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A little blog PSA about small fonts;

  It has occurred to me that many blogs -and especially more and more rp blogs- prefers to use smaller fonts when they write and post here on tumblr.
Although I’m all for personal freedom of choice and like to encourage people to do their thing- I have to confess that all these long posts with more than three sentences with tiny-ant text gives me a headache. 

It makes it difficult for me to read what people has wrote, especially for me who already have a bad eyesight to start with, and I find myself many times skipping over all the posts with whole sentences containing small fonts. And -perhaps unfairly - this sometimes affect my decision however I decide to follow a blog or not, because if I can’t read anything of theirs without zooming in multiple times… I kind of don’t get any information of how and who they’re.

I know this all looks like me ranting about small fonts here, BUT, I’m okay with people using them -bc everyone decides how they want their blogs and text posts to look like (and yes, those small texts looks neat). I just want to offer an explanation to how I feel and think about this. I’m not saying anyone should stop using small text and/or no dots and big letters at the start of sentences. 

But, I would wish that if you interact with me (like replying to a thread we have together) that you could use normal text size. Thank you.


Chapter 02:

- Prologue

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First being “evil” from one of Papyrus’s nightmares, now here we have a crying kid. C: And who’s at phone at that late hour?!

Also fixed the font for Papyrus’s speech a little bit. I dislike when it’s not settled properly and had to do it manually all by myself >.< But hopefully it’s better readable now! So, enjoy~


My English (Yen Press) release of the first Fruits Basket reprinting/omnibus has arrived! As you all know, I’ve been purchasing the Japanese releases as well, so I took a photo of the first volumes side by side. On the left is the Japanese release (also evident by the pink advertisement for Fruits Basket: Another wrapped around the cover), and the American is on the right. I was surprised to see the American release being much larger than the original, I was super pleased! I dislike the font choices Yen made for the English release as well, but that’s just nit-picking. 

Yen Press also re-translated the original material, as Tokyo Pop (now defunct) owned the original translations- I’ve been skimming over them, and I’m quite pleased with the new translations! I believe they got Hatori’s tone of voice DOWN. For comparison, the bottom-left image is a panel from Tokyo Pop’s original English release, and on the bottom-right is the new translation by Yen Press. Still relatively the same, but slightly different- in a good way, in my opinion! 

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