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i always wondered why that day harry didnt put the shirt he bought into a bag like a normal person would, and instead walked out of the store with it in hands. I guess he wanted us to see the stripped pattern :) such a goddamn coincidence Louis bought the same one as well who would've thought

cashier: do you want a bag for that

harry: no i have to give the larries material…literally


harry: i mean no thank you


>>>plz link to my tumblr in case you want to reupload it somewhere<<

Sudden random Jumin V idea~ (my main OTP)

idk I just love the fact that V is Jumin’s childhood bestfriend and that V really understands Jumin inside out~!

Like how V helps Jumin to choose his new assistant after the previous one quit(Jaehee route) and how he is the only one who can nag Jumin when he make any mistake..

These two so precioussss aaaaa

Any JuminV shipper here ? Www we could be friends ! (I kinda sad this ship didnt sail much in the fandom)

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Jerejean but like after a game the trojans had just won the team makes their way to the changing room but before they get there (so like the lounge?) the coach congratulates them and such then asks jean why he didnt tell him his parents were coming to the game and jeans like?? I dont have parents but then they just show up and hes like WTF you are not my parents i do not have parents leave me alone (maybe they wanted money since hes successful)(they sold him to pay off a dept so it fits)

I changed this up a bit because I truly can’t see a situation where they would actually come see him, but it still hits the major themes. I hope you enjoy!

The day Jean gets sent to Evermore, it’s a Sunday.

He’s a tall, lanky kid with dark hair and gray eyes that look perpetually probing and a little sad, but he has freckles that make him look young and he loves the seas and the sunshine and playing on the grass with his maman and his little sister.

He doesn’t quite know what’s happening, but he sees his parents fight and he’s old enough to know, as he holds his sister tight, that it’s about money and that he’s just another mouth to feed. Jean Moreau’s father is a gambler and Jean learns very early that you either have luck or you don’t. He isn’t naive enough, even at ten, to think that he’s a lucky bet.

In the end, he’s just collateral in a game that was stacked against him from the beginning.

It’s a Sunday when he gets the letter.

He’s tossing bills and junk mail into the little bins Jeremy designated for each in his neat handwriting when he feels the heavy envelope. It’s like cardstock and he struggles not to drop it when he recognizes the handwriting on the front.

Jeremy gets home from the store and is greeted by the sight of half the mail strewn across the floor. He starts to feel concerned, but it doesn’t fully hit until he sees Jean sitting at the kitchen table with his face void of expression.

Jeremy quietly sits in the chair next to him. “Are you alright?”

Jean shakes his head and doesn’t look at him as he places a letter in Jeremy’s hand. He reads over it and frowns. Jean hadn’t spoken to his parents in 18 years.

“They want money,” Jean spat and Jeremy hadn’t heard his voice that raw and hollow since the first time they met.


When Jean looks at him,  it occurs to him that he’s never seen Jean cry before now in the seven years he’s known him. It breaks his heart and he takes Jean’s hand in his and squeezes.

Jean pulls him and the angle is awkward, but Jeremy doesn’t dare let go as Jean buries his face in the crook of his neck and lets out a series of broken sobs.

After a few minutes, he wears himself out and they sink to the floor. Jeremy thumbs over Jean’s eyes and Jean takes a shaky breath. “I’m sorry…I just…”

Jeremy shushes him. “It was a long time coming.”

Jean nods. “I hadn’t thought about them in years.”

“You don’t owe them anything.”

Jean looks away and Jeremy continues gently, but firmly, “No. They are not your problem. You are so strong and good and you did it all without them. You have a family, with me and your teams and you will continue to be amazing and they don’t get a say in that.”

Jean smiled a little. “You just can’t let go of the captain in you.”

Jeremy laughs and leans his head against his shoulder. “It was a good pep talk!”

Jean takes his hands in his. “Thank you, my love.”

They sat on the floor for a bit longer before Jeremy said, “So are we burning the letter or shredding it?”

It was so unlike Jeremy that Jean let out a startled laugh. “What?”

Jeremy curled into Jean and pressed small kisses to the hollow of his throat. “No one gets to hurt you anymore. I won’t let them.”

Jean hid his smile in Jeremy’s hair and said, “My angel. I adore you.”

In the end, the letter was returned to sender with one dollar inside and a note saying, “More than you deserve. Spend wisely.”

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I'm soo pissed off about archie with all this "did you know jugheads father is a serpant" bullshit!!! Like my poor little boy didnt get his heart broken enough with what he has been going through. Thats why i wanted a sis for archie so that she could kick his ass so bad like that kind of situations!! I need betty to comfort him after what archie did and i think its gonna happen

i really wanna see the scene in its whole before saying anything - but yes if he does out juggie like that ima need a few words with fucking archie andrews. it’ll only make jughead and betty closer tho, i hope and believe.

