i didnt like the other one i looked like i was 40 lmao

Did You See?

Author’s Note: lord i am so glad someone requested Jongin fluff so i could make up for the torture that is Mourning Air. this is a gift for @kpopandlock and i hope hope hope i have done this justice. romance comes very hard for me unless theres chapters of tension and build up, so i hope this makes every Nini stan swoon just a tiny bit <3 enjoy loves!

Pairing: Kai x Reader

Summary: every day, you fall a little bit more in love with your best friend, Jongin. everyday, you ache for him. everyday, you miss all the signs of something he’s been trying to tell you.

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,068

Nini[2:06 AM]: you up?

Y/N[2:08 AM]: yeah why

Nini[2:08 AM]: are you hungry?

Y/N[2:10 AM]: !!! diner run? :)

Nini[2:11 AM]: i have a better idea ;)

Y/N[2:12 AM]: better than 2AM waffles?? D:

Nini[2:13 AM]: promise to keep an open mind

Y/N[2:14 AM]: nini it’s too early…or late idk to be open minded~~

Nini[2:15 AM]: ok then be spontaneous

Y/N[2:16 AM]: what are you suggesting

Nini[2:18 AM]: cheesesteaks

Y/N[2:18 AM]: im not fucking cooking at 2 in the morning, are you high

Nini[2:20 AM]: nooo let’s go GET them i know an amazing food truck in philly

Y/N[2:21 AM]: are you driving?

Nini[2:21 AM]: as long as you DJ

Y/N[2:22 AM]: come pick me up~~ <3

Nini[2:23 AM]: that’s my girl! be there in 10

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Flowercrowns Headcanon + Reddie

Requested by @trashmouth-spaghetti because she’s really needy for reddie and them having flowercrowns.

1. Eddie hiding the fact that he likes flower crowns, or pastel colours because he’s scared that his mom would eventually find out and ban him from seeing his friends because she believes they have a bad influence on him.

2. Eddie, that whenever they go down to the quarry, sneaks off to the side of the cliff and carefully picks out yellow or white tiny flowers that he thinks would work with his soft fluffy brown hair.

3. But then it gets to a point where Eddie doesn’t know how to weave together a flower crown, so Eddie goes to Bev and softly asks if she can teach him how to make a flower crown.

4. But only with pink or those white tiny flowers that Eddie found from the quarry.

5. And Bev goes like?????? why??? only those colours??

6. But then it rings to her that Eddie has been liking Richie since he was 13, and now they’re 15 and this boy is sitting in front of her, with a lap full of white tiny flowers and a deep blush on his cheeks.

7. And it’s not really a surprise that Eddie is creating a flower crown for Richie of all people.

8. Hell, everyone in the group knows that pastel pink or white really suits Richie and his wild untamed curls.

9. Even Stan knows Richie looks good as fuck in pastel pink and even he can’t deny that.

10. “Stan the man, we both know you would have sex with all this.”

11. “Shut the fuck up Richie.”

12. And all Eddie can do is blush so fucking hard, his cheeks burn.

13. and Bev has so much love for Eddie and for Richie, so she softly asks Eddie if he has more of those white flowers so she can help him create two flower crowns instead of one.

14. And Eddie goes still, blushes so hard again, that the tip of his ears are red.

15. “Yeah bev, yeah I do.” Eddie says.

16. But he’s so excited because he’s finally learning how to weave flower crowns and he’s making ones that contain the pastel pink flowers and Eddie can’t wait until Richie tries it out.

17. It takes 2 hours, but Eddie finally learns how to weave together a flower crown and he’s so happy, that he completely forgets that he might have to hide the crowns once he gets home.

18. Completely forgets that Richie might come in tonight and that he can’t leave the crowns on his chair, or anywhere in his room that Richie might be able to find it easily.

19. So when Eddie gets back home and carefully heads to his room - careful not to show his mom the flower crowns, he doesn’t notice the slightly jarred door, nor the opened window he could have seen from the door that was cracked slightly open.

20. And when he hears Richie say “hey eds, I’ve been waiting for the past hour. Where the fuck have you been?”

21. Eddie jumps and shrieks, dropping the flower crowns onto the floor.

22. And all Richie can do is stare at the weaved crowns that are currently on the floor, instead of the small boys reaction.

23. “I sure hope you don’t pull out this fast when you’re having sex eds, that would be disappointing.”

