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Hi, this is to both Sakura and you, the owner of the blog. From the very start I hated Sakura and I hated her until the manga ended, then I found your blog and thought 'ugh great, another annoying Sakura fan'. After looking through the first posts I smiled at her personality and before I knew it followed and stalked the blog. When I then re-read the manga I didnt hate Sakura, I understood how amazing, strong and real she is. Thank you for helping me realize this. Your blog is amazing as are you

I’m so glad you like Sakura now (since she’s the most hated female in this fandom lmfao)! She has always been my favorite tbh. I’ll admit that when I was 10 I hated her and alot of others in the beginning but got over it because “they’re 12. They don’t know any better!”. Then I saw her in Shippuden and instantly fell in love. She changed so much from her younger self and I was in awe! Alot of fans of Naruto hate Sakura because of how she acts around Sasuke (much like I do) and I just really love how she acts when she’s not around him. I just wanted to make a Sakura appreciation blog that focuses on Sakura’s personality and character! (plus she’s a realistic character imo on how she react to certain situations)

And you’re way too sweet! Everyone who sends me messages like this! I’m smiling over here! Comments like these make me enjoy doing things for this blog! Thank you for making my day!