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5 Reason’s Why Supernatural is the Gayest Show on Television (That’s Still Stuck in the Closet)

To start with, I’m not delusional.  I’m fully aware that the studio and execs have settled into a comfortable pattern with Supernatural, and especially considering it’s heavily mixed demographic (interestingly, it was ranked a favorite among republicans and democrats in 2016) they’re unlikely to rock the ship with a canonically queer relationship between two of it’s main characters.  

However, it’s important to understand exactly how much queerness is bubbling beneath the thick surface layer of “no homo:”  from the orgies of male-on-male eyesex to the inspiration for most of its main characters, Supernatural is queer to its very core. 

Here are five (blaring but stubbornly unacknowledged) reasons why:

1.  Dean’s gratuitously bisexual inspiration. 

Whenever someone claims a queer interpretation of Dean is baseless, I’m always happy to direct them straight to his flamingly bisexual source:  Dean Moriarty, his namesake and direct inspiration, a la the novel On the Road.  

Admittedly, I read On the Road and didn’t particularly enjoy it, as I found it to be a somewhat masturbatory reassertion of masculinity for its narrator, Sal Paradise.  Sal idolizes and fixates the charismatic Dean and his promiscuous lifestyle, openly having sex with and impregnating multiple women, and is all around a heterosexual power figure…right up until the point at which Dean propositions a male prostitute.  

Though he’s never shown doing anything gratuitous with male characters (since the book was published in the 1960s, it wouldn’t have been legal to) it’s clear that Dean is very much bisexual, not ashamed of it, and in terms of personality, very similar to Dean.  There are a few key differences (Dean Moriarty, for example, legitimately gives zero fucks about anything, whereas Dean Winchester is secretly a little ball of anxiety with the weight of the world on his shoulders) but it’s clear where Eric Kripke got his inspiration from.

Moreover, Dean Moriarty was in turn based off of the real life bisexual counterculturist Neal Cassady, who among other things had a twenty-year sexual relationship with a male poet.  Here, he is pictured in a Denver mugshot: 

So next time someone tells you the homoerotic subtext of Supernatural exists only in the imagination of rabid fangirls, remember that Dean is the direct descendant of two ragingly bisexual icons.

2.  Castiel (or at least his wardrobe) was also based off of a bisexual character.

For a show so aggressively devoted to a “no homo” interpretation, it has a real propensity to drawing inspiration from queer characters:  everyone’s favorite baby in a trench coat, for example, was modeled after the demon-busting John Constantine from the Hellblazer comics.  Yup, another bisexual.   

Though in true assbutt fashion, his love of men is censored in movie and TV adaptions, Constantine unabashedly swings both ways in paper form – a.k.a. where Kripke found inspiration for Castiel’s look.  Here, we see him platonically receiving a man-hug from one of his bros:

So I’m not saying the fact that two out of three main characters are modeled after canonically queer figures could have anything to do with Supernatural’s gratuitous queer subtext, but y’know.  It might.

3.  Cas himself is sexually complex (and literally cannot be straight.) 

Dean has made reference to the fact that he “doesn’t swing that way” (ironically, both of which times he was literally in the midst of blatantly flirting with men.)  

Cas, however, has no such reservations:  he’s never indicated, vocally or otherwise, a preference towards either gender, so much as outright declaring that he doesn’t give a damn.  

He reacts to male and female flirtation much the same way:  just try and tell me his suspicious glower and Mick wasn’t similar to Mandy the waitress (and try and tell me they both weren’t acting like they’d like to eat him for dinner.)

Moreover, the only time we’ve seen him ever achieve some kind of intimacy with female characters is when they’re literally throwing themselves at him.  Hey, he’s an aesthetically pleasing fellow – or rather, an aesthetically pleasing something.  

Which brings me to my next point that he isn’t really a fellow at all:  Cas not only gives zero fucks about sexual orientation, he also gives zero fucks about gender.  Sure, he’ll spend seven years in the same ill-fitting trench coat, but he’ll also rock a petticoat like nobody’s business.

I’ve discovered that the writer for “Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets,” Steve Yockey, is a gay man, which honestly makes it all the more perfect:  not only does it establish the Orlando-esque flexibility (or nonexistence) of Cas’s gender, but it eliminates the possibility of his straightness.  

And I want Destiel to be canon as much as anybody, but am I opposed to Cas being a genderfluid lesbian?  No.  No, I am not.    

4.  Dean can textually be interpreted as bisexual (and probably should be.)

For anyone who questions whether Dean not being straight as an arrow, I’m happy to point out some very canon things that happened on the show:

(Examples courtesy of @some-people-call-it-tragic!)

And yes, when feeling threatened, he’s professed not to swing that way.  But you know how many queer people I know who have at one point felt compelled to lie about our sexual orientation?  Every single one.  And I live in the bluest of blue states – Dean was raised in Bible Belt America and spends most of his time in the Southwest.  Not to mention the fact that he was raised during the heat of the AIDS academic.

In other words, he has every logical reason to be wary at the prospect of coming out of the closet, or even acknowledging same sex attraction at all.

Moreover it’s been canonically established that Dean has a habit of lying about himself to protect his image of masculinity:  according to Dean, he doesn’t do shorts, chick flicks, cucumber water, skinny jeans and sunglasses, and Taylor Swift music.  You know how many of those things he loves?  All of them

Finally, not every member of the cast or crew might agree (though I know for a fact that some of them do) but their interpretations do not effect textuality.  And Dean can textually be interpreted as bisexual.  

5.  Dean and Cas make a better couple than any of their love interests.

I’m going to state something I feel is obvious:  Cas and Dean have more buildup, tension, chemistry, emotional connection, and romantic history than literally any of their other interests.  

Take Lisa, for example:  she’s Dean’s longest lasting introduced as female partner, and she’s introduced as the “bendiest weekend of his life.”  

Furthermore, I’d argue that sexual attraction notwithstanding, Dean was never romantically in love with Lisa.  To him, she epitomizes his desire for a mother figure, a home, and his lost childhood, as is best demonstrated in his fantasy from “Dream a Little Dream of Me:”  Lisa isn’t a seductive or romantic figure here – she’s a maternal one. 

Though since Dean has never had a long lasting relationship (or, to my belief, been completely in love with a girl) it’s easy to see how he’d misinterpret these feelings as romantic love. 

Then we have Cas, who’s introduced by pulling Dean from the depths of hell, who makes most one-on-one scenes with Dean look like a soft core porno, and who recently (canonically!) declared his love for Dean.  

I don’t dislike Lisa, but it’s easy to see which of the two relationships is more three-dimensional, more original, and more worthy of screentime.

Rye & Lies Pt. 2

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Part 1

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Smut, Angst & Slight fluff?
Word count: 7,562

Summary: You’re all kinds of perfect and he wants to get close to you, whether it be physically or emotionally… Preferably both. 

The coffee maker gurgles and puffs steam, brewing a fresh pot of dark roast that’s ready before Dongmin emerges from the bedroom. The bread in the toaster crisps and pops by the time he seats himself in his usual chair at the table and when you have it buttered and set before him with his mug, he’s already engrossed in the morning news articles on his phone.

