i didnt want to put on a bra

Home alone

Word count: 1,870

Genre: smut

Member: Jungkook

I decided to post this because finally Jungkook's “we don’t talk anymore” full cover came out <3 I hope you will enjoy reading this :* p.s. sorry for all the mistakes ;)

Because everybody  supposed to be out until the evening performing for some kind of show, you just put your cheeky black thong, that doesnt cover up almost anything, and your‘re oversized band t-shirt. You put your hair in a messy bun, and went to the kitchen for breakfast. When you went down stairs, you rubbed your sleepy eyes, and when you looked up you didnt believe what you saw. Jungkook stood next to the fridge drinking watter from a bottle, watter was dripping down his chin. Jungkook wasnt wearing a shirt, just a sweatpants, through them you could see his morning bulg standing up his pants. His muscular body looked amazing, you didnt realize that you were standing with your mouth open staring at him in silence. Jungkook opened his eyes and when he saw you staring at him he choked on water that  he was drinking. „ug-hhh..- ghh-gh.. hey y/n i though i was home alone“. you just stood and coudnt say a word to him, when you caught him staring at your brests, you werent wearing a bra, so your nipples stood up right in front of him. You imeadently turned around and puted your hands on your breasts to cover up. „i thought the same, other vise i woud not stand here in front of you like this…“ you never saw any of the guys without a shirt, because  when they finally would came back home from work you already were a sleep, either any guys didnt saw you like this. You were the youngest here, even maknae jungkook were older than you. But you cant lie you always had a crush on jungkook and he had on you, and now after seeing him in his sweatpant with his bulg, and his perfectly build body.. jungkook came closer to you, but not close enough to touch you, leaned down next to your ear. „y/n are you emberesd?“  you could feel his lips almost touching your ear. You imedeantly turn to face him, „NO im not!“ you regreted your actions, because you didnt realize how close he was, your breast touched his bare chest. Jungkooks eyes open wide, because of your unexpected action and friction of your breasts against him, witch turned him on even more. When you realized that, you wanted to run away from him, but jungkooks arms went around your waist and pulled you even closer to him, now you could feel his cock rubbing againts your tight. You regretted every single choice of this morning, that you didnt put your bra, didnt put on pants, and that you chose to put a thong not a normal underwear, because now you could feel a liquor dripping down your thigh. Jungkook noticed a little spot on his gray sweatpants. „y/n i didnt knew i have such an effect on you“ a smirk imedeantly appered on his face. You wanted to push him away, but at the same time you wanted to feel him inside of you so badly. „jungkook what are you doing, please stop, arent you have to be at the concert by the way?“ „i think you misunderstood y/n concert is tomorrow, boys went to our manager just to talk they will come back after a few hours“ „oh god i though its today, otherwise i.. just let me go i need to eat breakfast!“ with a quik move you manage to excape from jungkook arms and went to the cabinet, and took out same spaghetti, jungkook just took out the chair which was under the island in the kitchen and sitted down without taking eyes of you. You leaned down to take a pot from the lowest drawer, and heard jungkook coughing. FUCK i forgot that im wearing a thong. „nice thong i wish i could see this view every single morning y/n“ „YOU PERVERT“ you putted down the pot on the table and you were about to go to your room to change, because you didnt want to be more emberresed that you were now, but jungkook grabbed your arm when you were next to his chair, and quickly placed you on his lap „JEON JUNGKOOK stop what your doing right now“ you tried to escape, but his strong arms was holding you tight next to his chest. Because you were trying to escape, you didnt realise that you brushed your entrance against his cock until then when he let out a small moan. „y/n you cant tease me like this, you cant be wearing this around our house, nobody can see you with it only i can..“ i felt his soft lips touching my neck and bitting it softly, i coudnt resist his cock touching my entrance and his lips on my neck, so i let out a soft moan, imedeantly covering my mouth with one hand. „dont cover up baby, i want to hear you, unlles you want to be punished“ he bitted my neck even harder leaving deep purple marks on it „jungkook no, boys will see them..“ i coudnt talk more without letting another loud moan, and start moving agianst him, to create more friction, to feel his hardness against me. „baby girl you arent so innocent  how your acting in front of guys, i didnt thought you are such a naughty one, how you dare to even buy that thong and wear it here in front of my?