/// I really appreciate all the love and asks i am receiving today!!!
I will pretty slow on Asks bc i didnt expect to have soooo much on DaddyBendy!!
I have a personal character i made in fan ver of batim so i might involve him more as a side partner in my likeing but my oc will be tagged under Moroxide if you guys dont want no personal characters involved
BUT anyways you guys are the best so far and yes… bendy is very hunky, you should see my main blog to see why he is so manly 

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Hello dear! I've been having some body issues as of late, but I'm working on them, and I was wondering if you could do a HC or a small one shot of Ethan finding out that the reader is struggling with liking her own body because she's plus sized, and she's even gotten some negative comments on Marks and Ethan's videos? The loving fluff would make me feel better. 💙 Thank you in advance!

Ah hi sweetie!! Absolutely!!

•you saw a few disheartening comments on one of teamipliers streams

•"when is (y/n) gonna lose weight?“
“Is ethan sure he wants to date her??”

•you didnt tell ethan but they were hitting deep

•after the stream you were laying in ethans bed just staring at your body

•running your own hands over hills and valleys, wondering if you were enough for eth

•eth coming in the room and giving you his famous cheeky smile

•"hiii baby!“
"Hi ethan”
“Are you okay?”

•literally just not being able to respond

•eth just /knowing/ something was wrong by your body language

•eth sitting next to you and wrapping his arms around you

•"tell me whats wrong my love”

•just listing off your feelings

•ethans face slowly dropping as he listens

•ethan pausing after you finish talking, trying to take in the information


•ethan putting his hand on your hands

•"every single centimeter, inch, millimeter, every single part of you is what i fell in love with”

•eths voice crackin a lil

•"you are the most perfect human i have ever met in my life and i would not trade you for anything, your friends and family and me love you"

•youre legit at a loss of words bc eth is just so /loving/

•"you are smart and funny and beautiful and talented and attractive and every positive word in the book. You are enough. You will always be enough"

Eth is so loving

You are wonderful my love💖

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Whoa, i didnt know that you're almost 17! You look kinda young, but... wow... Your drawings are soooo good!! I really want to draw like you someday I'm almos 16, but im so far away from your level ;-; I just started learning how to draw men and you are BIG inspiration for me :3 Thank you <3

Yeah, I know I don’t look my age. It fucking drives me insane.
But I’m glad I can inspire you! I draw practically non-stop, which is probably why I’m “far from your level” (which is shit, but yeah). Just keep doing your thing, my dude! Thank you!

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Not sure if you do advice, ignore this if you don't but I just need to let this out. I was with friends today and a guy came up and asked for my number. I said no and my friends asked why and I said I didnt like guys like that. So they asked if I was gay and I froze bc I didn't want to explain my crazy sexuality so I said "kinda" and now they think Im lesbian and I don't want to correct them. Im not close to them so im worried someone will tell and scared that im faking gay bc im aro/questioning

First thing: It may be worth letting your friends know that a girl can turn a guy down without being gay. :P 

Second thing: You are under no obligation to come out to your friends before you are ready. If you do want to come out to them, maybe try sending them an article about asexuality and just saying that you didn’t want to explain it at the time but this is how you feel. This is a cool video to use:




We as a community love you and support you no matter what as we have shown with how we responded to your recent late night vlog.


You said in your ONI livestream that you wanted someone to compile a list of some of the games people wanted you to play.


I started it back in January of 2016. It has over 6 pages of various games. SIX PAGES!

And I realize that you get thousands of messages. Emails and posts just thrown at you. But I still try..

I have made a Google Doc. Shared with your gmail (both markiplier and markipliergame) and I would post the link here but honestly… I put some more personal stuff on there… ANYWHo 


-Go to your google drive

-Get to the search bar

-Look up “Markiplier Master Game Suggestions List”

-Click it 



I do try to add more games when I can and some games are kinda old but still.

If you do see this, please give me some kind of signal?? Write on the doc, send me an ask, anything.


when i said i wanted a supergirl musical episode i meant, a Supergirl. Musical. Episode. not a crossover with the flash where kara sings like twice. i want a karaoke episode, Kara and Winn singing duets and broadway musicals and then roping Alex into signing so she goes up and serenades Maggie and Maggie’s panties just dROP because ‘damn Danvers i knew you had some impressive lungs on you but not like this’ which ofc makes Alex blush 50 shades of red

and then James goes up and impresses tf outta everyone bc ‘oh my god james i didnt know you could sing!!’ 

j’onn softly croaks out some raspy martian song that has everyone in tears (he tells them later that it was a lullaby he sang many time to his daughters) and kara and alex sing together and lena and maggie are simply dying okay they’re so gay for the danvers sisters. 

maggie goes up and screams some rock anthem that she knows alex used to love and alex is so embarassed that maggie even knows that (eliza showed her the pictures of alex’s rebelious years and maggie thought it was adorable) 

lena and maggie then teaming up to sing some sappy love song to the danvers sisters and eliza thinks it just about the funniest thing ever, the way her daughters just melt

just, the supersquad having a good time and singing together

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Can I please request Matsuhanaiwaoihina or kiyoyachi?

i didnt know exactly what to draw so i hope you dont mind that i drew this scene from idol au!! (+ some extra dialogue)


Brian’s Adventures Birthday Countdown
↳ D-4 // Tomato-ing

hOOOOOOOOMYGOOOOOD I remember when you first became a tomato,,, and then there was that time you became a cherry tomato as well,,, basically I lost my sanity :”) thx bri 

November 27: Spells

i know i missed two days i had no internet and family was in town but im back and even though i have NO CLUE what to write for this prompt im going to do my best

i love Penny


This was it. She had known this moment was coming for years. She had even spent time trying to prepare for it, scouring the forbidden and forgotten sections of Watford’s library, but it was useless.

