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a/n: i literally just wrote this in half and hour bc i was itching to write an imagine based on this beautiful gif^ (i don’t own it btw so credits to the owner). this is super short bc i need to go to sleep like right now so yeah excuse the shortness. and no this isn’t the imagine i was talking about in my 400 followers post but i’ll be posting that real soon hopefully! hope you guys like this :)

[ i used a writing prompt from @the-modern-typewriter for the first couple lines ]

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

“That depends on if it’s working or not,” Tom replied with a lazy grin. He tilted his head and licked his lips a little nervously. “Is it?”

(Y/N) laughed softly sitting beside Tom on the couch. She couldn’t ignore the fluttery feeling in her stomach or the heat that had rushed to her cheeks. “Why don’t you decide?”

Tom grinned like a fool as she slowly leaned closer to him. The smell of his cologne wrapped around her like a blanket. She had never realised how good he smelt.

(Y/N) grabbed the collar of his silk pyjamas and pulled him towards her, the hands circling her waist not going unnoticed.

And then they kissed. Lips met lips. Flesh met flesh.

He kissed her slowly, sweetly and unhurriedly like he had all the time in the world to show her how much she meant to him. She smiled into the kiss and pulled away. She rested her forehead on his, his stylishly unkempt hair tickling her skin. Tom tried to lean in to steal another kiss but (Y/N) put her finger on his lips to stop him.

“Whoa there, cutie.” (Y/N) leaned back into the couch, head resting against the wall as she eyed him with a twinkle in her eye. “Wanna guess what my answer is?”

Tom’s slightly dazed look quickly faded and a smirk appeared on his lips. It was his turn to lean in close. The tips of your noses were touching and your eyes flickered down to his lips before fluttering shut.

“I’d wager a yes,” Tom whispered.

Tom closed the distance and off they went again.

Mikasa meets the cruel world: Attack on Titan in a nutshell

More intelligent people than me have probably pointed this out long before me, but it still amazes me how much Mikasa’s upbringing truly is a metaphor for the entire series.

We start of with this carefree, peaceful family living in this isolated cabin in the woods, distanced from the outside. A comfortable existence, but their family is well aware that beyond their warm home lie problems: the Ackerman clan is still thought to be prosecuted, and Asians are sought by traffickers for their rare appearance and blood–they’re a different race, and this is useful to some.

And then one peace is interrupted: three men break in, destroying comfort and killing innocent people, and they’re there solemnly because of the physical aspects of the family, their rare appearance. Through this experience, Mikasa lost her hope and will to live, and also got to understand the cruel nature of the world she lived in. 

And then, a sudden event that changed the course of that day. The young Eren Jaeger barges in, takes out the oppressive intruders, and most importantly, restores hope to her. Just like the kidnappers, Eren came from outside of her world…but instead of bringing her more cruelty, Eren brought Mikasa a way to go against said cruelty–to fight back. The world is cruel and brutal and it crushes the weak–thus, the only way to survive is to fight back against the oppression–and that’s what Mikasa proceeds to do.

This precise event can be translated with total accuracy into the entirety of the story–it’s the exact same thing the walled world went through. The walldians lived in peace and comfort (more or less), isolated from the rest of the world, because the outside meant danger for them. We’ve always known this danger to be the titans–the basement taught us the reality though. The entire outside world has a pre-determined relationship with the walldians–not because of who, but because of what they are. Some see them as danger and want them extinct for safety measures, some see them as useful tools for their own purposes. 

Does this sound familiar? Ackermans are prosecuted because they’re a danger to the kings rule, and Asians are sought after because their origin makes them different. Mikasa’s family is a metaphor for all walldians, for all those wanted dead by the world or used as weapons in Marley’s titan army. Their situation is identical too: they live excluded from the outside world, in a pseudo-peace, which is one day interrupted by the arrival of three outsiders (kidnappers, RBA). Through their actions, those outsiders remind the inhabitants of the cruel, oppressive world they find themselves in (a grim reminder). And then, another outsider appears, restoring hope and teaching the oppressed how to free themselves: to fight. This is Eren when he barges into the cabin, and Grisha, originally from beyond the walls. when he entrusts the founding and attack titans to Eren, who would later become humanities hope and, in some way, inspires them to fight back. Both of these stories are perfect parallels.

It’s also definitely not a coincidence that the Eren-saves-Mikasa flashback was included in Isayama’s first draft of chapter 1, in flashback format. All the dialogue about Mikasa being part of a nearly extinct, different race, and Eren telling her to fight back, were there from day one. In the present time she even says that she believes Eren has the strength to overcome the world’s issues and bring hope to mankind–an even stronger parallel between her situation and all of walldia. 