“  now you felt his one large hand on your breast, and other one on your inner thigh. „please i need to feel you“. „what do you want me to do say clearly, i cant understand baby girl“. „i need to feel your finger inside of my tight pussy“. „as you wish“. He took my shirt imedenatly, and his hand traveled next to my entrance. „take this off“. I lifted my butt a little bit and took off my thong. „so fast baby, you are so impatient arent you?“. I coudnt say a word when i felt his fingers rubbing against my slit, touching every single part possible, but not going deeper. „ babe you have to talk with me unless you aint gonna get anything!“. „fuck jungkook dont tease me!! i need you to put those long ass fingers inside of me!!“. „how rude i wasnt gonna do that but i guess i dont have a choice now…“. he stood up „wrap your legs around me“ without any struggle he went and putted me on the table in front of the large window. „baby girl my sweatpants are wet now, thats your fault, for being so wet for me and sitting on my lap..“ i was about to argue with him, but i felt his two fingers thrusting into me without any warning, i let another loud moan, his fingers started to trust in me even harder, without me realising he putted the third finger, and his other hand went on my folds and started rubbing fast circular motions. „dont you dare to cum baby…“ i coudnt resist the pleasure he was giving and no matter how hard i tried i came on his fingers. „u-m-mm.. im real-ly s-sorry.. i coudnt hold any longer..“. „that was a big mistake baby girl“ he said with a lust and anger in his eyes. Jungkook slided down his pants with his boxers, i coudnt take my eyes off his huge, pulsating, veiny, hard cock standing straight and poking my thight. „you see what you done, and you didnt even wait for me… i need to punish you“. He slapped in me without letting me to adjust to his size, think, blink, breath, or even calm down from my past orgasm. „OHH GOD, JUNGKOOK!!!“. „yeah babe i need everybody to hear you screaming my name, for all of the neighbours to hear how good i‘m fucking you“ he tried to talk as calm as he could, but he was panting, and i could saw a sweat on his forehead. I was already very sensitive from my past orgasm, but he putted, even more pleasure when he placed his mouth on one of my nipple. „ughh jungkook im c-close..“ my voice cracked when he trusted in my with all his force hitting my g spot. „come for my baby girl“ i heard car stopping next to our house, and someone running next to house dors, but i coudnt care less, i coudnt think about anything only about jungkook cock filling me fully, and the feeling he was giving to me. Soon i heard keys locking the front doors, which were in same open space as the kitchen with me on the table with jungkook. „fuck, you said we have a few hours!!!“. Boys ran in the house, because they heard me screaming, and thought something wrong was happening. At that moment when they came in, my second orgasm hit me even harder than the first one. Boys only could see jungkooks back and my legs and arms around him, but they didnt need anything else to understand whats is happening. They started talking over each other.  Namjoon: „JUNGKOOK? WHAT ARE YOU DOING??“ . Jin: „hell no this is the table where we are eating!! Couldnt you find a better place to fuck her?“. J-hope: „AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! My innocent eyes!!“. V: „jungkook when did you and y/n gotten so close?“. Suga was the only one calm „guys cant you see they didnt finish yet?“. He turned around all the guys so they won’t be facing us. Jungkook trusted in me a few more times for us to ride our orgasms, and then pulled out of me. He pulled his sweatpants on, and quickly put my shirt on me, pushed away my thong under the table with his foot. He gently helped me to stand on the floor, kissed me on the forehead and turned around to the boys. „i’m sorry jin, i will clean all this up, i though you guys won’t be coming back for at least next few hours“. Boys turned to face us again. I tried to stand behind jungkook, but my legs were too weak to stand by their own, i quickly grabbed the table to help me. Suga: „jeezz man help her to stand after all of what you did to her“. Jungook imedeantly turned around and saw me trying to stand on my shaking legs, he grabbed me on his arms, so i dont have to struggle anymore. He said quetlie in my ear „sorry y/n, i need to clean you up, and at least put same underwear, i dont want guys to stare at you when you are like this“.Jin: „you need to fucking clean all of the mess you two made!!“. Namjoon: „dont worry you can clean all of this later, now go finish everything, and dress up“. Jin: „but..“. Suga: „shut up jin, nobody is eating on that table only you, so that should be your problem“. Jimin: „why only jungkook, has fun and we have to deal with all these performance problems, it’s unfair…“. jungkook was carrying me up stairs in his room when we heard Jimin shouting from the kitchen: „YOU LITTLE ASSHOLE YOU LEFT Y/Ns THONG UNDER THE TABLE, AND YOU DRANK MY FUCKING WATER!“.

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im going to a concert soon any tips???

  • [Standing] wear comfortable shoes but also ones that wont get lost and can provide some amount of protection from people stepping on your feet
  • dont wear something really warm unless its really cold
  • [Standing] get there as early as you can
  • [Standing mostly] eat before and stay hydrated as much as you can !! i wouldnt recommend eating right before it starts if youre gonna b pressed against people real close
  • [Standing] touching, theres a lot of touching, theres tight spaces and sometimes you can barely move so if you deal with claustrophobia i would be wary and if you get too anxious just get outta there, you can enjoy the concert from a bit back still
  • most venues (at least around me) don’t allow bigger than a purse or messenger bag in so i wouldnt recommend taking a backpack
  • [Standing] even if they do let backpacks in dont take a backpack because thats a dick move
  • check around bc you might be able to meet the band/singer afterwards if you stick around long enough
  • make sure you have your phone, emergency money, and anything else tucked away somewhere safe, ((i’ve been told dont put ur phone in your bra bc i guess that can cause breast cancer and i’ve also been told thats a myth so heedy hoody hada do whatever u want idk sometimes i put it under my shoulder strap))
  • also money for merch, you need a lot of that, going off like every concert i’ve been to posters are like 10$, shirts 25$, jackets/hoodies/crewnecks are like 50$, but if i know im gonna buy merch i just take like 40-60$, idk how much prices range from different locations and bands/singers and shit. I didnt check the prices at the maroon 5 concert so im basically going off pop punk/rock/indie band merch? i guess? just take a lot of money
  • figure out parking before you get there is a good one, if its a venue you havent been to before i would at least check info online or like look at the surroundings on google earth or whatever you can
  • if youre getting dropped off make sure your ride knows the area youre gonna be in, tell them before or text them after the show 
  • also figure out a spot to meet up with whoever youre going with in case you get seperated, merch tables/[venue] bars/nearby well-lit places (stores like walmart basically/right out the front of the venue can work well, or if youre standing you can just stand on the floor until mostly everyone shuffles out and then find each other
  • [Standing] don’t shove?? unless theres a mosh pit or whatever just dont shove, people are there for the music and if everyones pushing forwards thats different but dont be that dude that shoves people to get closer, no one likes that dude, its annoying
  • ear plugs? i havent actually tried this but APPARENTLY ear plugs work great because you can still hear the music but your ears wont be ringing or damaged afterwards
  • try to make friends! talking to the person in line next to me usually works, but also talking to people in the crowd is nice too. If someone doesn’t respond/is a dick, move on, try not to get discouraged, there are always willing people to talk to
  • make sure you make plenty of space on your phone/ipod/whatever, delete pics and apps and shit before you go so you have room to take pictures or videos for the concert, also charge that shit and try not to use it before you go in if you wanna take a lot of pics/videos/etc
  • be careful if you have epilepsy or any similar kind of problems with lights because a lot of shows these days have bright flashing lights and shit, make sure you have your emergency info/medical ID on you in an easy to find place (wallet/bracelets/etc)
  • thats all i got rn idk

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It's me soccer girl again and I have another request could you do were the rfa reaction when his GF put stuff in her bra bc she didnt have a pocket (i always do this bc im lazy so i put my phone or money in my bra)”

Interesting I hear a lot of girls do that, I don’t cause i’d be afraid it falls out.


  • He discovers this when you two are shopping.
  • Zen wondered why you not have a bag with you.
  • And when you want to pay he knows, you had the money in your bra.
  • He is confused and slightly turned on , but really why would you do this in public.
  • From now on he takes the money and your stuff.
  • He thinks it’s his job to take care of such things anyways.