Nothing could have prepared her for this final battle.

The competition between Basil Pitch and Penelope Bunce for top student was a slow burning, steady rivalry. Nothing like the crackling, explosive unresolved sexual tension between Basil and her best friend. Penny was quite certain Simon still believed Basil was his sworn enemy. Penny was quite certain those looks on Basil’s face were interesting combinations of love and despair.

Not that Basil Pitch wasn’t evil, in a right. The git was a vampire (according to Simon. She wasn’t quite sure if that made him inherently evil, per se, but it surely didn’t help) and he was still dangerous to Simon, as a child of the Old Families and a confused, love-struck boy.

Which is why Penny decided that her eighth year spell would be one to fix this mess.

Penelope started working on her project the first day of term. She’d dedicated an entire notebook to the task.

“Penny, what are you doing?” Simon mumbled around a butter-soaked scone. The boy had a problem.

“The eighth year spell project.” She replied matter-of-factly.

“It hasn’t even been assigned yet!” His eyes widened, and he shook his head. Penny shrugged. This project was important.


It was a week before the presentation of spells before Penny finally made some real progress. She was in the library, far past curfew, when she stumbled upon a book featuring the spell cast on Watford’s crucible. The one that casts roommates together.

She just needed to make it a little stronger.


Miss Possibelf looked uncertain, “Miss Bunce, love spells can be quite finicky and a bit dangerous…”

“It’s a soulmate spell. It’s perfect. Everyone tries to find someone at Watford, surely you know that. My parents met at Watford, you know, and I’m certain if you ask almost anyone they could say the same.”

“Have you tested it?”

“I tried it first on some rats in the catacombs-”

“And?” She crossed her arms. Penny wished Miss Possibelf wouldn’t doubt her so much, and contradict her, not in front of the class.

But Penelope Bunce wasn’t the type to back down from a challenge.

“The spell causes the name of your soulmate to be cast somewhere on your body. Which was quite difficult with rats, since they don’t really have names, or soulmates, I suppose… So Trixie offered to let me cast the spell on her and Keris.”

Miss Possibelf looked horrified. Trixie proudly displayed her ‘Keris’ tattoo, which ran across the back of her neck. Keris displayed her matching tattoo.

“It… worked?”

“Of course it worked.” Penny snapped. The nerve, to doubt Penny, one of two students with straight A’s for the past eight years.

“Well, in the final part of your presentation you’re supposed to cast the spell, but that would only work if someone is willing, in the case.”

Penny scanned the crowd. Agatha wouldn’t meet her eyes.

So she stared Simon down, instead.

This would fix EVERYTHING, if Penny was right (Penny was always right). Simon made his way to the front excitedly, following her beckon.

“Pen, this will fix everything, Agatha will finally realize that we’re soulmates, and then-”

“You’re absolutely right, Simon. This will fix everything.”

Penny cast the spell before he could finish rambling, and Simon immediately began checking his skin for the tattoo.

Penny couldn’t help but laugh as “Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch” etched itself across Simon’s collarbone.

“Pen, can you see it?”

“Yes, Simon.”

“Where?!” He was red. Everyone was silent. Baz looked like he was going to through up.

“Your collarbone.” He stumbled to the mirror in the back of the class, and froze.

Nobody said a word. The only noise was Basil’s chair flying backwards, as he stormed out of the room.

Penelope wasn’t quite sure what happened between Simon and Basil after Simon chased after him.

She does know that she secured her place as the top witch of Watford’s graduating class.

She does know that Basil couldn’t care less, what with Simon Snow’s name etched across his collarbone and Simon Snow’s hand in his.

All she knows is that she fixed everything.

sherlock trying to pick a random person up vs sherlock trying to pick john up
  • random person
  • sherlock: um hi, i just wanted to tell you that your eyes look like a pair of eyes that i experimented on 3 days ago.
  • person: ???
  • sherlock: the colour reminds me of a burnt cookie
  • person: *getting creeped out*
  • sherlock: so tell me, how did you break your arm when you were 8? i already know of course, but i want to hear the story first hand.
  • person: *tries to walk away*
  • sherlock: tell me about your three sisters and two brothers! i want to know why you decided to become an accountant for a law firm!
  • person: *literally turns around and runs*
  • JOHN
  • sherlock: *stares into his eyes* i know exactly your profession and your sister's marital situation
  • john: woah.
  • sherlock: i also know that your not close with any family, do you want to shoot a man to save my life tomorrow?
  • john: *moves in with him*