i dislike the last one though

Even though Naruto the Last was a crappy movie, the one scene I loved was this one. It showed how comfortable they were with each other. It showed how Naruto was developing feelings for her.How, during the 2 year gap they actually bonded. The whole movie was unrealistic to me. Like, they showed, at the very beginning,Naruto and Hinata acting the same way around each other as they did when they were genin. I mean after everything they went through, they should be more closer to each other. And the main thing I disliked the most was how Naruto fell in love with Hinata in the movie. I mean they showed the stages of falling in love with a person in 8 minutes. Naruto realising hinata’s feelings for him. Him becoming protective of her. Admiring her strength, having a crush and then falling in love and wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. Like all this takes time. If they showed how close both were at the beginning and Naruto already contained feelings for her, but didn’t say cause he wasn’t sure how deep they were, the last would have been a good movie.If they showed a better development and mentioned NEJI AT LEAST ONCE CAUSE THE GUY DIED FOR THEM TO BECOME CANON!!!!!!!!!. The movie would have been a beautiful one.I like naruhina AS a couple but hate how they BECAME a couple.

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30 Days of Shipping

Day 10. Why aren’t these two married?

This is not to hate on Aang/Katara. I respect Aang/Katara, even though I don’t personally ship it.

What I don’t understand is why these two aren’t married now. In the Korra era.

I really dislike the idea that you can only have one love in your lifetime. People pass on, and they leave behind loved ones who get lonely. And there is nothing wrong with them finding someone to share the rest of their lives with. Avatar showed that with Gran-Gran and Pakku, but I don’t understand why they won’t show it with Zuko and Katara. It would be a perfect way to appease the Zutara shippers, and make both pairings canon in a way that can’t be argued with.

Aang is dead. It’s entirely probable that Mai is dead. There’s no shame in giving us old Zutara coming together.

Seriously, there’s no reason not to do it.

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Pr. 1) Hey you're a hard core Nessian shipper right? Because idk I was just thinking I mean I like Nessian I'm not like super in love. I've always had issues with Nesta (mostly just being the little sister and having a kinda shorty big sis, also we read from Feyre perspective) but like she just wasn't wasn't my fave but I never like really disliked her or hated her. But what doesn't help my feelings for Nesta are fanfics that explicitly describe her as being a hateful person. Like the last one

Pt. 2) that I read had Nesta in her said saying that even thought Lucien and Rhys are her sisters mates they aren’t worthy of her sisters. And so many fics depict her as hateful or almost cruel and it makes me like her less even though I know it’s just a fic it’s not like a canon attitude or anything I just slowly like her less. Does that make sense? Like I haven’t found a fic that showed her (other than a few drabbles) that show her as being kind and learning to be loving and to not be cold its Pt. 3) just hard I guess to fully love her when so many fics make her seem way more cruel or hateful than what I believe Sarah seems to be shooting for. I’m just conflicted Hannah


I totally understand what you’re saying!! Nesta’s character is all about the nuance (most of Maas’s characters are, but Nesta and Elain are very much about the nuance because we don’t interact with them a lot). And it’s so so SO EASY to read and write her as a villain, or as a mean person because she is very aggressive and assertive 99% of the time. And we see how easy it is to blame her for their troubles. We see Rhys and Cassian do it, and Feyre just sits there and says nothing to explain the truce she and Nesta have come to, nor the fact that Nesta showed Feyre she cared. So it is hard when people want it to be explicitly told to them that Nesta is either good or evil. And that’s not Maas’s style (she shows she doesn’t tell), and nothing in life is ever that simple. Everything is about the nuance.

Also, as a species, humans like to ignore the nuance, right? We like things to be black and white, wrong or right, male and female—and the real world doesn’t exist that way. Nothing exists that way. Everything sits on a spectrum ruled by the nuance.

And I totally get that you can read stuff where Nesta’s motivations aren’t clear, or she’s just mean and there isn’t an explanation for it, or her sole purpose in a fic is to cause conflict/strife and because the fic isn’t about her, you don’t get any reasons why she would say the things she says, and then you just like her less. I totally get that. So I guess my advice would be to read fics by people who like Nesta (they’re going to be more apt to get the nuance of her character right because we tend to pay more attention to the characters we like/that speak to us).