24. All Eddie can do is scowl.

25. “Besides, who are they for? You would look cute in one.” Richie says, his heart beating so fast because he knows that no one in their group likes the colour pastel pink besides Eddie and Richie - and Richie also knows that he’s the only one that gets complimented the most when he wears that colour.

26. So really, Richie can’t breathe anymore. But he also doesn’t want to get his hopes up because????? Eddie is the most precious soft boy and anyone in the group would be lucky to get a flower crown from him.

27. And Eddie is kinda flabbergasted because this boy is so dumb and Eddie loves him so much.

28. “One’s for you.”

29. Richie puts down the comic and tries to not breathe hard, because shit - he just stares at Eddie, “yeah?”

30. “Yeah,” Eddie says slowly.

31. Eddie’s heart is beating so fast, he doesn’t know what to do, and he especially doesn’t know why he told Richie of all people that he made a flower crown for him. But there’s a blush rising on his cheeks and he just loves the expression that’s on Richie’s face right now.

32. “Did you only make it for me?”

33. “Yeah.”

34. “Can I try it?”

35. “Yeah, of course Rich. I made it for you.” Eddie says softly, his eyes never leaving Richie’s body.

36. And really, the sight is a stellar and Eddie can’t breathe because Richie looks so soft with his black curls under the pink flower crown and he has such a beautiful smile on his lips that Eddie actually thinks he might need his inhaler.

37. “You like what you see?”

38. “Yeah, I really do.”

39. And all Richie can do is blush so hard, his lips feel they’re cracking because of his grin and his cheeks hurt because they feel so warm.

40. But all Richie does is pick up the other flower crown from the floor and place it onto Eddie’s head as well.

41. “I like what I see too, eddie spaghetti.”

42. And really, Eddie can’t even be mad because the two are currently standing in the middle of Eddie’s room wearing nothing but matching pink flower crowns, holding each other’s hand and having the deepest shade of blush on their cheeks.

43. “Pretty sure the color of the flowers match my wang tho, it’s like a light pink.”

44. “Shut the fuck Richie, that’s gross.”


Hey guys, this isn’t a chapter of lies, which I’m sure you guys already noticed, lmao. But I was thinking about making you guys my permanent tag list? If you don’t want to see my other works, and only lies, just message me and I’ll take you out of it and only add you for lies!

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IM STUCK AT THE AIRPORT FOR FOUR HOURS SOOOO here’s my summary of my first ghost show

THE FUCKING TOUR BUS WAS AT MY HOTEL FIRST OF ALL??? i pulled up to my hotel friday night in the cab and i saw this big black bus and almost shat myself but i was thinking nahhh that’s just. someone’s RV or something. so i describe the bus to the discord server and everyone is like THATS THEIR FUCKING BUS DUDE and im like NAHHHHHH

so yesterday i met up with @dearbaphomet and cute gf. she gives me GIFTS and we head to the venue whatever theres goths everywhere its lit wE FUCKING SEE THE BAND’S BUS AND ITS THE SAME FUCKING BUS THAT WAS PARKED OUTSIDE OUR HOTEL B I T C H WHAT

so we’re waiting in line and we saw [AETHER] and [AIR] just meandering around up and down the street and nobody but us seemed to recognize them lmfao. [AIR] was with his wife and daughter which was cute and [AETHER] looked like his shiny-headed british ass was gonna die in the 100 degree heat. some ppl in line talked to us also and they were in their 40s and fucking Turnt

WE GOT REALLY. FUCKING. CLOSE TO THE STAGE. it was a very small intimate venue and we were right up against the barrier on the fire ghoul side of the stage. there was a kid in front of us with his grandma and they both looked terrified of the opener it was great. the crowd kept screaming every time it sounded like ghost’s spooky intro music was over and then kept going lmfao we were being EDGED


first of all my god ifrit is fit as fuck and his cassock looks really good on him and his eYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL UNDER THE MASK HOLY FUCK??? I WAS GASPING FOR BREATH OVER HIS ANIME EYES

and then papa fucking poofs into existence and have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying because i legitimately had tears in my eyes. they did not actually fall but i do not tear up over things i dont get that emotional but oh my god papa is fucki g gorgeous and shOcKINGLY….REAL??? LOOKING? i thought seeing him irl would completely break the immersion but it actually did exactly the opposite. that’s a Real Man. a real and beautiful man oh my god like why is this greasy old man so beautiful

honestly i was so overcome with Emotions that the show is mostly a blur but i remember making a lot of eye contact with papa and ifrit. papa fucking looked directly at me like 0A0 at one point and i astral projected. his googly eye is so pretty.

