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the parent trap pt2 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (2/12)

Words: 1.1k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. What happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

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“Oh my god, Jughead. What if she’s being bullied?” (Y/N) panicked “Maybe its not too late for you to pull her out of the camp.”

“(Y/N), I’ve literally just gotten back from a ten hour flight.”

“I’m sorry, it’s just it’s the first time she’s been out of England, without me.

“Oh sweetie, you’re going to get frown lines if you keep stressing about Aria like this.” Kevin tutted at his friend “Although, Andrews isn’t ageing too well himself.”

“I haven’t missed the gob on you, Keller. To what do I owe this pleasure?”

“Josie sent me to fetch her dress and I wanted to see how Nanny McPhee is doing without her beloved child.”

Aria rolled her eyes at the counsellor for, once again, getting her mixed up with a girl she had yet to meet. Her cabin mates grew quiet whenever she asked about Amelia, almost as if they were hiding something from her. “For the last time, I’m Aria Jones!”

“I’ve done it again.” the counsellor muttered to himself “I’m punching Andrews when I next see him.”

“I’m sorry what?” Aria raised her eyebrow. “Who exactly is Andrews?”

The counsellor’s eyes grew wide, making a note to himself. Aria was the straight forward twin with the thickest British accent he had ever heard. Amelia was more on the quiet side and was never seen without Charlie Blossom.

“Charl, guess what?” Amelia sighed as she noticed her best friend join her on the picnic table by the lake. “It’s been the sixth time in two days. Who even is this ‘Aria’ girl? And why are people mistaking me for her?”

“Must be the new girl, A. Haven’t seen her yet but maybe if we find her, we can find out why people are mixing you both up?”

“Didn’t Jess tell us that the new girl was her cabin mate? The British one?”

“Yeah, guess we’re paying cabin twelve a visit.” the boy smirked at her.

“So your mom is a fashion designer?” Jessica gasped “My auntie Betty always talks about her best friend (Y/N). She designs dresses and she’s based in London too. They might know each other.”

Aria giggled at Tara’s words, knowing full well that when she returned home, she’d tease her about how she was now a D-List celebrity and how her uncle Jughead would groan and shake his head telling her not to encourage her mother. Instead of responding to Tara’s previous words, Aria shrugged.

“Holy smokes! What sort of witchcraft did Jessica use to get you to look exactly like Amelia?” a voice practically squealed, making everyone in the cabin snap their heads towards the entrance.

“Charlie, you’re not funny, I bet she looks nothing like me.” another voice added. “Move out of the way, I want to see her.”

Aria’s mouth dropped as a girl who reflected her walked into the cabin. She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t want to believe it. She didn’t have to believe it. The flame haired girl’s eyes met Aria’s, causing Aria to let out a small scoff.

“I’m guessing you’re Amelia.”

Archie and (Y/N) had argued for what felt like the hundredth time. Exhaust was written all over both of their faces. Between school and the twins, the pair never really had time for them. Archie let out a sigh as (Y/N) tried her hardest to fight back the tears. The pair kept their eyes on the floor, despite hearing Jughead clearing his throat.

“Remember when (Y/N) told you she was pregnant, Archie? She had just turned seventeen. She was so naive back then. It’s funny how a few months can really change a person. She came to you crying. I remember feeling distressed myself because I had never seen (Y/N) so upset. You told her that no matter what happened that you’d support her no matter what. What happened to that, Archie? Because right now, neither of you are supporting anyone.”

“God, I hate you Jug, you always know what to say.” (Y/N) exclaimed “But I can’t cope with the constant arguing. Maybe we should take a break, Archie. A week, a month, maybe a fortnight. We need this, for us, for Melia and Aria.”

Amelia couldn’t believe Aria’s attitude, she reminded her of Charlie’s mom. Her auntie Cheryl. They both had a hot temper which was reflected through their hair colour. She began to notice a pattern. Every time Amelia was mistook for Aria, the camp counsellors would give her a glare and a warning, saying that one more wrong move and her mother would be informed of Aria’s misconduct.