Heck, it certainly isn’t a coincidence either that, during ch 14, primordial desire, aka humanities first ever victory against oppression and the first climax of the story, Eren flashes back to that very moment

On one hand it sets up other humans, aka Marley as antagonists, who’re oppressing Paradis due to the blood flowing through its inhabitants. At the same time, it redraws all the parallels mentioned beforehand by straight up comparing humanities struggle to that struggle in the woods. 

These two panels really affirm everything I mentioned above–Mikasa’s “origin story” is it’s own microcosm that foretells the entire core struggle of the series: Eldians seeking freedom from oppression. And the fact that such an early scene remains a total metaphor to the story even 90 chapters and a ton of plot twists and revelations later, just goes to show how much of a thought out story attack on titan has been for the longest time. 

Patater Week - Day 1

Feb. 6- Get Together – (Coraline-inspired AU, magical realism, 6.4K)
Soundtrack: [Exploration] + [Dreaming]

There’s a low, paint-chipped door in the corner of Alexei Mashkov’s living room in Providence.

His agent tells him that the door used to connect to the apartment next to his, a long time ago, when the structure had been one. The door leads to nowhere now, only a wall of bricks. Alexei has even seen the wall of bricks in person, when he requested the landlord open the door for fun. He’s always been curious, after all, and the old, rusted key that the agent picks out from the cabinets only added to that curiosity.

“You’ll get yourself into trouble one day, Lyosha,” his grandmother used to tell him. Alexei had been young, perhaps seven or eight, when she warned him. “Don’t ask so many questions, and try to be happy, or the spirits will see, and take you.” She had said, “Don’t go through strange doors, and don’t follow voices, especially if they sing to you.”

“What’s so bad about singing?” Alexei had demanded, in a petulant way only a seven-year-old can manage. “I sing.”

“Yes, love, but they sing to confuse you,” his grandmother had responded. “They sing of a life better than the one you have, so you want to come to them. You see? They want to trick you and steal you away.”

Of course, Alexei had thought her warning had been metaphorical, if not slightly cryptic. She’d been old then, and easily confused. If you take out the spirits part, the rest sound more or less logical. He figured that she doesn’t want him talking to strangers and end up kidnapped, so Alexei had merely nodded and promised her. No going in strange doors, no following the singing voice, not that there’d been any in his life. Until now.

The bricks are nothing special: the seams filled with cement, the corners dusty with cobwebs. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, but there’s a draft that only Alexei can feel because when he mentions it to the agent, she only blinks in confusion.

“Why not lock it?” Alexei asks, when the agent pockets the old key and closes the old, wooden door.

“Why should I?” the agent says, smiling. “The wall is bricked up. Not like there’s anything that can come out. Now, let’s go to the kitchen. The structure itself is a little old, almost 150 years, but it’s been recently remodeled. It’s got a beautiful granite counter top—”

Alexei loves the house. But doesn’t know why he feels uneasy about the door. When he gets the keys to the house, he finds the rusted key again and locks the door. 

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they say war is hell,
so peace should be holy
but darling, the only thing i ever held sacred
was your name in my mouth
they say do not take the lord’s name in vain,
so i muffle the sounds against your neck,
and hope the heavens are not listening
—  but if they could hear me, they would not begrudge me this
Hold Onto Me - discospock - Star Trek [Archive of Our Own]
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Hold Onto Me

Summary: Jim wakes up in sickbay to find a very worried Vulcan.

Words: 2,008

Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Cuddling, First Kiss, brief mention of an injury, Love Confessions, Vulcan Kisses

(guess who’s been writing again)

kentvparsin  asked:

oops i can't decide so here's 2 in case u wanna write a lot of things OR just like. pick ur preference!! 😘 1) patater + 9; 2) parswoops + 47!!

I’m gonna do patater first but i will write parswoops at some point!!

9. meeting online au

When Kent got the notification, he almost yelled and threw his phone across the room. But, Kent was a rational adult, so he calmly picked up his phone and saw that Alexei Mashkov followed his cats instagram. Kent was fine, he wasn’t freaking out that his crush ever since he freaking entered the NHL followed his cat on Instagram, but he also commented on a video of Kit and him. “very cute )))” Kent is allowed to freak out a little, so he does what every normal and calm adult does and calls Jeff. 

As soon as Swoops picked up, Kent started yelling. “Fucking Mashkov followed Kit’s Instagram! And then he commented on a video of me and Kit and said VERY CUTE with a bunch of weird smiles! What does that mean!” Swoops sighed, he was one of the only people who knew about Kent’s crush on Alexei so a phone call like this happens like every week. 

“It probably means he thinks the video is cute, Parse.” Swoops sighed again, “Listen, I’ll come over and we can have this conversation in person. So don’t start hyperventilating until I get there, okay?” Kent mumbled an agreement and hung up the phone. Kent plopped down on his bed, Swoops has a key so he doesn’t feel the need to get up and let him in.

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its 2am and i need to be up in six hours here are some sonny headcanons

-he came over from dr when he was two, and everyone loved sofía, usnavi’s baby cousin
-when he was six he cut most of his hair off with scissors, liked the look of it, and kept doing it even though it looked awful
-by the time he was eight, a teenage daniela sat him down in the salon chair and told him not to move his ass before she was done
-it became a tradition that daniela would cut his hair every month (it grew really quickly)
-he was twelve when puberty hit and he realised this body isn’t mine
vanessa walked in on him trying to bind his chest with bandages and didn’t know what to do, so she got nina because nina always knew what to do
-nina started researching, using the shitty computers in the library, and found safer ways to diy bind
-nina sat down with him and talked to him about pronouns and names and coming out, but so did vanessa
-the three of them debated over names for nearly a month
-they finally decided on sonny and the girls started using his name and pronouns immediately and he cried
-daniela was the first person he came out to after nina and vanessa, and she was confused but not really surprised (she promised not to tell anyone until he was ready)
-he wrote usnavi a letter with nina’s help and usnavi freaked and went to find nina because what the hell and have i been a shit cousin for not noticing?
-but after talking to nina who explained everything because she’s a literal saint and i love her he went and hugged sonny and told him that he loved him and they both cried
-most of the barrio found out pretty quickly after that (sonny gave daniela permission to talk about it and suddenly everyone knew)
-kevin rosario some people were dicks at first and most people messed up pronouns and didn’t understand but not so little nina rosario was there to set them straight and vanessa was there for backup
-for his fourteenth birthday nina and vanessa (and a few other members of the barrio) saved up to buy him a binder and they all pretended he didn’t cry when he opened it
-when he met pete he was cis-passing and struggled with feeling like he was lying to pete but also not wanting pete to look at him differently
-he finally came out to pete a few months after they became close friends and pete shrugged and gave him a one-armed hug 
-when he realised that he was in love with had a crush on pete he swore nina to secrecy before he waxed poetic about pete’s eyes 
-nina is his best friend they sit on the fire escape and talk about boys
-they skype weekly when she’s in california and sonny snapchats her pictures of the barrio so she doesn’t get homesick 
-he makes the best brownies in new york and camila really wants the recipe but he guards it with his life 
-”with 96000 i’d get top surgery and go on t finally fix housing”
-after they win the lottery he goes on t
-he kisses pete for the first time nineteen days after his sixteenth birthday under the fireworks during the blackout
-he gets top surgery for his eighteenth birthday 
-pete looks after him during recovery
-he’s a huge shakespeare nerd and regularly fights nina on the merits of mercutio x benvolio vs. mercutio x tybalt
-he cries a lot but hates that he’s a “crybaby”

Prompt 38

Person A is smol and surprisingly strong and can always carry their tol Person B (much to everyone’s surprise).

They’ve been dancing around this for weeks, months, maybe even years, but there’s no denying it now. Sam hadn’t meant anything by it, really, but his teasing effectively cornered Dean, Sam’s arms trapping him between the little kitchen counter and Sam himself.

The air actually shifts at the realization of where they both are and their smiles drop to something much more serious. Sam can’t say he doesn’t want this, he knows deep down he can’t hide it anymore, can’t fool himself. He feels it’s something he’s never actually yearned for but being here, in this kitchenette in this crappy motel room, off some lone highway in east Kentucky, he’s pretty sure it was all leading here.

It’s a tangible thing between the two of them, tense and thick and Sam wants to shatter it, make a joke of it, pull away and brush it off, but they’re too far now, neither of them can. Now, it’s just the hesitation before the final leap and their hammering heartbeats.

Sam looks down at his brother and Dean’s staring back with wide eyes. He looks almost terrified, but Sam knows Dean would never let this thing between them hover on like this if he wasn’t thinking the same thing as Sam, if he didn’t want it, too.

Sam licks his lips and Dean’s eyes follow it, track it and he swallows. Sam gives a sharp intake of breath and then he’s moving forward, can’t stand the waiting anymore. Dean will never make the first move, Sam knows that now. It’s always Sam’s choice.

