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Noora Amalie Sætre is a Lesbian - a headcanon

(So like, if you’re looking for compelling evidence just… shoo. Not the place tbh.)

(Better yet, there are all the source elements on Noora’s past, but my mind runs.)

(Thanks to @isakiyakis for being the trigger who shot this lesbian Noora bullet in my ear and I couldn’t be in peace without writing something about it. This thing is really long, really rambly and a lot confused because it’s in narrative form and what is consecutio temporum anyway. I’m sorry. Not really.)

(Also Nooreva found a way into this post. Again, not really sorry.)

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kgutierrez2222  asked:

I love you blog your writing is so great!! 😁 could I request a mlt to date an innocent girl! Please and thank you!

Thank you so much!! This is so cute, here you go:

(Based in my opinion)


  • Yuto: Yuto’s definitely not innocent, but he has stated he liked pure girls. He’d ask himself how can someone be so cute. He’d also love to show you things, seeing you grow and becoming more ‘mature’ would make him happy, although a little sad at the same time because he’d want to protect such an innocent mind. You’d be an adorable couple!! He’d tell you the most beautiful things, he’d make sure you’re alright all the time. He’d care for you a lot.
  • Yanan: I think this is no surprise! He is so innocent too, pure and fluffy, so I think he’d totally date someone who was like him. I believe you’d be such a cute couple! You’d discover new things together because you just cannot be innocent for all your life. Your relationship would be fluff, fluff,  and MORE fluff! You’d rarely fight, and Yanan would come up with the cutest date ideas ever. You’d grow together, which would result in you guys having a very strong bond, not only a boyfriend-girlfriend bond but also the best friends ever bond! Yeo One would have to share him with you
  • Jinho: He’s pretty shy and reserved, and kinda innocent in my opinion too, so I see him dating an innocent girl rather than an ‘impure’ girl. He’d be thankful you’re like him, because not many people are as innocent at the age of 24 years! He’d be complimenting you all the time and writing the most charming poems for you, sometimes he’d be a little cheesy, but he’d just want you to know how he sees you in his eyes.
  • Yeo one: I think he doesn’t really care about how spoiled a girl is, but in my opinion, he’s more into pure and innocent girls. He’d think you’re super cute and adorable! And would love it because he’d love to tease you and make you blush. Also, expect a lot of cheesiness. He’d take a lot of care of you because your cutesy would make you look so defenceless even if you’re black belt in taekwondo, y’all know how much he loves taking care of people lmao
  • Hui: Would think you’re the biggest cutie pie on earth. Like Yuto, he’d love to show and teach you things; he’d love to expand your horizons and make you discover new things. I think, out of all the members, he’d be the one who in some moments he’d treat you more like you were his little sister. He’d be pretty touchy in a non-sexual way because he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable.
  • Kino: I think he prefers non-innocent girls, but he’d also go for an innocent one. Would tease you a lot and would dance sexily in front of you just to see your reaction, because he’d think they were so precious and cute. Even though he’d do and say dirty things when he’s with you, he wouldn’t like if someone else did them. Outside home, you’d be his little angel who’d need to be protected at all costs lmao
  • Wooseok: Being innocent while dating this giant boy would basically be: teasing, teasing, teasing, teasing. He’d try to tease you as much as possible, and would say many dirty pickup lines like “Call me leaves, cause you should be blowing me” or “There are 8 planets in the universe, but only 7 after I destroy Uranus”, and your face would turn all red and he’d laugh his ass off while taking photos of you to look at them later and think how can someone so adorable be with him. he’d be such a little shit
  • Shinwon: Would be a mix of Yeo One and Wooseok tbh, sometimes he’d love to tease you until your face looks like a tomato and sometimes he’d just look at you and think you needed to be taken care of because your purity couldn’t and shouldn’t be destroyed.
  • E’Dawn: Hyojong would admire your pureness a lot, just like he admires Yanan’s. He’d be surprised you were so innocent, so he’d want to hug you all day long. He’d be so respectful when it comes to skinship or having sex. Sometimes he’d tease and bother you, so you’d be super embarrassed, and he’d pinch your cheeks while saying “aw my beautiful flower”. He’d also write amazing songs for you, comparing you with things such as cotton or clouds because their softness would remind him of you.
  • Hongseok: Would love to make you blush. He often makes double sensed jokes, so he’d laugh a lot and would think you’re so cute when you didn’t catch or understand them although later he’d make you understand them. Out of all the members, he’d be the most direct and not that ‘careful’, but not because he wouldn’t care, he just wouldn’t think it was a big deal or something that ‘especial’. Though he’d respect if you didn’t want to do certain things.


It was difficult af, because I see them all dating an innocent girl!