“Listen up, Aria. I’m sick and tired of getting mistaken for you.” Amelia stepped into the cabin and was instantly met with a cold and wet feeling. She let out a squeal alerting the nearby counsellors. Before the pair knew it, they were sent off to what their camp mates called solitary confinement.

Aria rolled her eyes as she realised that herself and Amelia would not be leaving the cabin atop the hill anytime soon. She hadn’t even remembered what caused her to get stuck in such an awkward situation. Aria didn’t know what it was about Amelia but she couldn’t bring herself to like the girl, who was basically her doppelgänger.

“Want an oreo?” Amelia and Aria asked in sync, taking each other by surprise.

“What just happened?” Aria gasped “That was a bit odd.”

“My question still stands, Aria, do you want an oreo?”

“I mean, we might as well just open one, we’re most likely stuck in here until tomorrow morning, maybe afternoon.” Aria paused for a bit before speaking again “Embarrassing question, do you by chance have any peanut butter?”

“Are you joking?” Amelia grinned “I love peanut butter and oreos!”

“My friends back home mock me for it, says its a weird combination.”

“My dad told me my mum used to get a really weird craving for them when she was pregnant with me. I guess I must’ve picked up my love for it back then.”

The duo spent a few moments in silence whilst they ate their peanut butter and oreo combination.

“So tell me more about you, Aria, when’s your birthday?”

“Twenty-Seventh of June.”

“No way! So is mine.”

“Maybe it’s just a freaky coincidence and call me crazy but what, what if there’s a possibility that we could be twins?”

“You know, I didn’t like you at first. I had heard a lot about you from Jessica. She talked about how close you were with your dad and how you had these traditions. Maybe I didn’t like you because I-I wanted that.”

“Hey, I didn’t like you at first too! You always got me into trouble.” Amelia argued back “But you’re pretty decent. You’re basically me but with an accent!“

No One Loves Like Gaston

Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Pairing: Gaston x Reader

As requested by anonymous: Well after that gaston story, now I need a fluffy one of him as a dad. Your writing is phenomenal!

A/N: Thank you for your kind words, anon! :) Also, I know people are calling the Beast Adam even if it isn’t his official name. So I’m just gonna go with that.

Gaston never imagined he’d get a second chance. When the Enchantress granted him his life back, he promised that he’d spend his life doing good instead of bad. 

For months, he had tried to gain the forgiveness of the villagers of Villanueve. Belle, bless her soul, as well as the Prince, had forgiven him for his wrong doings after Gaston had shed light of his realizations. Then LeFou had forgiven him too. It didn’t take much, but LeFou knew Gaston. Gaston wasn’t one to ask for forgiveness, so he knew that things were changing. 

Things were slowly going back to the way things were. The more good that Gaston did around the town, the more welcoming the villagers became. Then you came into town and Gaston knew you were his chance of happiness.

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A rogue planet was doing a flyby and there was a beautiful lunar eclipse going on as well. Then I was in space and I touched a space bug, but the space bug represented the rogue planet and sent the planet just slightly off course and it hit Earth. The last thing I remember was laying in bed with my boyfriend and reading an NPR headline that said “Scientists Know With Certainty: Six Weeks” and I was so distressed I made myself wake up.

The End of All Things: Chapter 01

Antisepticeye X Reader



Your Thougts

Anti’s (That is until I learn how to do the text thing)

((an: OKAY! So I wasn’t planning to upload or post anything until October, but you guys love it so.. Surprise!! Also I didn’t know how to do the text thing then but I DO NOW! This was the prologue so it’s not great but it is here to serve as kinda a transition so enjoy. Sorry it took so long as well… My wifi has been down and I wanted to get another part written out first. So ENJOY!!!))

Anti’s POV

Originally posted by anti-support-group

I came at night and in her dreams, at least now that she was older. After her sixteenth was when I started.

