i dig up photos of him

Grown-up Steven.

AND I KNOW WE SAW HIM THIS AGE IN SO MANY BIRTHDAYS AND HE DIDN’T LOOK LIKE THIS AT ALL But hot tamales I just want to see him with long max’d out curly hair like Rose ;A;

Also wanted him with little knickknacks from the show. Like, carrying around the photo of his mum and dad, his ukelele, the VHS Rose left him, and a mysteriously unmelted cookie cat what even do they put in those things

Lastly I really dig the idea of him wearing little crystals in honor of the gems. His necklace naturally has rose quartz, garnet, pearls, and amethyst- but I think it would be cool for him to wear some sort of malachite (hence the bracelet) to show his gratitude for Lapis’ sacrifice.


After hours of searching through my house for all my year books, I was able to dig up some adorable photos of Violet Chachki from grade school. For many years now I have been really close with so many staff members of the the grade school and high school Jason (Violet) went too, and I would go and visit the school and I remember Jason. So, I’m sure you could imagine how surreal it felt to watch him win my favorite TV show. Violet if you somehow end up reading this, I want to let you know that the staff members I know are so proud and happy for you. We all are so proud of you. It’s so inspiring to know that the kid I would occasionally pass in the hallway ended up being Americas Reigning Drag Superstar. violetchachki

Gen Z

So weird, but my favorite ex (I’ve mentioned him before, together for seven years and still super close, talk everyday) is pushing 30 and/but still looking and living about as goth rock and roll as you can imagine. Because of this, he has acquired a fleet of young young young diehard babygothgirl fans on Instagram. Last night he mentioned me in a photo (some dumb photo of him eating chili with my uncle) and today I woke up to hella notifications from these teens!! I was getting likes for things I posted YEARS ago. It was like I kicked the beyhive or whatever the kids are saying these days. I feel old because it weirded me out!! Is this the new normal!!! I actually don’t even look that cool anymore and they were liking every pic I had from when my hair was a more exciting color. Like, digging for pictures.

Not diet related obviously. But so weird! (Also they probably weren’t teens because he’s not a
real creep but all probably under 24 and have lived a full life of social media.)

so i’m a bit nostalgic and i begged my sister to dig up some photos of our first family dog and she literally found one picture…

and it’s of her and the dog. 


this is probably one of the last pics we have of him and i know we have better ones. i asked her to see if she can find any earlier ones but idk if she’ll pull through for me. 

anyone wanna guess his mix (2 breeds) from just this?


When you don’t remember which car you took in the morning ;-) JK

A few months ago I was parked between a Ferrari and a Maserati, I was about to dig by phone to take a photo when the owner of the Maserati showed up… I smile and said mine is the middle one. He was sweet and said it does take you from A to B too. I loved him for that (it was in November and I wasn’t in love with Singapore at the time. Kind words have power!)

Bruno rules. DIG dropped a quick 10 Q interview with him along with some rad photo’s by Fred Murray from Eclat in Cypress.

If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of anyone else. Who would it be and what would you do?

It would be in any Western European politician’s body and I would have to cross the ocean in no more than a nutshell from North Africa to Europe, failing miserably like hundreds of people a day.

Bruno’s current Sk8-Mid Pro signature shoe is still available.

Tom Payne is Jesus

I think we can say this with fair certainty now, despite his Latergram today.

I did NOT come up with this news, it was a commenter on thespoilingdeadfans I believe, who noticed Norman and Steven had followed this actor.

Today some had a wobble it was him when he posted a photo of himself on a Swedish beach. However, digging reveals that he was on that beach 10 weeks ago with his girlfriend:

So, throwing us off the track but look at the profiles:

And if that wasn’t enough, TSDF posted the casting call on 14 Aug:

And look who was at an audition on 17 Aug:


@yourdogisnotawolf @nothatisnotawolfdog


This is an acquaintance’s dog… They were told it was a wolf/husky hybrid (content not specified). And I don’t see it? These were the best photos I could find of him although maybe I could dig up more.

I’ve met this dog before but he recently passed away which made me think of him again and wonder if there was any truth to the claim.

Anyone have a clue? He just looks shepherd-like to me.