in them. A few vibrators and outfits are about it, a hunk of plastic isn’t really his ideal plan with having sex, they’re more of a ‘hmm kinda wanna tease today but im tired…yeah lemme get the vibrator hold up’ kind of thing.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
On occasion, DK becomes a massive tease. It only comes once in a blue moon though, so you’re safe for the most part. But on those days…say your prayers. Thankfully, on an average day, DK is pretty merciful, he’s not much of a tease on a normal day. 

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Fck he’s loud..DK’s one of the loudest members in bed, he’s very very vocal, and doesn’t hold back for a second. He’s an insanely loud groaner, his moans can shake the walls, never mind when he actually cums and gets even louder… Is it a lion’s roar or DK groaning, scientists can’t tell. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Electronic pics are such a risk now, and he cares about you too much to take those chances….so what’s the solution? Polaroids. Yes, the big dummy has a hidden box of pics of you and him, he’s got quite the thing for cameras when you’re together. Of course they range a lot…just pictures of you two chilling together, cute kissy pictures, some ahem..private photos….hmm

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
DK isn’t packing huge, let’s start there. Mini DK is more on the thinner side, he doesn’t have some insane girth or anything, but he’s pushes the average length a bit, roping in about 5.8″, not gonna break your crawl space but definitely something to work with.  

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

[See Stamina] His sex drive is rather high, but he doesn’t always act on it, he may pop boners every five seconds, but he’s not jumping your bones because of it. It’s more of a ‘think of naked grandma till it goes away’ situation most of the time. But that does play well when you’re in one of those moods, because he’s always ready to go too. Works out pretty good.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Although sex isn’t exactly a work out with DK, he’s out like a light after he cums. All ability to keep his eyes open are gone, he’s done crashed on the bed and passed out for the next 3-7 hours. Take a nap, because you’re not gonna be able to wake him up.

Vocal Team Reaction to you having a dream about them

peachyjimint said:Hi! I was wondering if you could make the vocal team react to you having a dream about them (does that make sense?) SORRY IF ITS A BAD IDEA

Hello! This is not a bad idea AT ALL! I might do it for the other unit’s as well when I have time ;) Thank you so much for requesting!

Woozi: I think Woozi would just be a bit confused. He didn’t think you even thought about him that much while you were awake, much less in your sleep. He wouldn’t ask you flat outright about what it involved, but would secretly be a bit curious and hoped you would tell him at some point. “Why me Y/N? There are so many other better things you could have dreamed about!”

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Jeonghan; This boy would never ever let you live it down after you told him. He would tease you about it, but would actually think it was super sweet to be honest. He would often bring it up when he was in a flirty mood. “Make sure you dream about me again tonight, okay Y/N?” 

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Josh: Being the gentleman he is, he would see it as very romantic and cute, and found you even cuter when you were blushing and giggling while trying to tell him. He would smile shyly and fondly,see gif, and your heart would just about burst. “Don’t be embarrassed Y/N, did you know I’ve had dreams about you before too?”

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DK: He would want to know allll the details. This news would make his sunshine smile erupt like crazy and he would want to hear about the story you dreamed about over and over and over again. This would also boost his confidence about having a chance with you. “So wait, you and I were where again? I want to get this right so I can remember it perfectly!” 

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Seungkwan: Hearing you had a dream about him would probably make Seungkwan the happiest boy alive. He would want to know everything and would start talking excitedly about his dreams to you as well, because he had dreamed about you before too before. “Wow, we must be soulmates, Y/N, errr, or something like that.”

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Hope you enjoyed! Have a great day! All gif credits to their makers/original owners. I own nothing but the writing.

**all requests and submissions are open except ships**

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who do you think tops/bottoms/switches in seventeen

this is very interesting to think about…

now you could mean in a gay way or in a dominance/role play way - so I’m gonna go with the second just to be safe 


-S.Coups/Seungcheol; he is Daddy in my mind no matter what 

-Jun; kink Daddy as fuck 

-Woozi/Jihoon; he has a very dominant personality, but every once in a blue moon he could sub 

-Mingyu; I just see him as a power hungry dom 

-Chan/Dino; he would be very power hungry, and always want to dominate 


-Joshua/Jisoo; I only think sub because even if he is Daddy, he is gentle and gives up power very easily

-DK/Seokmin; I think he would try subbing once (maybe he would find some niche he liked like puppy space or little space) and then never want to top/dom again

-Seungkwan; I feel like he might be more nervous about sex, and therefore much more willing to let someone else take over 


-Wonwoo; I feel like he would be pretty neutral on power, so it would depend on his partner 

-Jeonghan; he is a cute little sub/bottom, but could easily flip to be Daddy in .2 seconds and be a real good one 

-Hoshi/Soonyoung; he would enjoy receiving and giving so much, and all the kinks so much not to do both on a regular basis  

-Minghao/The8; he would also depend on his partner, but with a preference for topping 

-Vernon/Hansol; I think he would just want to please the other person, whether is being their perfect sub, or dominating them completely 

i hope that’s what you meant 

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Seventeen diamond edge hi-touch

So yesterday I was lucky enough to do go to the seventeen concert in NYC, and I had VIP tickets which meant I got to do hi-touch.
I’ve never done hi-touch before so I was nervous as hell and had no clue what I was going to say. So as we got into the venue, they guy scanned my ticket and as I turned the corner all I saw was a bunch of pink and blue shirt and it didn’t click that seventeen was legit lined up right there!!!!!! I mean like right there…
So I apologize if I get the order wrong but I’ll try my best to remember plus I was having such a mental break down that I couldn’t manage to say what I wanted sooo this is how it went:

The 8: I managed to say hi and he nodded his head at me. (Most of them did this except for a few of them)

DK: I said hi again because ya know, your girl wasn’t stable. And he smiled and nodded his head.

