i disagree

Anyone online who supports terrible political views: I actually disagree with this, I only constantly praise it and denounce what I claim to support ironically.

tag urself im dorah explormont 

People denying that outdoor cats are a problem, regardless of whether you live in the city, suburbs, or country, regardless of what country you live in, is one of the things that can make me see red the fastest. 

……..ive spent the last couple of days pondering whether i should say this or not but in my heart of hearts…..i truly believe that you all really need to like emotionally prepare.

 i cant even exaggerate when i say this but…….the released reputation songs arent even top 4 on the whole album

and that’s the soup.

So the rest of the world likes to shake their heads about America’s obsession with bacon

which, tbh can take on ridiculous forms sometimes.

But do you know who forever forfeited their right to judge other countries on their obsession with meat?

Germany. Home of the Mettigel.

What’s a Mettigel you ask?. Well. Mett is ground porc meat. And an Igel is a hedgehog. So a Mettigel,…

….is THIS abomination…

…that is sometimes served at German parties…

…it has gone out of style a bit in recent years…

….but you still come across it sometimes in the suburbs and the more country/villagey parts of Germany….

And yes. It is just raw meat. With a few spices. Served with onions and bread or pretzels.