i didnt try at all im sorry these are horrible

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The Try This things are horrible! How dare you and dumbass-stilinski do this 😭😭😭 I went to wake up my mum for work and now ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT IS HIM EATING ME FOR BREAKFAST AND THEN HAVING JEEP SEX AT SCHOOL (it's a good thing, obviously, because yay sin, but it's soooooooooo hard to hide how turned on I am right now)


GOT7 gif masterpost kinda thingy

Requested; hi okay my situation is complicated; but I’m like losing my love for got7–I blame bangtan and exo but besides that–I need something to make me fall bACK IN LOVE WITH THEM like spam me with got7 or something???? Or can I have an imagine where they try to convince me to fall back in love with them ?? Idk if this mAKES ANY SENSE IM SORRY 

A/N: omg i feel u like when i discovered exo i like didnt pay attention to other groups for like weeks but yeeh i hope this helps lol, btw this is in age order, from youngest to oldest and sorry for the horrible spelling, im really tired

Thanks for requesting! Hope you like it!

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sooo lets start with the giant maknae

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can be v cute

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but also v fucKinG hot

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butt yeeh he’s a dork n he’s v loveable

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okaay next we have the dab king

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dabbing is like an addiction for dis guy smh like we should start a gofundme for Bam’s  dabbing

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is mostly a derp

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but can be v hot

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n he’s dirty minded like in my opinion a person should be lol

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like he’s special okay i dont know how to describe dis wild boi

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okay movin on to dis sunshine

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umm yeaah he’s just really happy n stuff

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n quite loud i’d say

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n ofc he has the famous Choi Youngjae laugh

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10/10 would take engrish lessons from dis walkin sun

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he’s precious and shall be protected at all costs

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then next we have eomma Jinyoung

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he’s a savage

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he just wants his meat but no one ever gets him anything

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and he’s really cute

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theeeen we have Jackson, where he goes, happy follows

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he’s a goofball

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n yes dis is the same guy

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yeah i kno dont ask me how but that is apparaently the same person

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okay i cant with Jax anymore so imma move on to the leader Jaebum

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he’s great

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he’s v sexy

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but he’s also a v cute hooman bean

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like look at this fluff

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anyway moving on to the oldest member Mark

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he looks like a god damn model

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he has a beautiful smile

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and yeeh he’s really cute

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but don’t forget the hot Mark tho

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okay that’s all, hope you liked it!

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playing music around the house when luke was home would always be such a time and it would happen constantly since god knows music is as essential as breathing to both of you, having a soundtrack to your lives is vital. you’d have music going all the time whether you were paying attention to it or not. you’d play music while you were cooking together or cleaning up around the house or lounging around on a lazy day or when it was late, late at night and it felt like it was just you and luke and the stars above and the early-autumn’s wind. whether it was acoustic indie jams or pop punk anthems or radio hits from different eras or the entire discographies to your favourite bands, there would be music. and if there was music, that means there’s bound to be singing and dancing. luke would go and harmonize to songs he knew you loved and even put on some of his bands songs to harmonize with himself and he’d do his cute lil vocal runs that always got you all flustered and ahh!!!!!! he’d do those silly impressions of artists too like,,, u know the ones,, like in the jbh video and the “does it sOUND GOOD??? does it feEELLL GOOD???” video and omg okay when your guys’ happy songs and couple songs came on he would take you by the hand and do silly dances with you! if it was something soft he’d try to do some kind of ballroom dance but fail horribly (”im so sorry i didnt mean to step on your toes i know i swear i was born with two left feet, babe, oh my god!”), there would probably be a couple songs where they start playing and you both stop in your tracks and look at eachother like oh, yes and go super, possibly unreasonably, hard to them (”y/n, remember when you almost got a concussion from headbanging to paramore??” “i love you, but you have no room to talk, dude! i still have real footage of you almost breaking your hand because you weren’t paying attention while you were air-guitaring to good charlotte!”). and the music around your house wasn’t always favs from spotify, it’d also be luke. shitty demos of unreleased songs, songs that he’s done by himself at three am when he was on the road and didn’t want to forget this amazing song he came up with while trying to fall asleep, studio versions of songs that might never see the light of day. luke singing to you with his hands in your hair or playing with your fingers while you’re stressed or don’t feel good or trying to sleep. luke making up funnily bad songs about how beautiful you are, luke asking you to duet with you in the bathroom with twenty-three candles lit in the middle of the night even though you didn’t think you were good at singing because it’s romantic and he loves it like he loves you. he loves you like he loves music. oh MAN im GONE !!! gtg!!!!!!