i dig the shorts okay

the royal guards and the king and fashion

pretty nicely dressed, honesly. some people might object to the combination of a jacket and shorts, but i can dig it. you’re pretty okay, pitou, you asshole cat.

i fucking hate this overdramatic asshole, but at least he’s wearing actual clothes.. they’re kind of awful, but in  a way that suits him. it’s like how some animals have warning colors to tell you they’re poisonous, this guy has an asshole cape, an asshole shirt, and asshole pants to warn you he’s probably going to try to fucking murder you for no reason and then weep and sparkle for even less of a reason. i hate pouf.

at least he has pants. all i can say is at least red mr. clean fucking has pants. thank god for small blessings.

…is that fucking hair though. GROSS.

what the fuck. what the hell. why the tiny vest. why the helmet. why the fuck isn’t he wearing pants. meruem. put some goddamn pants on. nobody wants to see your weird ant dick. just. put that thing away, please.

i am not furry enough for this shit.