This is routine, or at least it is when he’s home in the mornings, and you robotically go through the steps for the half hour before he leaves for work.

There’s rarely any conversation, but when there is it’s mostly from your end, only ever garnering a grunt or curt response from your husband. He’s always too preoccupied to give you much of his attention and quite frankly you’ve grown used to it, so it no longer phases you.

Today, however, you are caught off guard when he clears his throat and stares over at you until you’re peeking up at him with confused yet curious eyes, mind racing with thoughts about what he could possibly have to say.

“My cousin is in town,” he takes a sip of his coffee “My father wants the family to gather for dinner to welcome him back, so make sure to clear your schedule next Friday.”

You thought about it briefly, trying to recall which cousin he was talking about and if you’d ever met him.

“Is this the cousin who wasn’t able to attend our wedding?” You ask.

Dongmin nods “Mhm,” He glances back down at his phone, takes one last bite of his food and pushes out of the chair “I have to go.”


Nothing more is said about the matter. What Dongmin says, goes. Especially so when it’s a relayed request from his father.

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Ephemeral || 02

(adj) lasting for a very short time

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pairing: Jimin | reader (with a surprise?)

genre: angst, not too much

word count: 2.1k

summary: six months ago, Park Jimin broke your heart, though getting over him isn’t quite as easy if you’re still in love with him

warnings: none

a/n: I don’t hate any of the people who are portrayed as dislikeable characters in this story! Also sorry that this is kinda short, but I really wanted it to have this ending so yeah :)

previous chapter ; next chapter

Fifteen minutes into having to sit with Jimin and Irene you felt like ripping out every hair on your head one by one. Jimin hasn’t looked at you even once, but to make up for his loss, Irene went on and on about their relationship, purposely staring you down with every word she said. According to her Jimin was ‘the sweetest guy she’s ever met’, ‘sooo considerate’, ‘showering her with affection and gifts’ and so much more. A part of you wanted to believe that all she rambled about him were pointless lies, but the other, larger part of you believed her and it hurt you more than it should’ve.

As they finally decided to leave, you were about to pass out, Irene having killed the remaining brain cells, that were still there after a night with no sleep. The whole time, you’d stolen glances at Jimin, and you had to admit that he still looked amazing, undoubtedly remaining the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Irene had seen the times you looked at him and started grabbing onto his arm and smiling up at him to ‘mark her territory’. You really couldn’t understand why they even sat down with you guys in the first place but you guessed it was just to bother you.

After they’d exited the coffee shop, you finally felt like you could breathe again. None of your friends wanted to ask you about how you felt, because it could possibly trigger a major breakdown, which wouldn’t be good at all, so you all tried to act like the last twenty minutes didn’t happen. After they left was also when you realized Jungkook’s deathgrip around your shoulders. You let out a sigh and let your head fall back against his shoulder. 

“Everything ok?”, he whispered into your ear and you just lightly nodded eventhough you both knew it wasn’t.

Your self-pitying thoughts were interrupted as Sana started to speak up, her voice loud and cheerful as usual. “So I heard there’s a party at Yugyeom’s dorm tonight and since JK over there is friends with him, I thought we should go.”, she said and drank up the rest of her latte. Yoongi didn’t seem too amused at that idea and groaned, “or you can come over to mine, I still need to finish off some beats.”, he looked at Sana. Yoongi and Namjoon were underground rappers on the side and Yoongi currently worked on some new beats for them, you all knew that it was really important to him. “Aish, but it’s been so long since we’ve gone out, please Yoongs…’, she whined and shot him puppy eyes. 

Jungkook cleared his throat. “Actually I wasn’t planning on going tonight, but I guess I could tell Yugyeom that you guys are gonna show up.”, he uttered awkwardly, which earned a few annoyed sighs. Sana was still trying to get Yoongi to come with her and finally he seemed to give in. That’s another thing about their relationship, every other person in this universe, apart from Hoseok, wouldn’t even stand a chance on changing Yoongis mind about anything, but Sana seemed to work wonders on him. 

“I’m not going either.”, you stated and Sana groaned a disappointed ‘Y/N’, but Jungkook came to your help. “We’ve made plans to hang out today since last sunday, sorry guys”, to which you just gave a convincing nod, eventhough he just told them a straight up lie.

“Since last sunday?”, you asked him with a light chuckle as you left the shop, a few feet behind the others. “I figured you could use a pizza and some company tonight, after… you know.”, he gave you a bunny smile and pushed his bangs out of his eyes. 

You honestly were greatful for a friend like Jeon Jungkook, he always seemed to understand you and knew exactly what you needed when you were down.

“Thanks nochu, I really wouldn’t’ve liked going to that stupid party.”, you sighed and smiled back at him. “I know”, he said and looked around the campus, “I just don’t get it.”, he then stated an a grim tone. You just sent him a questioning look. “I don’t get why Jimin would ask Irene to be his girlfriend.”, he said and you sighed in frustration. “Can we just stop talking about it?”, you pleaded, feeling like all energy was drained from your body. “No just let me finish. He always told me and Tae that he regrets sleeping with her. He also said that he thinks she’s annoying. I’ve never told you this but he really regretted your breakup.”, his voice grew quieter as he spoke and you felt a slight pain creep up in your heart. “It doesn’t matter, not anymore. He couldn’t’ve regretted it that much because he never tried to fix anything between us and now he’s in a relationship with her so he probably doesn’t dislike her as much, does he?”, you let out a humorless laugh and bumped Jungkook slightly. 

“I’m getting over him, so let’s not mention him again alright.”, and he agreed.

As the day carried on you continued to feel down, but still looking forward to your evening with Jungkook, since it’s been a while since the two of you had hung out alone. 

Sana’s been on a constant high since Yoongi agreed to joining their night out and has been distracting you from finishing your essay as she hummed a random song, and that for the past thirty minutes. 

“Hey I don’t want to ruin your mood but it’s kinda hard to focus on this with you singing that stupid song.”, you huffed and she looked up from some kind of mind map she’s been sketching out on a piece of paper. “Sorry Y/N…”, she uttered and paused a little before speaking up again. “You know you can talk to me about it? I know you prefer telling Jungkook but I’ll comfort you too you know? I get that you don’t wanna tell Mina because she’s gonna go full mum-mode again but my point is… I’m here if you need me.”, she sighed and looked at you pleadingly. 

“Honestly, it’s fine. I’m grateful that you care, but there’s nothing to worry about, of course I’m not feeling too great about it but I’ll just suck it up and get over it, that’s what I should’ve done a long ass time ago, and now I feel ready to do exactly that.”, you said and smiled. She seemed happy with your answer and her mood was back to normal. “Ah Y/N, I’m so proud of you! That’s how your mindset should’ve been from the start… or should I say the end?”, she giggled at her own joke and then pointed to your laptop, “You better finish that before Kookie comes here and I’m gonna get dressed for the party. I’m so excited, you don’t even know how long i’ve waited to go out again and Yoongi agreed to come along and I just have a good feeling about tonight, you’ll see!”, she brabbled while leaving the room.

As the evening came around, Mina, Sana and you sat in the living room, you waiting for Jungkook and them waiting for the guys to arrive. Apparently even Namjoon agreed to come with them, neglecting his studying for the night but to be honest he could easily nail the degree at this point. Sana was once again trying to get Mina to talk to Taehyung about her obvious crush on him but she refused like all the other times you’d asked.

When the knock on the door finally came, Sana jumped up and yanked the door open. “Heyy boys!”, she cheered and as she spotted Yoongi, a high pitched squeak escaped her throat. “You look so good baby! I’m so happy!”, she jumped at him and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I can see that”; he muttered but his tone was affectionate. Their little moment ended as Mina pleaded for them to “move their asses and finally leave”. You waved at them and then looked up at Jungkook who was the only remaining boy outside your door. “Come in, I think I’m starving, you guys took long enough!”

He chuckled and threw his jacket over a kitchen stool. “Sorry princess but we took longer because we had to convince Tae that it’s slightly inappropriate to wear all Gucci to a house party.”, and you just had to giggle at that, invisioning an image of Taehyung with all of his Gucci jackets in your head. 

“You order”, you said as you scrolled through your phone, Jungkook just nodded and searched the number of the pizza place online. When he was done you were happy that the pizza was on it’s way but also frustrated that you still had to wait about twenty minutes. “You want something to drink?”, you asked him as you walked over to your kitchen counter. “You have some rum and coke?”, he asked and you came back with a extra large bottle of coke and a full bottle of rum. “Yes sir!”

The pizza finally arrived and you basically ran to the door, quickly payed the delivery guy and skipped back to the couch, where you and Jungkook had been sitting, drinking alcohol, and happily opened the large carton. You let out a satisfied groan as the delicious smell hit your nose, quickly took out a piece and took a huge bite out of it just to groan once again. “This is so good!”, you uttered as Jungkook finally started eating as well. “Yeah I know this pizza place is the best”, he said while heavily chewing down on his piece. “Thanks for coming over Kookie, it means a lot.” He just smiled while watching the TV, “Always.”

Later that night, both of you had drunken a generous amount of rum and coke, maybe some beer too and you were feeling the emotions coming up. It didn’t help that you had ‘The Arctic Monkeys’ playing in the background. “I know how they feel.”, you slurred as you sat, leaning onto Jungkooks shoulder as he had his eyes closed. “What d'ya mean?”, he muttered and cracked on eye open. “You know, they sing about this whole crawling back to someone thing? I do that too. I’ve done that with Jimin six months straight. They’re like ‘maybe I’m to busy being yours to fall for somebody new’, but I’m not even his. Well if he asked me to be, I would. But he wouldn’t ever ask. I’m such a mess.”, you sighed and tried to swallow the lump that has built inside your throat. “You’re a perfect mess though…”, Jungkook said and pulled you into his embrace. “No, this isn’t perfect at all, it’s just a huge pile of shit. I’d probably beg for him, on my knees to just love me back already, but I’m not even sure if he’s capable of love. Anyway, you shouldn’t have to listen to this.”, you tried to calm down again. “I’m so beyond mad at Jimin for doing this to you. He’s just an asshole, I’m his friend but I’m so done with him really.”, you could feel his muscles tensing up and hugged him tightly. “You shouldn’t worry about this, it’s basically over and I’m ready to move past him.”, you concluded and he seemed somewhat satisfied with your answer.

A comfortable silence settled between you two and you just sat and enjoyed each other’s company. You tilted you head up slightly to look at him, and maybe it was the alcohol in your blood or the fact that he just looked extremely good with his hair slightly ruffled and his lips shining from when he licked off the beer he just drank, but suddenly you felt the desire to kiss him. He noticed you staring at him and looked at you with questioning eyes, but eventually started leaning down to you.

Before he met your lips and he stopped and whispered, “Do you really want to do this?”. And all you could reply was, “What if that’s exactly what I wanna do right now?”, and with that you pressed your lips to his.

Morgan Rielly - Part One

This is the start of my new story featuring Mo Rielly. I’m super excited about this story because it reminds me a lot of my Matthews one. I’ll still be doing single post stories between posting this story so please keep sending in requests!

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    “Welcome to the team,” Steve grins down at me and my stomach flutters nervously as I give him a small smile back and a nod.

    “Thank you,” I murmur, adjusting my grip on my carry on.

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(adm: Oh…?! What’s this?! It’s a new character design!! Everyone, please meet China’s 2P, Song Jin!!

Well, I did say I wasn’t going to post any character designs before releasing the game, buuuut I thought this would be something cool to do to thank you for your support!!!! I don’t have my drawing tablet with me so I had to draw it traditionally ;w; hope you guys still like it!!!

Even though I somewhat revealed his design [since, well, it’s not a full body drawing and there are no colors], I’m not going to reveal his number or personality either. The only thing I’m going to say is, he and Iggy greatly dislikes one another.

You know that poll I asked you to choose a number? Well, here was the result: 

The meaning of these numbers were, how many character designs I would reveal until I released the game. Since 1 won, this will be the first and last character design I’ll be releasing until then!! XD [I’m an asshole, you’re allowed to get pissed off at me for that lmfao]

At least, that’s what I hope to do. I might change my opinion with time, but for now, he’s the only one you’ll be seeing. I don’t intend to draw him again anytime soon, though XDDD

But yes, this is it for now!! I hope you guys like it!! Thank you so much for the 1,3k followers, I really, really appreciate it!! Love you!!!! <3333)

These last couple of days I have been reading so many different opinions about Ariliza, Elizona, Mibbins, Eliza Minnick x Arizona Robbins whatever, from blogs I follow (and will keep following, the ones that I like and are nice). Some people dislike them and that’s totally fine. I only have a problem with those who are just plain disrespectful and full of hate.

I wanna give my opinion, because, of course, everyone has the right to have their own thoughts so I’m not gonna pop in their blogs (though everyone is welcomed here) so I’m just gonna do a post.

-Arizona only wanted to sex Eliza up.There was nothing beautiful about it.  Arizona wanted to go home to have sex, no talking. But what about the elevator scene, are we forgetting about it? This scene proves that Arizona is into Eliza. She is not looking only for sex from her.

-Arizona is in lust, not in love, she only wants sex from Eliza. Well, I disagree. Their first kiss was after Arizona praised her not only professionally, but personally. You are nice, you are smart, you are funny. Their first time in bed was after we saw Arizona saying how she felt whenever she saw her.  I look for you, all day. When I turn a corner or I pass by on the scan rooms or getting on an elevator, I hope that maybe I’ll just get a glimpse of you and when I see you, every time it makes me catch my breath, just a little; and my heart speeds up, my palms sweat. Seeing you, talking to you, and touching you, is all I can think about. This doesn’t sound like someone who is looking only for sex to me.

-If Arizona gets hurt on the finale I want her to cry out for Callie. Seriously? How pathetic, weak and loser you want Arizona to look like? Specially for the general audience. There is nothing good or beautiful about this, after everything that happened, and the time that has passed.

-Eliza is so direct and harsh. Her comments are bitchy. Yet we all loved Cristina and Alex. Btw, Cristina wouldn’t treat a patient back in season 9 because it was against the patients religion, while Leah wanted to. And everyone sided with Cristina. Just say that the reason you don’t like what Eliza does, it’s because you don’t like her characer. That’s totally fine and it’s a better argument than trying to say you are against actions and behaviours that then you love in other characters.

