i didnt try ok


if u don’t like declan lynch or at least understand and respect y he is the way he is get outta here i dont need that negativity in my life

hello it is I, the Zeldiest Fry,


Immortal!Yuri and Immortal!Victor get married but neither know the other is immortal and worries about the day the other starts to age and fast forward 50 years and both are really fuckin confused when neither have aged and they both realize and get in a petty fight for 25 years because the other didn’t tell them

even august isnt free from the freckles (but honestly makes him a whole lot cuter). anyways here’s a happy august since there’s not enough of that in this world ft. my messy tired coloring 
(does this man ever smile honestly)


i was tagged by @imeightout to do this moodboard (?) tag thingsjdks idk ahhh thank you for tagging me!! this was fun to try to make a moodboard…props to those who make them omg

hwiana lives on yall

hwi as a boyfriend is such a concept ;-; i feel like he would be the dorkiest & sweetest bf ever :/// i feel so soft rn & its 3 ampwjrowksla

i tag: @supersaiyum @ilysanha @velvetjjks @leeminpuppy @j1hunn @princechani @yangtaes

all i do as bastion is hang out in corners shooting at anything that comes my way. 

is…is there anything else to bastion? 

I killed a Reaper trying to sneak up on me twice. 

His fatal flaw was that he kept saying “repositioning” right fucking behind me, in my robot ears.