Jeonghan: I was thrown off at how beautiful he was so I hesitated before saying hi. Then he just nodded his head slowly.

Dino: He was really cute and looked super excited, like he just smiled and nodded, again I managed to say hi loll.

Hoshi: I actually was able to say hi hoshi and he kinda opened his mouth really wide and said hi back.

VERNON:(okay so okay) I legit looked at Vernon and like my body didn’t want to like do anything I just like shut down. So instead of saying hi like a normal person I said “oh my god” and covered my mouth, leaning back while giving me a double chin. Smooth… but Vernon looked at me and kinda made one of those like pouty faces and said awhhh and I legit like wanted to die right there.

SCOOOOOOPPPSSS: sorry I just call him that hehe. Anyway I managed to pull myself together after meeting Vernon and again I hesitated because I didn’t know what to say and I just said “SCOOOOOOOOOPPPPSSS” and he laughed at me and nodded his head a few times.

Seungkwan: (my bias) I legit just said “I love you” in like the most serious voice ever. Just flat out and he nodded and giggled, like……*melts*

Woozi: he is so tiny and huggable my goodness. I was kinda shocked at how short he actually was but I managed to say hi woozi and again he nodded.

Jun: my friend was before me and that’s her bias, she she like held onto his hand and tried to say something lol but for me I just said hi and waved a little and he nodded at me.

Joshua: I seemed to have like gotten myself together at that point cause I managed to be like oh wow hi Joshua you’re so cute. And he giggled and covered his face before nodding at me.

MINGYU: THIS BOIIIIIIIIII. So he was the last one and all of the previous members were doing solid high fives like not trying to grab anyone’s hand or anything just you know, bam high five and that’s it. BUT MINGYUU DECIDED TO GRAB MY HAND AND LIKE OSHDHJEJDND. So I went to high five him, thinking that you know that was it, so I said hi MINGYU and he smiled and leaned forward towards me, then his hand grabbed mine and I was shocked so I said “oh my god” and he held it for like 5 seconds while he stared at me before letting go and I walked into the concert venue practically dying.

Yeah so basically that’s what happened at hi-touch. A lot of hi and nodding. I honestly cannot remember wonwoo. A lot of people were saying he wasn’t there during hi-touch but he was performing during the concert. So maybe I just went but tooo fast and didn’t realize he was there which would’ve been horrible. But a lot of the people around me said the same thing. SOO I’m not 100% on what happened. So yea that’s what happened and I’m not okay haha

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asdfghjkl could you do the "how do you think bts would react if you caught their eye at a fan sign event" but with 17??

S.Coups/Seungcheol would be extra loud, both with his words and his actions. He’d find himself smiling harder, laughing more, and just swinging his hands with yours when you guys lace fingers. His mood would automatically feel one hundred times more vibrant, and he’d make sure to tell you somewhere in between the lines that he thinks you’re cute.

Jeonghan is very careful and thinks a lot before he speaks, so he wouldn’t outright say anything like “I think you’re interesting”, but he’d make comments on how nice your outfit was, how your hairstyle is really trending now, and he might maybe just lean over the table to pluck an eyelash from your cheek. Subtle, but heart throbbing.

Joshua will hurry and stumble and knock things over in his attempt to make his interest in you not obvious. You might hand him the CD and he’d take it with quivering hands and when you ask if he’s ok or maybe feeling sick, he’ll only stumble over his words and leave a slightly uneven signature on your album because Joshua’s flustered and it very easily shows.

Jun gets touchy when he sees someone he likes and the minute you sit down in front of him or stand, he’ll reach out to grab your arms and hold your hands. You won’t even have time to hand him the album, he’ll be looking up at you with starstruck eyes and even though you’re the one who caught his eye, out of the two- you’ll be the one blushing.

Hoshi flirts with just about everyone, so it wouldn’t be all that different with you. The only thing is he would probably nudge the person next to him like DK or Mingyu and try to include them in your conversation so that he can make sure he doesn’t say anything too suggestive that might get other fans a little suspicious.

Wonwoo will cast his eyes down on the album and hide his smile by biting back his lip. You might not get much out of him this fansign and it’ll be kind of cute because the rest of the members will keep throwing glances your way and you’ll be confused, but Wonwoo will just be embarrassed.