-Ariliza love scene was not hot. Calzona’s was. But also: It’s the same scene, just with clothes. Okay so…what’s the truth? How are we measuring here? You can’t say two things are the same but then that one of them was hot and the other one not. That doesn’t make sense. Just say that you didn’t like the scene because it was Ariliza. And that you liked the other because it was Calzona. It’s a really good argument, I swear.

-I’m not getting into the fight of who were hotter. It’s a stupid fight and I don’t need to put down or understimate Ariliza scene so Calzona’s scenes stand out or feel more validated (and I say this when I loved their scenes too).

It was not some leg movement, it was more: they showed skin (so much skin), we saw Arizona wraping her leg around Eliza to bring her closer, we saw Eliza’s leg between Arizona legs. We saw Arizona grabbing Eliza’s hand to move it to her butt?, and we saw Arizona breaking their kiss so she could breath, right before she moaned. You can see all of this if you put the video in slow motion. And quite frankly, I had never seen this on grey’s at least it was a het. couple.

-And for the last, and the most important thing: can we be aware that there are new fans on grey’s? Fans that weren’t there when Calzona was a big thing, so they don’t feel the same about them? New little girls that they see in Arizona and Eliza what others saw in Calzona: their safe space, their lbgt representation? And that you are ruining the fun for them by tagging hate and trashing them when you don’t have any right to do so? Noone, except Shonda, ruined the fun for you. BE RESPECTFUL, not only what you feel and think about a couple is importart. And also, Marika Dominczyk is not at fault for getting the job. Neither is Jessica Capshaw for wanting to support the new pairing and be happy about it. Stop sending hate to them.

anonymous asked:

Are you aware of all those druid Keith theories? Just curious. I have to read them because I am hella curious about it.

oh yeah, i am!!!! they honestly make a lot of sense to me - there’s some stuff in there that i didn’t really pay much attention to before but makes a lot more sense in that light :P if you’re curious about them, you can read them here, they’re really well thought out!!

personally, i’m not a huuuge fan of making keith a druid though. like, the theory? great work and amazing observation skills, i can totally imagine that the show developing in that direction. but???? the idea????? not so much. i am not completely sure why i dislike the idea actually… maybe it’s because keith would get even more isolated (in his mind at least) from the team?? because not only would he be fundamentally different from them, he would also have to spend a long time learning to control his new powers. it’d clear the path for some seriously GREAT allura & keith bonding that i’m very much looking forward to but…………… i’m really not sure what bugs me about it, sorry^^‘ 

all that being said i have absolute faith in the vld crew!!! i might not be super enthusiastic about the idea now for reasons i can’t really pinpoint but i know with 200% certainty that should the show really go into that direction i’m gonna be a fan of it 2 episodes in :P there will probably be new developments that i can’t foresee now that will get me excited really fast. for me to start disliking a show i fell in love with the creators would have to fuck up big time and i just don’t see that happening <3 they have done an amazing job so far and i believe that they’ll keep it up!!

Okay, I feel the need to rant a little.
I was scrolling along my dash earlier and a suggested post cropped up that had to do with what one person wants to see in YJS3. One of those things was supermartian and an entire arc devoted to them getting back together (which from my perspective no damn thank you, but people like what they like, so w/e). Normally I would just leave something like this alone, because I am fully aware and accepting of the fact that people don’t have to dislike what I dislike or like what I like and it’s all good.

this person didn’t have just the one point about supermartian (which I gladly would have ignored and went on my happy way). Instead they had these two points on their list:

- Ms. Martian and Superboy. How they got back to together and manage a relationship

- Lag'on goes back to Atlantis. He is never seen again. Good riddance

Originally posted by childoftheplanets

Excuse me, but what the ever-loving FUCK.

Okay, I freaking get that this person likes supermartian and doesn’t like La’gaan. Fine. No big deal. But how fucking DARE THEY pretty much say that La’gaan should be wiped out as a character in Young Justice just because they don’t like him?! How fucking dare they even consider implying that just because they don’t like La’gaan that NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO ENJOY HIM?!

You don’t see me screaming about how much I hate M’gann, Supermartian, or Angelfish– because I have some damned decency and I’m willing to accept that people don’t have to like or dislike what I do. Hell, even with all of the TONS of issues I have with M’gann I would NEVER say she shouldn’t be on the show, because I know that there are a lot of people who like her and identify with her and are willing to spend hours and weeks and months devoted to fanworks focused on her– and good for them! I’m glad they can enjoy her and have a grand old time with her character to their hearts’ content!

So you would think it wouldn’t be too hard for those fans who dislike La’gaan (usually Supermartian-shippers I’ve found, though I doubt it’s true all across the board or that the only ones who dislike La’gaan are Supermartian-shippers) to extend the same courtesy. You don’t like him? Fine. That’s your right and you don’t have to.


You don’t like the character? Avoid the character. You don’t like the ship? Avoid the ship.

You want to say no one should enjoy La’gaan and he should no longer be on the show just because you don’t like him?


tl;dr- Respect the fact that just because you don’t like a character or a ship that it doesn’t mean you have a right to demand that it go away. Not everyone has to like or dislike what you do.

a wild studyblr appears!

alright my breguette Mar has inspired me so much with her intro,, but I’m kinda shy and not really good with words, so please do take that in consideration!

📗 zdravo from the Balkans!
I go by Oulise or Ouli; a pseudonym I created myself!

📗 I see my education as an athletic stadium;
I managed to run an eight lap race of primary education and two laps of secondary one.. that means two more to go!
(side note:  my p.e. grades aren’t even good!)

📗 I’m one of those people who really are intrigued by science but will most likely end up with philosophy as their major
I began to dislike a lot of subjects because the people teaching them were (and still are) truly awful, sadly
astronomy is the last straw I’m holding for! we’ll see how that goes in two years!

📗 I’m on a science-bilingual program; my physics, biology and chemistry are taught in French! even though the profs themselves aren’t as nice as expected, I’m still learning a lot!

📗 concerning my linguistic knowledge, I am a polyglot by cheating.
why? I can say that I speak all 6 exYugoslav languages when in fact, we all understand each other perfectly but are too proud to admit it
I can more or less understand what different Slavic groups are talking about too!
I also consider myself to be fluent in English,
my third language is French,
I’m learning Japanese for two years already and
I was learning Swedish with Duolingo but never seemed to get past the Clothes lesson ,,

📗 I can lose my focus rather easily and it started to get more pronounced lately so I hope keeping a bujo and a studyblr will help me get back in touch with my motivation and determination!

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My LI Journey in The Freshman

As we embark on the final book of The Freshman series, I couldn’t help but think about all the LIs I’ve had my MC date and why I’ve chosen one suitor for her who I intend to stick with from here on out. It was kind of challenging to do this because I was forced to realize that not all my decisions were well thought out or made for good reasons. I guess that’s okay, since it’s just a game, right? But now I feel much more confident in what I consider to be my final LI decision!