I hope you liked it :)! Also thank you so much for requesting and for your kind words!! <3 

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Excuse my English, it isn’t my native language :c

My review of The Gifted - Episode 7

Well, this episode seemed to raise the stakes a bit more. And was certainly about the couples! Lorna and Marcos, The Struckers and my OTP Clarice and John! Let’s start now!

Strucker Storyline

Okay… this might sound stupid. But… in all honesty, I would be much happier if this show was more focused on the actual members of the Underground like ThunderBird, Clarice, Lorna or Marcos instead of the Strucker family. I know it’s stupid since this entire show plotline is about the Strucker family, but I find myself mostly annoyed by this family and would be content if they were more of a plot B or C background storyline.

I have to say the way they reacted to Wes’ criminal background was overdramatic to say the very least. For one thing, I thought Lauren’s romance with Wes was a bit fast. She literally met him in the last episode! She met him in one episode and is kissing him in the next. But, I guess since he will be leaving the show for an indefinite amount of time, it’s fine. Reed is acting like his daughter is dating some thug. He learned how the Underground does not condone mutant criminals like killers, rapists, etc. They will be removed or not even considered. But, when he finds out Wes has a criminal history of STEALING and conning people, he acts as though Wes is a miniature Dahmer or something. Really? The guy was stealing valuable items and robbed a jewelry store owner for cash to, you know, survive life on the streets and you’re going to judge him for that?

Then Lauren finds out and confronts Wes about this. When he admits to becoming a thief after his parents kicked him out to survive on the streets, she just starts crying like he said he was killing people for a living for awhile. This alone had me rolling my eyes and facepalming myself in annoyance. Then she says how he should have told her. Does she not understand that when it comes to a checkered past that isn’t exactly on the list of conversation openers? Especially for a person who develops a liking for another? As a girl who did some things she isn’t proud of in her younger and stupid years - nothing like that, but still things I’d rather keep quiet about and leave in the past -  I sure as hell would not be admitting my list of bad deeds to someone I was developing feelings for.

But what annoys me about this the most, is how these people do not comprehend that it is HARD for mutants to survive in a world full of prejudice. They are left to fend for themselves in the world on their own and sometimes had to resort to illegal deeds just to get by for even a little bit. They weren‘t doing them because they wanted to, they did it because they felt like they had to just to survive for even a few days. Why judge them for surviving? Especially Wes who simply STOLE for a little bit? Again, it was just stealing valuables. Not killing!

Marcos and Lorna

Well, not much to say about this plotline. Except how I cannot blame Lorna for being furious with her boyfriend/baby daddy. I understand that Marcos did what he had to do to save his beloved girlfriend and the mother of his unborn kid, but he really has just dug his grave and is halfway buried in it. This isn’t a one-time thing for the cartel either. Carmen’s text said so itself, “Nice to have you back”. He’s stuck back in his cartel life and there may not be a way out for him.

What’s worse is how it looks like a part of himself is even enjoying it. Carmen mentioned how in their old days, he got off on the destruction of his powers. They actually had to wait for him to destroy every little thing before he left. I really wonder how he’s going to pull himself back out of this one - again!

Blink and ThunderBird!!!


Oh, my poor baby… I felt so bad for Clarice in this episode. I have to admit, I was wondering how they were going to go about Clarice’s background. In the comics, there are a couple different early life versions of her.

In one I thought they were going to do was where her family moved to where the mutant population was high after it became apparent that Clarice was a mutant due to her appearance. However, their city was taken over and they tried to hide Clarice in an attempt to save her, but were killed. Henchmen then found Clarice in spite of her family’s attempt to keep her safe and she was kept in captivity and experimented on. She managed to escape and her powers were enhanced due to the experimentation that was done to her.

I was actually hoping they’d go for that plotline, it’s truly tragic but I thought it’d be really good for her background and why she is the way she is, but I guess not. But, this background of her’s was still sad and had me feeling so bad for my Clarice. :(

I like how John decided to go after Clarice. I was wondering how he found her again. Would he come across her or use his foresight to try to track her down? And I was hoping he would go after her and he did! And his excuse for searching for her - “She knows where we are and if she’s found then so are we" - I don’t think that was really it, Johnny boy! Maybe a tiny bit, but you can tell he actually wanted to find her again for himself. :)

I have to say, you can really tell John is genuinely falling for Clarice and he is falling hard. I think he is drawn to Clarice’s tough, sarcastic personality and her sharp tongue yet how she still has a heart of gold and loyalty. You could so see his smirk when Clarice relented to him helping solve her past and her little “Fine!” I love these two together. And when they discovered the Sentinels slaughtered her foster parents and siblings… the only people she loved and cared about… god, the way she was crying and saying, “No, no, no…”

My poor Clarice! Why can’t you catch a break? A little happiness never killed anybody!

