i didnt like the areas in this game


Im not sure how many people know but for those who don’t, playing ingress creates more Pokestops. I personally didn’t know so i downloaded the game and saw a lot of potential Pokestops that just need a photo added. So i tried it and these are my results..
All i had to do was take a photo, ten days later it was a Pokestop.
Please share for players like myself who live in very rural areas!!

Remember it still goes off Google maps so for example the post office, i could add a photo but there was a fire department right next to it that didnt exist because it just wasnt found on google maps so it cant be made into a Pokestop. So what im trying to say is if you have places near you that you think could be a Pokestop just load Ingress see if theres a portal there if there is take a photo and submit it, if not then it was worth a shot and you can try somewhere else. Then a little over a week later, if approved, (it can be longer if they get behind with everyone submitting) you’ll have a Pokestop. Good luck! x I also made a video explaining it since people were asking. Ill make a better one later on. https://youtu.be/qXLqBThlNKs

Stealing my own ideas from my favorite areas because I’m so desperate. (On top no hack, bottom slight hack)

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I like Futaba (ive only just got her and am about to do the school trip lol) but so far shes feeling a bit like Naoto to me. what I mean is, while I do love both of them. It feels like the character's skill set takes over and in a lot of areas it feels like the gang gets through because of this one person instead of being a team and when this didnt really happen before it kinda annoys me. but I do love both of them lol. Just think they didnt need to be like "savior" characters with how it feels.

I actually really love Futaba and the way she contributes to the plot.

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oblaks a réagi à votre billet “i feel like of the football/nba fans on here im like the only warriors…”

ME TOO!! even tho idk anything about basketball i jsut love all the bay teams kjfghladfkj

Yeeeeeees! :D gotta have that bay area solidarity!! honestly, i lowkey supported the warriors for years, this is the first season i actively followed because my family got me into basketball during the finals last year (which didnt have a game 7??? which i guess happens sometimes?? there was just no winner?? it was weird)

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23 & 24?

23 What’s your favorite toy?

I love my stuffed animals, when I was a kid, I used to pretend like they were going on adventures. I also have pokemon figures from pokemon diamond and pearl…I feel so old lol

24 What’s your favorite cartoon?

Pokemon. I wish the games were more like the anime. I couldn’t really watch the anime when I was a kid because we lived in a rural area where we only got local television so they didnt have cartoon network on there, only pbs kids. So when I was about 9, I go to watch the late pokemon diamond and pearl anime, then I saw the early parts of the black and white anime. After that I kinda lost interest in the pokemon anime. But I’m currently re-watching the bw anime and I hope to finish it. I’m also interested in the sun and moon anime but I don’t know if it’s in english yet….I guess I’ll just have to watch it in english subs. It’ll be weird with all of the charaters names being different lol.


Anonymous said:When you saw the 2010/2011 demos for Bioshock Infinite what did you think? Were you disappointed any that they cut some things out?

-They made me so excited for the game, i could hardly contain myself. Columbia seemed so huge, so mysterious, so interesting, with tons of little side areas to explore. The first two images are some of my favorites. I loved the old comstock house and the look of the architecture on the right. The second one shows a vast sense of scale to columbia, just begging you to stop every step to look around at the size of the world. I felt the game would have a lot of creepiness (and nighttime) to it, like in the boy of silence shot and i was so ready to take on the epic enemy that was songbird. I felt he would be just behind me most of the game and that there would be some grand showdown with him at the end. I also loved how interactive liz was, with the world around her, like in the last picture. The skyline seemed to be everywhere and looked insanely fun to ride, and that was only enhanced the vertical height of the levels. I dont remember the last time i was this eager to get my hands on a game.

So when infinite finally came out, i was ready for and anticipating, that version of the game. And in some ways we got it. And in others, we didnt. I was disappointed that columbia looked very different in some places and that it didnt have the same sense of scale. It felt very linear and seemed to have lost most of its vertical height. There werent as many skylines as as i was hoping for and a lot of different areas felt more like video game arenas to mow down enemies with my gun, than a living, functional city. Sadly some of the eeriness of the game also seemed to have taken a hit and i was massively let down about how little you actually saw and interacted with songbird (and the boys of silence!). The ending with him was not what i had anticipated at all. Finally liz had been toned down when it came to her powers and the level of her interaction with the environment (battleship bay was the exception to this. she was very interactive there and i wish they could have kept that up the entire game).

All that being said, i still adored the game. Its like going to disney world (or your favorite theme park/place to go), and finding out a few of the rides you saw in the commercials are down for maintenance. Youre a bit bummed, but you still enjoy the hell out of your day and find a million other things to fall in love with that you never expected ( im looking at you luteces!). In my opinion, infinite is an amazing experience and i bow down to the talent at irrational. I could go on for days about the stuff i loved about the game. Like with a lot of things we deeply care for, we sometimes hold them to a higher expectation than might be fair.


