i didnt make this but i dont know who did

just something ive seen happen, and feel the need to bring up

stop being surprised when a disabled person is able to do something, stop being surprised that your ignorant assumption was wrong.

the only reason youre surprised that a disabled person can do something YOU thought they couldnt, is because you didnt know their limitations, but thought you did, and if thats not bad enough, people will go the extra mile and make that ignorance the disabled person’s problem.

its beyond disrespectful, i dont wanna see your raised eyebrows or hear your voice go up an octave, i dont want to know how surprised you were that my disability doesnt stop me from everything, i dont want to know how shocked you are that i, a disabled person, can do something/is good at something.

I dont want to see you act this cringy because i dont want to be reminded that people who are THAT ignorant exist, i dont want to be reminded that ableism is so normalized that its completely fine to act surprised when a disabled person can do something.

like its embarressing enough that youre that ignorant, but its even worse when you openly express how ignorant you are through being surprised.

yo very unpopular opinion here but its bothering me a fuckton so here

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Glory Glade P1


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anonymous asked:

great, your amazing fanarts of Bendy got more than 300 notes. Happy now? Don't forget there are desesperate artists trying to draw their best this cutie pie, and who got 20 notes to their best art. so don't forget how lucky you are. Don't forget there are people who don't sleep to finally get 10 notes, not a fucking single reblog, when others people just appear on the others dashboards... have a nice day.

Uh gee buddy. Sorry for that. I dont really know how to respond to this but… It makes me sorta sad. I didnt mean to upset you if I did. If i could resolve this conflict I would.

ferociousfangirlofmanyfandoms  asked:

Hi! How about aliens that look like Scyther and Scizor? Would they mistake them for kin and be horrified about Pokeballs?

The ‘Scyther’ that the humans called kinda resembled themselves, it was a bit odd but also nice, it looked liked they had a common ancestor, and branched off to different species. The scythes being the most obvious difference.

The Scythers seemed to think something similar, they had a positive reaction to seeing us, flying around and investigating us. The troop had been scared, the wildlife was nothing to mess with, something we learned the hard way, and this buzzing and circling around sureley would mean they saw us as intruders, and would slice us.

We didnt expect the Scythers to gently approach us and investigate closer.
One of them gave Sorbasch, who was injured- yellow fruit, or berry? I have yet to learn the difference.

It was safe to say that these Scythers did not see us as a threat, and might even like us?

One of the younger soldiers, Onadya, I dont know if she was being brave or foolish, approached one of them and befriended them, the way we’ve seen humans do it.

Hopefully no one will make a wrong step that leads to us getting massacred, my troop is still wary, but too fearful of agitating the wild Scythers.

To our amusement, we saw a Scyther approach a human, we expected it to scare the human away from our base, but a red light appeared and another 'Pokémon’ came out of nowhere! The Scyther and the opponent started to battle, but as Scyther got more and more worn out, the human threw a red and white orb, that turned the scyther in to a red light, that got sucked in.

We were all horrified! The human had destroyed the poor scyther, rather than to leave it alone! But the ball shook and scyther came out, alive and well, but angrier. Yes, it would sureley get its revenge, otherwise, we will step in and chase off the human

gaypen-guins  asked:

I didnt realize you were trans too? So like,,, yoooooo how did the whole coming out thing go?

yea hey!! so it was pretty anticlimatic actually, my mom had already known for ages and i dont really know that many people on fb other than my parents and im not fb friends with anyone who would be judgemental, it went super smoothly and also now my mom has realised that im serious about this and shes making more of an effort to remember to use my chosen name for me so its great!

