i dislike the coloring but oh well

Aloha my dear fellow mortals. 
My name is Sem and i’m looking for people to connect with,
perhaps meet with and just have fun with. 

I just took the next step from being vegetarian to vegan so far there aren’t a lot of people supporting me ( only two and those are my lesbian foster parents, i live 2 years with them now and soon ganna live on my own!) 

oh and i’m trying to quit smoking so if you have any tips please give me!!! 

I love: 
animals <duh>
my cat happy, food,
the color green,
smiling to random people at the street.
i love old people that have humor and just enjoy their lives. 

I dislike: 
close-minded people,
people who think their always right,
people that make fun of other peoples weaknesses. 
too sweet candy .. 

name: sem
age: 19 (19 juli 1996)
country: the netherlands (city: amsterdam)
relationship status: taken.

well if you are interested in talking to me or checking out my blog to get you motivated or if you have any questions feel free to contact me. 



King among Kings
King of all Kings
Star Watcher

So, I recently wandered into Lord of the Rings fanfic and wound up reading the epic and amazingly well-written Sansûkh.  I woke up this morning with the itch to draw something related to it, to show my appreciation for a fanfic that I found to wile away my hours during a low period.

This wasn’t at all what I meant to draw; in fact it was meant to be a facial practice piece! But then I colored it, and well…  Maybe I’ll try and draw that piece of Frerin and Thorin at some point as well.

Anyway, thank you for this fic and for making me ship things I never expected to. (Lookin’ at you, Bagginshield, lookin’ at you.)

If any of you enjoy Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (whether Book or Movie) I cannot recommend this fic enough. The parts pertaining to Moria, in particular, really hit me hard.

more of my love for johnvris fighting on the same side ::::D (plus my strong dislike of my scanner destroying my beautiful colors *cries*)

click on the photo for better quality :)

Aqua -

Is there something there?
This hair… its color is the same as my mother’s.
It’s been a long time since someone patted my head…
You have wonderful hair as well.
…I don’t dislike you. Call me, if you ever want to talk.
Oh! You surprised me…
Rubbing your hands all over someone’s face isn’t a welcome behavior.
We… resemble each other. Not by appearance, but something else….
Such a strange person you are…
I want to know more about you… let’s talk again…
I’ve never trusted in a friend more than you. You and I are two parts of a whole. During hard times, during cruel times, if we’re together, I’m sure we can overcome it all.
Geez… where do you think you’re touching?
Sometimes, I haven’t the faintest clue what you’re thinking.
This pendant possesses mysterious powers.
Is that a change of clothes? I like it.
With my power of the song, and your power of the dragon, let’s make certain that we save this world.
…I love you too. Someday, I wish for every part of me to receive your love…
Nnhh… hey… touch me more…
That’s not enough…
*giggling* That tickles…
What is it~?
Aren’t my cheeks cold?
I love this hand…
I want you to kiss me… yes, I want -you- to give it to me…
Mmm… well done.
Please… touch me more… so that even if this is the last time, we won’t have any regrets…
I’m happy…
Look at me…
Love me…
Be gentle…
This is somewhat embarrassing…
If it’s you… I wouldn’t mind having anything done to me…
Remember me… even if, someday, we’re split apart…
I love you… if it’s possible, I want to stay by your side forever…
Even if one of us were to lose the other, we have a duty to save the world… but I want you to live…
I want to die in a world with you in it….