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long post ahead o shit sorry

hey guys, as some of u might’ve noticed, i haven’t posted anything since yesterday, and that’s bc my queue has totally run out. this has never happened before lol but i’m just so uninvested in tumblr now, and i didn’t want to keep doing something that doesn’t please/satisfy me as much as it used to while also using up my time n energy and i also just wanna get away from this site cause i dont gain anything from it like damn

so for now i’ve decided to go inactive. i won’t delete the app, it’s still gonna be here, haunting me lmao but i’ll just go on it whenever i feel like it, following up w the occasional posts and so

i’m really sorry if i disappoint with this. i’ve been feeling upset with my entire life for the past weeks and tumblr honestly isn’t helping. and it isn’t even like those oh im gonna take a break and when i come back i’ll be a better person and love my life :) lmao nah im probably gonna hate myself and do useless shit to temporarily satisfy my dumb ass self until i die But Anyways

i have other social media if u wanna follow/be mutuals w me on there, just hmu

for the record im not ruling out the fact that kylo might be holding out his hand to his mom in the last scene, in fact it does seem very probable and as a creator i would definitely mess with my fanbase like that lol but i mean. you can’t argue that it’s also deliberate framing. so make of it what you will i guess


omg… I never thought I’d get so many notes on my sleepy!wonwoo post!! WOAH!!! IM SO HAPPY!!! THANK YOU ALL!! ILL GIVE THIS AS A GIFT!!! AND IT ACTUALLY STRETCHES SO MUCH BUT PLS BEAR WITH IT BCS JIHOON IS MY SON (ill probably also continue 😉 do tell me who you want to see next bcs im honestly lost bcs come on they all are boyf material)


♡ uk how big of a tsundere he is omg he’s like level 92838838474

♡ he acts like he really despise you touching him all over but secretly it makes his heart beat so fast he lost his breath

♡ when Jihoon is tired he’s like HELLA HECK FRICKING TIRED. he’d just want to fall asleep like heck he could just come home and faint in the hallway

♡ during when his schedule is hectic, he comes to urs and his shared apartment for a day or two to let out his frustration bcs being in a dorm with 12 other boys r stressing

♡ he would come home looking all free make up and his hair is messily brushed and he has that tired smile that makes your heart ache bcs uk how much he’s trying so hard to be perfect

♡ he doesn’t ask for it but it’s a must that you go over and hug him as tight as you can and kisses his cheeks like 10000+ times

♡ usually u have to drag him all the way to the bedroom bcs tired jihoon means lazy jihoon (it’s kind of hard bcs lazy jihoon is like a koala)

♡ sometimes tho after u hug him and kisses him everywhere over his face he would murmur against ur neck that he just want to lay around in the couch with u

♡ ofc u always says no bcs uk how exhausted he is and sleeping on the couch will hurt his body!!! and he needs to take a bath!!! but the way he looks at u pleading and sleepily and the way the corner of his lips are slightly turned down in a bittersweet smile wins against your worries

♡ u told him it’s not ur fault if he’s sore all over tomorrow tho (i mean jihoon would probably ended up sleeping on the couch everytime… and he always manage to kick u off the couch…)

♡ even tho the couch is nearby u still have to drag him there bcs he’s a big baby

♡ jihoon gets very very - like REALLY - affectionate when he’s tired

♡ as u two lie on the couch with pillows u took from the bedroom, jihoon likes to wrap his arms around ur waist and nuzzle into ur neck and kisses along ur collarbones while whispering how much he’s glad he has u

♡ and he’d also - without… or perhaps with knowledge - brush his cold fingers over your skin under the shirt you’re wearing and it tickles and u feel shy whenever he does that bcs he usually doesn’t do this!!!

♡ the first time jihoon got all clingy suddenly with u left u so surprised that u couldn’t react to anything he did and literally u were just there on his arms frozen as he snored away

♡ it took u like 3 more times of this kind of experience to be able to get used to jihoon pressing his lips on urs continuously

♡ have I said jihoon likes kisses a lot???

♡ and also cuddles!!!

♡ he likes the fact that your lips somehow fits with him so well and the way your lips felt against him feels strangely… nice… and it sends him to the highest level of paradise or something /but he doesn’t admit it/

♡ jihoon’s fav position is him being the big spoon really.

♡ it’s bcs once, u teases him that u seem bigger than him so he should be the little spoon instead but he insisted he’s definitely the big spoon but when u tried being the big spoon somehow he just fits and he got so embarrassed

♡ now he insists he’s always the big spoon bcs he doesn’t want u to laugh ur ass off at him like tht one time


♡ when jihoon’s schedule is full but he needs to rest he doesn’t really share any conv with u bcs he thinks the silence is very nice and jihoon really needs it

♡ he’s also very thankful to u bcs u don’t complain that u two doesn’t talk a lot - he /once again/ doesn’t admit it as much but he feels like u deserves way more (in which u always smack him whenever he tries to get that sentence out of his mouth)

♡ DURING THE TIMES THAT JIHOON HAS DAY OFFS where he’s not as tired u two will spend the whole day sleeping also (no difference smh jihoon)

♡ however u two shares some sleepy talks while lying on the bed and jihoon really likes to stare at u when u ramble off about ur day to fill jihoon’s life with like normal life of a human

♡ the way he stares at u is very … intense… bcs he doesn’t blink and it seems like he’s not even breathing at all and ure always like “jihoon!! r u sleeping with ur eyes open???’

♡ it’s not till then when he would blink his eyes and realises that he was actually just staring at u and he might or might not have listened to whatever u were saying bcs ur voice is a lullaby to him

♡ during his relaxed day offs, he often insist on watching some cliché movies or horror or action or tbh any movies bcs jihoon likes the way he can fall asleep on ur shoulder with some noises in the bg like some romantic drama

♡ he doesn’t admit this.

♡ sleepy!jihoon is literally like having a panda-koala-sloth hybrid hanging off your arms all the time bcs he’s really cute and adorable and WOW HE’S EVEN SO CUTE AND HANDSOME AND ALL THT JAZZ EVEN WHEN HE’S SLEEPY but smh he doesn’t let u go but he always says he doesn’t like it when ure all over him and sometimes it makes u frustrated bcs ‘gosh jihoon u were literally begging me to kiss u like every second last night’

♡ 'W-wh-wha??? no way!!! I’m not like THAT ugh no way’

♡ but rlly when is jihoon not in denial


do you ever feel like everything is moving too fast for them?

im so proud that they’re breaking records here and there

but do you ever feel scared for them?

what if there’s a limit?

what if this is the peak?

they’d come down and it’ll be a long way down

not to be negative and all but I think about it sometimes

lmfao pens fans saying shit like “i’m so disappointed and upset and hurt :(“ like u guys are really out here acting like yall are the victims. it’s embarrassing