i discovered the holy grail

Slow Fade (2)

Overview: Being forced out of the only life you want comes with its hardships, but hiding it from the two people you care about the most proves to be the most challenging situation you’ll face.

Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Reader

Warnings: mild language

Word Count: 1,285

A/N: This was my first time writing Bobby, and I quite enjoyed it. 

Beta’d by my sole sister @wheresthekillswitch: “I can almost see his hopeful look”

and my writing soulmate @hannahindie: “WHAT IS HAPPENING”


The ride back was quieter than most, for which I was grateful. Sam was nursing a dislocated shoulder that Dean had popped back into place for him, and Dean was… well, Dean. Focused on the road, rock music blaring, giving me weighted glances in the rearview mirror every couple of minutes. Not that I saw, because I kept my eyes firmly glued to the window. But I could feel them.

When the tires finally rotate to a halt on the gravel drive, I’m out of the Impala and on the way towards the front door before Dean and Sam are even unbuckled. I crest the last step and raise a hand to the doorknob, my whole body giving a slight sway with the motion. Everything suddenly feels very empty.

Food. Need food. I wonder if Bobby found my secret stash-

The door flies open, and I almost fall into the now empty space in front of me. A steadying, calloused hand on my shoulder stops the forward motion, and I look up to see a miskept beard and well earned wrinkles.

“Hey, Bobby,” I say with a weak smile.

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MY story.

I have liked bigger guys since I can remember.

I remember in elementary school, looking at the boys in class who had some baby fat still on them, and wondering what their bodies looked like. What fat felt like. I dreamt a few times about having powers and making them fat. Sadly, my dreams always sucked. Once, making them being “fat” was basically a tennis ball shaped belly being pushed really far in their shirts.

Middle school led to locker room men. I remember seeing chubby guys for the first time without shirts and loved it.

High school, sadly, stuck me with the jocks who didn’t have abs, but no fat either. I had a few guys I could look at though. One was chubby with muscles, and had a great ass. One was chubby with big nipples. I couldn’t hide my boner well enough! Swimming class was okay, but again, more toned flat stomachs then actual fluff.

My first boyfriend was chubby. He’s actually fatter now and though we’re just friends, I love to look at the shirts he squeezes himself into. My graduation boyfriend was also chubby, but carried himself differently. The first one was round, where this one weighed more, but was more like flat fat. Don’t get me wrong, I loved him fiercely. And with his big nipples and ability to fuck me senseless, I was in heaven.

When we split (no surprise there), I discovered the fat man’s holy grail. GROMMR. Yes, the site for fat men and fat men lovers alike. What an amazing discovery! I learned so much from my times on Grommr and met so many interesting people. What started off talking about fat and role playing about who was getting fatter, went towards watching YouTube videos of guys who were expanding and loving their bodies to reading gainer erotica.

That was probably one of the best discoveries. Since getting fat at the drop of a hot was unrealistic (sadly), I loved imaging guys swelling with fat over the course of a few minutes and seeing someone else’s words flow across the screen of my phone. Many loads were spent reading stories about fat roommates, magical gainer shakes, asshole jocks who needed to be taught a lesson, and once sex started to show up in the stories, it’s clear to see that I became hooked.

While I met different guys online and talked about gaining, and met two guys in my state, both with hot bellies of their own, I couldn’t help but wonder one thing: Could I get fat too?

In middle school, I spent every summer at my grandmother’s, far away from my parents. She is traditional and makes a lot from scratch, always with leftovers. She would bake fresh cookies, dessert recipes from magazines, and would buy us almost anything we wanted from the grocery store. Once, when she took my sister somewhere, I snuck three oatmeal cream pies from the jar and ate them as fast as I could, hoping my weight would go up a bit form these treats. During a rainy day, I wished that one M&M would make me gain a pound of fat. I must’ve eaten a whole container. The same summer, I dreamt about swallowing chubby kids from my class and adding their fat to mine (yes, I kind of liked vore before I even knew what it was).