And also wait and see. Nesta’s story is just getting started. Maas has plans for that girl.

You don’t have to like her. We all draw our lines in different places and maybe Nesta crossed a line somewhere that you just can’t get past. And that’s totally fine. That happens.

Just remember when you read fics, the writer isn’t Maas. So what you read isn’t canon, and it isn’t necessarily supposed to be in canon, or close to canon—unless an author explicitly says that. That might help you. Also, look for things other characters in the fics you read are doing that go against canon. It might be helpful to put the stories in perspective to see that it’s not just Nesta acting out of the norm. Hope this helps!

Name: Summer Anderson
Ethnicity: Italian
Gender: DMAB Nonbinary!
Birthday: June 14th
Sexuality: (Poly) Bi
Likes: Hot chocolate, formal clothing, and being praised
Dislikes: Hot weather, the feeling of inadequacy, and getting their photo taken.

Summer has always enjoyed the feeling of validation from others and that hasn’t changed over the years. Aside from doing it for their own satisfaction, they work hard to receive praise.
Though, from what used to be a casual thing they enjoyed developed into something they needed. They need to have at least some attention on them to make their efforts feel worth while.
They always try their best when it comes to both school and their personal life, wanting to satisfy others.


  • Summer uses they/them pronouns, but they’re okay with he/she!
  • Summer is 5′7 and weighs 140 pounds.
  • Despite seeming like the perfect student in school, they’re often really stressed out. They have this really bad habit of procrastinating all the time.
  • Summer is a huge romanticist. They love romance novels, romance movies, or really anything romance related. They especially love hearing about experiences from friends!
  • They normally have their hair in a bun, but for special occasions, they’ll style it different. They like having it down as well.
  • Summer is a huge cat person! They have a pet cat named Fluffy!!
  • Summer wears contact lenses most of the time. They’re not really comfortable wearing their glasses, as they’re really bad at taking care of them.
  • They’re terrible at cooking. Someone help them lmao…
  • They do great in most areas of school, but they just can’t handle P.E. They’re not athletic at all lol

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1. Are you named after someone? Just the standard biblical allusions for my first name; my middle name is a family one, though, shared by many of the women on my father’s side.

2. When was the last time you cried? …probably Friday.

3. Do you like your handwriting? I’ve always disliked my cursive. My parents taught me mostly by teaching me to read and then throwing books in my direction more or less unsupervised. This worked surprisingly well for most things, but in trying to teach myself I somehow missed the central point that you, uh, aren’t supposed to pick the pencil up between letters. Thus, I’ve never learned to write cursive more quickly than printing, or to do it at a nice angle, or to hold a pencil like a sensible human person. I write an individual but legible print hand, though, on which I am frequently complemented.

4. What is your favorite lunch meal? Mujadara or koshary, probably.

5. Do you have kids? No.

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? I don’t get the impression that I’m a very likeable person.

7. Do you use sarcasm? EHEM. Viz.: my blog, or literally anything else my life has touched.

8. Do you still have your tonsils? Yes.

9. Would you bungee jump? Maaaaaaaybe.

10. What is your favorite kind of cereal? I’ve never really eaten cereal; we never had it around when I was a child, and it seems ridiculously expensive to try it now. A visiting lecturer in seminar was using Cheerios for an example, and in the ensuing discussion I happened to mention that I had never eaten a Cheerio. Everyone was scandalized >.>

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? I think the only lace-up shoes I own are the rubber-soled ones that I only wear on Yom Hakippurim, so–no, not usually ( ;

12. Do you think you’re a strong person? I think I’m that moment in (pardon this seemingly out-of-nowhere reference) the second Avengers film when Hawkeye sees the kid in trouble in the middle of the battle, and he’s clearly, like, “Ugh, I have to go and save that kid, gorramit,” but then he goes and does it while still grimacing endlessly. Like, I will do the stuff I need to, even if the stuff is difficult or distasteful or painful, but I will also complain every damn inch of the way. I only saw that film once, in the cinema, and I could not tell you a single other thing about it–but Hawkeye’s deep annoyance at having to do superheroic things stuck with me as an image of myself ( ;

13. What is your favorite ice cream? Pistachio or walnut or almond.

14. What is the first thing you notice about people? Their clothes and hair, usually! I think this has something to do with my generally terrible vision, but it takes me a very long time to “learn” faces. If you change clothes, I might not recognize you as being the same person!