  • He is extremely puzzled when you take your Smartphone out of your bra.
  • This clearly not belongs in their.
  • Why don’t you use a bag for your phone ?
  • Jumin offers you right away to buy you one, probably a whole outfit while he’s on it.
  • You explain that you simply do it because you are lazy and it never bothered you.
  • Jumin thinks this is just something that women do.
  • What leads to an really awkward conversation with Jaehee.
  • He lets you do that as long you not use you bra for this in public.
  • Jumin would never accept that.


  • You are just watching some TV on the couch with him, when your bra suddenly starts to make noises.
  • You casually take your smartphone out of your bra, and take the call.
  • While he looks like he just discovered something truly amazing.
  • He really finds this truly amazing,
    it’s so practical.
  • The possibilities are endlessly, he right away takes off and gets one of  your bras to test things out.
  • This makes you not really happy, even when he looks funny in a bra.
  • You have to stop him though, otherwise he’ll destroy it with his experiments.
  • You forbid him to touch your underwear, what only causes him to buy some of his own.
  • Let’s just say you kinda regret that he ever learned of this use when you going shopping with him.


  • You figured that it would be no big deal for her, when you pull cash out of your bra.
  • But she is really embarrassed about this, Jaehee never did this in her entire life.
  • She is quite speechless.
  • Jaehee has no idea why you’re doing this.
  • You explain her that it’s simply out of laziness.
  • Jaehee really not understands this at all.
  • From now on she makes sure you have a bag with you, or she takes care of paying.
  • She not really minds it when you are alone at home with her though.
  • She even tries it one day, but he it’s not really for her.


  • When you are in the cinema with him, your bra suddenly starts to vibrate.
  • Yoosung is more than confused about this, is this normal ?
  • Your then take your smartphone out of your bra and turn it off.
  • What only confuses him more.
  • He is really unsure how to respond to this.
  • Yoosung is not sure if this is something that all girls do, so he just not mentions it.
  • He is still confused enough to mention it in the chatroom.
  • What just makes the others laugh.
  • They are only jelly
  • Overall Yoosung not really minds your habit, as long you not put things in their in public.
  • He kinda thinks it’s cute that you have your phone close to your heart, having a picture of you two as your Lockscreen helps.

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my mom literally just yelled at me for not wearing a bra and said i wasnt “respecting my father” by refusing to put one on while im in my ROOM by MYSELF wearing pyjamas…. and then proceeded to tell me to not come downstairs because they didnt want to see me downstairs like this… that i was disrespecting their “common decency” by them seeing the outline of where my nipples are in my extremely loose pyjama shirt… im sorry my braless self is so traumatic to you.. a woman.. but NOT to my father.. who are u really fighting for mom.. why does this make you so uncomfortable..

im scared of thunder
and of not being good enough for jesus
even though we dont talk anymore.
me and jesus hanging out on the pavement
casual crime buddies and small change children
when i shivered and he gave me his jacket
when he bit his lip and said he didnt know what to do with me
and i told him i didnt know what to do with me, either.
eating jam out of the jar at two in the morning
sitting on the kitchen counter with the heating off
in a bra and jeans, downing a cup of cold coffee because i didnt want to wake anyone up
by putting the kettle on
jesus stroking my hair and saying my eyeliner looked nice
me and jesus smoking cigarettes at the skate park
me and jesus not talking for two months
me picking up the phone and saying we’re out of jam
jesus saying, me too
jesus in the same train compartment as me on the way to brighton
jesus driving the cab that almost ran me over
jesus selling me ice cream
my friend asking me, don’t you know that guy?
me saying, no. never seen him before.
jesus with his skinny elbows and knobby knees and too-wide smile.
jesus pulling me back from the road, jesus putting his hands down my throat to help me vomit up prozac, jesus taking my temperature in the middle of the night, cool hand on my forehead.
i kissed him once and told him i’d rather be kissing a girl
and he gave me a glass of water and a soft smile and said he’d rather be kissing a boy.
jesus holding my hand as i sought out, tentatively, the rough edges of a gender i didnt keep
jesus taking the trash out with me, and putting his gender in with mine
jesus and me stargazing, me asking him about sex and whether gethsemane could be right here in my back garden.
me saying, eventually, i think i have to go now.
i think i have to go.
—  calvary, torin audoire
22. - And Hit it More than Once a Day.


