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First name: Name machine broke rn
Nicknames: My stage name when I preform open mic is “Trash Poets Society”, my roller derby fresh meat name is “Pidge”, and a lot of my internet friends call me trash 
Zodiac: Capricorn sun, Sagittarius moon, Libra rising 
Sexual Orientation: Dude I think im demi…
Favorite fruit(s): Every single melon, mango, black berries, and cherries
Favorite season: Fall, winter, and late spring
Favorite book: I cant fuckin read…
Favorite flower: Roses, forget me nots, and daisys. 
Favorite animal?: I like toads, frogs, fish, cats, cows, dogs, and pill bugs
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: Recently I’ve been drinking black coffee because I have to be up and moving early in the morning, but now I just like the taste…
Cat or dog person: Both 
Favorite tumblr: All my mutual’s obvi
Dream trip?: Summer road trip to cali or canada with the favs 
Number of followers: 850

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For Day 4 of @tazladyweek, Canon Divergence. Don’t get me wrong, I love NO3113 as a member of Team Sweet Flips, but I really want her to be able to go home and chill with her family as well, maybe have some fun being an auntie?


anyways here are my versions of joey and henry that i started a while ago but due to school wasnt able to get done :v

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say smth nice abt your fav mutuals make the happy happen

omg I feel like all my mutuals are my fave tho, this post is gonna go on forever~~ okay, lets go off the top of my head (but it got long so I had to add read more lmao):

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remember when taeil had to eat porridge and sausages all alone because he couldnt win any games?? and he kept on saying he wanted pizza?? and was really exaggerating his fake happiness for porridge and sausages (which he didnt finish in the end)

bUT THEN TAEYONG WENT TO GIVE HIM PIZZA?? and then oNE by oNE every SINGLE MEMBER went to give him their food?? 

because I DIDNT FORGET and i just wanted to give a friendly reminder that nct is family and brotherhood and wholesome and precious love 


WOOOO ya boys it’s utaitelover555′s follow forever!

tysm for 1k!! idk how u all put up w me but thanks! on here r friends n fave mutuals !! if ur not on here dw i still love u n u can ask to be here and if u dont wanna be here just ask to be taken off! there r a ton of ppl missing bc i forget their urls + i didnt want to be so long but here we gogogo

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If it's not an issue, could the mods do some angsty kidomomo headcannons? (why do i torture myself like this)

Sorry this took so long! Okay, so, I’m going to take this as Kido/Momo, the ship. In which case, I applaud you on your taste and also, how dare you. Let these girls be happy. (It’s okay, we’re masochists too.)

-Kido and Momo’s relationship has a looot of push and pull to it. Kido and Momo want two different energies- it usually takes a lot of figuring out to satisfy them both.

-Momo knows Kido has a lot of personal history that hurts for her to talk about, and wants her to open up a bit. She knows it’s painful- and doesn’t push it-  but she’s also worried about Kido and usually tries to do what she can to make things better. It isn’t always successful, but it is a sentiment Kido appreciates.

-It’s not like Momo’s life has been all cherries and bubbles, of course, but Kido really doesn’t know how to broach that subject. Momo has talked about it, but Kido’s response felt to her like it was… lacking. She worries a bit that she isn’t as good and supportive a girlfriend as Momo- Momo doesn’t realize this, or she would have already dispelled the notion.

-Momo sometimes gets worried that she’s draining for Kido. While it’s true that she does need time alone to recharge, Momo is one of the least tiring people she knows, although Kido has a hard time getting her to understand that while she does feel tired by social interaction, some people are a lot less tiring than others. Momo really doesn’t quite get that part of it.


sorry this took so long!! i really wanted to add in my own hcs bc i love these two, but man i am. just so bad. i’m just bad i’m sorry. (T▽T)

- with the practically polar opposite personalities that these two have, it’s inevitable that disagreements arise now and then. kido is bad at expressing herself clearly, and that makes things difficult for the two of them due to momo’s inheritance of the famous Kisaragi Obliviousness™. momo doesn’t know kido has reached her limit until she’s already passed it- which leads to kido snapping, and momo snapping back. 

- these two can be easily overwhelmed by the awkward post fight atmosphere, which tends to have their fights and disagreements lasting longer than they really need to. although both of them are more than ready to apologize, they just… don’t. whether it’s embarrassment over snapping childishly, or guilt at saying something unintentionally (or, more rarely, intentionally) hurtful- their discomfort with emotional conflict drags things out. 

the instruments group chats be like
  • Flutes/Piccolo: "hey guys i hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Everyone stay happy and practice lots! x :) "
  • Clarinets: normal conversations, plus the one kid that spams that chat endlessly with random unrelated photos
  • Saxophones: just inside jokes left and right plus the occasional information about band
  • Bass Clarinets: everyone has each other muted on the chat
  • Double Reeds: *crashes everyone else's group chats*
  • Trumpets: all caps rages about which pepe frog face is best
  • Trombones: unholy offspring of memes
  • French Horns: bad music puns and pickup lines
  • Tubas: theres one kid thats spamming the chat with DCI and the others are discussing which places to eat at for after marching rehearsal...in the middle of concert season
  • Euphonium: changing the group name and picture every 5 minutes
  • Drumline and Pit: drumline cracking fart jokes and sending memes with each other and the pit kids just stare at them in confusion and being somewhat scared
  • Guard: trading gossip about the directors and how to spin a rifle without killing anyone

i had a super stressful dream last night where there was a show i really wanted to go to and it was a once in a lifetime show bc the band said they would never play again but whenever i tried to leave something happened that kept making me more and more late and it was horrible but i was still bummed when i woke up bc i had the sickest shirt on in the dream and this was the shirt

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