15. What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself? Ugh. Literally everything that isn’t my hair. I supposed the part of my body that I’ve loathed the longest are my legs, though.

16. What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? Nil and nil.

17. What are you listening to right now? Cello Boy upstairs, practicing his orchestral excerpts for an upcoming audition.

18. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Green, clearly. 

19. Favourite smell? –this is going to sound weird, but horse sweat. Don’t knock it till you’ve smelled it. Sweet feed is also an unexpected good-smelling thing.

20. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? My parents, and before that the Drs. Venice.

21. Favorite sport to watch? This might be stretching the definition of “sport” and the ability to watch as both are generally understood, but cutting horses.

22. Hair color? Reddish brown.

23. Eye color? Greenish brown.

24. Do you wear contacts? Only the glasses without which I run into walls. To be fair, I also sometimes run into walls while wearing the glasses, too.

25. Favorite food to eat? EGGPLANTS. Omg all the eggplants. I love them.

26. Scary movies or comedy? I find that a lot of comedy doesn’t really “work” on me. I don’t enjoy scary movies so much as I enjoy creepy movies, if that distinction makes sense–lots of silver-era horror. And you-all know how I feel about Vincent Price <3

27. Last movie you watched? St. Vincent (on Netflix–mostly listened to it while doing boring grading rather than watching per se).

28. What color of shirt are you wearing? Black with white flowers.

29. Summer or winter? Winter. I don’t mind summer if it’s a desert summer, with convenient lack of sweating and breezes and cold nights. Southern summers slay me. I spend all afternoon in a cold bath if I can swing it.

30. Hugs or kisses? Hugs?

31. What book are you currently reading? I don’t have that I am reading recreation ally, if that is what is meant. If the question is “What book are you currently reading to prepare for your qualifying exams, Shelomit?” then my answer is, “What book am I not reading???” I suppose I am deepest into Gretchen Buggeln’s Temples of Grace: The Material Transformation of Connecticut’s Churches, 1790-1840.

32. Who do you miss right now? My parents, certainly.

33. What is on your mouse pad? I don’t believe I’ve ever owned a mouse pad.

34. What is the last TV program you watched? Angel. I am still trying to decide if I like it at all or a lot.

35. What is the best sound? Rain. Always rain.

36. Rolling stones or The Beatles? Excuse you me, but why is our lord and savior Buxtehude not an option in this poll?

37. What is the furthest you have ever travelled? Israel.

38. Do you have a special talent? ??? Not that I can tell. Perhaps I have a strange combination of unspecial talents. The one thing in which I am secure is that I am a really, really good cook. Try my keftedes, or my mujadara, or my koshary, or any of my innumerable eggplant-based dishes.

39. Where were you born? Colorado, shhhh. (Only by a few miles, though.)

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1. Are you named after someone?

No. I strongly dislike my first name, even though it’s actually a quite common one. 

2. When was the last time you cried?

Honestly I don’t know, but it must have been a few months ago. I don’t cry a lot.

3. Do you like your handwriting? 

Actually, I do. It’s illegible for almost everyone but me. So yeah, I really like it when people are not able to decipher what I’ve written because then nobody wants to copy my homework (I do let people copy my homework, but only chosen ones. There are some people in my class who think it’s clever to copy word for word and then claim it as their own)

4. What is your favorite lunch meat? 

Turkey and beef. I’m not a big fan of pork, chicken is okay though.

5. Do you have kids?

Oh god no, I’m way too young to have kids. Thanks to my sexuality and my strong dislike towards children, I’m not planning to have some in the future. I have multiple reasons for my opinion and luckily I never get these stupid “awww why don’t you want kids?” questions. 

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

Mhh…depends. It’s pretty easy to piss me off and I’m not very talkative in person so…I think I’d like to be friends with me if I met myself online, but if I met myself in person my first impression would be that I don’t want to become friends with me.

