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Oh boy. I finished this thing in a day, but I procrastinated posting it for another three days after realizing a lot of errors in the format of the comic rip but im lazy af so i never even fixed them ahh. As for the other comic I was working on: every new chapter released reveals another logical flaw in the comic. I think I’ll wait till the companion fic starts to really fix up that comic orz :’( 

This is for chapter 12 in the fic Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches by @kazliin



Neymar  slipped his arms slipped under her legs as he effortlessly pinned Y/n against the shower wall; she shivered involuntarily as her back  flattened against the cold surface.

 It was a blur to how they ended up here. one minute they were just lounging around in their bed room talking about nothing and the next they were in the bathroom ripping each others clothes off and stumbling into the shower. Neymar had turned on the water simply because Y/n looked even more sexy completely wet— no pun intended

 The warm water poured down on them in an almost cinematic slow motion. Y/n let out a shaky breath as Neymar latched onto her left nipple sucking it while tweaking the right with one hand while using the other to keep her upright. 

“Oh,“she whimpered as her head tilted back  as he began to his length against her lower reign. 

“Ney,please.” He smirked against her breast, it definitely stroked his ego how easily he could make her beg. 

“Please what, amor?“he let her nipple fall out of his mouth as he gave her an innocent smile. Y/n narrowed her eyes, 

“Stop fucking playing with me Neymar and—-”

“Just fuck you?"he finished with a knowing smirk. Y/n wanted to punch him in the face, she was horny as fuck and he was playing games. Just as she opened her mouth to tell him off, Neymar chose that moment  to guide his dick into her. He entered her slowly, purposely stretching her inch by inch making sure she felt it all.  

Y/n’s brain short circuited as her lips fell agape,it was if he had tap into apart of her that put every nerve ending in her body in a frenzy. 

He literally took her breath away. 

 With Neymar everytime felt like it was the first time. it was like how no matter how many times they’d go at it, she just couldn’t quite get used to his size.

"You okay?” he asked, concern suddenly took over his features. always concerned he was hurting more then pleasuring her.

Y/n nodded, biting her lip. 

“You trust me?"he asked; it was a question he always asked before they got started with anything sexual. It was an insurance that he  would  do everything in his power to make her feel as good as he possibly could. she nodded once more in response . 

He didn’t need anymore convincing, he slowly slid out of her until only his tip grazed her opening. Y/n’s heart  jack-hammered in her chest as she waited for him to push back in. He did, but this time he wasnt gentle or slow. He slam back in, without warning.  Y/n’s mouth fell open but no sound came out as  her whole body shook  on impact.

instinctively she dug into his back as  she  buried her face in his neck.  He kept her lower back pinned to the wall as he came back out, slammed in, slid out,  then plummeted right back inside. He was rough—no surprise there— and  moving with a determined air. If he was a mission to break her back then he was well on his way.

Y/n’s fingers sunk deeper into his skin, a moan escaped  her lips as she took what he gave her.

“Y/n,” he all but growled,”is this mine?”

she moaned in response,but it wasn’t good enough for Neymar.

” answer me.“ he ordered before leaning forward and biting her shoulder. she gasped, the bite wasnt a quick little nip, he literally bit her—hard. It hurt like hell, but something about the pain of the bite and the way he was fucking her unlocked a type of painful pleasure, she couldnt help but enjoy. 

Y/n tried to do as  he said but the way he was slamming in and out of her wasnt making it easy on her thoughts. She could produce a coherent thought let alone string together some kind of verbal response. But hell if Neymar cared; when they had sex he was demanding and wanted things done the way he saw fit. He was running thin on patience as he gripped the side of  her neck giving it a slight squeeze. 

“answer me, Y/n” He squeezed her neck harder.

"yes Ney— fuck!"She choked out.  

"Say it,” he said as he kept his rapid rhythm; she whimpered. 

“ im not going  to tell you again, Y/n” he warned while slamming into her hard enough for that her back to ricocheted against the wall. The pain that shot through her mixed dangerously well with  the boundless pleasure he was inflicting.

“Its yours,Ney” she gasped, bucking her hips wildly,matching  every thrust he made. Another growl rumbled from the depths of his throat; his large hands cupped her ass as their gazes locked. He lifted her up, until his dick was almost completely our of her pussy before dropping her back   down on it.  He repeated the motion until she was doing it on her on,lifting her body as much as she could, as Neymar held her securely before dropping herself down on him. 

“Fuuuuck, Babe,” Neymar  moaned the feeling of her tight wetness as she rose up and down on him, was damn near euphoric  his arms lifting and dropping  me over and over again. He moaned her name as she slammed down onto his length as long as she could before she leaned back against the wall. She watched him as he slowed himself into a tortuous grind that seemed to  somehow hit ever nerve inside her walls.