But, I was glad to see John comforting her and hugging her TWICE and saying how sorry he is for her loss. At least he found out her foster parents died protecting her foster siblings. These two are definitely drawing closer and I love how it is happening genuinely and not because of fabricated memories. :)

And Clarice, it wasn’t your fault! The bigoted government killed them. Not you! But, I am glad to see her back with the Underground safe and sound. The way John was gazing after her as she was walking away… that look was definitely one of longing. And then Nightmare-cough!-I mean, Dreamer swoops right in and steals a kiss from him. At least the look on his face when she did was a bit on the resistant side. And as he walked with her you could see his confliction of feelings. Dreamer… I don’t think he is as into you as he is into Clarice.

I would love to see in the next episode be one of where maybe another guy is into Clarice and maybe flirts with her and John sees from the sidelines and has an angry look on his face. There is an over amount of mutants there! Probably won’t happen, but it’s still fun to imagine. lol
Twice Reaction To Realizing They Like Girls

Mina: She would feel lost and a little scared at first cause it’s a totally new “world” for her. She wouldn’t really know how to react over it and would feel a little weird over girls for quite some time.

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Momo: I think she would be a little confused. But she wouldn’t care with the hate at all. She wouldn’t be someone that she’s not just to make some people happy.

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Dahyun: She would be happy that she discovered herself. She would feel more free and liking girls would explain a lot of things that ran through her mind. She would be really proud of herself for it.

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Jungyeon: I think she would try to deal with it cause there’s no way she can deny it. So she would think a lot about telling people she would think about the backlash and how that could affect her idol career.

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Tzuyu: She would be reaaally shocked at first. She would try to convince herself otherwise and would fail. Then after that she would start to accept that she can’t change it and accepting herself would be a really slow process.

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Chaeyoung: I don’t think she would have a problem with it. She would embrace herself and would feel good and would be really proud that she finally discovered who she really is.

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Sana: I think she would accept it pretty well but she would be kind of afraid of the fans or the members don’t accept it. She would probably hide herself from her members for a long time.

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Jihyo: I think that she would be afraid that the fans and the midia have a negative reaction. So she would think twice before coming out or something. But apart from that I think she would be glad that she finally realized it.

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Nayeon: She would be really scared of all the hate she could get for that. She would think through it and would try to accept it cause it’s who she is and she can’t run from it even if she’s scared of the hate.

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Spider-Man Deescalates the Superhero Arms race

Spider-man does not appear in the intro to Spider-Man: Homecoming. That’s because, at the time of the intro, Peter Parker is seven years old. He’s off somewhere in an apartment in queens, watching the Avengers battle Loki over and over again on the TV. A second grader, utterly mesmerized by the heroes on the screen. When The Avengers hit theaters, my little brother was in the second grade too. Like Peter Parker, he fell in love with Iron Man and Captain America after they blew up NYC in that 2012 climax. They excited him. They inspired him. They showed him, and young Mr. Parker, a heart and a spirit that Marvel has struggled to find since. And now, as Peter Parker comes of age with his latest screen debut, he brings that heart, that soul, back to a genre that has been desperately wanting it.

Since Iron Man first armored up in 2008, escalation has been the name of the comic book blockbuster game. Bigger names, bigger casts, bigger battles. More stars, more effects, more money. From Marvel to DC, escalation has defined the genre, and superhero fatigue has settled in. Hard. Homecoming is not the cure. It is not the new direction, the shift in business strategy, the shining herald of what’s to come. It is, however, a damn good respite, a brilliantly colorful bastion that reminds us why we all got hooked in childlike glee on these movies in the first place. It joyfully recaptures that superhero spirit by looking backwards instead of forwards, prioritizing personality over pizzazz, and fully understanding its own limitations.

Momentum is the key to escalation. It’s the reason Marvel announces films five years in advance, and it’s the reason we’ll stick around through every credits sequence from now ‘til judgement day. The MCU is always looking forward, dazzling us with the next installment before the last one even hits the screen. Very rarely, in this race to the never-ending finish, does anyone stop and take the time to look back. The franchise never surveys its accomplishments. It never gives us time to breathe. The ostensible appeal of a united film universe is the breadth of lore that can be developed over time, but what does that matter if we never get the chance to revel in it?

This is where Spider-Man offers a well-needed break. It takes the time to look backwards instead of forwards. The villain’s whole backstory hinges on the repercussions of that giant battle from the first Avengers. Peter Parker’s entire understanding of himself and his place in the world comes from a culture where Captain America conducts the pacer test and the Age of Ultron is taught in tenth grade social studies. Hell, five minutes in we get an extensive “and now, from Spidey’s perspective” take on Civil War. And it works. It’s funny. For the first time in years, we get to gaze back at all those ticket stubs we bought and remember why. It takes us back to that original Avenger Promise and all the glorious, goofy fun that came with it.

