i didnt rly finish this but its ok

lilinoe  asked:

hello there! sorry for coming so randomly into your inbox, but could you summarize the event of /meiji monster on a rampage?/ event? i have only recently downloaded the game, and your posts about okitaxmc got me interested in the plot of it.

!!! sure! the truth is that i didnt finish the event bc i had just started out back then BUT im pretty sure i know the gist of it! here’s a rly informal summary of the event LMAO

ok so the event itself isn’t romantic. it’s the INTERACTIONS THAT ARE like usually the mc doesnt say or do anything right?? but THRICE in this gotdam event (maybe more bc i didnt finish all the way through) the mc stands up for okita and he compliments u SO MUCH and i just!!!! BOI THEYRE IN LOVE

this is long as shit so its under a read more

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