7. Do you use sarcasm?

I use it almost constantly. 

8. Do you still have your tonsils?


9. Would you bungee jump?

No. I’ve a fear of heights and I don’t like sports. It’s a thing I can happily live without.

10. What is your favorite kind of cereal?

Lion Cereals and Cini Minis

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? 

No, never. 

12. Do you think you’re a strong person? 

Depends on the definition of strong. Physically I’m weak as hell but mentally I think I’m much stronger. 

13. What is your favorite ice cream? 


14. What is the first thing you notice about people? 

Their hair color and their eyes. I also tend to stare on other people’s mouths from time to time.

15. What is the least favorite physical thing you like about yourself?

My face. I know that I’m ugly but hey at least I don’t have to deal with catcalls and things like that. I’m totally immune to rude comments about my appearance, so why bother.  

16. What color pants and shoes are you wearing now? 

I’m wearing grey sweatpants and grey socks.

17. What are you listening to right now? 

Hidden Citizen - Land of Confusion. It’s so goooood!

18. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? 

Black or grey.

19. Favorite smell? 

Uhm, I don’t know? I have never thought about this.

20. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone? 

My father.

21. Favorite sport to watch? 

I don’t watch sports, I don’t see anything interesting in it. 

22. Hair color? 

Light brown but at the moment my hair is dyed chocolate brown.

23. Eye color? 

I’ve heterochromia, one of my eyes is blue, the other one is green.

24. Do you wear contacts? 

Nooo my eyesight is perfect

25. Favorite food to eat? 

Eh. Noodles? I don’t know.

26. Scary movies or comedy? 


27. Last movie you watched? 

Doctor Strange!! Mads Mikkelsen yeah!!!

28. What color of shirt are you wearing? 

A grey hoodie

29. Summer or winter? 


30. Hugs or kisses? 

Oh god, definitely hugs. I don’t want to be kissed by anyone. 

31. What book are you currently reading? 

Stony Fanfics and “Loki” by Mike Vasich 

32. Who do you miss right now? 

No one. 

33. What is on your mouse pad? 

Don’t have one 

34. What is the last TV program you watched? 

NASA’s Unexplained Files

35. What is the best sound? 

The sound of silence, hah! Everything gets annoying after a certain time, so yeah, I prefer silence. 

36. Rolling Stones or The Beatles? 

I don’t like any of them.

37. What is the furthest you have ever traveled? 

Hungary I think. 

38. Do you have a special talent? 

No, I don’t think so. 

39. Where were you born?

Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 

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oc // scarlet nakamura

cough,, the day has finally come,,, where i post my ocs
i don’t want the post to get too cluttered so i’ll do one character at a time;;;? and then i’ll probably go into a post describing relationships ,,

Name: Scarlet Nakamura
Ethnicity: Filipino + Japanese
Gender: Cis Female
Birthday: August 8th
Sexuality: Bi
Significant other: Rey Torres
Likes: Flowers, sweets, and video games.
Confrontation, others raising their voice, and sour/spicy food.

Being intensely afraid of rejection and making the first move, Scarlet has always had trouble making friends. The most friends she would normally have is one at a time. However, most of those friendships end up not lasting or them drifting away.
Though, upon entering high school, she’s met a number of new people. Unlike her other friendships, she feels like this is one that’s going to last.


    • Scarlet’s parents own a flower shop! She often helps out at it, so she’s very knowledge when it comes to flowers. She knows a lot of flower language and she’s very good at taking care of them.
    • She speaks in somewhat of an elegant manner! She also generally speaks in a formal tone.
    • Despite being quiet around most people, Scarlet can talk for hours for people she’s comfortable with! She actually jokes around quite a bit with her friend group.
    • She weighs 160 pounds and is 5′1!
    • Scarlet usually wears hoodies and jackets when she’s outside, but if she’s in the comfort of her own home, she likes wearing very feminine clothing. She loves dresses and skirts! A lot of her friends say her fashion sense is “reversed”.
    • Scarlet is very pessimistic when it comes to herself; having very low self esteem.
    • her resting face is a glare lol
    • Her clothing style was very edgy in middle school. She never had a true emo phase, but a lot of her clothing consisted of the color black.