Woozi will be serious and by that I mean his questions for you will all be about school or work and it’s normal for an idol to show concern for their fans, but Woozi’s overprotective nature shines best when he sees someone he likes (or wants to keep safe). You’ll kind of feel like he’s lecturing you.

DK: lots and lots and LOTS of eye smiles and chuckling and goofy jokes and basically DK being DK except his message to you on the album is a little longer than his message for others and he keeps letting his hand linger on yours and when you brush hands to take the album he gives you a little squeeze and you walk away happy, while DK walks away trying to settle his breathing because ok- you’re too cute.

Mingyu is probably the person that wants to be the most honest with how he feels all the time, but saying something like “Out of everyone here, you’re the person who stands out the most” might not be a good thing at a public fansign. Instead he’ll go for another route, the; “I hope I see you again soon, promise to come to our events - yeah?”

the8/Minghao would simply keep his composure.  He’d treat you like any other fan and he’d probably regret it a bit later. You’d only notice that when you’re talking, he’s staring at you a bit more intently than usual and maybe just maybe you catch him hiding a faint shade of pink in his cheeks. 

Seungkwan is a natural people person, so it wouldn’t seem as though he’s treating you differently. But the second you move to the next member, he’ll butt himself into the conversation and keep trying to make you talk longer to him. A jealous side, you could say, will come out.

Vernon will probably sign your album at the speed of light and believe me, he’s not trying to be rude, but he’s just shakey around people that interest him. He’d thank you for coming, fiddle with the pen in hand as you tell him how happy you are to be here, and keep brushing back his hair or laughing behind his hand and it’ll be cute because he’ll have no idea how to ‘play it cool’. 

Dino will probably be the most open, and it’ll be ok because other fans will be like “he’s just playing around being the maknae”, when Dino leans in close and asks “I’m you’re favorite - right? You don’t like DK hyung or S.Coups hyung - it’s me right?” 

High School: He realize that he loves his best friend after he rejects her (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -he made it quite clear when he gained his feelings but you wanted him to know how you felt when you were tuned down. He had asked you out almost 5 times now and he’s been very persistent for you to know he loved you now- “Y/N I know you’re my best friend and you already admitted you liked me and denied you of love. But now that’s all I want is your love please one chance to prove it”  

Jeonghan: -his feelings grew as time went on, after your daily calls turned to weekly then to every now and again to the point they never happened. You didn’t text back and even switch classes. He didn’t just lose his best friend he lost the love of his life with the simple ‘No’ he said. But he always had hopes you text him back eventually- *gif*

Joshua: -he wasn’t vocal with his new found love for you he wasn’t subtle either he was loud. He got goofy around you, always giving a compliment, and always being a gentlemen. He wanted to impress you but he had now other idea how to do it other than do what he did- “go Y/N! You’re doing amazing keep it up” 

Jun: -he was dying on the inside all he wanted to do was have you in his arms now but he thought if he admitted he liked you, you’d want him dead or you’d slap him and cry. But you heard he had a secret and you wanted to know after all you were his best friend- “oh um it’s nothing big alright just um yeah lets skip this”

Hoshi: -when he finally realized he liked you was when he finally looked you in the eyes. He could still see the love and he melted, he couldn’t help it his heartbeat picked up and the moment seemed right- “Y/N can I kiss you?”

Wonwoo: -he was currently listening to you talk about another boy who was making you feel special and his feelings were finally there jealousy and all. He listened he didn’t deserve to ruin your chance at love again after his ‘no’ he felt lucky you were still his friend after it all- *gif*

Woozi: -you knew it was a dumb move saying you liked him when his whole career was infront of him and you excepted and knew you’d get denied. But after his debut he seemed to change towards you and his feelings were ready to burst so he needed you to know- “Y/N we need to talk. The feelings you had I hope they’re still there”

DK: -he got threatening to the boy who asked you out. You were his, well not really he denied your love originally but now you were the only girl he’d want to be with. He made sure everyone knew it except you who seemed oblivious to his new found love for you- “whatever your name is, stay away from Y/N you don’t deserve her and I will hurt you if I see you trying anything like that again”

Mingyu: -his mind got clouded when he saw the new boy the way he looked at you he had a feeling that it should be him. Mingyu made his presence known by accident and you looked up at him when he was trying to run away after disrupting the scene- “hi um go back to whatever”

The8: -he knew what he did was wrong but he wasn’t ashamed by the fact he just kissed you out of nowhere. ‘Why would you do that? You don’t like me you can’t just kiss me-’ but he did it again as he received a hard smack on the chest- “Y/N I like you back now alright. I’m sorry I didn’t feel the same right away but I won’t let you get away. You’re going to be mine you know”

Seungkwan: -after awhile you two decided to forget about it ever happening and your feeling started to disappear for him altogether. Bad for him because he finally had the feelings you had lost now. The guilt he felt when he turned you down, you were now feeling when you denied him- “I’m sorry I didn’t return them when they were there Y/N we might have been really happy together”

Vernon: -as soon as he realized it he was after you. Claiming he loved you when he got ahold of you, he saw tears and sadness ‘you can’t just do that Hansol I’ve been trying too hard to stop thinking about you and you go on and do this’ you cried out. He just looked at you before learning down to kiss you with some courage you gave him  something he wasn’t expecting. A slap- *gif*

Dino: -his feelings were mixed at the moment, from the moment the words I love you left you mouth he wasn’t able to feel the same. But after zero contact for a summer he started to miss you very much. The cheek kisses, cuddling, and hugs that the two of you used to have were long gone. To the point he had to hunt you down in school and when he saw you his heart speed up and he got nervous as he confronted you- “y-y-you have som-e um um you know stuff to um-”

Don’t you love doing Broken Shore WQs as resto (aka taking 10 years to kill a mob) and having someone tag your large group of mobs and then stand back and watch you do all the work?

