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Love the Way You Lie by @okimi79

Fic idea
  • Abernathy POV - his daily pathetic struggle to get Mr. Graves to notice him
  • an inside look at his horrible obsession with a dude who barely remembers his name
  • he’s finally gonna make a move, gonna get that dick
  • on the same day, Graves introduces his hot, young bf to the office
  • bonus: queenie knows & looks at Abernathy with open pity “oh, honey….that’s so sad”
  • super bonus: abernathy weeping in some dark corner, bumps into Credence who says, in the sweetest most innocent voice, “i know you want him, but mr. graves is mine”, effectively telling him to back off
  • as if Abernathy ever had a real chance anyway

Am I the only vegan in the world who eats potato chips?? Seriously all these vegans on social media eat so healthy and like yea I do too, but I also really dig sitting down with my boy, watching a movie and munching on some chips and I literally see no one else ever participating in this activity lol.

Day off

Pairing: Oliver queen x reader

Can you do an Oliver Queen smut where Team Arrow is taking a day off so it’s just the reader and Oliver in the Arrow cave for the day. He’s working out while she sits and watches. He then realizes her staring and things start getting heated. You can figure out the rest of the details. Thx, I love you your blog btw, you’re an amazing writer❤️❤️

Authors note: this is still set in season 3 because I haven’t watched season 4 yet. E.I. Why felicity and Ray are together

“Alright well have fun” I hung up on felicity who called me to say she wasn’t going to come in today. Something about Ray wanting to take her out somewhere. Anyways I was making my way down the stairs when I noticed Oliver was taking off his shirt. “Why are you the only one in here?” I asked as I was halfway down.

“Dig and Lyla are having a family day with Sara. I don’t know we’re Thea is and Laural is talking with her dad about some case. I believe felicity is still going to show up though.” Oliver explained while he was warming up.

“Nope she just called and said Roy was taking her out on a date” I sat down in front of the computer buy didn’t bother to turn it on.

“So it’s just the two of us then” Oliver kissed me before he made his way to the salmon ladder.

“Yup” I responded as I automatically looked at my phone otherwise I know I would be staring at him like a teenage girl.

“Do you want me to check to see if there are any crimes out” I asked putting my phone down.

“No we deserve a break” I watched as Oliver started to workout. After half an our I was contemplating whether I should leave or not. Oliver was so in the zone I doubt he would notice I left. “Enjoying the view ?” Oliver laughed, catching me staring at him.

“Maybe …” I teased

“Then put your phone down and look, instead pretending you’re not looking” Oliver stopped and walk towards me. “Do you want to have a go at it?”

“As much as I would love to Ollie” I sarcastically said. “I lack the upper body strength” I playfully flexed for him.

“Haha alright how about I help you out then?” I knew he wasn’t going to stop until I actually agreed.

“Fine but don’t laugh” I took off my jacket and placed on the chair I was sitting on before joining Oliver. He had lowered the bar so I could reach it.

“Alright hold onto it and lift it. Try and see if you can move it up one” Oliver instructed as he stood behind me.

“What if I fail and end up falling”

“I’ll catch you don’t worry” I was still not convinced but I still reluctantly tried. Of course my first try was horrible, I couldn’t move the bar out of its position. “Dammit”

“It’s ok y/n, just try again” Oliver encouraged me. An hour later I was able to move to the highest point (with Oliver’s help) and I was drenched in sweat.

“That was exhausting” I got down and wiped the sweat off my forehead.

“But you looked so badass doing it” I turned around to face him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and brought him closer to me.

“Thank you for helping me out, I really appreciate it” I leaned in and kissed him.

“You’re welcome” Oliver responded before he kissed me again, this time much rougher. His hands soon found their way down to my thighs and lifted me up before he walked towards the empty table in the center of the room. He set me down on the edge of the table and began to leave a trail of kisses down my neck.

“Are we seriously doing this here” I asked as I felt Oliver’s hands under my loose tank top.

