i didnt reblog it because it was a repost


Theirstory (don’t tag this as the song title, itll lessen the odds of getting deleted)

hey listen up important shit

ok so i dont follow user mincoco but like

if y'all dont know they uploaded some stuff from a tour at a studio that was kind of illegal to do so, its behind the scene secret upcoming stuff to do with voltron so like
if you have seen this stuff ask whoever reblogged, reposted it to delete it as quickly as possible.

the user didnt know it wasnt ok to upload the images and took them down immediately so i suggest y'all do the same because i really want to emphasise that there is a legal issue here so if you get told to take it down and start scoffing i will personally fight you take it down and dont be an ass about it.


i’ve decided to make a post about this bcs it really pisses me off.

there’s a blog out there, called @claceheart. they steal edits, gifs, anything, and repost them, but as they tag it with “shadowhuntersedit” or something like that, it’s not easy to see that they’ve stolen the content they post. 

i only found out about this blog because i saw an edit originally posted by @fyeahshadowhunters in the shadowhuntersedit tag and then later on only the first 2 gifs on the “claceheart” blog. 

they’ve also stolen my gifs, (x), and a lot of other peoples gifs in the shadowhunters fandom (x)

please don’t reblog from this blog and give it the attention it wants. as we all know, people reposting the content we make, spend hours on making even, hurts and is upsetting. 

if you have reblogged from that blog, i suggest you just delete it and try to let your friends know about this blog so they can check if they stole something from them, because i’m pretty sure that they won’t stop stealing content.

this has been the picture in my description on my tumblr for a while now, & i hadn’t watermarked it since i didnt think that i needed to worry about it, but obviously i do, since it was reposted here.

please reblog this one (i cant say the button is there for a reason because i never posted the black & white of this gif sorry bye)

when i first joined tumblr i thought reposting was reblogging because i was so innocent and smol i didnt understand the idea of stealing, so i never reblogged anything so i would like to formally apologise to all of the artists who i ignored