First, let me start off by saying that I’ve had my MC date both Chris and James in previous play-throughs for the first two books. And when book 3 was released, I chose to not import my book 2 data and instead chose to be single. Why? Because I realized I had no strong attachment to either character as an LI for my MC. I adore them as characters and friends, but that’s as far as it went for me. Sadly, I had my MC date them just so she wouldn’t be single and, to me, that was a crappy reason for her to be dating anyone. So, to resolve my own conflict, I made her single which is what I should’ve done in the first place.

I’m also one who prefers to stick with one MC and ideally one LI throughout. I know it’s limiting, but it’s my preference. I just don’t get the same enjoyment playing as multiple people through multiple play-throughs. I’m not sure why, but I have to accept this about myself. This is the first time I chose three different LIs for a game and though it was interesting, it wasn’t my cup of tea.

Okay time to break down the 3 LIs my MC has dated. I’ll present the same set of topics for each and at the end, I’ll explain why I chose to not stay or stay with each one. Also, they’re presented in order of appearance (and also in the order my MC dated them).

Off we go!

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Alison Dilaurentis: the rundown

Season 1, 2, and 3:
Alison Dilaurentis is the queen bee mean girl who can manipulate any and everyone just by looking at them who sloooooooooowly evolves into a good person whose life gets shaken up at every turn. So much is centered basically around her death and people trying to figure out who did this and why. We get small glimpses of how mean and how many secrets she held and the way she turned the secrets into ammunition for blackmail. Now I’ve characterized these seasons together obviously because she was “dead” for these seasons. Knowing what we know now, she wasn’t always so bad, she did save their lives on several occasions; she saved Emily from the barn, saved Aria from Meredith drugging her to get those pages,etc. It was harder to see her humanity in these seasons.

Season 4:

4B definitely stood out the most because we were finally able to confirm that she was alive, even though we were all thinking it from the beginning. I applaud Sasha’s portrayal in the finale for how raw Ali was discussing events leading up to her disappearance, her retelling of her mother burying her was amazing.

Season 5:

I had so many mixed feelings of Ali over the course of this season. I went from feeling bad for her for not only fleeing a mad(wo)man but after all that, she gets home and her mom is dead in the backyard, to being mad at her for going back to her manipulative ways to feeling sorry for her once again for being wrongly convicted of murder. I think at some point in the season we all felt like she was guilty of something and that she was right back to manipulating as if she never left town in the first place. That disappointed me because I wanted her change to come quicker than it did but anyways moving forward. It was way too obvious that she didn’t kill Mona and the girls thinking she did provided us with a lot of filler episodes that we didn’t need. However it gave us more scenes with Cece that we should’ve been able to pick up on quicker. She went above and beyond to help her and I sat there thinking ‘’why?’’. When she was convicted they drug her through the mud sure she was a bully but cmon they couldn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Alison could kill her. They didn’t have a body, no nothing. Secondly with or without her injury that never healed as a kid, she could never throw Mona around and the fact they said that she could made me laugh at their incompetence.

Season 6:

I’m glad that she was able to come through for the girls after they were taken by A in the dollhouse because we all know Rosewood PD was full of crap. Next up, I loved midseason finale obviously because it was her and Cece just face to face finding out information from the source. I do get Ali’s sympathy for her but at the same time I could never let someone who did so much to me and my closest friends back into my good graces so easily. Five years forward, although I was shocked to find Ali teaching, seeing her in action, it made sense. I’m glad that she worked her way through her past to become a good person. I don’t think she should’ve begged the girls to come see her before the hearing, it proved that she could still get to them but not in the same manipulative way that she use to. She got what she wanted, her sister back, though it only lasted for one night. We got to see raw, sad Ali again and I was there for it. I’m glad she was there for Emily during her procedure, shows that her friendship isn’t one sided when it comes to the other girls. One thing I dislike about the whole Alison being kind thing is that they made her seem so gullible when it came to Elliot Archer. She was so quick to want to get married and fell for his manipulations.

Season 7:

I know there’s plenty more to come for her since she’s pregnant. Lets get to this pregnancy though shall we? I think that the baby is Emily’s, it could be Archers or AD’s or maybe they won’t even want to know but I feel like the baby is Emily’s because I don’t think they will bring up that Emily’s eggs getting destroyed for no reason. it is a perfect opportunity to make Emison happen- which we’ve felt that was going to happen from the beginning, friends don’t just flirt and kiss for years and nothing just not happen, cmon people. I’m excited to see how this pregnancy plays out.

Fave Moments So Far:

When they found out she was alive “Did ya miss me?’’

“That’s immortality my darling’’

When the jury came back with a guilty verdict- that scene was amazing

Working to save the girls from the dollhouse

When telling the girls what all happened the night she left

When she came to Aria to warn her about Meredith

Emison moments

7a finale Emison moment “that’s not why, I promise’’

What I want from her in the final 10 episodes:

her figuring out her sexuality(which we’ve been promised would happen since season 5), I want her to find happiness(hopefully with Emily), for her to have a smooth pregnancy, to strengthen her friendships with the other girls, to keep growing as a good person

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If you're still doing the soulmate au thing, 22 or 15 or 11 (couldn't really decide, so whichever you feel like doing) with Shinichi/Shiho (Conan/Ai)

(soulmate AU prompts)


tired, so have a short drabble. which went in a completely unexpected direction anon sorry not sorry


22. the one where it’s impossible to lie to your soulmate.


“Worst score you’ve ever gotten on a test.”

“76. After an argument with the professor, 84.” Ai doesn’t even bat an eyelash. “Truth or dare, Edogawa-kun?”

He clicks his tongue in annoyance. “Neither of us ever picks the dare, Haibara, I don’t know why you bother asking. Truth.”

“It’s the principle of the matter,” she says. “Worst lie you’ve ever told.”

“You’re looking at it,” Conan replies shortly. “I’m still surprised that I can tell you my name. Most embarrassing picture you have on your phone?”

This time, she actually pauses before answering. “Higo-san’s photoshoot from last month’s JSoccer magazine. Shut up.”

“I wasn’t going – ” the words die in his throat, unspoken and unspeakable.

“To say anything, right.” Ai waves a hand dismissively. “So much for that.”

Conan rolls his eyes. “I hadn’t pegged you for a Higo fan. Certainly explains why you were following Big Osaka’s games so closely last season, though, I know you have zero interest in the sport.”

“I’m still perfectly capable of lies of omission, if not commission.” Ai smirks a little. “Your turn. What do you most dislike about Holmes?”


(“They’re at it again, aren’t they?” Ayumi whispers, unnoticed by either participant. “How long has it been?”

Mitsuhiko checks his watch. “Almost twenty minutes. I think Haibara-san’s not planning to give up this time until one of them runs out of questions.”

“That’s… going to take a while,” Ayumi observes, and he nods in agreement. They can’t hear every word from over here, but it’s almost like watching a tennis match, except more fascinating and possibly lethal.

Genta yawns, and wanders off in search of a snack.)

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86 + kc

And we’ve reached the final part of this short series! Thank you for all these prompts Maf! It was awesome to write, and I hope you enjoyed them.
| Part one | Part two | Part threePart four |

KC + “Am I scaring you?”

Caroline hadn’t seen Klaus since the bonfire party. At this point, she wasn’t certain who was avoiding who exactly, just that they hadn’t spend more than ten seconds in the same room since that night.