Please little blood elf DK, leave Mommy Moo alone and stop following me if all you’re going to do is increase the mob’s health and then stand there for 15 seconds.  Over and over and over again….  I keep trying to kitty stealth away and they keep finding me.

Seventeen Reaction to Seeing You After a Huge Fight

in this reaction, you’d two will still be in an argument when they see you after the fight!

make a request or check out the master list! [ gifs do NOT belong to me ]

S.Coups You’ll ignore him and walk right past him when you see him. He hated when you gave him silent treatments so he’ll do this and say, “Jagi, remember me? Your boyfriend?”

Jeonghan He’d still be pretty mad at you. If you gave him looks, he’d scoff to himself and think “How immature..”

Joshua He’d feel guilty for making you so mad that you two haven’t spoken in days. When he sees you, he’ll take his chance to talk to you and see if he can fix things.

Jun Like Jeonghan, he’d remain mad after the last time he saw you (which was the day the fight happened.

Hoshi He’d just be really surprised to see you because you two haven’t said a word to each other in days after the fight.

Wonwoo He’d think whether or not if he should talk to you. He’ll end up trying to say something to you but he may end up stuttering a simple hello.

Woozi He’d want to pretend he doesn’t see you so you two don’t have to go through awkwardness if you two made eye contact.

DK Like Joshua, he’ll see this as a chance to make up with you. “[Y/N], please talk to me again. I miss you.”

Mingyu He’ll try to do anything to get you to start a conversation with him first but if nothing works he’ll confront you. With a pout he’ll tell you to talk to him.

The8 He’d want to go to you when he first sees you. “I’m sorry I made you upset, please forgive me?”

Seungkwan He wouldn’t hesitate to get sassy with you if you two ended up talking again.

Vernon On the inside, he’d be really happy to see you but he’d get upset to see that you weren’t smiling/happy because he’s the reason behind it.

Dino He’d get over the fight pretty quickly and when he sees you, he’ll want to see if you’re okay. When it’s clear you’re still not over it, he’ll think “Ah.. she’s still mad..”

Seventeen At a Hotel

After finding Seungcheol, the boys needed a break

*The boys walk into the suite and immediately go wild*


Joshua: *walks by* You’re wasting your time saying that

Jeonghan: It’s a vacation just chill out

Seungcheol: I’m not trying to get kicked out, Jeonghan

Vernon: Oh please we’re not gonna get kicked out

Minghao: Have you not seen our track record?

Chan: *spots a pool* Hey can we go in there?

Woozi: Weren’t you the one that drowned last time?

Chan: But I packed floaties!

Seungcheol: *his soft spot is hit* Alright kid, I’ll go with you.

Chan: Thank you!! *hugs*

Hoshi: *drags DK* Dude, we can do so much here!

DK: Oh no, I don’t want to deal with Coups.

Hoshi: C'mon we’ll be fine.

DK: *rolls eyes* Fine, but I don’t want to get arrested again or get a restraining order.

Hoshi: Fair enough.

DK & Hoshi: *having a Suite Life of Zack & Cody moment*


*Back at the suite*

Joshua: Woozi lets go to the pool with Chan and Seungcheol

Woozi: No

Joshua: Why?

Woozi: They’ll force me into the kiddie pool

Joshua: No they won’t

*Goes to the pool area and Woozi is forced into the kiddie pool*

Joshua: *shouting* Remember don’t shove the lifeguard if you get mad!!


*Meanwhile in the Lobby*

Vernon: It would be great if you guys sold my mixtape at the counter

Cashier: This is not a charity, you better call make a wish for that. And it’s probably trash anyway.

Vernon: You haven’t even listened to it!!

Cashier: Don’t make me call the manager!!

Wonwoo: *in his shared room with Gyu reading a book* Thank god, some peace and quiet.

Mingyu: *has his pool clothes on* Wonwoo, c'mon you should go to the pool!!

Wonwoo: I’m okay, I just want to read.

Mingyu: Jeez, can you stop reading for once and have fun?!

Wonwoo: I am having fun, I’m enjoying my book.

Mingyu: *picks him up and plops him over his shoulder* You’re coming and that’s final.

Wonwoo: Can I At least get my book first?!!
Mingyu: No!!

Wonwoo: I only had one more chapter in Fifty shades of Grey!!

Mingyu:*drops Wonwoo* I’m getting you a counselor, I didn’t forget about the movies

Wonwoo: Ow!!