In that moment with his hair matted down on his forehead, his body completely drenched in a mix of sweat and water, his tattoos almost shining as a result while his eyes glazed over in lust—he was absolutely perfectly beautiful. Y/n captured his lips in hers, shoving her tongue into his mouth without warning. He hungrily accepted it, their tongues battling roughly, passionately. They both struggled for dominance before Neymar suddenly pulled away. 

“Hold on to me,” he instructed. Y/n  did as he said, wanting so badly to kiss his swollen lips once more. The desire became an after thought however when  Neymar  picked up speed and began literally fucking the shit out of her, with no remorse. Moving in her like his life was on the line.

He slowed down again  just as quickly as he started leaving her disoriented  and  gasping for air, he kept alternating between the two momentum. Y/n’s arms slid down his back, gripping him around his shoulders tightly. She dug her fingernails into his skin and scratched at him. 

“Oh,Ney, I c-cant..please,please,"she whimpered clawing at his  back. 

He made one last hard thrust before her head fell back against the wall. She screamed his name loudly as she came, her legs shaking uncontrollably. Neymar wasnt too far behind after a couple more strokes,he released as well. Y/n  moaned as his hot liquid shot into her, filling her up and dribbling down her legs. They held each others gaze as they both  tried to  catch their  breath. They eased slowly down the shower wall to the bottom of the shower floor. He pulled out and began to place light kisses all over  her  face  leaving her spent body shaking involuntarily.

"I love you, baby.” He whispered it over and over. “I love you too.” She whispered back, running her fingers through his wet hair as he kissed her collar bone. 


He scrunched up his face as  he suddenly heard a voice that wasnt Y/n’s. 

What the—? 

"Neymar…Neymar, wake up,” the  voice spoke again, alot clear this time.  It was confusing because he didnt know where it was coming from. He went to look at Y/n to ask her if she heard it but to his dismay the image of  himself and Y/n faded into darkness. What did that mean—? Then it dawned on him,the darkness was from his eyes being closed. 

He  slowly opened his eyes and couldnt help but be further disappointed to be  staring up at his teammate and good friend Dani Alves instead of his beautiful girlfriend. 

Of course it was a dream, Neymar  thought bitterly. 

The reality was he was on a plane with his Barça teammates. They  were on  their  way to play Almeria while Y/n was back in Barcelona. She wasn’t able to make it to this match  or the Champions league match against Ajax before it because of school. He would never hold that against her,on the contrary her high regard for her education was one of the many things that Neymar loved. It did however contribute to schedule conflicts that had them coming and going at different times. 

He’d be home and  she have  class or a study session, she’d  come home and he’d be on his way out to training or leaving to travel for a match. if that vivid dream wasnt enough indication… he missed her. He should call her. 

“Did you hear what I said?"Dani’s voice cut through his thoughts. 

"Huh..?"Neymar  mumbled rubbing sleep  out of his eyes. 

 ”I said: wake up, loverboy, we’re here.”Dani smirked. Neymar gave him a confused look; he didn’t get the ‘loverboy’ reference but one look around he noticed Dani was right, they had landed. Everyone was either up or getting up and gathering their carry ons. Neymar began doing the same as he stood up gathering the things he carried on board. 

"Seems like you slept really well,loverboy."Dani continued to tease. Neymar raised an eyebrow but didn’t get a chance to answer. 

” mustve been a good dream, you were out pretty much the whole flight.“ Munir spoke up from where he sat in front of them. 

had he really slept the whole  flight? Neymar marveled. It hadnt been a particularly long one..but he rarely slept on the  way to games  let alone the whole  time they were in the air ….and what was with the loverboy shit?

"Um…yeah?"Neymar answered giving both his teammates a weird look. 

"You know it was a great dream from all that noise he was making."Rafinha added with a  smirk, watching in amusement as his friend’s face flushed red. Noise? Neymar thought in uncertainty. He was making noise, what kind of noise, hopefully not—-?

"Yeah, Y/n mustve been putting it down,  the way  you were moaning her name."Jordi smirked as he confirmed what the young Brazilian was dreading. 


If it was even possible, Neymar blushed even harder.  there wasnt much that embarrassed the him— he was too confident and secure in his self for that . This ,however, was definitely one of those rare times he felt the uncomfortable feeling creep through him. He was having a erotic dream in front of his teammates and they heard him if that wasn’t embarrassing as fuck….

” ‘Y/n’” Piqué moaned out mocking his embarrassed friend before bursting into laughter like the man-child he was. Neymar narrowed his eyes, ready to bring up all the times Piqué lost his mind over Shakira  but everyone was starting to crack jokes to his expense. He couldnt get in a word edge wise. 

”’Oh fuck, Y/n just like that babe’.” Marc chimed in as they all made there way off the plane. 