She knew her reasons for avoiding him -tall, brunette, gorgeous- but what were his? He had clearly moved on and was over his infatuation with her. She groaned. Why couldn’t she have just fallen for some random kid in her history class or something? Did it really have to be her best friends brother?

Because she had. Fallen for him. She had discovered that weeks ago. The day that she had realized that Klaus Mikaelson had the power to break her heart, he had. And he never looked back.

But now she wasn’t so sure anymore. At the bonfire he had been quick to rush to her, helping her when she tripped and looking downright ready to hurt anyone that had done so to her. She shivered when she thought back to the intensity of his eyes.She sighed, maybe she was just seeing what she had wanted to see?

He always did have the perfect words, but the girl didn’t lie. Katherine Pierce. She knew the girl from reputation only, but it was enough.


“Rebekah?” she called out while she entered the Mikaelson’s living room, “Where are you?”

“She’s upstairs,” an unfamiliar voice answered, and Caroline looked up in surprise at the sight of Katherine Pierce in the house. Of course. Caroline should have prepared herself for the possibility. Klaus didn’t need to hide this one. She regretted the thought instantaneously. It had been her idea to keep their ‘thing’ a secret after all.

“Oh hi,” she waved awkwardly at the intimidating girl, “I’m sorry what are you doing here?”

“Just waiting for my boyfriend,” Katherine told her before she looked back at her phone. “Rebekah is in her room.”

Caroline felt dismissed and without another word walked up towards Rebekah’s room. Boyfriend. The word tore through her hard. Of course, Klaus would date this girl. She was gorgeous, daring, sexy, confident. Everything she wasn’t. She walked up to Rebekah’s room and sighed one last time, masking her feelings before she faced her friend.

“Well you took your time,” Rebekah joked when Caroline entered the room.

“Yeah sorry, I was held up by Katherine for a minute.”

“Oh yeah- my brother’s lovely new girlfriend,” Rebekah said, rolling her eyes. The sarcasm was evident and Caroline was relieved that she wasn’t the only one disliking the girl. Her reasons were a lot more selfish than Rebekah’s though.

“You don’t like her?” Caroline inquired, hoping she didn’t sound too eager for information.

“I don’t know her, and she’s certainly not trying to get known. I mean she’s been over a couple of times in the past two months and all I know is her name and that she has a younger sister. She’s not the kind of girl I would have thought my brother to come home with.”

Caroline processed the words. Two months. She had still been with Klaus at the time. She couldn’t believe he had someone he took home with him, while he was still stringing her along. Anger overcame her and she stood up.

“I’m sorry,” she told Rebekah while she grabbed her purse, “I need to- I totally forgot that I had to- I’ll call you later, okay?” she asked while she ran out of Rebekah’s room.

She had to find Klaus. This couldn’t continue like this. Not while he had some other girl that probably never knew about her either. He couldn’t hurt another girl like he had hurt her. Not that Katherine seemed like the type to break easily…


She had tried his room but it had been empty, looked around the house but hadn’t succeeded. She was pleased to note that Katherine was no longer in the living room, but that brought up the fear that she was gone, because they were somewhere together. Would her heart be able to take it if she found them like that?

It didn’t matter. This was about more than just her.


She found him in the backyard. Before she could second guess herself she ran towards him and pushed him into the direction of the shed, closing the door behind them.

“Caroline-” he said in surprise, glancing around unsurely. He had missed the girl terribly, but he knew they had to keep their distance before he did something they would regret. She deserved so much better than him.

“No. I talk. You listen. I thought I made it clear at the bonfire how you hurt me. How you broke me. I thought by telling you, that I took back the power that made you be able to do so. But I was wrong,” she swallowed deeply and took a step back from him. “You’re ruining me. How could you?”

“Caroline,” he came closer to her, a hand raised in concern. He wanted to keep her at a distance, but she was never supposed to get hurt. He had never imagined she would care enough to get hurt. “I never wanted to-”

“No I don’t need your excuses!” she slapped away his hand. “I have enough of those. I need answers. I need the truth!”

“I’ve given you all I can,” he answered dejectedly. “I’ve tried- I tried to do right by you, and I failed. I don’t know what else to do!”

“Right by me?!? You call breaking up with me when I tell you I’m okay going public doing right by me? You call dumping me over text! Doing right by?” she was seething and started articulating slower, emphasizing her last words, “You call having a girlfriend! Doing. Right. By. Me?” She swallowed back the sobs that were threatening to break free. She knew that no explanations would ever relieve her of her pain.

“Girlfriend? I don’t-” Klaus looked around unsurely, “Who the hell are you talking about?”

She shook her head in anger, “Don’t try to act like you don’t know. I’ve met her. It was one thing to hear that you moved on, but discovering that you’ve been seeing each other while we were together? How could you do that to me? Or if you care about me so little, how could you do that to Katherine?”

“Katherine?” Klaus chuckled and shook his head. “Caroline this is all one big misunderstanding! I’m not dating Katherine. Elijah is.”

“You’re… you’re not?” she was stunned. She was so convinced Klaus had moved on and found himself a new and better girl… but he hadn’t. She wasn’t sure if she was relieved or disappointed. A different girlfriend at least explained their sudden break-up.

“I don’t even like her. We were only talking at the bonfire because we were both waiting for my brother. Ugh Katherine and me,” he made a disgusted face at the thought. “I thought you knew me better than that.”

She bristled, how dare he be offended by her assumption. “Well, what was I supposed to think! You broke up with me out of nowhere. Clearly, I didn’t know you as well as I ever thought I did.”

“At the very least I would expect you to know my type,” Klaus moved closer to Caroline. Now that she had moved past some of her anger, he felt himself relax more. It started to feel like it had before he had ruined it all.

“What is that? Naive and easy?” Caroline sniped back, taking in a harsh breath when she could feel his chest brush hers. Damn, she hadn’t thought this confronting Klaus in a quiet tiny space thing through. Her body still reacted to him, like it had before.

Klaus chuckled. “No. Strong, beautiful, full of light,” he pressed a small kiss at her jaw, “Bossy. Stubborn.” He places a kiss at the corner of her mouth, smiling when he didn’t feel her pull away. “Sexy.”

She shivered and automatically took a step back. Her mind screamed at her not to fall for his pretty words again, but her senses, her heart, they all screamed Klaus.

“Am I scaring you?” he asked when he realized she had flinched away from him. He didn’t want to do anything that Caroline didn’t want to. It was just so easy to get distracted by the blonde beauty. To get lost in her.

“No,” she breathed out. She needed a minute to sort out her thoughts. Her body was screaming at her to lean forward, to have his lips roam over every bit of her skin but she knew she had to be stronger than that. Clearly, he was still interested in her. A lack of physical attraction was never their issue. Communication was. “We can’t,” she whispered at the unspoken question.

“I can’t be the girl that meets you in empty places, Klaus. I deserve more than that.” Before he could interject she continued. “And yes I know the secrecy was my idea, and it was fun at first. But that was when I was still discovering what we were. What I wanted. And I realized that sneaking around? That wasn’t it. If that’s all you want? That’s fine. But it won’t be with me.”

