i didnt reblog it because it was a repost

by no excuse should reposts be allowed. if you see a photo/gifset and none of the photos are the same size or the coloring dont match (as much as possible because its difficult but its pretty damn obvious) then why would you encourage that and give them notes. especially graphic/gif makers out there, please, if you have an eye for edits like i know yall do then dont reblog reposts. you know how it feels to have your work stolen. weve all been there. check the op. check if they make edits. check the watermark. this goes for fanart too. dont make edits of fanarts without permission. it doesnt count if you slapped a psd onto it, you didnt make it yourself. please guys. stop excusing reposts.


Theirstory (don’t tag this as the song title, itll lessen the odds of getting deleted)

jadecrossroads-blog replied to your photo “Billdip Week Day Three: Angst Bill and Stanford still don’t get along,…”

Sorry, does the “no reposting” include reblogging here on tumblr? I didnt notice that until after I reblogged it on another blog of mine.

Reblogging and Reposting are completely different things! Reblogging is fine because the image is still linked to my blog and i can keep track of the post. Reposting means taking my works and posting them to other sites, be it to crop out my commentary or name or to make a profit off of it. 

So don’t Repost. Just Reblog!

Vegeta in the spikes, finding a way out.

He casts a sparkle from his hand to shine a path to the way out. I will do this again when I get a better idea of it, so consider this a doodle I made him a annoyed to the max face because he just wants to get out to see his love Kakarot again. But these stupid spikes are in the way!! 😡

art by me. please do not repost this, please if you like it then reblog it please and thank you ^^

Making gifs is really hard. Seeing someone take ur work & repost or screenshot it sucks. Getting them off google is worse because then you’re also eliminating the source. Someone else still made that and tbh, just bc they’re on google doesnt mean they’re not from here.

Like I said: if you didnt make it, dont post it. Reblogging is a way better option and you can interact with the fandom that way! Im sure ppl would love to have u reblog their stuff.


this has been the picture in my description on my tumblr for a while now, & i hadn’t watermarked it since i didnt think that i needed to worry about it, but obviously i do, since it was reposted here.

please reblog this one (i cant say the button is there for a reason because i never posted the black & white of this gif sorry bye)

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better. Repost, don’t reblog.

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HEIGHT: 5’ 3”
CURRENT TIME: 11:14 pm
FAVE MUSIC ARTIST: Kalafina, probably
LAST MOVIE WATCHED: The Vietname War pt. 8? 9? something like that.

LAST SHOW WATCHED:  Boku No Hero Academia
WHEN DID YOU CREATE YOUR BLOG: June 22nd 2016 (guesstimating here, i didnt want to go back and find the exact date)
WHAT KIND OF STUFF DO YOU POST: RP’ing, musings and memes
OTHER BLOGS: @softis-muses, but it’s mainly inactive now because i’m a lazy pos
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE YOUR URL: Google-translate German for ‘Type Moon Muses’

FAVOURITE COLOUR: Anything but orange & green
AVG HOURS SLEEP: Depends on the night honestly
LUCKY NUMBERS: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9
DREAM JOB: that is a very good question

summer study challenge 17/30: advice for new studyblrs

so if you’re a new studyblr, welcome!! here are just some tips to help you with your blog and getting involved. this is such a lovely community and it’s really nice to see more people joining it. i hope this is helpful :)


  • keep it simple!!
  • a lot of people do their name or something they like with studies or studying on the end
  • (like mine!! i love coffee so coffeestudying)
  • other people like to take a word related to studying and (because the word is probably already being used by someone else) mispell it or make a pun with it
  • or whatever you can think of!! just make it related to studying or a certain subject and keep it simple :)


  • themes are really about personal preference. some people like minimalist themes while others like ones a bit busier. it’s up to you.
  • have a look around at different thememakers and see what you like. just make sure to follow their rules when using their themes
  • some theme makers: theme-hunter // neonbikethemes //  shythemes


  • make an introductory post!! i didnt do this because i didn’t know it was a thing but if i knew i definitely would have done one because it’s an amazing way to introduce yourself to the community
    • mention: your name, age, what you’re studying, your interests, and also any studyblrs who inspired you. it doesn’t have to be long!!
  • reblogging things is fine, reposting things is not. don’t steal anyone’s photos or content and repost it without their permission
  • make your own content!! post pictures of your notes, your planner +your study space. make masterposts and give people tips and ideas on different ways to study. anything you want to share :)


  • tag your posts!! original posts you make tag with studyblr and studyspo along with any relevant tags such as organisation or motivation. 
  • a lot of studyblrs check their own tags and reblog things that people tag them in so look at their blogs to find out their specific one. 
  • (you can always tag me with coffeestudying btw!!)
  • tag posts you reblog and have a navigation page on your blog so people can easily find what they’re looking for


  • talk to people!! i know it seems intimidating but everyone is so so nice!
  • say hi and that you’re new to the community or give them a compliment on something you like about their blog or their posts
  • don’t be afraid to ask questions but make sure you check google and any about pages or faqs first
  • join networks and enter studyblr awards and promos because this will show people your blog
  • some networks: the study club // studyblr index // studyblr community

things to remember

  • aesthetic is nice but it shouldn’t get in the way of your studies. if rewriting your notes so that they look pretty helps you learn then definitely do it, but if you’re only doing it for that ~studyblr aesthetic~ then don’t. your learning is more important than that.
  • expensive stationery isn’t necessary. i know it seems like everyone else has fancy pens and highlighters and everything but you really really don’t need them.
  • it’s easy to reblog masterposts and pictures of notes but don’t forget that that isn’t actually studying. use these to motivate you and help you study instead of as a form of procrastination!!
  • don’t worry about how many followers you have. the important thing is that you’re being motivated and helped by your studyblr so it doesnt matter how many other people follow it
  • remember that you should have a life outside of studying!! grades are important, but they’re not more important than your health and happiness so make time for those as well. have hobbies, socialise and basically just have fun!!

i’ve decided to make a post about this bcs it really pisses me off.

there’s a blog out there, called @claceheart. they steal edits, gifs, anything, and repost them, but as they tag it with “shadowhuntersedit” or something like that, it’s not easy to see that they’ve stolen the content they post. 

i only found out about this blog because i saw an edit originally posted by @fyeahshadowhunters in the shadowhuntersedit tag and then later on only the first 2 gifs on the “claceheart” blog. 

they’ve also stolen my gifs, (x), and a lot of other peoples gifs in the shadowhunters fandom (x)

please don’t reblog from this blog and give it the attention it wants. as we all know, people reposting the content we make, spend hours on making even, hurts and is upsetting. 

if you have reblogged from that blog, i suggest you just delete it and try to let your friends know about this blog so they can check if they stole something from them, because i’m pretty sure that they won’t stop stealing content.

when i first joined tumblr i thought reposting was reblogging because i was so innocent and smol i didnt understand the idea of stealing, so i never reblogged anything so i would like to formally apologise to all of the artists who i ignored