She seemed to broken to be only with her on her birthday.

When she was a child, I was her imaginary friend. She was the only one who could see me, (besides Sean, of course) for the small time when I struggled with my glitching, though she made me feel something so much more. She made me feel… Almost human… It caused me to become extremely overprotective of her, always preferring to be in her company, visible or not, than doing my work. But once she had reached age 10, I could only visit her in her sleep and watch her from a far.

But after years, I had finally had enough.

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There Is No Escape - Part 8

Note: Pan seems to have gotten what he wanted. The reader is happy….but nothing stays that way on Neverland.

Peter Pan x Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 1479

Warnings: The TINIEST bit of language is used.

Disclaimer: No GIFs are mine. Credit to the creators.

Originally posted by lovetheworldlife

It has been weeks since Peter had helped you get your memories back and what once felt like such an intimidating and dangerous place is now the only place you can really call home. Your connection with each of the lost boys was rekindled, much to the joy of the smallest one that had been so hurt by your memory loss, and Peter….well…that was a different matter entirely.

He is, of course, still the cocky and arrogant boy you have always known him to be but there is something different about him. Something that is even beginning to get picked up by the other boys; he is constantly around you, not seeming to leave you side for even the briefest of seconds, he has even set up a hammock in his treehouse so that you are in his sights throughout the night too. All the time you have known him for you have never seen him so protective.

It was sweet, in his own little way, but it is beginning to make you feel a little suffocated now. Something needed to be done.

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Among the Pines

Chapter 4

Warning: Cussing (of course), probably a lot shooting inaccuracies (I tried, you guys), historical inaccuracies

Word Count: 2159

 A/N: I dunno. I feel very…’eh.

Part One | Part Two  | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six 

Table of Contents


 Moments later Lafayette enters the tent to see you passed out of the ground, half dressed.

Merde! What happened? Where did the nurse go?” He yells as he gently slaps your face, “[Y/N] wake up! [Y/N]! Come on, that’s it open your eyes. Wake up!” The soldier guarding the tent hears the yelling and runs in as Lafayette picks you up and places you back on the cot. “What happened to her? Where is her nurse?”

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Nuka World was rough and Deacon did a spectacular near-death stunt at one point and I imagine it took him a while to recover from that, or even wake up. He must have lost a lot of blood. :CCC He’s been patched up and mostly cleaned and changed into clean bandages here though. Maybe he’s even been awake already, just. got knocked out again by the medicine and the blood loss and whatever they had to do to get the bullets out of him. :s I don’t know, I didn’t really particularly want to draw him all bloodied and grimy. xD

(Long story short they went to the Pack backstage during Hunting Season and Deacon tried some ill-advised hero moment and got squished into a corner and shot at by like. everyone in the room. I WAS SO DISTRESSED.)

Oops I made myself sad but HEY HE’LL BE FINE. He’ll be fine. ^u^ I think maybe he has some permanent damage in the arm that will keep bothering him later in life but nothing he can’t live with.

Also *drumroll* Shaun & Deacon feeeeels!!!

Confessions E.M

Warning contains strong language


(Hi(: Can you do an Elijah imagine where klaus is your best friend & you’re the only one he trusts. you meet elijah & he falls in love then he tries to fight klaus & you get in the way but he won’t hurt you. Then you argue & he tells you how he feels.)

Word count: 1086

“Klaus, I’m here!” I called, my voice echoed throughout the grand entrance of my fellow hybrids humble abode. The text message I had received only minutes ago lead me to believe that something wasn’t right here, and judging by the lack of laughter or smart arse comments my theories were correct. It didn’t surprise me that I was Klaus’s trusted choice- afterall I was his best friend and considering he didn’t have many, he was always careful not to insult me.

“Klaus” I shouted again but silence followed, I took this as a sign and stepped inside the mansion, every time I came here I couldn’t help but question why he needed such a massive house when he was the only occupant however he did need somewhere to store his huge ego. I walked straight through the foyer and towards the hallway, admiring the detailed finishes as always.