“Why not? We’re the only ones here” I raised my hands up once Oliver started to lift it off my body and unhooked my bra.

“Oh my gosh I can’t believe we’re doing this” I got up enough for Oliver to remove my leggings and underwear. I leaned back on my elbows as I watched Oliver pulled down his pants and underwear before he spread my legs and settled himself between them.

“Come here” I sat up and felt Oliver’s hand on my lower back inching me closer to the end of the table. Resting my hands on Oliver’s shoulders I closed my eyes and let out a whimper as he pushed himself inside me. He stayed still once he was fully inside me, letting me adjust to his size.

“Oliver please move” I begged before I felt him starting to pull back and slam himself inside me again. “Ohhh just like that” he did that a few more times before held onto the table and started to thrust much faster than before.

“Lay back for me y/n” Oliver ordered before my back rested on the cold table. His hands held onto the sides of the table near my shoulders as his movements became harsher.

“Oliver ! ! !” I also had a tight grip on the table as my breasts moved with every thrust that Oliver was making.

“I know” Oliver pulled out as I sat up. He got me off the table and made turn to face it, parting my legs he bent me over and thrusted back into me.

“Oliver ! ! ! !” I shouted as I held onto the sides of the table. Oliver set a rough pace and I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

“Fuck Y/n” Oliver grunted as I felt his cock twitching inside me. With one final thrust I came undone.

“Oh my gosh OLIVER ! ! ! !” I yelled as I felt like I was on ecstasy.

“Y/n” Oliver groaned as I felt him spilling himself inside me. Burying his face on my neck he held onto my body as he kept moving. Once we came down from our high he pulled out and I turned around to look at him. I cupped his face and kissed him.

“Now this is my kind of workout” I heard Oliver laugh as his hands rested on my lower back.

“What do you say we go back home”

“Ok” I pushed him back and began to get dressed. Once we were dressed we made our way out, only to see that Thea was on the other side of the door.

“Where are you guys going?” Thea asked as she took in our appearance.

“No ones here we have a day off” Oliver answered. I noticed that Thea was studying my appearance closely before she made a disgusted face.

“Eww you guys had sex down there didn’t you” Thea left before we answered.

“I have a feeling everyone is going to find out by the end of the day” I looked up at Oliver who nodded his head agreeing with me.

“Oh well let’s go home then” Oliver pecked my lips before we left.

nct as stupid shit my friend(s) and i have said
  • taeil: "on the contraire. if you don't make some spankin good puns, you're not getting spanked."
  • hansol: "I'm only attracted to people I have a chance with and I don't have a chance with anyone"
  • yuta: "why were you so funny???"
  • taeyong: "b e civilized, children, be ciVILIZEED"
  • johnny: "if you didn't catch on yet, you're still not my bias."
  • doyoung: "i wonder what it's like to have your crush actually know you."
  • ten: "shhh, it's okay, you don't have to understand. my bible hasn't been written yet."
  • kun: "You haven't seen gay yet unless you've looked in the mirror"
  • jaehyun: "i flushed the toilet four times and i walked into a door"
  • winwin: "I thought Pluto and the moon were the same thing..."
  • mark: "What are they gonna say about an Asian and a white girl having a borderline platonic relationship and texting pictures of raw turkey and cross dressers to each other"
  • renjun: "Your red turns pee"
  • jeno: "I looked at myself in the mirror for ten minutes and I thought 'you know what. I'd be friends with myself'"
  • haechan: "doNT BE A PUSSY"
  • chenle: "Why am do I talk to you?"
  • jisung: "You know if a naked lady comes on game of throtnes you don't have to turn the tv off when I'm here"

y’all im carefully crafting my own fantasy world and im gonna do what all the other worlds fail to do and that’s not make it a sexist racist medieval universe with tol and smol humans with pointy ears. it’s gonna be LIT

tinkdw  asked:

I'm rewatching 8x7 "if I died it was my problem, that's not the way I see it" parallels 12x10 but it's before Cas falls, develops on his emotions so he "sets things straight". I'm feeling an 8x17 "I need you" speech to follow now but with a different outcome, maybe the other way round? Given the focus last and this ep on both Cas & Dean's emotional change and growth? I know it's mainly a s6 subversion but I'm getting vibes lol. What do u think? If u don't mind, don't worry if u r busy tho :)

Aaah sorry, I wasn’t busy in any real definition of that word, you just got swamped under all the other asks I wasn’t answering and now I’m digging down a few days back and ignoring newer ones first because that seems like a much more logical way to deal with my inbox >.> 

But anyway Aaaaaaaaaaah to this comparison too :D I think there’s subversions of a lot of stuff from so many seasons going on at once. I mean I was talking about how 12x11 would hopefully be a Yellow Fever subversion and it turned out to be exactly that, right down to the flashlight and the nonsense at the end :P 12x10 re-used stuff from as far back as 4x16 and as recently as 10x22 that needed fixing up, even if there were a lot of vibes of 6x20 all over the place. Season 8 has been getting a little attention, anyway, because the nephilim stuff comes from there originally, and 8x10 had a couple of reminders of the angel fall as well. We had Aaron back for half a second and he was a season 8 character. I think, generally, Dabb has asked for as many parallels to as much as possible. The first couple of MotW paralleled season 1 episodes pretty strongly… So while the season 6 subversion stuff seems like it might be the strongest theme from some angles, I think there’s a lot going on from everywhere, so more season 8 parallels aren’t out of place. I mean the 10x22 parallel was also a 8x17 parallel, going back further to WHY we call it a crypt scene. :D

I really like that those lines get a thematic nother go around because when they’re first said, Dean and Cas are in really weird imbalances to each other. I mean their emotional communication was so bad Dean had made up an entire memory to explain away his Cas angst, and that was because Cas had basically tricked him to make him leave Purgatory without him… Like… Not exactly great communication :P They still have issues now but the plot is all about working to deal with those? They’re actually TRYING to communicate? So bringing up old points of hideous miscommunication is great :D Especially when originally it was also full of Destiel nonsense… 

DIY: trap your own demon bowl

There are these ancient so called incantation bowls that were used to either trap or ward off demons. The bowls originated in Mesopotamia/Syria and are inscribed with a magical text that starts at the edge and spirals down to the center of the bowl. Sometimes they would also draw a demon right there in the middle. I can’t express my love for those demon drawings so I’m just gonna show you:

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My cat’s taken to punching me in the face when I don’t pet her enough. o_o; No claws, she just baps me with her knuckles. It’s ridiculous but still kind of hurts.

What can I do to make her stop? I don’t want to ban her from my lap, but sometimes I’m focused on other things and can’t stop to pet her more than a little bit. Is there any way I can get her to just sit quietly when she jumps into my lap while I’m at my computer?


Il n'y a qu'un bonheur dans la vie, c'est d'aimer et d'être aimé.

Wanted to make a real-life Marichat drawing and so I did and I also happened to like it in black & white too. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

Deviant: urbangurl123

from the first moment I saw you, I just knew. I knew that I wanted to take my time with you. give you things others couldn’t give to you before. break down the walls that you’ve built up so high. I want to dig down into the deepest parts of your mind and fall in love with all of you.

Has anyone else ever been surfing through someone else’s blog and they have all sorts of neat stuff that you’re all about, so you keep on scrolling down only to realize that they have endless scrolling turned on so that after a while your computer can’t handle it anymore? Videos stop loading, gifs slow to a crawl, it won’t let you like or reblog anything anymore, and just scrolling by itself becomes jittery and spastic or freezes all together? 

It’s like your computer is trying to gently let you know you’re digging too deep and kinda being a creep. 

From the moment when I laid my eyes on you, I knew. I knew I wanted to take my time with you. Give you things others couldn’t give you before. Break down the walls you’ve built up so high. I want to dig down into the deepest parts of your mind and fall in love with all of YOU.