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12, 14 and/or 21 for the lil water horse? c:


Well as I’ve already answered 12 and 14 for someone else, I’ll answer the last one for you, but again, if you like, feel free to send me another couple if you want. I don’t mind at all.

21: Name an embarrassing situation that your muse has been in.

For this I’ll expand on the apple story mentioned in his food likes and dislikes. It happened when he was still very young, shortly after he’d left his home loch for good. He wasn’t very good at hunting yet and happened to be in a rocky area that was mostly devoid of waterways, and very few human about to lure. At best he’d seen a couple of shepherds and their flocks, and the humans were too wary to be lured by a lanky yearling horse. He was entirely out of his element, both physically and mentally. He’d not been near water, the source of his power, for many days and had gone hungry for even longer. So when the sweet scent of apples crossed his senses in the evening breeze, he thought only of filling an aching belly empty for far too long. He found a tiny apple orchard sheltered in a rock walled valley, heavy with ripe fruit. There was the scent of humans nearby, but he thought nothing of it, more concerned with food. He trotted right in and helped himself, gorging on sweet apples until his stomach groaned. He’d eaten about half his weight in apples, and even for a scrawny yearling horse, that is a not inconsiderable amount. Dozey with an overfilled belly and weariness, he fell asleep under one of the trees. Horses sleep lightly, but he was drugged with tiredness and the first food he’d had in too long.

He awoke to find himself in a hastily built paddock, made of timbers and ropes right around him as he slept, and worst of all, what had woken him was the halter being slipped around his head. Again, he was still young and had not learned how to throw off the magics of a halter just yet. Panicked, he bolted, thinking to jump the fence and flee before the humans could kill him, for surely they’d known him for what he was. His full belly and the halter around his head betrayed him and he crashed into the fence, going down in a tangle of wood and legs.

A human pinned his neck so while he could struggle and kick, he could not get up, and he was sternly reprimanded to settle down. The command and the magic of the halter held true and he found his frantic thrashing stopped. The orchard belonged to the human, a gruff older man and his daughter, and he’d eaten a good deal of the fruit they were planning to help them survive the coming winter.

The elder man recognized him for what he was and told him he’d be working off his debt to them till he saw fit to release him. Never having been bound before Calder did not know what to do, and could only numbly obey the orders of the human who had haltered him.

For the next two moons he was kept as a beast of burden, used to haul wood and stone, to pull a wagon, to drag in prey that the old man had killed and when not in harness, forced to spend his time in a smelly sheepfold with the small flock the man’s daughter tended. It was humiliating and embarrassing and he was forced to eat hay and grass to survive… Something he hated almost as much as the apples that had wound him up trapped here.

He did manage to escape, but that’s another story, but since then he has always associated apples with the terrible loss of his dignity.

But that’s not the most embarrassing part. That part came when Arthur tossed an apple at him, meant as a friendly gesture, thinking only that he might like it. Calder reacted without thinking and flinched from the apple as if it were a hand grenade, with a high pitched sound of alarm.

Unfortunately Vivi saw and now keeps bowls of apples around the apartment and in her purse to chuck at him. Thus ends the tale of the apple.

So Ross just reposted this photo on his Instagram and the comments make me sad to be part of this fandom. He looks so happy in this photo and how anybody can trash it based on their like or dislike for Courtney is ridiculous. This is real life. He has made the choice to have her in his life and that’s just what it comes down to…his choice. I have yet to see a single action by Courtney that would cause such hatred. Loving someone should not cause this much hatred. If your a fan of Ross or R5 you should stand by them and support them or maybe find another actor, band, whatever to support. For right now though, if she is the one bringing that beautiful smile to his face, then I hope their happiness lasts a very long time.


Today in TTOI History: July 5th, 2012, the day it all ends for Malcolm and almost four years later I’m still brb crying forever

Here’s my post from last year which pretty much STILL sums it up for me plus it has Malcolm running. 

I should say though that as much as I dislike the episode as a whole*, I am still absolutely blown away by this particular scene where Malcolm absolutely lays bare the terrible price he’s paid for doing The Job.

*which a whole lot [insert sound of laugh track here]

I’m blown away despite not believing for one second that Ollie a) even really wants Malcolm’s job or b) that the show up-to-this-point EVER showed him wanting Malcolm’s job. 