Klaus took the last step forward, his body pressing against Caroline while her back was against the door. “I don’t want anyone else,” he told her, looking at her in disbelief at the suggestion. “All I’ve ever wanted was be with you. Be someone worthy of you. But I’m not-” his voice broke and Caroline looked up in surprise.

“Someone worthy- Klaus!” she hit his arm, “You can’t decide who is or isn’t worthy of me. I chose you. I-” she inhaled sharply, “I choose you.”

“Even after I hurt you?” his voice sounded raspy and she knew she hit an emotional snare. “Caroline I’m not good for you.”

“Why? Because your father made you believe you would never be worth a damn? Don’t forget I’ve known you for years. I never had any illusions about who you were or weren’t. You’ve never hurt me. Not until you told me to leave you.”

“So what are you saying?” he asked, telling himself not to hope. If he was lucky, after today he and Caroline would continue being friends. He wouldn’t have her, but at least she would still be in his life.

“I’m saying,” she pressed against him, and lifted her arms around his neck, “Don’t ever tell to leave again.” With those last words, she pressed her lips against his. She could feel Klaus push her against the wall and moaned at the feeling of his body against hers.

He had made a mistake. Acted badly. But she know realized it came from a place of caring. Where Caroline had wanted to show her feelings by telling people, he had thought setting her free was the right decision. What was that saying? If you love somebody, let them go. If they return they’re yours forever? She didn’t know about forever. But for now? This was who she wanted to be with.

She reached for the hem of his shirt, wanting to remove the pieces of clothing that separated them, but Klaus’ hands on her stopped her. “We can’t,” he gasped against her lips. “There’s something else we have to do first.”

“What’s that?” she asked dazedly. She couldn’t imagine there was anything more important in that moment.

“I believe there’s something we have to tell my sister.”

“You’re serious?” she asked with a grin on her face.

“About you? Always.” He pecked her lips and she captured them in another heated kiss. They were going to make it this time. She was sure of it.

And so the miniseries has concluded. Hope you enjoyed it!

If you want me to write another prompt, take a look here and send me the number and ship! 

To the one that left me, I don’t care that you’ve found your third relationship in eight months. You promised me you would stay and you were always fucking indecisive.

To the one that decided I wasn’t good enough, what the hell were you trying to pull? If you don’t know, I really dislike those who drag things on, even if it’s unintentional.

To the one I never got my closure with, I actually saw you a few months ago. You’ll probably never see me again but when you told me it’d be the “last time we’d ever meet,” I doubted that.

To me, you’ve managed to make it this far. Countless heartbreaks and breakups have gotten you to this point and you’re definitely a… different person after your experiences.

You know what they say.

You can’t beat em all.


I can’t get a single thing right, though.


Jager Senses

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been thinking about this lately :)

Scent - - Always much better than human but in a very similar range to one another. If one Jager draws another’s attention to a scent they can always smell it. The fact that the Heterodynes used scent to put in a pleasure response to themselves might mean they did some very specific optimization here.

Hearing - - May be better than human. Despite some issues with Jagers having things sneak up on them it doesn’t really seem to be worse (they’re just bad at paying attention). Jenka’s phrasing of “you got the good ears” seems to imply it’s a pretty random thing and mostly left to chance. Dimo can pick out Agatha’s voice even when it’s being used by someone else to speak Geister, though, so there may have been some very specific tuning in this sense too.

Sight - - This seems to be even more random, especially since their eyes mutate to have vastly different appearances. Dimo’s are either reflective or glowing. One background Jager wears smoked glasses implying he landed with very sensitive eyes. In the side bit where the Jagers accept a Hugo Maxim (as Cheyenne) cheerfully thanks humans for being a trichromatic species, leaving me wondering if not all Jagers are.

Touch - - Probably less sensitive than humans, and broadly in the same range as one another.

Taste - - The sense itself doesn’t seem stronger or less strong but preference has been drastically broadened. I don’t think we’ve yet seen a Jager dislike anything - - oh, wait, Maxim complained about the beer. I think he just didn’t like it having changed in the last twenty years though. Preferences seem widely similar. Bugs, for instance, seem to be especially liked by all of them, and Othar makes use of knowing they all like fudge in his twitter. If the Heterodynes did this on purpose then it makes sense to have your soldiers happily eat anything and bugs are a cheap source of protein.

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i don't even know what these little nuggets of hints we got in regards to nh are, but i'm still bitter over how absolutely shitty the writing is. i don't know whose idea the last was (i think it was SP's) but whoever came up with it should never be allowed to write romance again.

Her stalking him, I think, bc obvs that’s True Love, right? 

Yeah, I am…not overly fond of the NH romance, and The Last just kind of turned that dislike up to 11. Hinata on her own I’m fine with, though I have issues with the ridiculous lack of personal development she got as soon as she turned into the Love Interest (and the Neji moment on the battlefield will never not make me furious). But honestly, her together with Naruto? One of my biggest issues in the manga. 

Ciel vs Victoria (aka war preparations vs revenge)

The fact it was a short chapter aside, I think this chapter gave us some necessary insights into Ciel’s mind about how he sees his position as the Queen’s watchdog, amongst other things, and I think Yana did an interesting thing there. 

Warning: spoilers for chapter 104 and very lengthy post.

So, about…

This. It’s yet another moment in which Ciel’s amazing. Let me explain. 

To me, it’s obvious he’s talking about Victoria here since the German army was on the move to kill Sieglinde until the last chapter, but Sieglinde as insurance only works if she’s alive and Queen Victoria is the one who asked him to bring her back to England.

The question is: why would he need an insurance against the Queen when she’s the one who sent him to Germany in the first place?

Well, about that, do you remember the official reason Ciel went to Germany?

First of all, words travel fast and she must have had other spies in Germany since we know now that all that were secret experiments done by a part of Germany’s army. 

So she probably knew what she was sending Ciel into and even if we theorize she didn’t, well anyway, Ciel’s objective went from what’s above to…

Yes, Sieglinde is interesting because Sieglinde can create chemical weapons, that’s why the German army was sheltering her so much in the first place, so obviously Victoria’s interest for her is of the same kind.
And what are chemical weapons useful for, especially when you add them to panzers construction?

War, obviously

I wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria’s objective through Yana was to start something similar to WWI earlier than in real time (we’re in 1889, 25 years before the beginning of WWI but it’s an AU guys), especially since we got evidence of a Germany/English important conflict before.
- The first time was when Charles Grey killed Siemens (Book of Murder) 

It speaks for itself.

- And there was also that moment in chapter 103…

“It’s England and Germany”, basically even the Shinigamis know there has been a rivalry going on for quite some time between the two countries (since it’s probably not the first time they’re reaping cases like this one), and that it could very well lauch a war, and Victoria is getting ready for this.

Proof she’s getting ready?

That’s the end of Weston arc, after Ciel told her about the Undertaker’s bizarre dolls and she looked very interested since bizarre dolls are basically living weapons doing nothing but tearing humans apart, looking for souls, and I’d call that rather useful for a war. 

Also, remember Finny? Ciel said he went overseas only for one other case before (ch86), and Finny was a German kid experimented on by German scientists until Ciel and Sebastian came in and wrecked the laboratory.
Oopsie, Germany lost another way to create super strong killing humans because of someone sent by Queen Victoria.