Despite the freezing cold that was drifting in my tiny bedroom, I once again found myself falling asleep in the nude. I had my blankets wrapped around my body like a cocoon and my head was buried deep against the softness of my white pillow.

The lack of another humans body heat didn’t help my current situation and if I wasn’t so tired I would have gotten up and put on some appropriate clothing. However on this particular day, I had absolutely no desire to get out of bed let alone see or talk to anyone.

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gilinsky smut where u guys are at his parents house having dinner and he keeps teasing u from under the table and when u get out of there u have sex in his jeep

Oh My God these smuts are my favorite. Ahhh!!! Also in having like a internet friend thing. Idk. But yeah. ||| Your P.O.V. “Its alright baby girl. They’re gonna love you.” Jack said while pulling in the drive way of his parents house. We’re having dinner with them. I’m so nervous than i have ever been in my whole life. Jack turns off the car and he looks at me. “You okay?” he asked. i nodded and he kissed me and we got out the car. he ran to me and intertwined our hands together. We walked up the little tiles they had and Jack ran the doorbell. “DAVID!! THERE HERE!!!” I heard his mom yell. Jack laughed and His mom opened the door. “Hi jacky! I’ve missed you!” she hugs him that make me smile. There hugged ended and his mom hugged me. “Y/N So nice to meet you.” and His dad comes. “Hey jack.” his dad hugs him and he turns to me. “Y/N Wow you more beautiful that jack says you are.” H e hugs me. i blush “Thank you.” “Well lets go inside. We don’t want the dinner to get cold.” Linda said. we nod and walk inside to the dinning room. Jack pulls out a chair for me. i thank him and sit down. Me and jack were sitting next to each other. Me facing his mom. And jack facing his dad. “Hope you’re good pot roast.” “yes! My favorite” i said grabbing a piece. and side dishes. “So Y/N what do you want to be” “An actress, photographer, & just make a difference in life.” i said “Nice. Plan to go to collage?” David ask me “Yes umm ASU, UCLA, or Nebraska.” and jack puts his hand on my thigh. I choked and i pushed his hand way. But came back. He pushed up my skirt. We finished dinner. “Thank you so much Linda & David. It was amazing.” i said hugging them both. Jack did the same. “We’ll see you at thanksgiving.” Jack said. they nod and we walk out. “What the hell jack?” i asked “couldn’t help it baby.” he said. I rolled my eyes and get in the car. He starts it and pulls out the drive way and he drives home. Now my turn to have fun. I looked over at him and look at the road and palm him threw his pants. He looks at me “What are you doing?” he ask “Having fun jack-daddy.” i smirk at him he groans. I put my hand down his shorts and rubs his tip. he moans “Can you wait?” he ask “You didnt want to wait.” i said leaning down. he sighed and pulled over it an empty school parking lot. “Back seat now.” he said undoing his seat belt. i undid mine and got in the back. i layed down on the leather seats of jacks jeep. he got in the back locking the doors. He smashed his lips into mine and kissing down my neck. i moan and he tubs at the ends of my top and pulls it off. I had no bra on. he smirk. and put his head between my legs. he pulled both, my skirt and underwear of. “Mmm baby you’re so wet.” he teased my fold “Jack please?” “Please what?” “Please fuck me.” “as you wish.” he grabs a condom out his dash board and rolls it on his member. and smashes in me, Making me scream “That right baby girl. Scream for daddy!” “Fuckkk Daddy faster!” i beg and he does what i ask going deeper hitting my G-spot and faster. He moans and groans. he rubs my clit with his thumb and he goes faster. “Fuck baby! im gonna cum!” i scream “cum baby.” and soon i do. and he does also. he out of breath pulling up his pants and going back to the drivers seat. I put on my clothes and go back up. “I love you.” i say “I love you more.” and he drives back home |||||||||||||||||||||| Hoped you liked!!! Im ending request soon! because i got school but just like 5 more!!! love you guys