Mingyu: Why won’t you swim?

Wonwoo: Cause I don’t know how to!

Mingyu: I’ll teach you how to swim, as long as you quit reading that

Wonwoo: Alright, at least it’s the last book.

Mingyu: Please you’re just making it worse.

*At the pool*

Jun: Minghao pass time the tanning oil

Minghao: Why so you can fry like bacon?

Jun: Don’t be an ass, just give me it.

Minghao: Get skin cancer if you want to.

Seungcheol: Crap I forgot the towels I’ll be right back.

*At the room he opens the door and water comes gushing out*


Maid: I gotta call the manager, evacuate the building now!

Seungcheol: WHY??

Maid: Electricity plus water equals hazard, god didn’t you learn anything in science?

Seungcheol: GOD DAMNIT WHY IS IT ALWAYS US?! *runs down downstairs*

*The whole hotel is evacuated*


Wonwoo: My bad


Seungkwan: Now he’s mad, he’s probably gonna go fake missing again

Seungcheol: *body slams Seungkwan*

*It takes all of the hotel staff and Seventeen to get Seungcheol off of Seungkwan*

Woozi: Dammnit Hyung, can you stop body slamming people!!

In the end, the vacation was cut short, and Seventeen had to pay for the water damage done to the hotel room.

Stay tuned for the next installment of “Seventeen At!” Special thanks to my friend for helping me write this!! Please like and reblog, especially reblog!!

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Their trainee girlfriend who’s a leader of a group is working ten times harder than her group members for their debut (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -you just yelled at him that he had no idea what you were going through. But then your face went blank as you remember that he was also a leader of a much larger group size. And he just looked uncomfortable with the whole thing and didn’t say anything about after that. Figuring it was all stress and all- *gif*

Jeonghan: -he was kinda mad when you told him that he didn’t work as hard as you do when he was a trainee. Today your group goofed off the whole practice when you guys were supposed to debut within the week- “never say I didn’t work as hard as you are again please. I work really hard now just like I did then. So yeah take it all back because that was just wrong to say”

Joshua: -you managed to seriously hurt yourself trying to do your best this time. Almost breaking your ankle after falling. Your group was debuting soon and this was a complete set back after being told to take it easy. So you started working though the pain to the point you limped because you didn’t want to delay your debut. So your group members had texted Joshua about your over working and he arrived rather fast to make sure you didn’t hurt yourself more.- “babe I get this is a really big deal to you. But your health should be more important than anything. Your group understands, your fans will understand, and I do. I know how bad you want this but heal up a bit please”

Jun: -you yelled at the others when they weren’t trying their hardest. Jun thought it was funny. He knew the pressures of being in a group but he didn’t think S.Coups was that bad when they were debuting- “can you calm down babygirl. You’re doing very good ok? Take a breath”

Hoshi: -the way you moved while you danced showed you put so much effort into it. The way you sung showed you had passion. Everyone in your group worked hard it was just you put 110% into everything that you had done since you were young. And Soonyoung worried you pushed yourself too much before you even debut- “babe I know you work so hard but you can rest every once in awhile. Maybe we can go out and get something to eat or something to drink. You know go on a date”

Wonwoo: -you really didn’t have fun anymore and Wonwoo worried about that. You were older than all the others and it was like have a pack of children to watch over and teach everything too. You questioned how S.Coups handled 12 little boys and you even told him that. While all the others were there in the room. You were just a ball of mood at the moment- “babe can I say that I am decently adultish. I think you should take a deep breath or maybe take a nap it will calm you down”

Woozi: -its what made you guys work so well. The passion to work so hard to make sure your group gets all the love they need. You’d actually go over to him when you needed quiet and work in the studio on your own things. He look up at you now and again to make sure you hadn’t stressed yourself too much. You had been writing the vocals of the song while another member worked on your instrumental, and another did the rap. But your part seemed to be the whole song other than 20 seconds of rap. Then after than you would have to work on choreography.- “so babe I’m just about done writing and I know you are soon as well. So I thought maybe you and I could work on the dance for our songs, you know, together”  

DK: -He cared a lot and knew what you were going through but he didn’t want you pushing everyone else as you were pushing yourself. To the point were you were willing to yell at anyone. As soon as one of your group members pissed you off he would look over at you and try to do his best to calm you down- “not this again”

Mingyu: -he was yelled at by you to stop telling you what to do. All he wanted you to do is to calm yourself down but you work and stressed yourself to the point he thought you won’t be able to function for long periods of time. He didn’t take offense, he got the stress, but he wanted to know he was on your side- “alright babe whenever your calm we can go out and get something to eat or something”

The8: -he didn’t like when you would push yourself to the point you were about to pass out. But you did and it was a normal for you after the first time. You told yourself it was the way to know you worked hard enough but he saw it as something bad to the point he stopped you when he came to visit to you-”alright you’re done for the day leader. We’re going out to go out with something yummy”

Seungkwan:  -you were working yourself to death for your debut in the next week or so.To the point he was there for a decent portion of the practices with food and water to make sure you were health. He didn’t want you passing out from not taking proper care of yourself- “well babe I know you don’t want me here but I’d be a bad boyfriend if I didn’t take good care of you”