Y/n, y/n, y/nnn.”

“Shut up,"Neymar mumbled as everyone laughed. They briefly stopped as they exited the plane  greeted by fans and media personnel but the teasing immediately started up again when they got on the bus and again in the locker room. They wouldnt let up, and the teasing only got worse when y/n called for their ritual before-the-match phone call. No matter where he was or how late or early it was on her end,she always made sure to call. In her mind if she couldnt be there in person,it was only right for him for them to speak before he headed to the pitch. It was a tradition they started that eased both their minds. 

"Tell her about you dream, Ney!"Rafinha said loud enough for her to hear. Neymar blushed  when Y/n asked what was he talking about. 

"Nothing."he mumbled. 

"Didnt sound like nothing on the planeee"Dani teased in a sing song voice. 

"Shut.up."Neymar snapped but no one was taking him seriously. It was all a joke in there eyes.  

"What are they talking about—?"Y/n’s voice grabbing his attention once more,"you know what? I don’t don’t  even wanna know.”

Neymar couldnt help but laugh at the way she shut  down her own curiosity. Y/n had enough  self control to know when to stay oblivious and when to pester him about things. She had quickly picked up the guys were teasing him. which could only mean he embarrassed himself one way or another and knowing the guys and what  they teased him  about most it had to be about his private life. something he inadvertently let be known, and she would rather not have to feel her boyfriends secondhand embarrassment. 

“Yeah you don’t."he agreed. 

” anywayy…have  a good game baby. Play you hardest, get this win and most of all have fun.“she said with an air of confidence and pride that neymar couldnt help but feel himself. 

"I will.”

“I love you.”

“I love more.”

“Awwww,"everyone in the locker room said collectively as Neymar hung up and put his phone away.  He ignored them  as  finished tying up his laces before they all made their way to the tunnel. Once they were onto the pitch, all the silliness and teasing evaporated. everyone was focused and ready to get  this win. Teasing Neymar would have to resume after the match. 



I bet you guys didnt think of this crossover HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! And honestly this is the first thing i thought of when i saw Plumeria (before inkling hair). I thought she looked like a low-key ganguro lol!

So i drew her with some awsome nail art and make up! The second version is the proper ganguro haha ^-^’

Idk why but i spent so much time on making the nail art, but its so small that you cant appreciate all the details so i took a zoomed shot for your enjoyment.

I’m kinda proud and i spent alot of time on this so I hope y’all like them!

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hi 🙈 i was about 130lbs (i'm 5'4), so i honestly dont know how it worked but i smoke, so i smoked ALOT, i was always busy (most time i was shopping so i spent about 400$ 🙄), i also MADE alot of food, for my family & my boyfriend (i made like 5 kind christmas cookies), i havent ate dinner, nut if i had to i had a "cup soup" thats about 200ml lf an instant soup, i didnt do any exercise honestly.. (+1 mcDonalds binge) but as i said i dont feel like i lost 17lbs because my body doesnt look like it

Wow, thanks for all the tips, hon! For all those who are wondering, this is the lovely anon that lost 17lbs. Thank you so much for responding! 💓

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tell me bout ur last ex

Oh ya wanna know? Well basically I gave and gave so much to her but only got shit back for it. All I wanted was to see her sometimes but she made excuses why she couldn’t skype yet. I tried to be patient for a long time, but after awhile she just made me less and less of a priority. I didnt even ask for much, all I wanted was to sometimes be told I was missed or reminded I was loved. Thats all I need but apparently that was „asking too much“.
So basically, Im just really tired of giving my love and attention to someone who didn’t even want/appreciate it. I spent many times awake late at night to make sure she was okay if something was wrong, but if anything was wrong with me? She just went to bed. It takes alot from you when you just give and give to someone who never even tried. And honestly this is the shortest way I could explain it without getting too nasty 👌🏻

Ok with the height charts and everything I was looking back at the video and im almost positive now that Lewis is ALOT taller as a ghost then he was alive. heres some vague science to back it up :D

So Lew was tall in life, but not absurdly tall. In fact he was about the same height as his mom and duet

Now going by this height chart with the estimate of his height when he was alive and applying it to this next image with vivis shoulders and just bellow the top of her eyes giving us a foot measurement.

He shrank at the end of the video, not quite back to his normal height, but almost.  After he sees vivi he shrinks but also a foot in height. and we know hes standing flat on the ground, cause its shown when the heart drops.

Im curious as too why hes altered his height, or if he even knows he did it. Shrink back down to normal for vivi seemed almost a subconcious thing

theres alot going on here with the camera pulling back and he moves back…but he doesnt seem to have moved to far down the hall. I think he shrank here, cause right after is when he approaches vivi. So his size might come down to an intimidation thing, and he changed cause he didnt want to come off as threatening to vivi.