dewdrop kept fucking doing the head tilt thing and i lost my mind over it


chair’s solo was rough but you know what he has great stage presence so fuck it. he sits there posed like a genie or, like, an ocarina of time NPC? and like crosses his arms and rolls his head around to the music and strokes his chin its cute. dew kept hangin out with him which was also cute. nünü was also beatin the shit out of those drums he’s a good ghoul we should keep him

sadly i couldnt really see chops much because he was on the other side but the windmilling and jumping was so real he looked like he was gonna fly away

fucking……ifrit though. holy shit. honestly……who the fuck is alpha lmao im sorry but ifrit is the superior fire ghoul he’s just so fucking HYPED he goes NUTS??? HIS STAGE PRESENCE IS PHENOMENAL LIKE I HAD TO ACTUALLY FORCE MYSELF TO LOOK AT PAPA BECAUSE IFRIT WAS HAVING SUCH A FUCKING PARTY

he does a lot of posing and fistbumping and he’s so expressive, it’s like watching a cartoon character. and because papa iii is such a memey cartoon character too they compliment each other really really well. the entire current lineup is like that actually: everyone has very unique sort of charisma and a character that they put on, so they play off of papa and each other very well and make it more of a Show. with the old lineups the only ghoul that ever really did that was omega, imo? but he didnt even get into character as much as these current guys do. the ghouls feel like…not human. like they really do give you a vibe like they’re some kind of supernatural creature rather than just guys in masks playing music. rather than papa being the central Character and grabbing all the attention, he can bounce off of the other guys and get really playful with them. it feels like papa is showing off his selection of prized show ghouls and he is very proud of them lmao

SO ANYWAY ENOUGH OPINIONS™ the show ended and we met up with @necessary-glitter who gave us REALLY FUCKING COOL PRESENTS they were like boxes that looked like books with grucifixes on them?? she made them wtf so talented

we creeped by the bus and saw [AIR] and then [AETHER] hung out to sign things and stuff and he signed the book box and i told him that she made it and he was all excited over it. he got all excited over baph’s art too. and then i, like, didnt want to initiate a hug but he came at me like HUGS YES??? so i was like HUGS YES?????? and it was the firmest most wholesome hug i have ever received. my soul is cleansed. he smelled very nice also like his Scent lingered around after he walked away lmao. he’s a very good english egg boy 10/10 would scramble



high schooler! renjun

the third instalment is finally here !!!

i was meant to upload this like h o u r s ago but then i had to help my dad and my batt died

and then i played online,, and i made a new friend !!! so we played together for a while lmao #goals

anywhoooo enjoy this

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The 1OO 3x16 (Lexa’s Death 2 Jr. Reloaded: Electric Boogaloo) Recap

alright kiddos it’s been a fun ride (and by fun I mean traumatizing) but it’s time for the final recap of the season so buckle up because this was the most ridiculous episode yet:

  • clarke’s resuscitating her mom and it looks like she might not make it but then she opens her eyes and says “it’s dat boi!!” and clarke is like “o shit waddup!!”
  • then abby starts crying and clarke is like “suck it up we gotta save the world” and abby’s like “if this involves me having to cut open a girl’s chest to pump her heart with my bare hands i’m not gonna be happy” and clarke is like “wow that’s oddly specific but yes”
  • beluga whale comes in and immediately points his gun at everything
  • clarke is like “can u put that god damn thing away for two seconds” and beachball is like “NO if i stop pointing it at unthreatening things i’ll die”
  • octavia is like “hey guys the grounders are coming and i get that’s our top priority but can i maybe kill pike also” and beluga is like “NO we don’t kill anymore” while simultaneously pointing his gun at a 3 month old puppy
  • alie’s zombies are climbing the tower and pike is like “hey let’s grease the windows but we only have enough for EVERY window besides the commander’s room so we have to fight in there and probably destroy it” and clarke is like “no i think everyone is just looking for ways to disrespect lexa at this point” and u can hear jflop scream “u right” in the distance
  • guest star Alycia Debnam-Carey
  • clarke is like “ok put ontari’s blood in me so i can take the flame” and everyone’s like uhh that sounds dangerous and clarke is like “no i need to do it to save the world” but rlly she just wanted her gf’s soul in her body
  • they do the blood transfusion thing like they did at mount weather with ontari and clarke and put the flame in her neck and clarke is like “i need to go to the city of light… i just know the flame will protect me” and lexa’s in her neck goin “dam right”
  • ok honestly like half the episode is clarke unconscious and/or seizing so if this recap is short its bc there were a bunch of bullshit ~suspense~ moments
  • clarke peaces in to the city of light and nobody can see her but then suddenly they can for some reason
  • everyone starts attacking her because apparently if she dies in the city of light alie gets the flame or something (tbh i was not here for the plot i just wanted to see my smol gay raccoon) 
  • clarke collapses on the stairs bc the blood transfusion is failing and everyone is beating her up
  • Commander Lexa has joined the battle!
  • In the most dramatic extra hoe fashion, Lexa takes down like 7 people at once and smirks at the camera bc she’s so fUCKING EXTRA!! I HATE HER!!! i love her and i’m not ashamed to admit I screamed the entire time
  • clarke reaches out for lexa in the most dramatic fuckin way possible
  • lexa runs over and looks at clarke with the BIGGEST heart eyes
  • clarke starts touchin her face and lexa’s smiling and they’re so in love it’s actually gross
  • they collapse into a hug and they’re holding each other like nothing else matters
  • lexa’s like “ok we gotta jet” and clarke is like “don’t we have time for a quickie?” and lexa’s like “absolutely”
  • so they bang real quick and it’s so good clarke starts seizing
  • lexa’s like “ClARKE clarke Clarke CLAKRE cla RKE clarke come back to me CLARKEY” and clarke is like “ok but only bc u said my name a lot and u know i love that”
  • but also because abby cut ontari’s chest open and started pumping her heart with her bare hands so clarke would get enough nightblood
  • im pretty sure ontari must be dead now?? like?? u would think right?? but she’s straight so i think she’ll live
  • back in the tower some boring shit is happening like honestly it’s just one big suspense scene and belloona banana is like “hey pike i regret killing those ppl with u” and pike is like “aw :(” and bellaroo is like “it’s ok i forgive myself” and he’s automatically Redeemed
  • the straight man learned self-forgiveness after committing genocide
  • groundbreaking
  • heroic
  • “10/10, truly an original and touching story” - the jflop times, written by jflop for jflop
  • back to the ~city of light~
  • clarke is like “i never thought i’d see u again” and they kiss and lexa cries for twenty minutes
  • they go to find the kill switch and they hit a dead end in the form of a chain link fence
  • lexa’s like “oh no it’s a firewall” because she would definitely know what that is
  • jasper comes in bein a creepy lil bitch like he always is and he’s like “blahblabhalhbalbha moral Speech blahblahbalh” and clarke is like “blahbalhblabhalbah oTHER moral Speech blahblahblahbalh” and lexa’s like “damn i’m so bored can me and clarke just make out again”
  • raven hacks into the code and gives clarke a door to the kill switch
  • another army comes to attack them and lexa’s like “GO i’ll hold them off” and clarke is like “wait dont go i love you” and lexa literally cries for 40 whole minutes
  • lexa’s like “i’ll always be with u… my sunshine” and then she runs off and attacks the army in a very dramatic extra lexa way and tbh that was the exit she deserved not a FUCKIN STRAY BULLET
  • i guess she’s still alive in the flame but there’s no way adc is ever coming back to the 1OO so it doesn’t rlly matter
  • clarke finds the kill switch and it’s another fucking lever and clarke is like “dude fuck this lmao can i go to another show”
  • becca, aka alie’s creator, shows up and she’s like “hey pull the kill switch” and alie’s like “NOPE dont do that cuz guess waht? the world is actually DYING due to radiation and the city of light is the only safe place. in 4 months ur all gonna die” and clarke is like “why didnt u just TELL US THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE” and alie is like “cuz how else would we have fit in 8 episodes of Nothing” and clarke is like “fuck this stupid ass shit lmao” and pulls the kill switch
  • she wakes up and everyone else wakes up and everyone’s crying and in pain and clarke is like “me too”
  • octavia is like “oh nice so we’re done here?” and fuckin stabs pike in the stomach with a machete and walks away
  • beluga looks at her all disappointed and octavia is like “hey i’m only 298 away from your death count. bitch” and beluga is like “that’s fair”
  • then clarke is like “also the world is dying” and that’s it
  • that’s literally it
  • this recap is going to end as anticlimactically as that finale did so enjoy ur vague sense of disappointment everybody