Vernon: -he knew you worked hard and it was obvious by the amount of songs you had written since your group started training. Your work ethic could make Woozi’s look horrible. Which amazed him that you allowed yourself to even consider dating. Nights when you were in the studio dancing, singing, and combining them either alone or with others seemed to keep you busy. And when you weren’t you were working on your production or with him. Which meant he’d steal your notebook and see what you have been writing since the last time he’s looked- “so is this one like a duet? If it is I want to write the rap for it”

Dino: -you were very tired but you didn’t stop you from working so hard. You would almost dance yourself to the point you would pass out from being tired. He was worried and even if he ruined a practice he would come and check on you- “I don’t care if you’re mad at me Y/N. I know you’re tired so I am just saying stop for the day and relax. If you need me to I’ll get your favorite foods and drink so you can calm down and then sleep”

seventeen as group chat moments

so my friends and i are huge memes when it comes to texting and my pal and i were naming off who would probably do what!!!

seungcheol: “wait a diddly darn second”

jeonghan: “aw thats nice”

jisoo: [sends the whole bee movie script]

junhui: [rarely replies] [uses ‘lmao’ after every sentence]

soonyoung: [constantly sends memes that everyone ignores]

wonwoo: [always leaves chat only to be invited once again]

jihoon: check out this song!!! 

seokmin: “wait whats going on”

mingyu: “lol” (actually has the chat on do not disturb)

minghao: “stop this immediately”

seungkwan: “i can’t believe this I’m truly shook i just want to live in peace but i can’t because y'all really dun play too much i will beat ur ass if u do it again bc last time one of y'all made me shave one of my eyebrows and i just -”

hansol: ??? “me too”

chan: “waaaa…thats so cool hyung” (it probably isn’t but he knows they’re trying + is also the one to keep inviting wonwoo back into the chat)

anonymous asked:

Could you do a most to least protective over their s/o list? If not which four members do you think are the most protective over their lovers?

Sure! (You can request ot13 for lists)

Most to Least Protective:

1 S.Coups/Seungchol- 1 (*person playfully hits his s/o) Don’t touch his baby like that! Are you okay Jagi? Did he do something to hurt you? I love you *hugs intensely while glaring at said “Attacker”*) 

2 DK(Dokyum)/Seokmin (Hard core protector. He would just constantly be attached to his s/o on a general basis that no one would even be able to get close to them in the first place. He’s like fucking gorilla glue- in a kinda good way. He’d always make sure you felt safe at all costs. No one screws with his bae. Will fight some bitches if found necessary.) 

3 Seungkwan (WELL THIS IS THE DIVA KING BOO WE TALKIN ABOUT. I mean, he is going to be the most dramatic about nearly everything. He’d be like Seungchol, protecting his precious baby at all costs. He’d want to keep his precious innocent lovely away from the disgusting horrors of his brutish teenage boy members. He’s basically a really freaking intense mom- who’s super cute and very in love.)

4 Woozi/Jihoon (I mean his face literally says “FIGHT ME” every two fucking seconds come on. He deals with so much shit on a regular basis that once he has claimed someone as his they are like assimilated and to be protected with his life. You don’t mess with this little demon’s shit. He’d be so unwilling to let anyone fuck with what he considers his and like he can handle some shit but once you go at his bae you’re dead.)

5 Jun/Junhui (Being the most jealous he has some protectiveness in him. He’s such a big baby though that’d he want to be coddled by his s/o all the time, but, as soon as there is a threat to them he is ready to fight. Someone would say something and he’d be all “Um, excuse you? Do you want to say that again?” I’d be kind of great.)

6 Mingyu (Cutie pie is just such a sweetie and cares so much for his s/o so he wants to keep them happy and smiling no matter what. Someone upsetting his s/o or making them sad would just make him super upset and he would immediately work to solve the problem or approach the person causing the problems. He’s just a super caring little bear cub.)

7 Joshua (Josh is weird cause he can be super lowkey but then again I can also see him being rather protective? He’s not aggressive but his s/o happiness is basically his main life concern besides being an idol and so he considers it to be on the same level. He wouldn’t make a big deal out of anything little but he’d make sure everything is okay. Just like he’d fight for his career, he’d fight for his bae.)

8 Dino/Chan (For as shy and unjealous Chan would be I can see him being intensely protective weirdly enough. He’d just care so much for his s/o and not want to see anything happen to them. He’d see threats straight off the bat and try to prevent them at all costs. If something happens though he’d immediately make sure his s/o is okay and try to fix it. He wouldn’t get aggressive but he’d make it his top priority.)

9 Hoshi/Soonyoung (Hosh is kinda dramatic like Boo but not as intense. Like, he will protect his s/o at all costs, but he isn’t gonna start shit just because he feels they might be mildly threatened. He is very concerned for his s/o happiness and mood but he cares more about spending time with them and keeping them happy himself, rather than watching out for other people. He also values a person who is romantic but still independent. He finds that to be important.) 