A groan escaped my lips as I began to grow tired of Klaus’s silly games, I walked through the hall expecting to find some trace of the hybrid however instead I was met by a large frame, which knocked me back slightly. An unconvincing groan escaped both mine and the unknown intruders lips. 

When I looked up, a small smile formed upon my face, “Hello dear, What are you doing here?” asked Kol, mischief and arrogance glimmered in his eyes as he stared down at me.

“Hello arse, your brother texted me- however he doesn’t seem to have the courtesy to actually be present when he calls me over…” I complained, Kol laughs accordingly and parts his lips, already I know something whitty is about to leave them.

Before Kol could reply an abrupt struggle echoed from the library, followed by a distressed shout. I found myself already running behind Kol to see what bastard was trying to ruin Klaus now. I stopped at the door, my breathing hitched suddenly when I saw a man I knew all too well about to punch an already beaten Klaus. “Elijah!”.

My mind was telling me to run forward but the message seemed to be delayed because I wasn’t budging, finally after what felt like an eternity my feet carried me over to the two brothers and in between them. My eyes locked with Elijah’s, anger and frustration lashed through them as his fist drew closer. I had never felt scared around him but in this moment I was petrified, suddenly he stopped, his hand fell to his side and his eyes softened as her stared at me, “Y/N, what-”

“Elijah, What the fuck is going on here?” I interrupted trying to get through to this man I had known so well. Elijah looked taken back, as he distanced himself from me and stood by the fireplace.

“Nothing really, just a bit of rough housing Y/N, no need to worry” spoke Klaus already gaining back his voice and his personality, I knew even before looking at him that a smile would be a his lips. I tried to process his words slowly, rough housing? What had Klaus done this time?.

“Enlighten me would you?” I questioned.

An all too amused Klaus continued, “Well Elijah here thought it was necessary-”.

“Silence Klaus” barked Elijah, interrupting his brother with his booming voice, before I could comprehend what was happening Elijah started charging towards Klaus however I managed to intervene by running into his chest. Elijah stopped immediately and peered down at me emotionlessly.

“What on earth is wrong with you two?” I shouted, looking between them for an answer while I placed my hand against Elijah’s chest to show him I was serious. Elijah was giving me nothing so I looked to Klaus for the truth, he smiled while crossing his arms over his chest.

“Why don’t you ask Elijah, seeing he’s the one with the secret..” he trailed off, I was beyond confused as to why two grown men were keeping secrets from eachother like they were in the forth grade. I was surprised when Elijah slipped his hand in mine and lead me out into the hall, I stared back at Klaus as I left who only nodded his head, expecting me too know what that meant.

I focused my attention on the vampire in front of me who still hadn’t made a single line of contact with me since we’d entered the hall. He paced back and forwards until his fist collided with the wall in a sudden outburst causing me to jump. seeing Elijah like this was far too strange, out of the four brothers he was the sensible, polite one- not the violent type.

“Just calm dow-”

“I can’t calm down!” he howled throwing is hands about frantically, I sighed slowly and took in a deep breath reminding myself that he would never hurt me.

“Elijah please tell me what’s wrong, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me what he did” I pleaded trying so desperately to get the real Elijah back- the one I liked ever so much. His breathing slowed as he took in my words and his head finally lifted so I could see his brown eyes.

“Klaus said some that I didn’t agree with, but that doesn’t matter, hat matters is that you know the truth but I’m just not sure how you will take it-” I stopped his blabbering by taking his face in my hands.

“Tell me”

In that moment I had no idea what he was going to say but I knew it was important and while I stared into his eyes I was desperate for answers, “I love you”. My eyes widened, I didn’t know how to react to the words I had only dreamed would leave his mouth.