What Ollie wanted – what he had consistently wanted since 103 – was to be Dan Miller’s boyfriend Glenn NOT Dan Miller’s Malcolm and at this late stage I think it is little weird that the roles of special advisor and director of communications are suddenly combined when there is no real reason except to set up WHY Malcolm would so comprehensively reveal his soul (what was left of it) to Ollie.

(Of course even if Ollie did want The Job, what happened to Malcolm wouldn’t happen to him. The Job destroyed Malcolm because he DOES feel things, but I don’t think that’s going to be so much of a problem for Mr Reeder.  I mean, I’m sure Ollie IS going to fail and in very short order too, but more because of his general  uselessness than because of anything else.)

But whatever, if a somewhat dubious premise what was needed to get us the amazing Malcolm scene I think I should just shut up and accept it since otherwise, for most of the rest of the episode, THIS is a lot closer to my reaction:

Sunday Spotlight: Have some confidence!

Hi, it’s Amy, again! So, this is one that we can work on together, since it’s not my strong point, either. But as I try to put myself and my work out there a little more assertively, I notice more beginning artists coming to me for advice, and I can’t ignore a big problem that we share:


And really, why? Well, there are a lot of potential reasons…

  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • Over-application of humility / not wanting to look egotistical
  • Thinking it makes us more approachable
  • Guarding against criticism
  • Legitimate dislike!
  • And COUNTLESS other possibilities!

Here’s the deal, though. Talking crap about your own work does no favors for anyone. There is a fine line between honest assessment and outright bashing yourself, and the truth is, an ill-timed “well, it’s not good, but…” can do lasting damage to your standing. I know you’ve probably heard this one hammered home a billion times, but if YOU don’t think it’s good… why should anyone else?

A couple things to think about, first one being, you’re out here putting in the time and the effort, trying to crank out something that can communicate your ideas. Artwork and writing are a skill, and like all skills, they can always be sharpened, and they can always be better. Always. What you deem as bad, at this moment, might have been the best you’d ever done a year ago. You don’t even know what technique you might discover that vastly improves your work within the next month… or week… or the next time you put a pencil to paper, for that matter! You are CONSTANTLY evolving, and in this way, good and bad will always, always, forever, into eternity, be relative. So, may as well make peace with that fact, and decide that NOW, in this moment, you are the BEST that you can be (if you’re putting in full effort, and I’m assuming you are if this kind of thing worries you! It tends to go hand-in-hand with ambition and wanting to improve), and dangit… that counts for something.

Secondly… I’m not saying you aren’t allowed to reflect and sometimes feel cruddy about your turn-out. We all do that - yes, even your illustrator and author heroes. They have these phases, too. What I am saying, is try to be realistic about where you vent these concerns. An honest heart-to-heart with a close friend who understands you is a far better outlet than into applications, resumes, and portfolio reviews. That is a huge no-no. If you think your work is good enough to be submitted, I’m not saying you need to scream from the rooftops that your genius must be shared, but quiet confidence is nothing but a good thing. Submit the thing. Allow your work to speak for itself. I guarantee what it has to say on its own merits should be kinder than anything you come up with on your own.

Don’t focus on what you have YET to achieve. Focus on how far you’ve come, and how you plan to keep achieving in the present. And no matter what, don’t self-sabotage! There is nothing wrong with not being where you want to be, yet, but give yourself the credit for still going, still submitting, still drawing and/or writing, and if you can’t talk about it with the enthusiasm it deserves, at least don’t say anything bad. You’ve worked too hard, for that.

To all first year teachers out there

I had a student last year tell me to go suck her dick because I apparently never called on her to answer questions. She hated me. To be honest, I didn’t care because that class was tough to manage and I was just trying to make it through the year.

We loop with our students, so we have the same students for 2 years and then get new ones the next year.

Today, she announced to the entire class: “You know, last year I really hated you. This year, though, you’re alright. Well, you’re actually pretty cool, except for when you keep us late.”

Just because your students might not like you today, it doesn’t mean your students will always dislike you. Find your footing, and it will get better. Even one year makes a huge difference