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Thank you for reblogging the post about people lying about their mental health issues and symptoms, how it is a common issue on tumblr now for attention and is NOT okay. There is one person in particular that has lied about having PTSD and post-trauma related mental illness symptoms just to get attention an it is so disgusting and harmful to those of us in the community that actually suffer with actual real mental health problems

yeah its not ok :// i honestly didnt rly know it was a common thing but i can see how easy it can be to fall into this whole……desire to have a mental illness … thing… i mean like. i cant but i can. OMG THO U KNOW WHAT lmao my T told me the other day when i was talking about this with her (i literally JUST remembered this wtf shows how present i am in therapy!!!!) i was saying how fucked up it is that people WANT trauma and how people WANT mental illness and she said that WANTING those things is a mental illness in itself i was laughing lol anyway its fucked up yes i agree


He gotta give him that air you know

alright i’m gonna address the movie La La Land real quick.

1. First off, if you don’t like musicals, why would you think it’s a smart idea to watch the movie? It’s not the movies fault you don’t like musicals.

2. It’s not a white savior movie. Yes, Ryan Gosling’s character really likes jazz and is trying to preserve it’s tradition, but at no point is this movie legitimately asserting the idea that a white man is the only hope for jazz music.

3. This movie isn’t a love letter to Hollywood. In fact, Hollywood is the source of Emma Stone’s character’s defeat, Ryan Gosling’s character following a money making job instead of his dream, and ultimately keeping the two from having a happily ever after ending together.

4. This movie isn’t just a love story. To me, it spoke volumes about the society we live in which stomps all over people with real ambitious dreams they seek to achieve. I mean, it’s even an allegory for the directer/writer of this story for creating his dream, a musical in a culture that’s been over musicals for decades.

5. Moonlight did in fact deserve best picture. However, the fact that people are shitting all over La La Land without even an actual understanding of the film is uncalled for and ignorant

ML ANGST IDEA: Just like him

Gabriel Agreste is revealed to be Hawkmoth. Ladybug and Chat noir finally defeat him and he is arrested. Paris was shocked by the reveal, but was happy that hawkmoth was no more.

Adrien’s life was a cyclone of events after that. His Dad was in prison, his mom was still missing. Nathalie was his legal guardian, and his Dad’s company was being run by the board of directors until Adrien was of Age.

People started treating Adrien different, he could feel people treat him different. A lot of fake smiles, and nods. Photographers wanted to use Adrien as a model a lot less. Fan girls of his started trickling down. This part didnt bother Adrien that much, he never cared for that. But the way people treated him at school was different. Chloé was distant (One of the few blessings) saying that it might not look good being seen with Adrien right now, some of his classmates avoided talking to him. Kim teasing him about his Dad being a villain. Alya constantly questioning him about it (for the blog). The only two people who didnt act any different towards him were Nino and Marinette. Nino was his best friend and that wouldn’t change. Marinette was one of the sweetest people in existence, she could never be mean to anyone unless they absolutely deserved it.

The rest of the world seemed to think that he was the soon to be super villain! That he was some scorned rich kid plotting his revenge. It pissed him off, the fact that his Dad was a villain, the fact that everyone treated him coldly, the fact that he now lost both of his parents.

He began transforming a lot more. Chat noir was on the prowl every night. He would watch over the city. It was something to take his mind off of everything.

One Night Ladybug showed up to join him.

“There aren’t anymore Akumas Chat, we can relax.” Ladybug eased the cat hero. The two were standing on a rooftop in the middle of the night.

“I kind of wish there were…” Chat muttered under his breath. The night air suddenly felt much colder on the roof.

Unfortunately for the cat hero, Ladybug heard him.

“Don’t even joke about that. Without the akuma, the people are in a lot less danger. Paris is a lot better off without Hawkmoth.” Ladybug spoke.

“Is Adrien Agreste better off?” 

Chat noir didn’t even realized those words shot out of his mouth. The sharpness of the question pierced Ladybug right through the heart. How did Chat noir know about Adrien? Well it isn’t like Adrien isn’t a random kid, he was the son of the Fashion Tycoon turned super villain Gabriel Agreste. 

