i didnt like this guy in a romantic way

What is really upsetting about noorhelm for me is that it comes right after season 1 where the main point is how Eva needed to find her own independence, how she accepted her happiness depended on Jonas, how wrong was to not have her own mind out Jonas and it breaks my heart how people don’t get to see that’s exactly what happened to Noora. 

Jonas wanted Eva to be happy and asked her, what does she wanted to do. He accepted it and when she got a new boy he still supported her. When he find out she hooked up with Chris Yes, he was upset but sent her a text telling her he was upset but they will talk. Noora had a rape scared and even if William didnt know he never answered, after finding out he still played the victim it broke my heart cause after all Noora went through this guy comes and acts like HE IS HURT?

Look out how many months she waited for him and the minute he decides he does want her he comes back and she just accept it? What is the point of season 1 then. Why people can say how bad Eva and Jonas relationship was but praise and call Noorhelm romantic?

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(1/2) Ok but I get the feeling that a girls attraction to other girls is only "good" or valid if she's as romantically attracted to the girl as she is sexually (not from you ofc but from other parts of the lgbtq+ community). And on some level I get that this is cuz' of straight men fetishising wlw and cuz' of comments like "everyone is a little bit bi" but someway this way of thinking has sorta seeped it's way into the lgbtq+ community. I'm more sexually attracted to girls than romantically

(2/2) (im female if i didnt make that clear) and because I act masculine a lot of the time I’ve always felt that my sexual attraction to other women is a bit less “cutesy” (thats the best way i could explain it) than what’s often described. I mean I know wlw attraction isn’t the same as a straight guys and everyone isn’t the same but I always feel like I’m doing something wrong or that I’m not “pure” enough for other wlw. Especially since my attraction to guys is the opposite

Yeah, that’s why I don’t really like this queer-love-is-pure-and-innocent-and-not-at-all-about-sex-narrative because even if it were just about sex (and for some people it is like that) then there’d be nothing wrong with it. Like… what kind of outdated moral codex is that to say that (acting on) attraction is only acceptable when being in love? I don’t know if these things also go on in the mlm-community but I did make my own experience with that and not just in a wlw-context but also when I was having affairs with men… that people would almost try to talk me into falling in love with the guys because otherwise it wasn’t acceptable that I, a women, would enjoy the casual sex with those guys.

So, yeah, I am 100% on your side!!! We need more representation of women who want to bang other women all night long with no strings attached because that’s a reality and there’s nothing wrong with it!