That goofiness shows through every corner of Homecoming, a movie that prioritizes being silly over being loud. There may be no award here for most bombastic comic book romp, but there is a trophy case of personality and heart. Tom Holland’s biggest exploits include catching an elevator, holding a boat together, and swinging on a jet plane. Nothing of the army-battling, world-ending caliber we’ve come to expect. There’s high-budget hijinks to be sure, but compared to the hordes of faceless robots, ridiculous space fights, reality distortions and twelve-man battle royals that have inundated us for years, Spidey’s set pieces feel refreshingly pedestrian.

In fact, Michael Keaton’s blue-collar Vulture repeatedly shows disdain for, and fear of, Tony Stark and the rest of the crew. He’s a thief, not a supervillain. All he wants is to take his score and get out. He’s not here to bend space-time, commit genocide or take over the universe. And in that same vein, Peter Parker seems more interested in accidentally webbing innocent people and buying deli sandwiches than halting the apocalypse. Tony Stark shows up a handful of times just to remind Spider-Man of this. Stay close to the ground, he says. Be a friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man. Know what you can do, and know what you can’t. Know what you’re good at, and know what you’re not.

That’s the real power of Homecoming. It limits itself. It understands that not every hero is Thor, that not every fight is a war. “If you’re nothing without this suit, you don’t deserve it,” Stark chastises Peter after his best attempt at a major action sequence goes awry. An action sequence is only as compelling as its hero, after all. In one breath, Robert Downey Jr. addresses Spider-man, and Spider-Man. Don’t rush to graduate so quick. Focus on the character, on the spirit, on the things that made people like Peter Parker and my little brother care in the first place.

About a month ago I watched Iron Man for the first time. It was the only MCU film I’d missed. The first one. And I was fascinated to discover how…quiet, it was. When the credits rolled, I felt satisfied because for 126 minutes Robert Downey Jr. made me smile, and he made me care. Almost a decade later, Tom Holland has made me do the same. Spider-Man: Homecoming feels like it fell out of an alternate timeline where the blockbuster arms race didn’t reach such ridiculous heights. A timeline where the character was enough. Where success wasn’t measured by an effects budget.

I know I’m romanticizing. In the end, this is just the next piece in the Marvel Cinematic Machine, a machine that keeps turning no matter what I think. But it’s a piece that stands out, that feels unique in itself. There’s far more that makes this movie special, like the diverse and brilliant cast, the smart twists, and a level of nuanced social commentary unparalleled in a movie of this style and caliber. Someone smarter than I can, and surely will, write those pieces. But when I walked out of the theater, I was satisfied to say, “That was special. That had heart.”


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“How could you possibly have found out?!”.
You were complete shock. Michelle had just revealed to you that she discovered your biggest secret. She knew you were a superhero! How did she find out?! You were so careful about everything you did.

“I’m observant” Michelle explained, she was so calm. Most people after finding out something as big as this they’re flipping out but Michelle was acting unaffected by it.
“How many times do I have to explain that to people”.

“Michelle! You can’t tell anyone about this, okay? No one can know that I’m a superhero” you sad frantically.

“Calm down [Y/N] I have no interest in telling anyone your little secret” Michelle chuckled, again still absolutely relaxed about the whole situation.


I'm very familiar and I love children!

In an exceptional report of fashion, very sophisticated and suggestive.

First photo session of Georgina, the women of the moment, after the confirmation of her pregnant : “I’m very familiar and I love children.”

She was always associated with the fashion world, but she lived her passion from a different point of view. Now, Georgina Rodriguez, was thrown on the pitch and shoots the triumphs from the first line. Her transfer to one of the one of the most prestigious model agencies in our country, among Bar Rafeli, Martina Klein, Laura Ponte, Rocio Crusset, Coco Rocha, Ana Beatriz Barros or Isabeli Fontana puts it in the ideal situation to reach her goals as a professional model.
Fulfilling dreams for this beautiful brunette, twenty-three year olds who grew up in Jaca, who studied and worked in London and returned to Madrid, protagonist of life which made a radical change. A year ago, at the same time, Georgina was anonymous, lived in one of Madrid’s neighborhoods and went to work in a boutique Gucci every day.
Georgina is already a rising star on Instagram (has almost a million and a half followers), but has kept a low profile before the media. Despite being transformed into a woman of the moment, little is known of the person who shares life with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Knowing Georgina.