If that’s not fishy, I don’t know what is.

So back to Ciel, he knows his place as the Queen’s watchdog and he does what he’s told to do, even it it annoys him.

However, he’s not stupid, which is why he followed her orders to bring back Sieglinde and also why he took the Sulin samples with them, but Sieglinde became insurance to him the moment he saved Wolfram (who wasn’t mandatory for the Queen) because that makes Sieglinde indebted to him in more ways than one.

After all, Ciel saved her life and saved Wolfram’s, so if Victoria decides to shut him up one day because he “knows too much”, well Sieglinde’s affection for him could play in his favor at that moment (by refusing to work for the Queen if Ciel dies), or even simpler, he could use the whole Witch arc story to ‘blackmail’ Victoria since he was just following her orders when he destroyed that part of the German army.

Basically, what’s important to remember is that Ciel won’t always be essential to Victoria, and he knows it, and also that Victoria certainly doesn’t trust him.

Whether she just doesn’t trust him with her war intentions or with everything, that I can’t say, but have you ever wondered why the Double Charles were watching Ciel at the end of the circus arc? (ch35)
Because they’re the ones who told Victoria and she chose to make Book of Murder happen in retaliation. And you know what else is interesting? Ciel didn’t seem surprised that she knew about his lie

So it seems kind of blatant that Ciel knows Victoria isn’t really trusting him, but he’s still playing his part of the game, using different pawns to be safer himself, like the king in chess

-> Actually, there have always been two things Ciel was passionate about since chapter 1: his revenge and his work for the Queen. 

Since I just proved above that Victoria was not trusting Ciel fully and that himself knows it, one can wonder to what point the two things are linked. It’s evident that Vincent and Rachel’s death were linked to Vincent’s job, but when you consider this (ch 104)…

with this (ch19)…

it could mean that maybe Ciel believes Victoria to be linked to his parents’ death and hence be the responsible party that had him sent to the cult for one month. She could be the main goal of his revenge.

There is actually not a lot of proof that links Victoria to the incident four years ago except for two things. 

1) That flashback scene with Vincent in chapter 101.

Ciel is probably between 8 and 10 years old in that scene, but Vincent is already speaking of his death as if he’s expecting it soon.
Basically, he’d been doing this job for a long time (since he was 15) when this scene happened so why suddenly speak of death if it’s just linked to the possibility of one of his investigations backfiring at him?
Besides, don’t you think if Vincent thought that people from the Underworld were after him because of his job, he would settle the matter before it gets out of control (since he had the power to do so, with Tanaka, Diederich, Frances and probably other people)? And yet, it seems to be so serious that he warns Diederich beforehand just in case he doesn’t get out of it (another analysis of this scene).

The Phantomhives are useful pawns to Victoria unless they get out of control, so if somehow Vincent “knew too much” or was rebelling against her, it would be logical of Victoria to try eliminating him. 

2) The second proof is the Undertaker. He dislikes the Queen greatly and he’s shown to be attached to the Phantomhive family in a weird way. Of course, he could just dislike her because her investigations were what brought death to Vincent, and maybe even Claudia, but…

(I fixed the text in the last bubble above because there was a mistranslation)

Yeah because if that’s what happened to Vincent, well it’s clearly a case of déjà vu for the mortician and that would indeed be boring for him to see Ciel meeting the same fate as his father (and his grandmother as well maybe, who knows? Claudia died young too). 

And that’s pretty much all I’ve got on this subject for the moment. One last thing though:

“The best chance to counter your opponents is when they’re attacking you”, that’s actually what Ciel is doing in that last chapter. By making Sieglinde his insurance against the Queen, he’s countering any plans Victoria might have to kill him because “he knows too much”.

Ciel’s revenge is basically why he made that contract with Sebastian but it’s his revenge, and even Sebastian is just a mean in order to achieve it, which is why he will use Sieglinde as insurance if needs be, even though he’s got Sebastian. 

journaloftomfooleryandjapery  asked:

What do you think of the storybook games, in regards to the gameplay and the story?

Readers: There are spoilers for Sonic and the Black Knight and The Never Ending Story in this post.

I don’t really like either one of them.

Sonic and the Secret Rings is way too slow and grindy. On my actual Wii, I played to probably around halfway through the game and never could bring myself to get any further than that. It takes too long to make any progress, and the motion controls eventually stop being a cute novelty and I start wishing for a real analog stick.

Wanting to avoid grinding out EXP for the rest of my life, I started a new game in Dolphin with a cheat turned on that boosted me all the way to level 99 so I’d have everything unlocked. As a bonus, you can also set up the emulator so that you get proper analog stick movement, but it’s still not a very fun game. You get all of these abilities to extend Sonic’s movement but I found they just made the game even harder to control. Finding a comfortable middle ground is hard. (Plus, setting up the motion controls to work on a real controller is harder than it sounds, particularly for catapults, which require specific tilt motions)

Honestly, I’m also struggling to remember much about the story. I remember the broad strokes, having to collect the rings or whatever because Sonic has a cursed arrow in his chest that’s poisoning him or whatever, but I never saw how that story concludes or anything so I don’t feel particularly attached to it one way or the other.

However indifferent I feel about Secret Rings, I actively dislike Black Knight. I honestly struggle to even call it a Sonic game. They went to great lengths to actively remove most of what defines Sonic’s visual aesthetic. It’s this weird melee combat game where you have a sword and collect fairies and it’s just awful. They could have and should have just called it something else – might’ve even helped the game, because then it wouldn’t be shackled to the last few vestiges of what IS still Sonic-like.

I guess I do like the story, though – the whole thing where Sonic is summoned in to a book about Arthurian legend. You get told this story about how King Arthur is evil, or corrupted or whatever, and that’s your big bad for the whole game. You beat him and that should be it, the day should be saved… but it’s not. The person who summoned Sonic (Merlina) knows she’s just a character in a book, and she knows that one day the book will “end,” a fact that seems to make her lose her mind.

Because, I mean, normally, that kind of idea is The Never Ending Story, in a way, right? Their world is fading away in to nothing because nobody remembers the story anymore, so they seek out a kid in the real world (Bastion) to literally keep them alive in their memory. And there’s this really emotional scene near the end where the Child-like Empress is begging Bastion with tears in her eyes to save them all.

Sonic and the Black Knight is a vaguely similar theme but goes in the other direction: to Merlina, she is cornered and what she’s doing is an act of pure survival. She’s not necessarily evil, just so desperate that she loses her way. Self-preservation at all costs.

That’s pretty cool. Shame the game itself is garbage, though.

anonymous asked:

Just took a gander at the spoilers... Yep, have lost not only enthusiasm for the manga but now I have to question Yana's lack of creativity, and her handling of this. Getting real itchy to send a scathing critique, but holding off in hopes that it may be better than it is. Which, really, I barely have a sliver of hope left.

While the chapter was short, it wasn’t a bad one, I think. And it was a necessary one because even though we all already suspected what might happen, for the story someone needs to explain it. I don’t know your reasons for disliking it and of course you have all right to not like it. But sending Yana a critique just because you don’t like the way the story goes (if that’s it) isn’t really appropriate. I had that discussion last month already and I don’t really want to start it again. I’ve said everything I have to say here