“Chat noir…”

“I can’t sleep anymore Ladybug.” Chat noir interrupted, which really didnt mean much as Ladybug was still at a loss for words.

Ladybug stood in silence as she waited for him to continue.

“I havent slept since the night before we captured him. I remember how ecstatic I was when we finally caught him. But when I saw his face… his real face. He had a son, Ladybug. He was the only parent left in Adrien’s life, and we just took him a way. I handed him over to the police…” Chat noir was on the brink of tears.

Ladybug hugged him from behind, tears slowly leaving her eyes to trickle down her cheeks.

“I never once realized any of this. But it isn’t your fault Chat, we were just doing our jobs. Adrien doesn’t deserve to lose his father over our actions. But Hawkmoth deserved to go to prison for his crimes. Sometimes being a hero means we have to make tough decisions. Deep down, I am sure Adrien doesn’t blame you for what happened.”

The night grew quiet once again as Ladybugs words reached Chat noir’s ears. For a moment, nothing but silence. But then, Chat noir started to laugh. Ladybug released her hug and backed up as she watched Chat noir cover his eyes as he laughed, tears streaming down his face.

“Chat?” Ladybug questioned nervously.

She watched stunned as he instantly stopped laughing and undid his transformation right in front of her, revealing the crying blonde rich kid that missed his father.

“But I do Ladybug.”


Continuation here

  • husband, comes into the room, sees me drawing reylo: you're shipping them again.
  • me: hush. you should ship them too!
  • husband: DEATH TO THEM BOTH!
  • me: psh please. you should totally ship them! IT IS POSSIBLE IN THE STORY! I CAN GIVE YOU SO MANY METAS!
  • husband: you fanfictioners are intense. *continues to stare while i paint*

I was transleting some random stuff on google and I released that “luce” means ‘light’ in italien and… im just…. omg… guys. I can’t believe.. all this time… he called her as light and… I DIDNT KNEW THAT. now my life is complete.

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Brian plays the saxophone at the Interfictions book launch party!

me: what if i made up all my trauma and none of it is actually real and im just a big liar?

my therapist: did you make it up? did you lie?

me: no? i mean i dont think so? but what if i did though?

my therapist: you just said you didnt, plus you have all of these symptoms that tell us you clearly didnt make it up.

me: right but what if I DID make it up?

my therapist: …….but you didnt……..


can you believe Henrik and Tarjei just had like a natural connection right away and they just clicked and they both felt the same can you believe that Henrik was one of last persons who went to the audition and two hours later Julie called him and he got the audition so this means that Tarjei said to Julie “I want him” I’m screaming I’m not very well are you crying because I am

Diabolik Lovees fandom vs real

Fandom Reiji: salty mom, pigeon ,cries to sleep due to his siblings, sO LIGHT EM UP UP UP on FIREEEEE.🔥🔥🔥

real reiji: neRD .

Fandom Shuu: perverted shoe. LaZY LifE 🎻🎻🎻🎼🎼🎶🎶🎼

Real shuu: morns over childhood friend, scared of betrayel ,mozart fanboy.🎻 💤💤💤💤

Fandom ayato: idiot , boastful dork ,loves basketball and female …uh that.

Real ayato: actually thinks, superiority complex, arrogant but caring. Loves female ….uh that.

Fandom laito: pervert.

Real laito: pervert.

Fandom kanato: bipolar kid, love of life teddy, hate on everyone, raw salt, house of wax. DoLLs.

Real ka- who am i kidding he is that way.

Fandom subaru: tsunbunny, nice, cinnamon roll, a car and a bunny, anger managment problem anD WALL- CHAN. 🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🌻🌻🌸🌸

Real subaru: heavy meTAL BROKE MY *FLIPS WALLS*
HEART.  ⚡⚡⚡

Fandom ruki: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit. Christian grey.

Real ruki: nERD. Mom friend. Old man soul. Soup. I will make you proud father.📖👔🎓.

Fandom kou: two faced mean neko loving idol boy. Tinkerbell.

Real kou: regina george. 💄💄

Fandom yuma: Farmer. Dork.🍅🍅🍅

Real yuma: cannibal.

Fandom azusa: sweet sunshine child. Masochist knife loving child. Cinnamon roll. Teddy killer thug life🔪🔪🔪🔫🔫🔫💣💣💣

Real azusa: you have heard of sunshine child now get ready for


Fandom Kino: drugs 24/7. Game loving trash. Kill dem vamps yea. Dat boi. 👽👽👽

Real Kino: ?????👤👤????⁉⁉⁉

Fandom shin: Notice me carla -senpai !!! whO LET THE DOGS OUT WOOF WOOF.

Real shin: i will defeat my brother *looks up at the sky and wipes a tear*

Fandom carla:$enpai didnt notice🔚🚫⚠⚠ ❎❎🚫❌❌💢💢. No really shin sTOp.

Real carla:

inside *i hope shin ate his breakfast* * ooHh is that a 19th century painting*👀👀👌👌👍.

Outside *puts shin in prison* that is what you get for breaking my antique.

Fandom yui: what.

Real yui: wat.

Just for fun 👌👌

fic masterlist

prompted by a request and a need for organization, here’s a masterlist of all the (x-files) fic i’ve done


half-light (msr, s10 au/s1 au, rewrite of the original, wc: 74k)

Mulder and Scully get a second chance.

the unspeakable fear of things (msr, emily, s5-6 au, wc: 41k)

Emily Sim is cured by mysterious circumstances, deemed a miracle by the doctors.

  • Christmas Ficlets (msr, emily, william, wc: 12k)
    • series of Christmas ficlets set post-ufot

starless and shadow (msr, millennium au, post col, wc: 17k)

The world didn’t end. But what if it did?

one/two/three shots

a blanket, the lights, and the sky (msr, college au)

two college students, truth or dare, and a light in the sky.

under the stars (minimal fate required) (msr, aus)

or: ways mulder and scully could’ve been happy

hold your breath so you don’t say i love you (msr, vignette)

46. things you said when you kissed me goodnight, along the different seasons

where the love light gleams (emily, william, au, on the run)

Emily and William escape the air base where they’ve spent their entire lives, and set out in search of their family.

motions of time (msr, cancer arc au)

He kisses her in the hallway of the hospital under the washed out lights: quickly, with his hands in her hair.

inches between them (msr, deadalive-empedocles)

It’s taken her nearly eight years to believe in the impossible, and it’s still easy to revert to old habits. She believed for Mulder when it seemed vital, when it was imperative that if he couldn’t be there that someone be there to fill his role in his life’s work, to take his place, but she didn’t believe when it really was vital. She never imagined him coming back from the dead, always thought it was impossible. If she ever imagined them raising the baby together, she imagined a reality where he never left and her life didn’t crumble to dust.

car games (scully, william, post-s9 au)

He gets bored on long car rides, restless, tapping his sneakered foot against the center console rhythmically. There is a succession of car games, and he gets tired of them fast. “Who wants to count cars, Mom?” he whines, just a little. “That’s boring.”

another year (msr)

Mulder celebrates Scully’s birthday vs Scully celebrates Mulder’s birthday.

date of birth (william, van de kamps)

Five of William Van de Kamp’s birthdays.

3:55 (scully, pilot au)

His eyes are something strange, almost of… desperation as he looks down at her. Like he’s known her for a thousand years. Dana shifts her weight uncomfortably. The man clears his throat, and says, “Yeah, uh, don’t take you new assignment.”

read it beginning to end (msr)

He stays up late reading Moby-Dick by lamplight, and lays it all out for her at the end of a chapter in pencil.

reunions (and an orange painted sky) (msr, william, s10/s11 spec)

Mulder grins wider in response, tightening his arms around her. “Scully, I think there’s someone you should meet.”

second step (msr ust, s2)

The first step is the one that reminds her that she is alive. The first step was her first year with Mulder, caught up in the excitement of it all. The second step is harder - but, she reminds herself, the second step is worth it.

smoke and mirrors (msr)

What’s your truth, she thinks idly, and is surprised to find that she wants to know the answer. 

miles away (for xfilesrevisited)

It’s Christmas, and Scully won’t come downstairs.

unfinished crossover with stranger things

“Mr. Mulder, I am fascinated with your work on the X-Files,” Dustin says excitedly. “I’m sorry I thought you were a murderer.”

“That’s okay, most do.” He shrugs. “I’m sorry for my appearance, but I wasn’t expecting guests.” He shoots a look at Emily.

“It’s like I said, Mulder, that over there is Eleven, and she’s the one who’s like William.”

“She came from a bad place, and her nose bleeds when she does the thing,”  William says, swinging her hand.

“And she’s going to help the guys find Will, you know, that missing kid, but she needs a place to stay,” Emily says.

The man is looking at her. Mike, Lucas, and Dustin are clustered together, staring at them. The man steps closer and offers his hand. “Hi, Eleven,” he says quietly. “I’m Mulder.”

Eleven takes his hand with her free one and shakes it. “Hi,” she says softly.

the werewolf theory (au comedy-ish thing)

Mulder and Scully solve a case as a married couple. (And it’d be great if everyone could let the last names thing go.)

“how i met your mother” au  1, 2, 3 (schmoopie family stuff)

basically a happy family au

a pale circle of light (post-the truth)

“Scully!” he calls after her. She keeps walking without looking back, chin firmly set.


headcanons/short fics

So some people are saying Oliver’s character is regressed and development in season 4 is erased for this to happen when actually its the so called “growth” last season that didnt make sense. Sorry but as romantic as it sounds ignoring internalized issues and going on a vacation with the love of your life doesnt automatically cure ptsd from 8 years of hell. I for one am glad we are bringing this up now i am just hoping it means he will finally face his demons for real this time and maybe get some professional help.

You know, I figured people would do this (there were already posts about it before we even knew if Atem was coming back for real or not) but it still annoys me so much.

I mean I get some people didnt want him to come back for whatever reason, that’s fine but saying that it robbed Yugi of his rightful place is just… so wrong??? in my opinion. Like yes, that could have happened. Like I even made a post about it last year I think, about how it’s possible to handle Atem’s return in a way that overshadows Yugi but it’s also possible to not do that and we should give the movie a chance to see which road they decide to take. And honestly, I dont see how what happened could be considered as the first option at all.

For one thing, looking at the most practical physical aspect - Yugi fought three duels in a row, the last of which was a shadow game sapping him of his life force/energy. And he got knocked around so much in the first duel alone, let alone facing Kaiba afterwards who is not an easy opponent to deal with on a good day (and that was definitely not one of his good days). The kid isnt made of stone. I imagine even Atem would have been having diffuclties by that point. Hell, he did have difficulties - when he was in his own body in the Memory World and was fighting Bakura constantly, he too needed Yugi and co and all his priests dying/giving him their ba/ka to help him restore his energy (which actually now that I’m thinking about it, is an amazing parallel and I need to make a seperate post to properly express how it makes me feel, goddamn this ship will be the death of me). So Yugi passing out after all that? Seems a pretty logical thing to do. Especially since he wasnt even using any additional magical powers or anyone else’s energy to keep going.

Secondly, from a character development perspective - Yugi was the boss. This is the kid who couldnt stand in front of crowds without doing an awkward robot walk, stammering and blushing like crazy - and this same kid now not only has no problem dueling in a high-stakes duel in front of the whole city but also has no problem telling the guy who bascially owns said city to back the fuck off. Honestly, how many characters do you think would have the balls to look Seto Kaiba in the eye and say what Yugi said with the full intention of following through on those words? And to have Kaiba actually listen to them?

Not to mention that he’s also doing the speech at their graduation and he looks perfectly at ease with it.

Yugi has grown so much as a character and the movie showed that so well. He’s living his life, he has plans for the future, he’s confident and still sweet, he can now freely and easily stand up for the things and people he cares about, he believes in himself, he’s willing to fight to the end and not give up even when things look doomed… like how does Atem coming at the literal last second to help out ruin any of that? Or take away from Yugi’s spotlight? Because Yugi was supposed to save the world alone? Does that even make sense when the entire core theme of the show is that you should rely on your friends and let them give you strength and that the power of unity and togetherness and friendship is what saves the world in the end and makes the impossible possible? Did Atem save the world on his own or did all his friends and family support him with all their power?