HERE IS DEB’S SOUNDS LIVE FEELS LIVE EXPERIENCE IN SINGAPORE WUHU okay so me and my friend, Dee were talking about camping at the airport the day before 5sos’ arrival in Singapore, bc their show in Kuala Lumpur was on the 2nd and Singapore’s on the 3rd, we figured they would arrive on the 3rd itself

 but there was like a flight coming in at midnight so we just decided to just go for it and try our luck and lol it wasnt that flight and then public transport were not available after midnight and i literally live on the other side of singapore ( the airport is in the east, i live in the west ) so we just decided to not go home even though the next flight is 7am. so me and my friend, we became hobos for the day and let me tell you how quiet it gets after midnight, there wasnt any transport, there was nothing and the terminals were really quiet and it felt like a ghost town tf. but thank god there was wifi everywhere and charging points literally everywhere so our phones were forever charged and there were updates 24/7. and because in singapore, to get from one terminal to another, theres a sky train that operates from terminal 3 to terminal 1 and terminal 1 to terminal 2. my friends joined dee and i at around 11 at terminal 1???? so at around 1 dee and i decided that we wanted to go grab food (dinner?? supper?? breakfast????) so we took the sky train to terminal 3 to grab food and then we walked around and ran around like idiots bc there was literally NO ONE and we behaved like fools omg and then we got back to the sky train station at 2:40 to find out we’re stuck because the sky train stops operating at 2:30 so great, we were stuck. and the lights at the airport were still on and we didnt bring our jackets along w us (we left our bags w our friends at Terminal 1) so we just sat on the cold floor charging our phones and started talking and mind you i sleep rly early like 10ish 11ish so by then i was REALLY TIRED but i cant sleep with people around me nor can i sleep with the lights on so i just listened to dee talking omg and then at around 4.30 we found out there was a shuttle bus that goes from Terminal 3 to Terminal 1 so we took that bus and let me tell you, when you lose alot of sleep, that bus ride to a sleep deprived felt like the best thing ever bc the sky was still dark and the lights were dim and there was only 2 of us in the bus and i almost fell asleep wtf but we reached terminal 1 so we had to get out and muck around until 5am where we decided to get breakfast at starbucks and make our way to terminal 2 and yes we didnt shower but we brought like a big pack of wet wipes and extra clothes and toothbrushes and all omg HAHAHAHAHAH and we just sat there until god knows what time before my other friends ( Era, Sendra, Ratu & Feerah ) joined us and sleep deprived me didnt realise there was an additional chinese girl that sat w us and i thought she was in era’s group that joined us ( we’ll get to that part later ) and bc me and dee bought balloons we just decided to blow them up and sculpt them and then i made like 4 flowers w petals and everything bc i wanted to give it to the boys but guess which 4 idiots came out from the VIP terminals? YOU GUESSED IT. 5SOS. bc i was in an insider group, a girl took a flight from KL to SG to meet them in the transit area and then guess what?????? she told us to go to the VIP terminals and so we brisk walked there , we didnt run but we brisked walked and GUESS WHOS VAN WAS JUST PULLING OUT? 5 SECONDS OF FUCKING SUMMER. AND TYHEY DIDNT STOP FOR US LMAO ok but in our defense we didnt know if it was them bc tinted windows and everything so we went to the security and asked if that van was 5sos and he said he didnt know so i asked him “it was a black van right???” and he was like yep black van so i asked “does one of the guy have blue hair?” and he was like “YEAH YEAH HE HAD BLUE HAIR” so yay it was 5sos and we all just started crying and all that bc we were the only ones there and they didnt stop omg so we figured they wouldnt go to the hotel as they had ALOT of press so we figured they would go to the venue first so my friends and i hailed 2 cabs to catch up with them at the Star Theatre which is literally nowhere near the airport so it took a while to reach HGAHAHAH and bc my concert outfit was a onesie, we had to go to toilet to change ( spot the charmander ok people ) and THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE JUDGING ME JESUS CHRIST IT WAS MIND BLOWING IVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A HUGE GROUP OF PEOPLE STARING AT ME LIKE THAT. so we changed and everything and we went to the unloading and loading bay where the boys’ van would be parked. we thought that the boys would be in the area but nope they were at little india grabbing food so we just mucked around until security told us to leave and we were like tf why??????? and then we found out why - 5sos are coming. so they scrambled us out and we hid in like the bushes and then we saw 3 vans driving across and i was like TF ITS THEM WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE F7CK AND BY THEN I WASS HYPERVENTILATING LMAO BC I THOUGHT THEY WOULD STOP FOR US. and keep in mind i was still wearing a onesie so i was sweating like a pig bc the material was fleece and it traps heat. and then ashton and idk who waved at us in the van wtf and then ashton came out first w his fedora hat and fuck i couldnt believe my eyes bc ashton fucking irwin was right infront of me and he waved and then calum and michael all came out and miCHAEL BLESS HIM HIS HAIR WAS SO PROMINENT AND HE WAVED AND ALL and no one knew luke came out until we saw him up on the platform LMAO OOPS and then i remembered i was still in a onesie so i yelleD “MICHAEL IM A CHARMANDER” AND THEN HE FUCKING LOOKED BACK AT SMILED AT WAVE AT ME OK GR8 THANKS MICHAEL I WANT A PHOTO. but meh they were near the lifts so they went up almost immediately and we all were so sad bc they didnt stop for us AGAIN and all but ok then so we just walked around the Star Theatre (soundcheck starts at 4.30) and by the time 5sos reached it was around 2? so we just sat there and queued up at then we went in at around 4?????? and i was 5th row so im aiiight but the securirty was so tight tho like damn and then we were told to keep our phones and everything and we werent allowed to record anything and the security team from 5SOS were like “guys there will be a q&a session so later on raise your hand and i’ll go to you and pls ask cool questions not questions like MICHAEL DO YOU LOVE ME thats not a cool question” and then soundcheck rolled around and we couldnt use our phones nor we didnt know if we could stand so we just sat in awe when they came out and we were like TF WHATTTT WE JUST SAW YOU 2 HOURS AGO AND JESUS CHRIST and then michael played like the keyboard and then they were like WHAT R U DOING SITTING DOWN, STAND UP AND WE ALL STOOD UP AND JUMPED AROUND LIKE RATS ON STEROIDS and then calum rapped and all and they sang outer space before moving on to the q&a session. AND THE GUY WAS WALKING AROUND LOOKING FOR SOMEONE AND I WAS LIKE “MEEEEEEEE” AND HE WALKED OVER TO ME AND WAS LIKE YOU GOT A GREAT QUESTION AND I WAS LIKE HELL YES. SO I WAS THE FIRST PERSON TO ASK THEM A QUESTIONA AND THE GUY WAS LIKE OK U HAVE TO SPEAK Q LOUD and then the boys were like alright so if u have a question just raise your hand and all and then i stood up and theyre like “OH WE HAVE OUR FIRST PERSON” AND THEN MICHAEL WAS LIKE “OH WE GOT A DINOSAUR” AND THEYRE ALL LIKE TF DID SHE REALLY WEAR A ONESIE AND THEN I WAS LIKE IM A CHARMANDER LMAO AND MICHAEL WAS LIKE OH. OOPS AND THEN LUKE WAS SO INTERESTED IN MY ONESIE AND HE WAS LIKE “OH IVE ALWAYS WANTED A CHARMANDER ONESIE” AND THEN I WAS LIKE “REALLY YOU WANT ONE????” AND HE WAS LIKE “YEAH WHERE DID YOU GET IT?” AND I WAS LIKE “UH ONLINE” AND HES LIKE “ONLINE LIKE EBAY OR?” but rly i got it off taobao.com and i was like “um china website” and they all laughed omg and ashton was like “OH LIKE CHINAWEBSITE.COM???” and i laugHED OHMYGOD and then they probably realised they were too caught up with the onesie so they were like “ok so whats your question?” and mY TONGUE GOT CAUGHT AND I WAS LIKE “Athis - iojsw fngoinq roh ok this is going to sound really lame but whats your favourite snapchat filter right now (i wanted to ask if i could do a face swap w them but my mic got taken away oh)” and then MICHAEL BLESS HIM HE LOOKED SO HAPPY and he was talking about how he really liked the unicorn one and the rainbow one before deciding he liked the face swap best and then ashton was also like saying he liked face swap too and he liked to face swap w luke bc luke has the nicest teeth and then they were all saying they should have like a landscape one where they could just face swap everybody and all and they all kept laughing and all omg and then michael was like thank you and I WAS LIKE IS THIS A WAY TO GET ME TO SIT DOWN AND ASHTON WAS LIKE OK NEXT QUESTION and i was sad :-( but it was like at least 5 mins worth of happiness omg and then they sang wrapped around your finger what the fuck like I WENT INSANE BC ITS LIKE ONE OF MY FAV SONGS BC MICHAEL’S SOLO LMAO AND HE WAS MY SECTION SO I GOT TO LIKE SEE HIM UPCLOSE AND EVERYTHING SO LIFE IS GREAT AND THEN THE SOUNDCHECK ENDED AND WE ALL WERE SCREAMING AND EVERYTHING BC I GOT TO TALK TO THEM AND ALL. but then we had to leave the concert grounds before the actual concert started again so we were like walking around and all and then the actual concert rolled around at 8? and bless michael he noticed my onesie again bc he was talking about how people wore costumes and shit but he only noticed mine and this guy’s HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH and then it became a blur bc i didnt record much, all i did was take a shit load of photos and jump around like an idiot and then it ended i was so sad :-( my ears were muffled at this point so i couldnt hear anything and then the boys threw their stuff into the crowd and i was like tf i want it TOO BUT MICHAEL WOULDNT THROW ANYTHING IN MY DIRECTION SO I WAS LIKE OK ITS PROBABLY BC HE NOTICED MY ONESIE ALREADY SO PEOPLE WOULD PROBABLY ATTACK ME IF HE GAVE ME SOMETHING BUT THEN I WENT UP TO THE FRONT WHEN THEY LEFT AND THEIR CREW MEMBER WAS JUST PEELING OUT THE SETLIST FROM THE FLOOR AND I ASKED IF I COULD HAVE IT AND THEN FUCK. EVERYONE SURROUNDED ME AND WANTED IT TOO BUT THE CREW MEMBER GAVE IT TO ME HOHOHOHO SO I HAVE A PIECE OF THEIR TOUR WITH ME YAY overall the concert was great bc i brought back alot shit home and a great memory (im not going to address the racism issue and all omg ) so thank you for wasting 15 mins of your time reading deb’s slfl experience


