i didnt think it was until i saw this


it’s good that they have each others

ok so i have a lot of friends + writer friends & they don’t know the difference between who and whom, and to be honest i didnt know the difference until not that long ago

what u have to do is think of the pronouns ur using

WHO is used to replace THEY/HE/SHE etc.

He loves chocolate cake.
I know someone who loves chocolate cake.

WHOM is used to replace THEM/HIM/HER etc..

I saw her today.
You saw whom today?

if the pronoun comes after a CONJUNCTION (with, yet, but, so, or, etc.), you KEEP the pronoun, and put it at the BEGINNING of the sentence.

I got all this way with them.
With whom did you get all this way?

i hope this helps!! i tried to make it as clear as possible but its ok if its not clear to u!! it took me awhile to figure the difference out & not everyone will get it immediately.

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i... didnt know anything about tloz but u made me fall in love w sidon omg... ive been thinking about him the entire time since i saw that post... thank you for this fish boy

you know honestly i didn’t know anything abt the series either until i got BotW HAHAH this is my first zelda experience!!!! but i’m glad u fell in love w sidon T__TTT HE’S SUCH A GOOD BOY!!!!

Why Katsuki Yuuri won fair and square.

So, i wasnt going to weigh in on this until i saw one to many hateful comments about how yuuri didn’t win. Some even accusing Victor of “thinking with his dick”. So here i am to weigh in on this.

Let’s point out first that Victor trains at the same rink as Yurio and has seen him skate several times, including at the GPF where he mentioned Yurio’s step was weak. Victor is well aware of Yurio’s talent and his ability to powerhouse a routine. He doesnt need to see anymore of what he already knows Yurio CAN do.

On Yuuri’s front, Victor had to do research, noting Yuuri’s weakness in jumps, strength in his step but complete lack of confidence.

He’s seen enough to be assured that both skaters need to break the shell of comfort and perform something opposite of what they know. Lets look at it like this:

Say Yuuri and Yurio are in math together. The teacher says, 2×3 = 6, explain how to get that answer. Yurio starts with, “break into groups,” but gives up halfway through an explanation and declares the answer. A technically right answer, but not the assignment. Yuuri, on the other hand, explains in detail that 2 groups of 3 equals six and 3 groups of 2 will equal the same. He may stumble a bit through it, but he’s done what was asked.

THAT is what happened here. Yurio did what he always does, powers through.
He offered small moments of growth but ultimately showed his stubborn side, revealing to Victor what he already knows. Yurio’s step is weak.

In comparison, Yuuri displays weak jumps but amazing step. He embodies the assignment, breaking through even the audience’s expectations given the assumption he’s skating with katsudon as his eros. He’s even broken through his own notion of eros to find a whole new meaning. Jumps can be trained, cleaned, and Yuuri is more susceptible to learning complex routines.

Overall, when comparing the two, and looking at the future its clear that Yuuri has more potential to win gold. Even yurio sees his own shortcomings in that. Sure he can jump, but so can every skater in the Senior Division. Jumps are enough to land him gold in Junior, but Senior is a different playing field where everyone can do what he can. If Yuuri learns better jumps where he already excels in step, then whats that leave Yurio with? Nothing that is above the average Senior division male figure skater. Yuuri would have a complete FIGURE SKATING package. This isn’t a jumping competition after all.

So as annoyed as everyone is, I’m sorry but Yuuri won. He has all-round potential where Yurio doesnt yet.

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I first started Naruto when I was 14. I shipped SasuSaku HARD at first. Why? Because in my mind I thought 'Sakura deserves to get what she wants'. That was my reason. I wanted SAKURA to get what she wanted. I didn't care about Sasuke's feelings, I thought 'he'll fall for her eventually'. It didn't matter to me that she didn't understand him or work to be his friend, I hated Ino at first too bc she also liked Sasuke. I changed mindset eventually, but I think a lot of SS fans still think that way.

yup, that’s the mindset of most ss (and nh) fans. they rly only care about the girl’s feelings.

i started it when i was 14 too but i just always shipped sns because i just? idk i never saw any other pairing, i didnt even realize ss was a ship until i joined the tumblr fandom, i was so surprised to find out that it was a ship, let alone a popular one lmfaooo

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k, I have to get this off my chest: i don't even watch skam (im thinking about it tho for the girls) but i see this show on my dash enough to hope it IS Sana. its honestly so Ugly how many times I've seen ppl wanting Even to be the main for next season for the gay ship? but the worst is when someone i follow suggested Sana SHARE her season with Even?? like why should she share her season with him?

pls watch it !! the girls are so fucking amazing, i’ll be honest i didnt know abt the show until s3 bc of isak and even but then i saw it ALL OVER MY DASH and i was tempted to just watch their season but holy fuck the first two seasons are so fukcing great and i would die for my girls

that being said, i dont mind if ppl want even tbh i think everyone that i follow wants even for even, isak&even is just a bonus. i’ve grown to love that boy and i’d be stoked for an even season. with his mental illness, his interest in islam, his sexuality (bi? pan?), him being woke af in general, an even season would be fucking amazing. (all the nasties who only want him bc of evak can choke)

i personally want s4 to be sana for purely selfish reasons. i love that girl so much, she means so much to me - a hijabi woc. i want ppl to see a popular muslim character just living her life like a normal person, i wanna see her reading the quran, praying, interacting with her family, having quiet thoughtful moments, etc. i Do Not want her sharing a season with anyone, frankly i dont want any shared seasons tbh. they’re all complex people and i want them all to get the screen time and attention they deserve

all that being said, im hoping and praying for a sana s4 and u should def watch the show (starting with s1!)

You ruined me.

We had something “special” you said, we were going to get married you said, you said you would be there for me even if we weren’t together. I always tried to be the best for you. I always did things for you and tried to give you the best. You put me down for being who I was even though you did the same, and I “fixed myself” just to be with you. I let you in my life. You left me without an answer or even a conversation. You dropped me like nothing was there. I tried going back but I couldnt. Until I saw you in school I didnt know who I was seeing. I saw things that made me want to end every thing. Before you seemed so perfect and innocent but now I dont know who you are. Were you even the person I loved? You left me when I needed you the most. Now I lay in bed thinking every night. I push people away now because im scared it will happen again.You ruined me.

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Omg i think im subscribed to you on youtube and i didnt even know until i saw your art

OMGEJGKJBF realy? haha yea i dont rly promote my vids on here but yea i make a lot of silly cookie run vids in fact me and some friends are planning on making a new one soon we gotta get started on that 

sooo okay…I was in Seoul ! and on my second day when going home from Myeongdong to Hongdae I met B-Bomb…lmao im a huge bbc so when he came in I was like ‘I think I know this person’ but im not so sure..until he looked at me and I looked at him , I was smiling (a lil bit panicking) and he saw me recognising him lmao we both started to laugh ..he went back and forth while laughing and I just laugh while saying to my cousin the reason why im laughing (she then took this picture) , I didnt approach him because I dont want to bother him so we just kind of laughed together from afar, then B-Bomb’s friend was laughing harder while pointing at his bag which had a huge B-Bomb text on it LMAOO!! then when he got off the subway he looked back at me and laugh again…it was a hilarious encounter