Today we approach Georgina, who poses, for the first time, after the confirmation of her pregnancy, in a spectacular report of fashion and beauty.
Photos like you’ve never seen, in which she is very sophisticated and sensual and show her photogenic in front of the cameras. Simple tastes, always highlighting her appeal, and basics in her wardrobe, which become her best allies for their youthful “looks.” A lot of ripped jeans, necklines and short dresses, which allow to emphasize her shapely figure and legs, are also part of her style.
And through her first statements, we know a little more about her. We discover, in a very special moment, her hobbies, how she care of herself and what is the motto of life of this beautiful model. Passion for ballet … - which she has been training since the age of four and is titled as teacher by the “Royal Academy Of Dance in London” - … and owner of an impressive physical thanks also to “spinning” and yoga.

Georgina, we’d like to get to know you a little more. How are you really?

I’m a family person. I love children, nature and animals. I have a 13 year old cat who’s my best friend. I like being surrounded by people with good energy who inspire me to be a better person every day.

You have just debuted as a model, since when do you like the world of fashion?

I have worked for brands in the luxury sector and thanks to this contact with fashion I have discovered a world that I’m passionate about.

You training “ballet”, what has this discipline brought you?

I do it since 15 years. My formation in classical dance has given me various values such as love for the arts, partnership, discipline and the importance of living a healthy life.

How you take care of yourself? How did you manage to keep such figure like you have now?

In my daily life, I like to take care of myself practice sports and eating in a balanced way. I try to eat natural products, avoiding heavy meals and following a mediterranean diet. I don’t follow a strict diet, I also give myself some whim.  What would life be without those little pleasures!

A motto in your life.

I believe in the expression : “mens sana in corpore sano / sound mind in a sound body” - I like to surround myself with those who inspire me to be a better person every day and to give me good energy.

My two loves.

Always discreet, however, it was inevitable that she would be in the spotlight since the news of her relationship with the football star in November, although she met him a few months earlier in the summer. Georgina, by the pressure of the media, was forced to leave her job in the Gucci, then in Prada.
As time passed, and much more calm and relaxed, she’s now more common to upload an photo with Cristiano on Instagram and there have been a lot of occasions in which has been able to see the couple with son of football player Cristiano Jr.,  seven year old, and as they say, identical to his famous father - physically and in the way of being. They formed a “modern family,” which became larger with the birth of twins, Eva and Mateo, in June, and now with the expectation of the birth of her baby, first fo her, fourth for him, baby girl, according to the Portuguese press.

Thank you my dear Ann for translation :*


5 months doesn’t even begin to express how much we miss and love you. I gave you all the words that I could muster up inside me. Because you did so much for me in such a small space of time. You gave me my first publication. My very first moment in life where I finally felt proud of myself. You gave me amazing people who cared and could see a voice in me that I didn’t even know was there.

But most of all, you gave my damaged spirit the will to live. And I wish, oh how I wish. Somebody, anybody, literally anyone..could of done the same for you in that final moment. I wish I discovered your genius sooner and not right beforehand either. I wish I could of met you and known what you would have thought of me. Just a sad little australian girl who writes poetry, aha.

Enough of that though. We shall love you and celebrate you until the end of time. You were/are so much to sooooooo many people, Chris. I have so much to thank you for. But you know that already. I’m forever in your debt. I’ll continue to honour you for as long as humanely possible. Your music is everything.

I love you.

SEVENTEEN's plagiarism of EXO's Love Me Right.

I recently watched the newly released MV from SEVENTEEN, while watching this I’ve noticed that the outfits, some dance moves and the concept of the video/comeback is very closely related to EXO’s Love Me Right. The choreography is quite similar in multiple places through out the video released, as well for clothing I’ve also witnessed that the costumes for this comeback are also frighteningly similar to the striped uniform based clothing used in Love Me Right, in the MV for SEVENTEEN I’ve noticed that not only are the uniforms grey like in some cuts in Love Me Right but they are also striped meaning SEVENTEEN copied EXO in the latest release from SEVENTEEN. I have listened to the song, due to this I have input on the song, in one part of the song you can yeah the back up vocals extremely similar to Love Me Right do the “uh huh!” in the background exactly like in Love Me Right, I have concluded that over all SEVENTEEN did plagiarize, if you’ve seen this video and EXO’s MV I dare to state that SEVENTEEN is indeed plagiarizing EXO concept and song wise, I’m sorry if this offends Seventeen fans.