10 Vernon/Hansol (Nonny is just so lowkey and sweet it’s hard to see him getting really aggressive with another person. He’d be more likely to angry with his s/o and help try to solve the problem than attempt to start something or notice and threat and go after it. He’d just want to make sure his babe it taken care of and doing okay.)

11 Jeonghan (Jeonghan isn’t self-centered, but he doesn’t make his whole world revolve around his s/o. Relationships for him would be more like two, very independent people have come together to enjoy each other’s presence and share experiences and mutual romantic interest. He’d see it as more of a bridge being built rather than a merging. Ya know? So, he’d still be very concerned about his s/o but he wouldn’t come yelling at anyone with a weapon *coughs* seungchol *coughs*.)

12 Wonwoo (For as intense as Wonwoo can be he is so lowkey. He is like the least aggressive person on the planet. He’d definitely worry over you but he isn’t going to burst into Hulk the moment something happens. He’d be more concerned for your well being and make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.)

13 The8/Minghao (I’m sorry but this child is so spacey. He’d be protective in the sense that he’d want his s/o to be happy and would be unafraid to make sure his boo is protected, but his radar for threats is so crappy he wouldn’t see it coming from a mile away. He’d really try his best, though.)

Sorry if you think I’m totally wrong (I probably am idk) x)



“are we going to fight again?” he blurted frustratedly, seeing him puts his hands at his face. trying to be calm as possible.

“we’re not going to fight soonyoung, we’re going to talk,why do you always think that i want to argue with you?” you cried looking at him amusedly. making the atmostphere hotter than before.

wanting to talk about their problem but he fused it up again,being irritated to everything, when she’s just asking.

“because you always does, making it hard for me to explain cause in the end you’ll have tantrums again, and i’m fucking sick of it.” said he massaging his temples, being so tired to argue. “i wish you’ll be more mature than being an acting immature girlfriend.“he stated firmly.

feeling your heart squeeze to his hurtful words, of course. this words are normal for you since the both of you can say harsh words to each other. But was that beyond?

Not wanting to talk to him again; and leaves him behind at the living room, it all started because of her asking why cant he pick her calls nor answer her messages. only hearing him answer that he’s busy and his to tired to answer messages. that she should just understand him, and you did, you did everything to understand him even some of his explainations are empty.

being in a one year relationship with soonyoung is a satisfaction. but was it, for this time?-

Having him today at your place was great,him being tired. that he have the choice to stay at there dorm and just rest, but he’s here with you. ane you feel grateful to it, that made you kind of special to him once again.

Laying at your cold bed, being so lonely when your boyfriend is just meters away from you, shutting your eyes tightly. that the both of you should be here,laying at the bed with arms sprawled to each other. but it wasn’t, not seeing him for one month was hard. but instead you’re here, arguing with him once again. Incridible.

you don’t want to admit everything is fine when it’s not, getting it more worser than before, even in smallest thing,you guys fought. you don’t want to say that it’s not working anymore,you just can’t.

Hearing the door closed loudly, having the thought that he left. without any Goodbyes, again. bear with it,you chanted. sighing heavily and burries your face at the pillow. you didn’t even had the chance to kiss or hug him. not even i love you,was that it?- after not seeing each other for a long time? Great, you thought.

remembering what he said that he’ll be yours forever, does it still exist?-
Staring at your phone and sends him a message,saying that he should take care and i love you. forgetting his harsh words, Already know that he wouldn’t reply. amazing, she’s love Blind.

deciding to head out to distract yourself, strolling to the place you always go to, the River. you need some relaxation. thinking when was the last date they had, and how happy the both of you were. listening to his Song, atleast you had the chance to listen at his soft voice, not the angry one.

hearing your name called and turn your head, seeing a two tall man that made you glared at them. "i hate you both” you murmur, clutching at your chest since they starled you. seeing them Laugh that made you sigh. “ that isn’t funny at all, Minghao.” you lectured,breathing calmly.

“we’re sorry then?” Dokyeom said, sending you a cheeky grin. rolling your eyes in return, “Where’s hoshi hyung? i thought you guys are together?” he asked. making you smile sadly, “we fought again.” you murmur quietly,feeling a pat in your back.

“Well,hoshi is quite stress these past few days.” The8 said,making the both of them look at each other. “We’re going to have meat,let’s go and come with us.” dk said,trying to lit up the mood. opening your mouth to talk but they drag you away,“ We don’t take no’s so.” only shaking your head and slings your hands to there arms. “you’ll not let me win anyway.” making them chuckle and heads for there favorite restaurant.

“that’s the reason why i dont want to be in a relationship, ill just get stressed.” Dokyeom said,making you glare at him. “im saying the truth.” he added more. “Well-

"Oh shit,is that hoshi hyung?” furrowing your brows and see’s The8 pointing somewhere,making you and Dk look where he pointed. “What? why would hoshi go here?” dokyeom answered him, making your head nod but tries to peak if its him. only hearing him Shouted his name that made him turn his head. seeing him with a girl. clenching your fist tightly, trying not to jump into some conclusions. he’s not going to spend another time to some girl. is he?

making the8 and dokyeom look at her, seeing him remove there clasp finger to the girl he’s with. Going at her side right away, “oh, hello there boys. i didn’t know you’ll have your freetime. Soonyoung didn’t told me.” the woman said, making her raise her brows. “what are you doing?” she asked to Hoshi.

glaring at her furiously, not knowing what to feel. “let’s go” hearing him whisper in you. making you more furious. “who are you?” You asked, making the woman look at you sassily. “What are you-” Cutting her jive off.