Okay so we arrived to the club at like 9:45 pm aprox. while they were setting our table i went to the restrooms with my friends and suddenly we heard people screaming and running out of the bathroom and we were like oh shit they are here, so we ran outside and it wasn’t Tayvin but BABY BURNS THE NEW LOVE OF MY LIFE!!! people were excited about him and that made me so so happy because i’ve seen him open for Calvin a few times before and no one really paid attention but now everyone was cheering for him :))))) !!!!! anyway….

We went back and our table was ready and i almost throw up because i was SO FREAKING CLOSE TO THE DJ BOOTH!! The VIP area was still empty, none of Burns or Calvin’s friends, just my table and another one right next to mine which was weird because of the hour so i started to wonder if the reason was because Taylor was coming and they reserved all the tables right next to the dj booth so she could be there with her friends or if no one from the squad was actually coming but i decided to let it go and don’t even think about that anymore because i didn’t want to be disappointed so i decided to go to the main floor to record Burns with a better view and suddenly there he was, Emil was right behind Burns talking to Christina and some other dude and that’s when i started to lose it, a few minutes later out of nowhere uncle Charlie appeared with his new fiance :) and in less than 15 minutes ALL THE FRONT TABLES WERE FULL OF HIS FRIENDS, LIKE GUYS AT ONE POINT THE LEGEND, UNCLE CHARLIE, WAS SITTING BACK TO BACK WITH MY BOYFRIEND AND I WAS LOSING IT!!! 

I watched the clock and it was like 11:40 and i knew where Calvin was coming out because i’ve seen him play at Omnia a couple of times, so i decided to stand by that door so i could get a clear view of him and Taylor (if she was coming) i dragged my bf there because i didn’t want to miss my midnight kiss (which i totally did because i was busy recording Calvin fml what have this fandom done to me i swear..) anyway… a few minutes after at like 11:45 Calvin came out with Ian and some other guy and my heart dropped to the floor because Taylor wasn’t there but little did i know that a couple of minutes after Taylor fucking Swift was gonna walk right in front of me!! i swear my heart stopped beating for a minute when i saw her coming out of the door in that lacey jumpsuit, everyone around me started freaked out when they saw her and the girl next to me who went by herself kept screaming “wtf this is gonna be a wild night” and i felt a big connection with her at moment so i invited her to our table LMAO and also because SHE WAS THE ONE WHO SCREAMED THAT SHE WAS HUGGING HIM FROM BEHIND AND THANKS TO THAT MY BRAIN AND HEART STARTED FUNCTIONING AGAIN AND I SAW THAT BEAUTIFUL LITTLE DANCE!! SHE WALKED TO THE TABLE AND HUG HIM FROM BEHIND AND THEY DID A LITTLE SWAY FROM SIDE TO SIDE BEFORE HE TURNED AROUND TO TALK TO HER ( i guess this is when this picture was taken http://madswiftlove10.tumblr.com/post/136533507475/the-rest-of-the-world-was-black-and-white-but-we  but i’m not really sure tho… )