Before I could say anything Elijah’s lips collided with mine while he pushed me back against the wall, his lips were warm and soft as they moved agaisnt mine, it didn’t take long until I reciprocated the actions and wrapped my arms around his neck. He deepened the kiss the pulled me closer to his body where I could feel the frustration being let out. Even an idiot could tell he had wanted to do this to me for a while now.

I pulled away to catch my breathe all while I opened my eyes to meet his, never had I ever thought I’d be where I was right now and about to say what I had wanted to say for the longest of times…

“I love you too”.

Hey everybody, been a while but I’m back :)

I couldn’t wait for my jpeg, so here’s my beautiful Cockles Op in all its glory!

I was one of the first few people in line for this one, we were behind a few people finishing up the J2 M2 “orgy” ops (so got to see all four of them messing around together in the room before Jared and Mark left, Jared kept tickling Mark and a couple fans as he does, and a handler was trying to discipline him but also couldn’t help but laugh either. They were all smiles and in great moods. While I was in line, Jensen made eye contact with me a few times as I was approaching closer (🙃) Once it was my turn, I said hey and he looks me in the eyes and smiles and says “Hey Sweetheart” in that signature Dean tone of voice which was probably one of the best things ever, and then he noticed my Dean jacket and he reached out and grabbed the collar and was feeling it and he said “Nice jacket!” in an impressed/excitable tone which made my entire life tbh, I was really hoping he’d notice it, and I went through a hell of a time to get that jacket (it’s 100% real leather) and I distressed it myself and everything, so having him acknowledge and compliment it was all I needed. I can die now. I then told him and Misha what I wanted, (usually I don’t go for the generic ops but in this case I had to make an exception) and they definitely didn’t disappoint. Misha grabbed me right away like he did last time and Jensen was more gentle lol. I thanked them and I think I left a piece of my soul in that room after I left.

I’d say Chicon 2016 was very successful. 👌🏼

matsukuroh  asked:

Hello! Might I ask for a scenario where Genji, Reaper, and Pharah's S/O who is a half-gem gets poofed in front of them like in Steven Universe? And what would happen if S/O returns back when the three characters believed that they are dead? I hope this wasn't a pain to write. Have a nice morning/afternoon/night!

A/N: Whaaaaaaaat? Mod D.Va can write scenarios too?????? Yes I can! I just don’t write scenarios as much as Mod Mercy because they really tire me out mentally after I’m done writing them, but I still hope you guys enjoy this scenario! I was really feeling inspired by it! That being said scenarios are usually restricted to one character per request as Mod Mercy and I have outlined before, so please bear that in mind for the future. Putting the scenarios under a cut for length! - Mod D.Va

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“Really?” she challenged eyebrows arched “the bad boy would have taken advantage of the damsel in distress. I practically threw myself at you last night begging you to have sex with me but you didn’t. Instead” her eyes locked with his “you held me in your arms until I fell asleep. You were the perfect gentlemen.”

He broke eye contact with her “it’s not like I didn’t want to.”

“That’s what makes you different” she asserted “the bad boy wouldn’t have hesitated. You did. Even hacking you do it with a purpose. To help someone out of a bad situation like Waylon. If you were really a bad boy you’d be making yourself rich.”

His hand moved across his rumpled blankets. Smiling when he felt Hannah take it. “You sound so sure of yourself. Why? I could be manipulating you. Tricking you.”

Shaking her head she lifted his hand to her lips “you’d have done that already. I think I’m the only one you’ve ever let see who you really are.” She leaned her head to the side watching him “I think that scares you.”


i had a dream that Dan had died suddenly just LAST NIGHT and i was so shaken in disbelief that i kept watching his ‘morning rituals’ vid from yesterday and crying, thinking to myself “it just can’t be, he was posting so much JUST YESTERDAY how did this happen why did this happen why him why now” and i was so distressed i woke myself up and i was so disoriented that for a moment i wasn’t sure if it had been real or not

@brain NO!! BAD!! NOW I’M SCARED!!