ok so like. idk exactly how to put how i feel abt asagao into words but guess who has two thumbs and is gonna try anyway

to this day, i still dont know why i downloaded asagao. i wasnt into dating games or visual novels, and i didnt even watch many of the nb/hb guys (i didnt even know hb was a thing). but im fuckin glad i did, it was a blast playing through it all, and making this blog was much more fun than i expected. i may not have interacted much at first and i was p quiet in the fandom as a whole, but as soon as i opened up more i saw just how amazing and fun this community is, whether its about art, writing, aus, self inserts, everything is so well received and encouraged. i wouldnt be who i am today without this game

thank you

has jen ever outright said she doesnt support SQ? with the recent supergirl drama people are making posts comparing jen and melissa, but as far as i know jen has never suggested she doesn’t support SQ to the same extent melissa (and cast who i dont know well enough to name) did with supercorp. 

as far as i know jen enjoyed sq fans and theories, she was never as overly supportive as lana, but she never said anything negative right? her JOB was to promote cs, the biggest/main ouat ship and she LIKED cs, so why wouldnt she support it.. plus she was told time and time again by writers SQ would never happen so if she had said something suggesting SQ might happen, the backlash would fall on her even worse when it didnt happen, right? is she just eternally screwed no matter what she did or did she ever say something outright suggesting she did NOT support sq?

a tally of giveaway participants

i made this in advance to not have to rush it in a day when i should study. you can still enter and will be added. if you entered and are missing, you did something wrong or i screwed up, message me. i had to exclude a person who didnt even specify a design and a person who outright said they dont know where will they use the design (im sorry, but other people are writing almost stories for them here, i made an effort, thry made an effort, if you want to have the same chances as them you gotta make an effort). neither @asknursyslyveon nor @pokemonfangirl99 wrote in a blog from which they follow me or a purpose for the character. you can fix that until tomorrow if you forgot. (upd: asknursyslyveon fixed it and is in)

Sprinkles Eevee

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anonymous asked:

what do you think when people say no mercy and final people were fixed?

ah see this is kind of a grey area with me, thing is no mercy was obviously heavily scripted, you can’t deny it. it’s influenced so many people into thinking that none of them knew kyun before or smth, and that they hated his guts. they were awkward yes, but i doubt they did not know him.

whilst not fixed kdjgk godt i dont know how to say this, it’s like the showrunners kinda?? knew whom they wanted to push to win? i dont know if that makes sense. they wouldn’t have brought changkyun halfway and spiced up the drama if they didnt want him to be part of the lineup. and including nuboyz (who already had even a sliver of an audience and having audience participation be a big factor in their decision…)

i don’t know if anything makes sense, i just, i don’t think it was fixed, i just think the showrunners were very clever. (except for k.will, he can choke)

anonymous asked:

I gotta say...Louis's reaction to it all makes it seem like he was the one who was most hurt cause to be this like angry about it in a way is interesting. Idk but at the same time "give me some morphine" is a real lyric so who knows.

god idek if hes necessarily angry more just like defensive and willing to talk about it in a way that harry never has and i rly dont imagine ever will. i think in general louis is more open but i also think its easier for him to talk about it bc it didnt involve the same emotions that it did for harry. anyway god i cant do this its 1am!!!!

7shinees  asked:

also,, i guess that's obvious, but! if you need to talk about any shit that is happening or just vent or ask for any advice, i'm here to talk with you. anyways, i hope you'll feel better.

i just put hearts on the previous two asks bc i didnt wanna answer them separately since its kinda one whole thing if tht makes sense but i cant even describe how heartwarming reading this was. its so crazy to me that ppl who dont know me are more there for me than ppl who do but i’m so glad i read this when i did. im definitely gonna message you at some point bc you seem super easy to talk to and vent to and youre so so sweet omg. thank you so much for sending this it made my entire day honestly 💝💝💝💝💝🌻🌻🌻🌻🌹🌹🌹🌹

Himawari aka Mop head

i cant comprehend why would anyone  like her…ok i understand the nh fans,they would had accepted her even if she had satanic red horns on her head,but some antis or neautrals?  there is literaly nothing likeable about her neither personality or looks..she is the kind of brat who is a little devil trying to play the inocent angel…

but what is more bothering is that she hasnt even apologized to her father for making him miss his most important day out of a stupid selfish reason .. .did she apologized to her brother for hitting him into a wall?she didnt!and all for fucking plush who could be replaced any time,or could be cuddled any time ,she had all the fucking time in the world after the ceremony!plus i have the feeling she hit Naruto on purpouse ..he was standing between her and her brother telling her to cut it out and stop the fight way before she started to lash out at him…..if this isnt being selfish spoiled psycho brat then i dont know what it is..i came to the conclusion that sometimes its not the parents’s faulth for brats being born with faulty personalities

EXO - Who leaked the video? ft. Kris the detective

Baekhyun: kris wHY are you staring at us like that

Kris: hm…..

Baekhyun: what

Kris: hmmmmmmmm interesting

Sehun: can you stop

Kris: i know it was one of you

Chen: um what

Kris: one of you leaked the dance video… and management has selected ME to find out who

Chen: are you serious 

Kris: oh yes! and believe me, i will find the culprit!

Sehun: ok it definitely wasnt one of us. are you stupid

Kris: that’s exACTLY what a criminal would say!!

Tao: oHhh my gOD

Kris: so i asked myself something…who would have motive to do this unspeakable crime??


Kris: and at first, i thought…SUHO!!!

Suho: w-what? me? do you really think i-

Kris: oh yes. I can see it now. you wanted revenge. 

Suho: revenge for what ?

Kris: for making you wear that mask. hiding your beautiful face. how could they??? and so, at the dead of the night…you RELEASED THE VIDEO

Suho: n-no! i swear!!!!

Kris: i guess the power that comes with being a flawless blonde went to your head. i have such power too. but to hurt SM in such a way? no…suho wouldnt do that

Baekhyun: but you JUST said that he did-

Kris: YOU!!!!! *points to sehun*

Sehun: ugh what 

Kris: twas YOU who released the dance video!

Sehun: ok no it definitely wasnt so you can piss off

Kris: mwa ha ha ha, oh yes! you wanted the fame. the glory

Sehun: what the hell are you even talking about

Kris: you just couldnt wait for people to see your little solo dance, could you? and so you HAD to release the video!

Tao: this is so dumb kris it was NOT sehun

Kris: Tao!!!!!!! it was YOU!!!!!!!!

Tao: ok i wasnt even in that video

Kris: exactly. you wanted to ruin SM the same way they ruined you…by not showing your face

Baekhyun: ha wow that actually sounds like tao

Tao: ok first of all, bacon bitch you need to fuck off. second, this is so dumb kris, because i was with you the night of the “crime”. dont u remember??? we took a bath together??? with roses?? and scented candles???

Kris: do you really think i would fall for that??

Tao: ugh i hate you

Chanyeol: Kris this is stupid can you stop

Kris: why are you saying that??? were you working with tao????? you were werent you!!

Chanyeol: hA no 

Kris: tsk tsk tsk. don’t lie to a detective, it’ll get you nowhere 

Baekhyun: kris you’re not a detective

Kris: o rlly??? then what is THIS badge *pulls out badge*

Baekhyun: you definitely got that from a cereal box

Kris: yes!!! just like YOU released the video!!!!

Baekhyun: that makes no sense. ok yeah, i looked gorgeous in that video, but i didnt leak it

Kris: fine. i’ll quell my suspicion. for now!!! 

Baekhyun: ooooo im so scared

Kris: did you just insult an officer ?? 

Baekhyun: what are you gonna do about it, officer cuntbag ??

Kris: jongin!!!! give me my handcuffs!!!!

Kai: what handcuffs

Kris: the ones you keep under your bed 

Kai: …i dont know what you’re talking about 

Kris: more lying?? well then, YOU must have leaked the video


Kris: what??? who is speaking over an officer???

D.O: it was me. i leaked the fucking video so why dont you STOP

Baekhyun: you??? why would you release the video???

D.O: because i wanted to. what are you going to do about it 


D.O: exactly. that’s what i thought 

Kris: do kyungsoo!!! ill get you next time!!!!

D.O: *punches kris* dumbass

no, to try fighting with someone you don’t know unprompted on their own goddamn post when you have no idea what their motivations were for making a post in the first place. 

if i wanted to fight you or get your opinion, i would have @’d you on the post you first replied to. i made that post as a notice for my mutuals and friends and considering you’re neither i don’t see why its any of your business what i post. i didnt even want to incite shit from the “ace discourse” tag but i tagged it as a fucking courtesy to people who follow me who asked me to do so for their blacklisting purposes

if you want to make a statement about your opinions you can do that on your blog. you can make your own post, hell you can even reblog mine and say whatever the fuck you want to say, but considering all you did was reply to mine i dont know how im supposed to take that other than you specifically wanting to get into an argument with me. 

your followers won’t see what you said to me. heteroromantic aces won’t see what you said to me. only i would have. so you’re not calling out heteroromantic aces are you? if you were, you would have reblogged the post for the world to see and yet you didnt. you replied, knowing only i’d check the tags, because you were just being purposefully antagonistic because you have nothing better to do in your sorry life.

my beef with you right now isn’t with your politics or your own opinions on the discourse, i dont agree with them, yes, but i dont troll tags just to try to make other peoples lives as miserable as my own is by instigating shit. my beef begins and ends with your complete inability to mind your own.

so if you’d like to see yourself off my blog and pretend this didn’t happen, now’s your chance because i don’t feel like being a nastier person than i already am today, and i can’t make any promises that i’ll be as generous if you “try it” a third time

anonymous asked:

Do you have any haters?

i do have. like, ONE from earlier 2016, this person hate me so much until they even spam all the hates to my inbox like 20 messages i believed. Th3y even try to find my Instagram that i havent tell some of my fans (once i did tell my fans about my Instagram through my livestream. ) and DM me with more hates.
I done blocked them, but they have followers to DM me to unblock them and also they are being hypocritical at me, b2cause they told me they can be a middle person to stop our quarrel. Yes, i do talk again that person who hates me, and they agree to stop and I wont reply any of their messages.
but months later. they did it again, and its making me so upset and depressed, i had mental breakdown and take down my old tumblr, DA and YT i didnt take it down, but i change my icon to ‘IS DEAD’

after i felt a lot better and more motivated, thanks to my friends and my fans who always support me, i came back and tries to be strong if I would receive another hate. Surprisingly that person and their followers have deleted their accounts.

i dont know why, but their reason that they hate me is because *ehem* rumors they said, I am not being too HUMBLE with my fans and they called me a SPOILED because I way too young to have a mac, and even cintiq my parents bought me as a present for my success to my final examination last year.

Im not being a spoiled, the mac laptop was actually belong to my dad, and we actually share the laptop together, but he’s rarely used it because he use the laptop to transfer money online.

The cintiq was also used MY own money from work and half of my parents money. so, I am not that SPOILED. i love to treats people like food, gift and or anything they interested. Thats me.

bleh, english is bad for me today. thanks for reading this.

iamsapphirecrimsonclaw  asked:

I'm both intersex and acearospec so that makes 2 things I'm being excluded for? Or you want to go for a third and say I'm not allowed because I'm agender? I still went to pride and nobody kicked me out so...

Yike. S

Where oh where did i say yall wouldnt be welcomed at pride? Oh, wait. I didnt lol i said the. Exact. Opposite. Everyone should be welcomed as an ally at the very least.

Anyways i know several intersex people both on tumblr and in real life who dont consider themselves lgbt and a few disapprove of the -i being tacked on lgbtqithgwxyz+++ because it implies theyre just in the community bc theyre “different”

Also, nonb ppl are lgbt bc theyre on the transpec so thats all you need. Ace ppl arent lgbt bc all it is is a modifier to whether or not you have a sex drive/preference to when you do ir dont and it in no way affects WHO you are attracted to, which is what the lgbt community encompasses. Ace gays are lgbt bc theyre gay, ace straights are not, you feel? Same goes for aros (which is also me).

Im not saying yall cant celebrate being ace, but dont do it within lgbt spaces bc thats not where it belongs unless ur gay, bi, or transpec (nb, fluid, so on and so on) too


okay i’ll try to make this as short as possible but i don’t think it will be as i’ve got a lot i want to say. okay so first of all, luke has changed. he has. he’s not the same boy he was before the tour started. if he hangs around with this arzaylea chick too much he’ll start mirroring her actions so we might as well kiss our ‘innocent’ luke goodbye. apparently he’s already started unfollowing fans, soon he’ll be blocking them and this will just be a huge mess and when they break up (which they will) he’ll realise what a jerk he was. so let him make his mistakes, he needs to learn. and in the pictures of him outside the club w/ arzaylea, he looks so annoyed, like man what did you expect?!? you go to that club frequently and there’s always paps outside. if he didnt want to be photographed, he shoudnt have gone. but here’s where it gets scary. i know this probably wasn’t his intentions, but maybe he wanted to be photographed with her?? to rub it in our faces that he’s all grown up and can do what he wants. i dont know what to think about him anymore, just that he’s not who he used be. ofc i’ll still support his music, but my opinion on him has changed over the past few days im sad to say.

second, this arzaylea girl is probably the worst kind of girl for luke to date. peope are comparing her to bryana which is stupid. Bryana and Ashton have been dating for a long time, are taking things slow, Bryana has never been rude to fans and when they meet her she has been so sweet. and when she goes to ashton’s shows, she’s been seen singing along, dancing, smiling and is having a good time whilst watching her boyfriemd do what he loves. whereas arzaylea has been on twitter and instagram constantly referencing luke, posting pictures in his clothes and basially dangling their ‘relationship’ in our faces, something Bryana has never done. Arzaylea has also made fun of people with anxiety (a mental illness which some of luke’s fan suffer from, me being one of them) made cultral appropriation comments saying that white people can wear dreads and i remember one post about a turban. she’s also dated other band guys before to get their money or some shit, so she’s played this game many times before, luke is just a toy with $$$ to her.

Her ex-boyfriend Bryan is a very important topic. Bryan has said that Arzaylea still owes him rent money from their appartment and apparently cheated on him with luke in LA. the day before she left for a LA she sent Bryan this loving text message about how much she’ll miss him and how much she loves him and then all this luke drama happens and poor Bryan is left heartbroken. Luke tweeted ‘it should be about happiness’ but i bET HE WASNT THINKING ABOUT BRYAN’S HAPPINESS WHILST HE WAS STICKING HIS DICK IN ANOTHER MANS FUCKING GIRL! im so disapointed in luke, i thought he was better than this. believe it or not i have been a luke girl since early 2012 and i never expected him to do this. and literally like a few weeks ago he basically shaded ashton and said that getting a girlfriend would upset the fans and that he wouldnt do it or something. like luke ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ fᵘͨᵏ ʸºᵘ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ʷʰʸ ʸºᵘ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ.

im sure theres loads more that needs to be said about this topic so i may do another rant but for now im done. im going to support michael, calum and ashton and 5sos’s music as a whole bc thats what im here for and if luke comes to his sences then im sure we’ll all be willing to forget about this. but luke girls, try to enjoy the new music, its okay to cry, its okay to be angry. luke will learn soon enough what a fame whore arzaylea is and we’ll be there to say ‘i told you so’ after he’s broken us. good luck luke. i hope she makes you very happy :(

PART 2: http://bocaclifford.tumblr.com/post/129444822453/luke-drama-pt-2

Two Years ~ Vernon

Word Count: 1782

//Part 2

“I heard there’s a new student coming today! Word around the school is that he’s really cute!” Your best friend told you ask you walked to your next class happened to be math.

“They always say that. Remember the last new student?” You asked. Last month there was gossip about a transfer student who ever thought was going to be so cute but after their first day many people who dug into the rumors were very disappointed.

 "They said it would be different this time. Apparently this one’s famous!“ She explained, almost squealing at the end.

 You shook your head and smiles, “You and your gossip. Why am I friends with you again?” You joked before entering the classroom and heading towards your seat.

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