i diiied

sherlock-sparkles  asked:

Ara is kinda scary when he twists around like that but yet why is he still so gosh darn CUUUTE?? hhh broo why u play with my emotions like diiis?? QwQ

I know man-

he tried to body twist again to make you and many others uncomfortable but forwards and his sweater fell, he mad at it hA

also body practice for me here yay, I tried to detail the spin to show it is twisted but idk if that looks correct I did it without refs of boNES

Your fave is problematic: Looting
  • I must loot ask the things
  • Shows on map
  • Must loot
  • Have 102 blood lotus
Everyday I get further away from the last time I ran. Sometimes I just want to be crazy.. rip the air cast off my leg, throw my crutches on the ground and go run 7 miles in the dark, feel the air rushing into my lungs. But the pain reminds me that it’s time to rest for a while. Being injured is one of the toughest lessons that a runner will face. But the thing is, it makes them realize how much they love to run. Days, weeks, even months later; those first steps of a five minute run… Those steps are precious, treasured, glorious, beautiful. No one is crazier than a runner who is injured. But no one works as hard as a runner who is taking their first steps once again.