So for me that was the perfect way to handle both Atem’s return and showcasing Yugi’s growth and strength as his own person/duelist.

For anyone who wants a version without all this text, here

-Shows up to Starco Week a week late with a rushed doodle-

Day 1: Bad Boy and Princess AU

I immediately thought of the song “Bad Little Boy” from Adventure Time. However, Fionna’s not really a princess, so this scene fit better. 

(Although in a real AT AU, Star would def be Fionna and Marco P.G, and Janna a wizard of some sorts, probably)

Unfortunately this is probably the only prompt I’ll do, I’ve got a lot on my to-do list  -_-

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How is Rebecca Sugar appropriating?

so its not 100% fair of me to say it was rebecca sugar entirely, but it is the crew and since rebecca is the creator theres no real damage in saying it either. i feel like this will be long? so i’ll make it a read more….ALSO im no professional on my religion or other religions, so if you know more than me or notice things tht need correcting dont be afraid to say something…. ok moving on

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  • Garrus: Sooo about that fish tank you fell through...Now I’ve got a story to tell the family when they meet you for the first time. Always helps to break the ice with turian in-laws.
  • Shepard: In-laws.
  • Garrus: What?
  • Shepard: You said 'in-laws'.
  • Garrus: I...ah.....um.........Well crap. It wasn’t supposed to- I mean I had a real...hrm. That is to say if you even wanted to...
  • Shepard: ....
  • Garrus: I mean....do...you....?
  • Shepard: I do.
Chanyeol As Your Boyfriend
  • Where do I start with this boy
  • Goofy and kind of dense but overly loving?
  • “Chan I have work to d-”
  • *pulls you back into bed resting his large on top of yours with his gravely morning voice*
  • “Just a few more minutes Y/N…I want to spend all my good moments with you”
  • AND RIP! There goes your resolve to refuse your lovable boyfriend
  • He’s the type to get you in trouble, LIKE UNINTENTIONALLY THOUGH HE SWEARS HE DIDNT MEAN TO!1!1!1
  • “Oh it’s my boss from work!” *avoid avoid avoid*
  • But let’s be real you can’t really get mad at him, he just wants what’s right for you
  • He could be annoying though using text terms like, lol, lmao, brb, ttyl, tt, omg, etc. in a basic vocal conversation
  • Speaking of Baek, oh boy he and Jongdae,,,,well let’s just say you got 3 for the price of one
  • *opens door to home* “Channie I’m ho-”
  • *three heads pop up to say hello*
  • He might be soft but he’s not innocent at all (remember the time he and Kyungsoo laughed cause some squishy things Kyungsoo was holding looked like a dick? Oh yea)
  • He…just can’t read atmosphere that well
  • *slides over to kiss you in front of parents*
  • But what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ he can’t see the outside world because you are his world
  • Fashion shopping would be so easy with him though omg
  • “Y/N? Which hoodie, this blue one or the black? Or should I get the purple one”
  • I’d say he’s territorial, easy to get jealous and needs validation from time to time. Poor baby gets so many unnecessary hate that it will affect how he is in the relationship
  • But that also means as the person he chose to build a relationship with he’ll ask you for validation first
  • “Is this okay to post on Instagram?” ; “Is this song good?” ; “Did I do well today?”
  • And just seeing that heartwarming smile he gives you when you say yes well it just helps with your day a little more
  • He may suck at reading atmosphere but he can tell when you’re upset or down
  • Pulling you into a hug where he wraps his long arms and legs around you to just listen and try to help you through.
  • He tries to do the things you’d usually do just to help you a out a little more even if he makes a bigger mess than before
  • Your dates would be so pure and simple or extravagant and wild; it depends on his spontaneous personality 
  • But in the end of the day you two would snuggle in bed and tell stories to each other as his voice helps slowly lull you to sleep, giving one last kiss on your forehead as his eyes shine at you as if you were the only person in the world and frankly you were to him

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I was working out like a real slug at my gym when I saw him. I know 707 is Korean, but I swear I saw this Western guy and his red hair *got me walking side to side* (sing like Ariana Garde)!!!!!!!! Fuck thats reallyyyyy 707 in real life!!