High school I was always skinny. I didn’t really gain weight until after graduation and after my break up. See, halfway through senior year I started working at a grocery store with a built in Dunkin’ Donuts. It was here I discovered ninety-nine cent donuts, Snicker bars (with the associate discount) and the wonderful bliss that was fast food. I went from a size 30 or 32 (senior year 2012) to bigger that a size 34 but smaller than 36 (current size). Roughly 170ish to 210.

I do get told different things about my weight. One grandmother says, “You look good with some fat,” while the other makes snide remarks about it. My old teacher says I look good now that I have fleshed out some. Military aunt says I should watch what I eat. My fat ex (the one who I said could fuck) makes his remarks about it, hypocritical and rude.

A few friends know about this. The fetish. The gaining and encouraging. A few don’t realize I’m not actively gaining, while some know I want to experiment with it, i.e. funnel feeding, stuffed, fed, vice versa to another guy. The works. I want to experience it.

Will I gain? I keep saying I’ll wait until I move out of my parent’s house and have the financial support to over eat. I have a history of diabetes, heart disease, and the usual things in my family, which could make gaining a challenge for me. When I go to gain, I want to do it by carbo-loading and overeating. I don’t know everything about this, but I hope to learn.

Will I stay on grommr? Well, for the time being, yes. My name is needfatfriends, and I’m always up for a chat, but I wish I had more guys locally that I could hang out with and explore this with.

Will I keep writing for you guys? FUCK YES! I love the attention my stories are getting and hope that you guys like what I write.

Well that’s my story. Well, part of it. Maybe I’ll write more personal stuff later on. But for now, I hope you guys enjoy me fattening up some other guys as well ;)

Love you all.


How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits
(written by Grace)

Alright ladies listen up, I don’t know about you but I am fed up with being the literal definition of a “basic bitch”. I have watched way too many videos and read a great deal of articles about being basic and I have had it up to here with having to painstakingly nod at 93% of points such as, leggings, margaritas, star signs, pointless wedding shows….etc (I think you get the gist). 

If you get what I’m getting at then fear not! There is a cure for us all, I have recently discovered my holy grail, “How to be Parisian: Wherever you are”. This book (life guide more like) covers pretty much anything you could think of from the obvious factors of beauty and fashion, to boys, recipes, social etiquette and so on and so on… The four amazing French women who wrote this book have practically thought of everything, and whilst reading, you do get the vibe of reality. This isn’t meant to be some productive kick ass book, but it really gives you such a close up and untouched version of the reality of a modern French woman, who, after reading this book, I would love to be. 

I definitely have some favourite articles/tips which I’m already using in my lifestyle choices. Some of my personal favourites are:

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So if you have any common sense, one of your first comments after watching Jurassic World was, “That was an awesome movie. But where the hell was Jeff Goldblum?” I too was disappointed when I didn’t get to see a cameo. All I wanted was him drinking some scotch in his living room, watching news coverage of the park disaster and saying something to the effect of, “I fucking told you. Life finds a way.” It could have been an after credit scene. Would that have been too much to ask? Probably, which is why we didn’t get it.

However, today I returned to watch the movie a second time. And I discovered the Holy Grail of Jurassic Park references.

That reference, my friends, is Jeff Goldblum’s face.

It’s not his living and breathing face, but it is in fact there. During the park’s introduction sequence - you know the one, where you’re hanging on the edge of your seat ready for the swell of the theme music - Zach is being too cool for school and Gray is losing his mind. Zara is sitting behind them actually looking like she wanted to die. And I looked at her face, and was suddenly distracted. Because Zara is reading a book, with Ian Malcom’s glorious face plastered all over it. He is just visible staring at you over the shoulder of Zach’s monorail seat. He was watching you and you didn’t even know it.

Presumably, this is the book that Ian talks about writing in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. I now also have a handy dandy headcanon that everyone at the park is not only intrigued to read Malcom’s book, but is actually required reading for all park employees. Because Malcom’s book also appears on Lowery’s desk right alongside his plastic dinosaurs. Jeff’s face can clearly be seen smirking as Hoskins takes over the control room. 

Even after Ian Malcom learned his mistake, he’s keeping a weather eye over the park. Watching everything go to shit with a firm “I-fucking-told-you-so” on his face.