I will link the MV’s down below



EXO’s MV Love Me Right:


I hope you all read that correctly. I didn’t say anything in there that Exo “invented” this school boy concept. But there is an article on Koreaboo that say Seventeen did copy Growl. I happened to notice, along with numerous amount of other people I know, that Seventeen copied Love Me Right and people I know who’ve seen the videos also stated that there is multiple connections between the two MV’s. This was an observation of mine, not a bashing post, people. (plagiarized means copied, it’s the same meaning for both words, So stop freaking out and bashing me in my observations)

Telling me that I’m the reason that Exo-L’s are hated because me is a good example of why people can’t get along with each other, I’m not spreading shit to bash. I’m stating something. Stop overreacting. This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, I’m not the reason why Exo-L’s are hated, so that’s a lie. Also in the tags I’ve seen people post stuff like “you’re just jealous because your members are leaving” I couldn’t care less how many members Exo has right this second, am I being biased, sure maybe a little. But that doesn’t mean that I’m purposely setting this out to hurt people. I’ve noticed and decided to show others, not to hurt them but to show them that “Hey! Seventeen copied Exo, am I the only one who thinks this?” You know? I won’t delete this post because I feel like there are other people who may be wanting to see the resemblance in the videos. That’s all.

On Deacon (2)

You guys thought I was done talking about Deacon? Ha ha I’ll never be done.

So there has been a lot of back-and-forth about Deacon’s final high-approval dialog (involving his gang activity and his wife) and whether or not it’s true. As we know, Deacon lies. A lot. And just because the Survivor can call him out on his lies, a successful persuasion check doesn’t necessarily mean he’s being truthful afterward. However, as I’ve stated before, I do believe Barbara was real. I believe all of his confession story for two reasons: First, such a lie would be radically far removed from his typical grade of bullshit, and second, I don’t think people have really taken into account Deacon’s present social situation.

So, yes. Deacon lies to the Survivor as a method of feeling out their boundaries. He claims to be a synth with a “recall code” that will scrub his personality but give the Survivor information on their enemy. It’s a pretty basic litmus test for reverence of synthetic life. Later Deacon claims he founded and secretly leads the Railroad in an obvious attempt to gauge the Survivor’s gullibility. These are character checks. These lies are meant to give Deacon a look at the Survivor’s morality to make sure they are of one mind on the entire synth issue, and to assure him the Survivor won’t go and do something stupid like start buying into the Brotherhood’s proselytizing. Brass tacks, they’re lies, but relatively harmless ones.

So what about the whole story about University Point? I could almost believe Deacon might fabricate something about once being a bigot to see how the Survivor would react. Are they dangerously forgiving? Would they condemn a killer, even if they’d reformed and become a friend? Would they dismiss Deacon’s crisis of conscience after the lynching by saying, “So what? It was just a synth”?

But I absolutely cannot believe Deacon would lie about his spouse being killed to the Survivor, an individual who is still recovering from the murder of their own partner. Why? Because that’s not a character check. That’s not a lie you tell and at the end go, “Ha ha, just kidding. Here’s the lesson I’m trying to teach you…” No. That’s a very personal, very raw issue to start poking at just to see what kind of reaction you get.

It’s the kind of lie that, when it’s inevitably discovered was a farce all along, destroys trust. And it doesn’t teach the Survivor that they can’t trust everything they hear, oh no. It teaches them that they can’t trust that lying, emotionally manipulative fucker Deacon. Nobody gains a thing from Deacon using that method to test how skeptical the Survivor is. From the pragmatist’s perspective it makes no sense to risk shutting down a working relationship full-stop just for a little behavioral insight. From a human perspective it’s just a damn heartless thing to do.

And Deacon? Deacon is cautious and paranoid, but he cares about people. I can’t accept that he would be so cruel as turn the Survivor’s pain back on them in order to fuck with their head.

I’ve seen it said that it feels cheap, somehow, that Deacon spills his guts about the U.P. Deathclaws and Barbara to the Survivor; that it goes against the character of the game’s habitual liar to start telling the truth to a person he has only known a short while. Personally, I don’t think opening up to the Survivor “changes” Deacon. Who else could he talk to about once participating in the lynching of a synth when the only other people in his life are militant synth supporters and/or, you know, synths? His story gets out and at best he becomes a pariah, at worst the Railroad kicks him out and he’s left with nothing. I think he truly, desperately wants somebody to talk to about his past, air out the hurt and the guilt he feels, but there’s just nobody else he can talk to. The other members of the Railroad are like his family, but they are not his friends.

I think Deacon would die to protect the other agents, don’t get me wrong. He’ll go to any length to protect them and advance the cause. But as we know, Deacon is already the loner of the Railroad. He spends most of his time away from Headquarters. He doesn’t work with partners very often. He has reservations about how the organization operates. An idle dialog reveals he wishes Desdemona would let them help normal humans once in a while, but the boss keeps all resources allocated to their synths. (And I don’t think Des implemented this policy because she’s ambivalent, but probably because the more “face” the Railroad has the more vulnerable it becomes.) And it’s one thing to wish the rules could be a little more relaxed, but a lot of people don’t know – because it’s tied to dialogs they often never see – is there are hints there of discord between Deacon and the other agents.