“i said who are you?” You asked once more, more fiercer than before. “I’m Jung haejin.”

bitting your lip and glance to hoshi, “Baby let’s just go. let me explain-”
“What are you doing with hoshi?”
“headed out for a date. why do you care?” being irritated at you.

seeing hoshi’s face turn to a grief one,catching your breath since you forgot it. wow; thats the word that you can only say. removing his hands around you and turns your head to look at The8 and Dokyeom seeing how confused they are. “i need to go.” you utter, having the only word goes out in your mouth. wanting to runaway, the answers you were seeking is Enough.

Looking hurtfully at him, “let me explain” not bothering to hear his words out and leaves them behind. Dissapointment.

running towards her and grabs your wirst tightly, “wait,let me explain first.” Said he, only making you chuckle sadly.

“No,it’s Enough soonyoung.” said you.
opening his mouth to talk but you got him first.

“Let me go, i wish you could’ve just told me you don’t love me anymore Hosh. so ill stop being so stupid, over and over again. ” you blurted shakily.

“that i could stop baring with this pain every single day cause i love you so much that everything is fine.”
“you could have just told me you don’t want me aroung you anymore so, i wouldnt look like a fool loving someone that he doesnt want me anymore."shutting your eyes off, hitting his chest, sobbing.

"Baby, i’m sorry.” dragging her body close to his,hugging her tighyly. hearing him keep whispering I’m sorry. “Give me another chance”

“I dont know know anymore.” you said tiredly, pushing him away.
‘Let’s end this hosh.“hearing those words slip out her mouth, that made his world stop.

Seeing her walk away without turning her head to glance at him. stinging some tears in his eyes. murmuring, fuck my life.

"stay with me please.”

Seventeen Reaction to their girlfriend asking them to braid her hair before bed

the only reason this says girlfriend is because the request said girlfriend, but otherwise I try to keep it as gender-neutral as possible. anyways, i love you nerds and hope you enjoy ^-^

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anonymous asked:

Seventeen's reaction to their girlfriend beating them on their favorite video game?

S.Coups/Wonwoo/Mingyu would use the excuse “I let you win” and would want a rematch. He wasn’t gonna lose to a girl. Especially his small, adorable girlfriend. You would just beat him again though.

Jun/Joshua/Junghan would be surprised that this is your first time playing the video game. He would compliment you on your skills and how you learned the game so quickly. You guys will probably just end up cuddling after the video game session.

DK/Hoshi/Woozi would just complain all day. He’ll demand a rematch but you would say no because you were tired. He would try to be mad at you but he can never stay mad at you. He’ll just get over it and play again.

Seungkwan/Vernon/Dino/The8 wouldn’t say much about it. Deep inside though, he’d be disappointed because he was beat by a girl at his favorite video. I feel like he would just say “congrats” and cuddle with you instead.

matryonihon-deactivated20141212  asked:

Whats a tip for a starter ask blog like me? I was planning to do a slytherin Kiku one and TEACH ME SENPAIII

///SLYTHERIN KIKU— WAIT U SRS?! tho— eh;; I don’t think I’m the right person to ask for these kinds of things;; I’m still pretty much n00bish still even after a year of ask blogging;; //sweats;;

But i’ll try i guess??;;


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Woozi Fic 24

so heres what i was able to throw together XD this is a little bit of a continuation from fic 23 but you can read it separately or together they work just the same hope you like it!

“Hey kiddos!” Seungcheol announces after opening the door. “Look who I picked up!”

You and Woozi walk in after him, shaking yourselves off as you slip out of your shoes. The rain water forms little puddles where you stand. “Hey guys!” you shout.

“HEEYYY!!!” an assortment of voices scream from all corners of the apartment. “Look at what the wind blew in!” DK says from the floor, showing off his pearly whites.

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Seventeen remember when...

Jun was a waddling Christmas tree?

Wonwoo ruined your bias list with that stare that could explode ovaries?

When DK started rolling on the ground for some reason?

When Vernon got slapped, then he made a face and looked to the camera, and he looked too good to be human?

When Hoshi punched the air for a bit? …At least that’s what I think he’s doing…

When mingyu poked himself in the eye trying to fan himself? (Plus cute Joshua in the middle bonus!)

When S.coups and Jeonghan were walking on the beach, looking like there were on a date?

When Dino made the face a kid would make when the last copy of that game they really wanted was taken right before their eyes?

(Peek-a-boo! Josh is here again!)

When Seungkwan and DK had paper on their faces and they were trying to blow it off?

When The8 was asking all the serious and deep question and becoming a real Sherlock?

When Woozi discovered curry?

Good times.