i didnt steal it

Painting practice with Ezra Amell 👌

this entire season wouldn’t have happened if garnets Future Vision existed

sorry steven i let your dad get kidnapped because even though i saw blue diamond i didnt tell you

sorry steven your mom was a murderer who i glorified for years to you and i literally never comfort you about this fact even though i can probably see your emotional struggles because i can see the future

sorry steven this ruby took our plot device ship after one use even though i saw it was a possibility she would steal it because i didnt bother to tell you

sorry steven your friends all got stolen because i didnt appear for about ten episodes, but i probably could have seen this coming before you found out

sorry steven you’re on your way to homeworld for summary execution because i saw nothing and did nothing and said nothing during two entire plot episodes except ‘i like myself’

garnet isn’t a character anymore. she’s a fucking parody of herself. they took the time to make a ruby and sapphire joke in the bomb but dont bother to actually mention future vision anymore. i hate cardboard cut out garnet. where is square mom


Mint-Eye Rika: