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After having so many of my plans fall through, my incredible and amazing friend collab’d with me to draw a Marcy that came out better than I could have ever hoped for. Since I absolutely love the idea that Jake knits all his friends cute sweaters during the winter, I decided I wanted to make a picture of Marcy wearing a sweater that Jake made for her (featuring his cute face!). Merry Christmas @amanda-fluffire, I hope you like it!! :)

And thank you so much to @soupery for organizing this! I know it must be really stressful but just know that we all love and appreciate all the work you do <3

Voltron Headcanons Pt. 3
  • Lance has pretty severe depression. He puts on this mask that makes him seem confident and clever and tough, but in reality he’s just sad and tired and honestly just rly needs a good hug.
  • Its usually late night or early morning, when everyone else is asleep, where Lance is the most vulnerable.
  • During those times he listens to the Hamilton soundtrack. “Satisfied” to be specific.
  • Lance cries very quietly. So quiet that he could cry while wearing his helmet and none of the others would hear.
  • Keith walked in on Lance crying while listening to “Satisfied” and looking out of one of the big windows on the castle once. He thought about going to comfort but decided that he might just make it worse if Lance knew he’d been caught. Not to mention Keith isn’t very good at comforting people.
  • Keith, Hunk, and Lance are all rly good singers. Pidge and Shiro aren’t very good, though.
  • Keith is actually super good at rapping?? Like he’s rly good at rapping
  • Lance is the best singer out of all of them, but he’s too afraid to sing in front of people. The only person he will sing in front of is Shiro.
  • When he sings, Lance sings quietly. Not because he’s nervous, that’s just how he sings.
  • Hunk isn’t afraid of singing in front of others and will often break out into song at random times. 
  • Shiro once heard Lance singing and later asked him jokingly he wasn’t joking if he would give him lessons. Lance was very embarrassed but said he would.
  • If Pidge gets angry enough she’ll start to cry. She hates it but she can’t help it.
  • Lance and Pidge both cry if they get embarrassed enough
  • Keith has the same problem but he refuses that he wasn’t tearing up, he just had something in his eye…
  • Hunk can cook normally difficult dishes no problem, but he sometimes has trouble with simpler dishes.
  • Shiro has tried improving his singing during his lessons with Lance but is still terrible.
  • One of the reasons Shiro wanted to do the singing lessons with Lance was to give them both a little distraction. To have a couple hours a day that they could just relax, laugh, and not worry or stress out.
  • Lance was hesitant at first but ended up rly enjoying the lessons with Shiro. He considers Shiro one of his best friends so he most comfortable singing around him.
the gang goes to disneyland

ok lets do this
note: i’ll do serious headcanons one day…. but today’s not that day. 

- ok first things first tracer would definitely enjoy the teacup ride and also the matterhorn
- would want to try all the special disneyland snacks/drinks
- refuses to go on any ride with a wait longer than 10 minutes

- reaper would legit murder anybody who drags him onto its a small world
- for real tho, as soon as he hears the song he’ll jump off the boat and wraith outta there
- the ride operators aren’t phased at all, they’ve seen stranger things in their time working here
- spends an entire hour looking at haunted mansion merch

- zarya would like all the fairytale-based fantasyland rides, finding them all delightful and charming
- she would get a photo with a costumed character where they’re both flexing
- also she buys one of those goofy ear hats and wears it 24/7

- hanzo grumbles and looks all serious on every single ride but inside he’s enjoying himself
- especially likes autopia, it’s oddly relaxing for him

- mccree would RULE at the buzz lightyear ride, and would go on it over and over just to show off 
- after discovering frontierland he would never leave
- big thunder mountain railroad is his favorite ride

- d.va would just stay in the starcade forever, hogging up all the machines
- she’d probably like star tours too
- her and mccree would be very competitive with the buzz lightyear ride, constantly going against each other and trying to beat the other’s high score

- junkrat LOVES pirates of the caribbean. so much. just the part with the actual pirates tho. doesn’t care much for the quiet beginning part of the ride
- toontown is right up his alley as well, specifically the roger rabbit ride
- he attempts to hijack the fireworks show and gets a lifetime ban from entering the park

- meanwhile, roadhog has…. acquired…a large assortment of disney plushies
- he loves the indiana jones ride and takes some of the plushies on the ride with him
- also likes pirates of the caribbean and goes on it with junkrat
- hates the tiki room but likes the pineapple soft serve there

- zenyatta gets a baymax balloon and keeps it with him the entire time
- he would also rlly like the astro orbiter and brings genji on it with him
- “go higher my pupil” “ but this is the highest it can go” “h i g h e r”

- bastion goes to the tiki room, starts “singing” the melody by beeping and whirring
- buys a tiny mickey ear hat for its bird

Write everything down about us on a love letter
And throw it into the empty sky
The wind will embrace us



Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)

reblog this and write ‘don’t repost’ in your language to help artists

i was thinking for pixiv artists etc, artists could put a page full of text saying ‘don’t repost’ in different languages as the second pages of a log after the cover. because there are so many reposters who tell me ‘oh, i just got it off of the tag’ and don’t acknowledge any of the rules or what the artist says on their profile. some even suddenly don’t understand english after you comment that it’s your art, and some of them genuinely don’t speak it at all, which makes it hard to communicate. if it’s in the log, they can’t say that, more so if it’s in their language.

my point is, i’m planning to make a page full of all these different languages for artists everywhere to use freely, but i need people to help me out by adding this phrase in their respective language, like so:

english- do not repost my work on other websites

urdu- میرا کام اور جگه پرنہیں ڈالنا

“What a small world.”

Forehead Jungkook appreciation post

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ive had this idea in my head and i couldn’t get it out so here you go

“whats the use of feeling sportaflop”

im sure you can assume who pink diamond is

Telepath (2) - Peter Parker x Reader

Words: 2014
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark
Warnings: swearing, fighting
Requested: i mean the polls said this is what they wanted
Authors Note: so idk if i made the ending as good as i could have but i didnt want to make it run on and repeat itself a lot so this is it! I also had much more fun with this than I thought. (you can also imagine whatever spidey you want)

Part One 

Masterlist. Request List.

You and Peter had a good relationship. After the project you were assigned to do together, you and Peter made fast friends. You knew of his Spider-Secret, and he was aware that you could read minds (and more, telekinesis was finding you with your telepathic powers).

One subject you did not succeed in was science. And of course, the test you were taking made zero sense to you. Peter, however, seemed to be flying through the test. You looked at the teacher, and he was sitting at his desk with his nose buried in a book- he wouldn’t notice.

You stared at the back of Peter’s head. He sat a few seats diagonal and in front of you, so you had an easy way to look at him.

His mind was a jumbled mess of words you didn’t understand. You started to sort through his thoughts, but your plan was foiled when he looked back with a glare on his face.

(Y/N), I am not giving you the answers!” He thought to you.

You began to pout, and your eyes went big. Sighing, Peter made some clear thoughts. “A, B, B, C, A, D, D, A, C.”

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