The most glaring of examples is the dynamic between Deacon and Glory. Sure, they’re total bro’s on the surface, but there’s a sort of reverse-magnetism that keeps them from coming together. Deacon says as much in one of his low-approval dialogs with the Survivor. He understands the salt-the-earth types like Glory are necessary, but he is bothered by the collateral damage they cause. Sometimes people get hurt who don’t need to be. The Railroad’s reputation suffers. Glory, meanwhile, doesn’t have much patience for Deacon’s “stealth and guile” approach. She’s fighting for her people here, and doesn’t give a damn if a few humans get pissy when it’s a matter of freedom or slavery for synths. It’s why Deacon and Glory don’t work together. They can be chummy back at the base because that’s just the type of guy Deacon is, but they are at odds on fundamental issues.

And it’s not just Glory. If the player sides against the Railroad in the end game sequence they may be faced with Desdemona saying something akin to, “I never should have trusted Deacon.” Maybe it’s nothing more than an excited utterance, putting blame on Deacon for bringing the traitor in on their operation as opposed to blaming herself when she knew she should have been more careful with an outsider. However, given Deacon provides some less-than-ringing endorsements about Desdemona as well, I’m willing to bet there’s some bad blood flowing between those two. They respect each others’ talents and count on them to do their jobs, but I get the sense their ideology is too different for them to be more than allies. Desdemona’s outlook falls within the same vein as Glory’s: synth liberation now, to hell with everything else.

Meanwhile Deacon, the only agent who is out in the cities, who is out listening to people talk, hears nothing good about the Railroad on the lips of settlers. Only more of the same: soulless synths are out to infiltrate your community and the Railroad is helping them hide right in front of your eyes. Deacon has probably made an appeal to Des for a better PR campaign before but got shut down. More important things on the docket, Deacon. Now get back to work.

So does Deacon have friends in the Railroad? P.A.M. is, well, P.A.M. Tinker Tom is certainly unique but doesn’t seem like the type one would go to for heavy emotional stuff. Deacon describes Carrington simply as an “asshole”, so… No? That’s why I don’t think it’s so unbelievable Deacon confides in the Survivor. It’s not just that they’re kindred spirits in terms of what they’ve lost. It’s that the Survivor is on the same wavelength Deacon is: Help synths. Yes. Absolutely. But help other people too if you can. ‘Shit… maybe even help me.’

So, yes, I think Barbara was real and no, I don’t think a man wanting to talk about his painful experience with somebody who can relate “cheapens” him as a character. I can certainly understand why people are quick to question Deacon’s honesty on the tail end of the friendship track, and granted I don’t know for sure one way or the other either. I’d like to point out that nothing here invalidates the arguments made that the Barbara story might be a lie. This is simply how I read into Deacon as a character and is what I choose to go with as my personal cannon.

Punch! >> Jungkook, OC (Part 12)

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Ten years ago…

“One more fight and you are out of this.”

Seokjin stood in the middle of his training room, hand held the other in front of him as his head was down. He looked at the ground in shame.

“I’m sorry.”

“There’s no, sorry. And LIFT YOUR HEAD UP.”

Seokjin flinched from his uncle’s loud voice and raised his head immediately. “I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing!” His uncle hit his head with his hand slightly before sighing “You aren’t a gangster, why do you keep on getting into fights.”

“They were bullying him. I couldn’t just stand there watching them.”

“No, leave them. It’s none of your business.” He put a hand over Seokjin’s shoulder. “He will do anything to get you out of this, you have to fight him with you; being the winner of this championship.”

Seokjin nodded as his uncle squeezed his shoulder once before leaving him for practice.

Seokjin hated seeing weak people being bullied. He wasn’t a fan of; The stronger always win

The strongest should win when he helps weak people and protecting them. Not bullying them and making fun of them.

He got involved in many fights because of that. He was helping the bullied and protect them. But it was most likely, people only want to believe what they want so this was the start of his ‘gangster’ name. Just because he was able to defeat some people the whole countryside were scared of them.

He was chosen between himself and his other best friend 'Haneul’ who was kicked out of their club when it was revealed that he was using boxing in violence and fights, for the championship.

Seokjin’s uncle got so angry and kicked him for good.  

Haneul was about to go to with Seokjin for the pro test, but they refused to take him this year until he found a club to belong to.

The feeling of revenge was eating Haneul’s mind slowly. It took over him and controlled him. He swore that he would get Seokjin 'kicked’ as well or maybe not participate in it at all.

One day when Seokjin was training for his pro test, which was the next day, suddenly, Luhan banged into the practice room, breathing hard as if he was running males.

“Jin…” He panted and Seokjin panicked. He ran to his breathless friend and put a hand over his back.

“What’s wrong?”

“M-Min… Minyoung.”

“What’s wrong with Minyoung?” Seokjin tensed, he felt all his muscles being eaten up from the tension. He grew impatient as he yelled, “WHAT’S WITH MINYOUNG?”