He’s slow, careful, doesn’t want to scare Dean off, but he turns and presses his lips to Dean’s rough cheek, stubble tickling the sensitive skin. Dean breathes in and holds it, Sam feels how tense and stiff he is between him and the counter, but he keeps going, slides his lips along to Dean’s ear and stays there, mouth closed and pressed against it.

Dean must be waiting for Sam to say something, like some password he has to utter before Dean will take any part in this, any sort of response, and then Sam just knows.

“I want this,” he whispers, “I do. And I know you do, too.”

That must be what Dean wanted to hear because he’s pulling back now to look at Sam’s face, only for a moment, eyes flicking back and forth quickly before he’s moving up for a long, soft kiss. Sam’s hands move to Dean’s waist and pull them closer together as they make out, deep and slow.

now that jerza’s been getting screentime lately i’ve been seeing a lot of hate for them again as well, most of which consists of people calling them “unhealthy”, “toxic”, or “abusive” so i wanted to address that. 

honestly i really don’t get why people say that since the reason i ship them in the first place is bc i feel like they avoid toxic romance tropes, especially for an angsty, “star-crossed lovers” type of ship. 

it ended up being really long so i’m putting it under read more (there’s also a tl;dr at the end)

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Teen Years Headcanons

-Omegas in their late teens going through a phase of “all Alphas are stupid and I’ll be just fine if I never mate with one” and that phase ends the day they come home from school and gush to their Omega parent about an Alpha they just met “he’s way different than the other Alphas, I’m sure of it mom” and the Omega parent just nodding along while their child chatters on

-An Omega trying to hide a relationship from their parents and panicking when they can’t get the Alpha’s scent off of them…only to find out their Omega parent already knew, because mothers know everything, and they help them get the scent off before their Alpha parent gets home. But they do tell their Omega child that they expect to meet the Alpha soon

-An Omega being very introverted and having to be practically dragged from their nest to be made to go out and socialize because “at this rate you’ll never meet a decent Alpha”

-An Alpha in high school who has trouble focusing on school work and is always turning their work in late while their Omega sibling gets straight A’s. They refuse to ask their sibling for help though because they are too proud to admit they need it, their Alpha parent tries to help but they don’t handle it any better and finally their Omega parent just sits down and helps explain it to them

-Alphas struggling a lot with their newfound aggression and getting in trouble a lot with both their school and their parents for getting into fights

-Angsty teenage Alphas dramatically deciding they are too aggressive and temperamental to love someone, and their parents are kind of sympathetic…but they also want to tell the Alpha to suck it up and quit brooding needlessly

-Hormonal Omega teens getting upset a lot so whenever their Alpha parent approaches a room and catches a whiff of angry Omega pheromones they will back up slowly and then send their mate in to deal with it because they don’t want to be yelled at again just for being an Alpha

-Beta teens going through emo phases because “in the grand scheme of things, we don’t matter as much as the other dynamics”

-Omega mothers establishing “family nights” because they miss having all their babies in one place, everybody participates and nobody complains because its very obvious how much the Omega loves it

-Overprotective Alpha parents being worried when their Omega teenager goes out with friends so they pace the living room and repeatedly check out the blinds until they get back, the whole time their mate just sits on the couch watching on in amusement

glaringapollo  asked:

ok but we could always use a soulmate AU. also Taakitz & Blupjeans double date where it's awk bc the sibs are tearing into the others bfs?

“Your boyfriend looks like death, Taako.” (if you were wanting a soulmate au, go here!)

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Lair lair Pacman pants on fire

Prompt: “That escalated quickly.” & “Says the guy walking around in pacman pajama pants.” 

Requested by: @quicksilverbells

“Well that escalated quickly” you sighed sat on the side on the road, surrounded by all the suit cases from the various cars you were traveling in. This was meant to be a family trip and by family trip you meant a bunch of mutant misfits that had been shoved into cars while Professor X proclaimed ‘This is going to be a great opportunity for you all’. It was nice he wanted to give us the same experiences as other children but we weren’t like other children.

You looked around again at the various different suit cases that were on fire, along with Professor X’s car.

“Why are we still sitting here?” Peter whined annoying holding his arms restlessly.

“Because someone thought it would be a great idea to wear Scotts glasses!” You snapped back.

“Hey!” he shot back just as quick “That wasn’t my fault okay, I didn’t know he could do that”

“Children please” Professor X pleaded pinching the bridge of his nose in despair of his vintage car he was so clearly fond of, while Scott stood there just wishing the life would put him put his misery.

“Oh yea? What did you think those were for?” you whispered to Peter through gritted teeth.