I stalked… I mean unconciously followed him to men closet door and then my rational brain finally kept me out (amen). I didnt have my phone with me so I cant take a picture so now Im drawing this with so many regret huhu

While drawing this Im chanting like real monk: Im a good Jumin trash, Im a good Jumin trash, why he looked so hot, still a good Jumin trash…

Your Internet Persona (Midheaven Signs)

Aries: social media is the ultimate way for them to express themselves and their opinions. They tend to make everything about themselves, thinking everyone cares about what they have to say and share. Will pick up fights about their fandom or opinions frequently. The internet is probably the place that makes them most outgoing and confident.

Taurus: laughs about old memes long after they’re out of trend, because they’re too slow to keep up with the extremely quick and short-lived trends of social media. They just want to lean back and enjoy some good old planking videos, for gods sake. Theyre really practical about social media, they dont have the need to brag a lot or to pretend to be cool, they just want to enjoy themselves.

Gemini: over-sharing, lots of liking and commenting and tagging. They hate feeling like they miss something, they want to seem super informed and up-to-date with the cool kid trends. What are the neweste memes? Do people still say groovy and funky?? Ask a gemini midheaven. Theyre the coolest people on the internet.

Cancer: their social media consists of whining about first world problems and song lyrics or quotes that allude to something and them expecting others to know what they mean. Its almost as if their social media accounts are they angsyt teenage diaries for their thoughts and feelings to be expressed.

Leo: social media is the ultimate stage for a leo midheaven, they share lots of selfies and personal info nobody asked for and they’re unnecessarily artsy. Harry Styles has a leo midheaven and his instagram account is a black and white picture gallery of his ~artsy~ lifestyle… and his twitter bio says “raconteur” (which is a sort of storyteller) and his profile picture is of himholding up a camera. Come on, Harry!! Social media is not artwork, stop taking it so seriously!

Virgo: afraid of showing flaws! Perfectionists. They’d rather share too little than regret sharing something, usually quite private as well. Virgo midheavens never want to have anything embarrasing about them online so they think twice before posting something.

Libra: put lots of effort into appearing super cute and super pretty online, and then act all humble “im not that special, this picture is nothing, really, i just took it randomly… actually i didnt notice the camera going of??”. They will be the nicest most sweet people trying not to get into any fights, being super politically correct, because they dont want to offend anyone or be “problematic” (strange new term).

Scorpio: hates giving out personal information, likes using profile pictures that is not them. But if they do post something, you can be sure it’s super deep or a link to a weird documentary. They keep it real, post something that has meaning, cut the bullshit. The internet is not a stage for their ego, its a stage for what they stand for.

Sagittarius: passionately posts about things nobody else cares about, makes a big deal about everything and blows everything out of proportion!!!!! lots of exclamation marks!!! lots of “omg”. They will act as if everything is so sensational, inspirational and motivational. Everything is “hilarious” even though theyre actually staring at the screen with a blank face.

Capricorn: wants to appear professional, their tumblr is a portfolio, their twitter is actual life updates, facebook is a résumé. They will probably actually use the right grammar and spelling on their social media?? weird. Portraying themselves like that on the internet is their source of respect, their way to find a place where they are taken seriously.

Aquarius: social justice fighters online, even if they don’t care as much IRL, pretend to dislike things because they’re too mainstream, online hipsters. They will hop on any brand new band wagon but jump right off when it gets too crowded. They take lots of pride in being the first one to share a youtube video that later goes viral.

Pisces: mostly communicates through emojis, the rest is telepathy. Very vague posts, highly edited pictures. What they portray online is hazy & blurry and doesn’t really say anything about what the person is like or looks like. They might just not have social media at all. Celebrity example #1 for this is Cher, her tweets are sensational but they usually dont make sense