They were together just a few minutes guys, like they came out approximately 10 minutes before midnight and Calvin had to be up at the dj booth ready to play as soon as the countdown was over and Taylor and everybody else except Ian left a song before he ended his set so i hope you understand why there was no midnight kiss and why there are just a few pictures of them together. ( here is the video of the countdown and Calvin starting his set http://lola-and-taylor.tumblr.com/post/136448954554/for-anyone-wondering-why-they-didnt-kiss-at )

So while Calvin was doing his set, Taylor was dancing and talking to all of his friends :))) i’m pretty sure Theo was the one who spent most of the night with her ( btw i didn’t know much about him but after that night i LOVE him, he looks like a blast and i love his style and it looks like him and Tay really get along because they were talking and dancing a lot!! ) also Christina is goals AF, not only she’s sooo pretty in person but she was a fan of T and now she’s hanging out with her WEARING FREAKING FACE MASKS AND TAKING CUTE PICTURES TOGETHER AND THEY LOOKED LIKE BEST FRIENDS DANCING AND TALKING AND HUGGING AND I LOVE THIS NEW FRIENDSHIP SO MUCH!! 

Taylor, Emil, Burns and Theo at some point were dancing together and they were kinda imitating and making fun of Calvin and his dance moves LMAO and that was perfect because getting along with your significant other friends is so important and Taylor gets along with them great!!

She went to talk to Nicole ( U Charlie’s fiance ) who was sitting with some friends on the table right next to hers and stayed there for a few minutes ( http://lola-and-taylor.tumblr.com/post/136401438775/nye-omnia )

Calvin´s set was amazing like always and the whole club was singing along and partying like crazy and baby couldn’t stop smiling all night long, he looked genuinely happy and excited. He kept turning around to see Taylor and smile at her and every single time i wanted to cry because they were so cute!! and she would occasionally point at him. She was singing along to his songs and dancing like Taylor dances, you know with all the mom crooning and arms and hands everywhere LMAO it was so cute and i still can’t believe i got to witness her in full action a few steps away from me!!! If i like front lifted my arm i could touch her shoulder but i didn’t #1 because i honestly didn’t want to bother her #2 because if i tried her bodyguards would have amputated my arm and #3 because i swore my bf i was gonna behave like a grown up and wasn’t gonna fangirl all night long or make anything embarrassing lol.

For anyone wondering about Austin and Alana, as much as i want them to date i don’t think they are? i mean i wasn’t paying much attention to them but they didn’t look like a couple to me, they spent most of the time talking to other people and Austin was talking to some girls which is not a big deal because he obvs can talk to whoever he wants but i mean don’t mark my words on this because maybe they are dating and their rs is not the type to be glued to each other idk but if she’s not dating him SOMEONE GIVE ME HIS NUMBER BECAUSE WHAT THE FUCK?! HE IS SO HOT IN PERSON AND TALL AND WITH A GREAT BODY, THE PANTS HE WAS WEARING MADE HIS ASS LOOK GREAT LMAO 

These is everyone i saw that night: Taylor, Calvin, Emil, Christina, Burns, Theo, Charlie, Nicole, Derek, Connor ( he did talk to T for a while but he had to be taking pictures of C so it wasn’t enough i needed and wanted more bc they need to be close friends) Este and Alana Haim, Austin, Ruby Rose and more people who i either didn’t recognize or don’t remember right now.

So i can officially say i spent NYE with the Squad :))) !!!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Obviously this is what i personally saw and i hope you understand that i was there celebrating NYE with my boyfriend and friends so i didn’t spend my whole night stalking Taylor so i may have missed some things, in that case if anyone of you have any cute story feel free to add it. Having said that, please stop sending asks telling me i should have done more for the fandom and the pictures and videos i posted are not enough and calling me selfish :) thanks.