“I don’t know, I just thought the guy was cool” You scoffed, as if. Everyone saw Scott destroy the tree in the yard when Alex brought him here.

“And you just wanted to be cool, huh? Says the guy wearing pacman pajama pants

“Scott burnt my pants! And these are a classic”

“Classic if your five maybe” You grumbled under your breath. You layed back on the grass, we were going to be here for a long time and you’d had just enough of Peter Pacman pajama pants.

you know, i like to think of myself as a really rational kind of reader. i try to take into account cultural context, authorial intent, the use of tropes common to the genre etc when interpreting works and in particular interpreting characterisation. It’s one of the reasons I don’t actually hate Inoue Orihime– I choose to extrapolate who she is based on the probable authorial intent for her, taking into account the kind of tropes that she has attached to her. Like, yes, of COURSE if you ignore things like context and authorial intent and how shonen manga tropes work, you have a pretty solid argument for interpreting her character as shallow and selfish and weak-minded overall. Hell, even taking into account tropes and authorial intent, she has some definite flaws along that spectrum anyway. But the truth of the matter is, regardless of whether or not kubo succeeded with her, she was supposed to be taken as (bar the atrocity that is 686 and maybe all of tybw) a sweet but gutsy and kindhearted girl who you can’t help but love, with reasonable human flaws that make her relatable. Like, that’s the kind of character she was supposed to be, that’s the kind of character kubo was trying to sell her as, and ok, fine, i’ll take the bait. That’s where I’m extrapolating her from, and that’s the reason that she is a sympathetic character in most of my fics. 

But even with all this context and authorial intent and whatever else have you, i can’t fathom the fact that Rukia lost Kaien in the forty years that Renji was ignoring her, and he didn’t say a single damn thing to her in that time. 

Yes, kubo hadn’t had this background established for them properly, I understand that that’s why renji and byakuya were so harsh in the beginning. OUTSIDE of manga canon, we have that explanation, so I can overlook renji and byakuya being super assholes in the shut and broken coda chapters. 

but when i’m trying to write something WITHIN THE MANGA CANON, I CAN’T IGNORE THIS. I CAN’T. I LITERALLY CAN’T. Rukia went through??? one of THE MOST TRAUMATIC EVENTS OF HER LIFE, paralleled to the trauma of ichigo losing his goddamn mother, and renji couldn’t (or didn’t) do or say a SINGLE THING TO MAKE IT ANY BETTER. RENJI COULDN’T (or didn;t) DO ANYTHING. And YET when rukia gets sent on her human world mission and he gets promoted to lieutenant he’s still all ‘aw shucks i’ll surprise her with my rank when she gets back and we’ll go right back 2 how we were 40 years ago’ like what kind of… what kind of, what kind of assumption that Rukia hadn’t and wouldn’t change in the time he’d been ignoring her. He just assumes she’s the same person she was 40 years ago, that she’s stopped right there where he left her and is waiting, static, for him to come pick her back up again. That nothing of note happened to her in the past 40 years to change her, the fact that he still thinks he knows her despite not having had genuine contact with her for the past 40 years– this is so arrogant and entitled? There is a sense of– of rukia not being her own person, that to renji, she is not someone he can fathom existing outside of his own influence on her? 

and obviously authorial intent tells us renji is not a character like this, authorial intent (and the later chapters) clearly show that renji cares for rukia, that renji understands rukia (probably second only to ichigo), etc, authorial intent tells us that we are not supposed to take those early chapters like this because the backstory hadn’t been established fully. Fine, but when i’m trying to write something IN CANON I CAN’T ignore this. I can’t just brush aside the fact that, regardless of authorial intent, rukia went through one of the biggest traumas of her life and renji didn’t even offer her the bare minimum comfort of being a friend. Like, even accounting for all the authorial intent and context and tropes and my attempts to be rational about this, that’s…. that’s a really critically negative thing for the relationship between these two, platonic or romantic. i know we kept saying that ichigo and rukia needed to have the kaien talk but fucking you know who else needed to have that talk? rukia and renji. if renji ever wants to be called rukia’s best friend again he better have fucking had that talk with her. 

There are two types of love. The first type is just a big cluster of things that bring the happiness in your every day life. You can love your cat. You can love your phone. You can love the kid in your math class for actually explaining a problem.
Then, you have ‘love’. The love that makes your heart race, the kind that can make you cry and laugh at the same time. That type of love is used for so little people in your life, that sometimes you don’t know how to use it. Some treat it like they treat ‘that kid’ in their math class. Use it, and toss it. They even treat others love like that, and I just hope… I hope you won’t treat mine like that.
—  I’m sorry if I ever do it to you