i discovered the holy grail

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Of for the anon who is struggling with masturbation (nothing wrong with that, everyone has their own little ways of getting off) there's a tumblr blog called @orgasmtipsforgirls and they have LOADS of ways to achieve orgasm that don't just include hand stimulates! It was like discovering the holy grail of masturbating!!

This is awesome!! I’m so happy this exists! :’)

How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits
(written by Grace)

Alright ladies listen up, I don’t know about you but I am fed up with being the literal definition of a “basic bitch”. I have watched way too many videos and read a great deal of articles about being basic and I have had it up to here with having to painstakingly nod at 93% of points such as, leggings, margaritas, star signs, pointless wedding shows….etc (I think you get the gist). 

If you get what I’m getting at then fear not! There is a cure for us all, I have recently discovered my holy grail, “How to be Parisian: Wherever you are”. This book (life guide more like) covers pretty much anything you could think of from the obvious factors of beauty and fashion, to boys, recipes, social etiquette and so on and so on… The four amazing French women who wrote this book have practically thought of everything, and whilst reading, you do get the vibe of reality. This isn’t meant to be some productive kick ass book, but it really gives you such a close up and untouched version of the reality of a modern French woman, who, after reading this book, I would love to be. 

I definitely have some favourite articles/tips which I’m already using in my lifestyle choices. Some of my personal favourites are:

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