i didnt want to finish it but i made myself


i told myself id wait until i finished with finals to get the achhd but i cant resist a cute animal crossing game!!!

thanks nintendo lol

Out of Control (Stiles Stilinski Imagine)

Request:hi :) can I get an imagine where y/n killed someone to become an alpha, but never told her boyfriend Stiles, or her pack and y/n and Stiles get into an argument at a pack meeting and Stiles calls y/n a killer and she attacks him, but then he forgives her and fluff at the end? lol sorry if it’s confusing, I love your blog btw. I don’t know if you do personals, but if you do my name’s Destiny, but if you don’t then you’d obviously use y/n

 A/n:  the argument was lame so sorry for that and also i am very sorry that i’m so soooo soooo late. I literally had the worst writer block ever and i had zero motivation to write but i’m back now and yeah i hope you enjoy it!  @smokedluh

 When i was little i always wanted to be an Alpha with my own pack. I wanted to make decisions on my own without my “Alpha” knowing about it. My mother once told me to become an Alpha, a beta should kill his own Alpha or you can become a true alpha.

 What my mother told me always stuck around with me. I always look at my alpha with hatred. He thinks he can boss me around and yell at me whenever he pleases. Not with me. One night i got so fed up with him, i did the most unthinkable thing. I killed him. I stabbed my claws deep in his stomach, twisting it and kicking him before he passed out and soon died.

 That same night i could feel myself changing. I felt stronger and powerful and more in control. I was my own boss now, and i’ll have my own pack. This is what i wanted and this is what i was. A murderer, someone who gets what she wants even if it means getting blood on my hands. 

 But all of that changed when i moved to Beacon Hills. My parents decided Beacon Hills was a safe place for me to start fresh and it was. I have amazing friends, there were other werewolfs here. Scott and his friends accepted me with open arms. All they know is that i’m an Alpha on my own and not the whole story behind it. 

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The making of my new dress :

I was extremely excited for this dress, even more than i have been for my last 5 custom made Gavin dresses. This one was particularly important to me because i decided to design the dress completely myself. 

Picture #1 - The first picture in this is of my initial sketch of what i wanted in my dress. I sent this to Gavin along with a list of specific details such as the scoop down the body and the shoulder piece being all celtic knots (i can’t draw them for shit), the cross hatching to extend down the sleeves, and that i liked the new shoulder piece design. We then started to discuss colours.

Picture #2 - This was the initial sketch of the colours of the dress. Originally the dress was meant to be several different shades of blue with an orangey beige colour. As you can see by the dress, we obviously changed the idea. After speaking with my dance teachers and letting them know how the designing process was going they said they would really like the dress to be black, orange, green and white. Obviously i was perfectly fine with this idea because i got to show my irish roots :)

Picture #3 - This is first design proof Gavin sent me. I was so excited and happy that he followed my sketches and all my specific details i asked for and that the dress i dreamed of was becoming a reality. This was the last thing i got from Gavin until i received a message that the dress was left at the All Scotland’s for me to pick up (I didn’t go) regardless of the fact that we didnt even know it was finished.

Pictures #4,5,6 - These are all pictures from the day my dress arrived. I automatically fell in love with this dress because it was mine. It wasn’t just custom made for me, it had also been custom designed by me all by myself. 

Pictures # 7,8 - These pictures are from my dress’ world premiere at Worlds. I kept the dress very secret posting nothing but a sneak peak on instagram and not wearing it to shows/competitions, I wanted it to be a complete surprise at worlds and I’m so glad i did. Not only was the dress altered, over $500 worth of Swarovski crystals were added by, you guessed it me (and help from my lovely sister) and it felt absolutely amazing to finally wear it on stage at worlds. 

Yah so this dress means the absolute world to me, I can’t wait to wear it all around the world and show as many people as i can, Thanks for reading if you got this far :) if not thanks for looking