“He took her…. Haneul, he got Minyoung.” Luhan finally found the strength to say the words after regaining parts of his breath.

Seokjin wasted no time as he ran off to find that bastard who took his sister.

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What gives you the right to decide if someone is overreacting? Is making joking posts about how much you hate nickelodeon overreacting? Is voicing your frustration that your favorite show that is not only enjoyable but culturally influential is going off of television an overreaction? Because I don’t understand why people aren’t allowed to be angry about this. Sure we all watch online already, but we don’t only care about the tumblr fandom, but everyone else. I want new people to watch and fall in love with LOK. I want kids to discover this show and want to be just like Korra and save the world. I want little poc girls to see Korra and see themselves in media for a change. And now that its online, a huge part of the potential viewership is gone. 

It’s fine to look on the bright side, because yeah, the show wasn’t cancelled. But don’t try to minimize the loss of LOK from being on TV.


**Haven’t posted one in a while :) So yeah…anything else wanted I’m always taking requests so absolutely nay suggestions are all good, it doesn’t even have to make sense…mine never do  haha…Ta loves ya very muchly xxx**


Preference #1- Happy Father’s Day

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Preference #4- He gets your best friend pregnant but you stay with him

Zayn (Part 1)(Part 2)

Liam (Part 1)(Part 2)

Niall (Part 1)(Part 2)

Louis (Part 1)(Part 2)

Harry (Part 1)(Part 2)

Preference #5- Child asks for another sibling but your already pregnant

Preference #6- He asks you to sign a prenup

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Nobody will probably read this

I don’t have a lot of friends. A lot of them drifted away and I was too afraid to reach out to them. The few that I do have, tend to leave me out of the loop because, I guess, I don’t “connect” with them or I don’t have the same interests.

I usually “connected” with people who had a similar humor to me, however, people found me “hit or miss,” which was fine. But then I became more of a “miss” and I eventually stopped trying and recoiled into my own little shell where there was a smile always painted on and a generic conversation starter for subjects I didn’t care much for.

Then I discovered people like Mark, Wade, Sean and Bob on YouTube. Watching them, I really loved their humor and I could see how close they were. It made me wish I had friendships like that, where we could give each other crap over a game, but still had each others backs. It made me feel alone. But, it also gave me hope. A hope that there are other people out there that I can connect with like that.

So, thanks to them, I’m trying to slowly break out of my shell and just enjoy what I love to do whilst making friends along the way. It’s a big leap of faith when I’ve wrapped myself in doubt for so long, but at least I can say I’m trying. If this message ever reaches any of these guys, thank you. I hope that one day I can find the courage to say that to you all in person. therealjacksepticeye lordminion markiplier muyskerm

So basically Suzy fucked up. She lied and that was wrong.
People stalked her business and found out about it through very shady ways. I want to make that clear, it was stalking. They emailed people she was potentially in touch with. He even claimed not to bother looking through the store to bother to see if it had any items to match her store before messaging them. So was he just messaging a bunch of etsy stores on a whim? Also what was he asking to get him to reveal her information. Some gave the tracking info even. One said I hope she is ok. An odd thing to say in normal conversation…  regardless of what Suzy did wrong how these people went about discovering this is creepy and not ok! not even a little bit.  
But Suzy owned up to her mistake which really wasn’t that big of a mistake. but yeah it was a mistake. No one’s really denying that. She apologized and people are still saying it’s not enough. So really they never wanted an apology. The people who stalked her didn’t care about her business ethics or her customers. The people up in arms about her shop were never going to purchase anything. They just hate her and want to watch her suffer though they claim to be fans of game grumps. A channel she help build.
The thing is I saw more positive reaction to Arin’s angry rant than Suzy’s apology and you’re really going to sit there and try and tell me this isn’t just flat out hate for Suzy. You’d all rather celebrate a stalker who probably broke a few laws to find out information than forgive someone who made a mistake and owned up to it. There is something seriously wrong with that
If you don’t like Suzy then don’t watch her videos. But do not tear her down and hurt her just because you can. She is a person not just a face on a screen

The Pooh Report

I didn’t ignore the Pooh messages in my box…

Ok I kind of did but not because I was ignoring you guys or being ungrateful for the concern in any way. 
I just wanted to wait until I had something happy or something amazing to report back…
I didn’t want to write up a depressing post and cry about how difficult it is and how I desperately want things to get better. I mean other than me being whiny - that approach accomplishes nothing else but me bringing everyone else along for the pity party nobody wants to go to.

The thing is, while as you see - we aren’t exactly having fun here and we are both feeling completely miserable and cranky…the last few weeks have also been beautiful and heartwarming but in a completely weird, surprising way.

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