i didnt see this anywhere i love him

Stay (Drabble)

Summary: Bucky comes back after a fight.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 501

Based off of this prompt: I need a place to stay.

Warnings: Language, miiinor angst. But otherwise hella fluffy.

A/N: Here’s the last drabble I wrote celebrating 1500 followers. It’s kinda crazy how now that I’m past 2000 now eep. Hope you guys enjoy this!! <3

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anonymous asked:

i love your art its so amazing keep on doing the awesome job your doing, as for that request thing would it be possible to draw where you think ike was through out the fire emblie direct cause we didnt really see him anywhere

I like to think Ike was with Soren the entire time, very angry about the damn thing.

( Also, thank you so much anon. It means alot to me that you told me that! )

Submitted to me.

Hey, english is not my first language, so please bear with me. i just want your opinion on the things i heard, this’s like really important to me. So I live in Thailand and when 1d came here, my friend was following them around. As you all know, louis and zayn went clubbing every night while they were here. Im not talking about zayn and the cheating rumor, this’s about louis.

Putting the drama inducing part under Read More. . 

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jake and olivia

she let him see the pain and sadness

i love the way he holds her and always comforts her

“Your not alone in this, Im not going anywhere.” - Jake and he hasnt

when he came to her house drunk, she wouldnt let him in.

he said he could come in if he wanted too, but he wont and she knows it

when Jake was telling her not choosing him was okay

and i appreciated when everyone was trying to turn her against jake she didnt buy it