But this is a true story to show you just the kind of person Taylor really is. It literally could be almost out of a movie …. My story…
Ok , so she followed me back in December, and i was so happy!! right before Christmas. And i was so happy i didn’t sleep all day. And i think she followed me bc she saw my url of the art she got of mine , when i won tickets to the ellen show, she thanked me and took it from my hand. I didn’t talk to her though, or anything but i got to shake Ellen’s hand and hers at the same time , pretty cool. And we basically had a 30 mini people concert on Ellen’s stage, it was so small and intimate and cool. She was in arms reach , i didn’t even have to move for her to take it from me. Then, later on there was the IHeart awards and you could win tickets on this site online. And i got tickets to be a seat filler. You could win, pitt tickets or seat filler tickets. And a seat filler is where move around alot throughout the show and sometimes you’ll be at a celebrity’s table or sitting by them with the guests. And i thought that was pretty cool. So i stayed up posting about that i won with my friends. Like ALL nite. But they got pitt tickets. So they knew where they would be sitting and could post it. I did not. Because a Seat filler u move constantly like i mean ALOT. And so i stayed up all late and that nite before posting, drawing things, singing, etc, lol and asking if i could say hi to her. And she never liked anything about it or of my friends. But one post of mine later, that had to do with the awards. And of course i didn’t think anything of it , but now i know why, she wanted to surprise us being the sneaky and amazing girl she is. And i was so excited to go to the awards, that i didn’t even sleep, i went to the show early ,i was the very first in line. It was so hot outside i stood for hours in heels before we went in. And come to find out they slightly over booked. So alot of us stayed behind this giant black curtain , literally by the trash and food lol. And i was like missing alot of the show almost. I Was so sad. We just got to watch it on a tv in this room. They tended to only pick girls that dressed in short dresses to sit around people and the Celebs it seemed. I was so sad. The guys were so rude to me. Even this one guy just kept picking the same girls. And towards the VERY end they finally let me , out and moved me towards the front. I sat at the same table with Scott Borchetta! I wanted to say something so bad to him, but it was tv and all professional, and i didn’t want to be one of those annoying people. And i couldn’t even dance where I was like the pitt people where my friends were that she met. And then Taylor walked literally RIGHT pass me to get an award and she sat right across from me onstage. literally RIGHT across from me At the very end and her last award. She was i mean right there i was on stage with her. And i wanted to say something SOO bad. But it was tv so i couldn’t . So i just cheered her on and clapped . And i didn’t want to bug her i tried to do a little wave but she was so focused on snoop and getting her award there was no way to get her attention lol. And the show was over, i was so sad that i was behind a curtain most all of the time. And the guys were being so rude. But i tried to make the most of it because i got to see taylor! and i was so happy she won so many awards like she deserved . So i walked all the way back to my car like blocks away, alone dying in these heels and got my phone. And looked at my messages and saw my friend’s message, and my heart just dropped . shes like u met taylor right? she found u right? And i was all what?!?!. Shes all , she was looking for u!!! and i just couldn’t believe it ! I didn’t know what to think, i totally cried . And i was happy for my friends, but so sad that i blew probably my only chance like ever . And the second i kid you not! I turned my radio on , the song i just havent met u yet came on of all songs!! That day was just so ironic ! even from the girl that came five mins after me in line , that was right behind me all day , happen to be sitting at taylors table all nitee ! And she was in the only selfie taylor posted in the background! It would have been me! If i was 3 mins later. In line so crazy! And If she saw me she wouldve recognized me because she was looking at our blogs to find us all that day. so tbh i cried all the way home, not really because i was sad that i didnt meet her, but more so that she even would do something so nice. and i made a video telling taylor, sorry i missed her, but thanked her for trying to meet me it meant alot. And so i thought there went that. Then she never liked anything untill next day but it had nothing to do thanking her, or about the awards. It was totally random things. Now i know that was on purpose. Then I got an anon the following morning asking me for my concert dates. Like who would care or go on anon for that? Now i know why . And i didn’t think anything of it then. And so the whole time they had been keeping tabs on me i guess so she would be sure and know where i was and meet me later like at my concert date. But she saw i won tickets for Rock in rio in vegas and that i was there so she met me then instead . Ok for the crazy second part of my story, after all that crazy IHeart stuff . I was at the dmv only because they had told me to come back later, i wasn’t even meant to be there that day. This is how i know its meant to be now. And not knowing what the radio contest was even for i was bored at the dmv, and i just heard call right now and i did, and i won rock in rio tickets. I was so in shock when i found out they were for taylor, for one i never listen to the radio either lol. And i never have won a radio thing ever. and my friends were going that were from the iheart awards too. So i should’ve got a clue maybe this was a sign for a second chance . But I didnt wanna be too hopeful. And i didn’t expect anything from Taylor. She did enough. The crowd was going to be crazy, insane ! Like 50,000 people! no seats nothing. All floor seating. I got billboard tickets too, so i thought maybe then i could have a possible chance. So i posted about vegas, and a outfit i made just for fun. It literally was because i loved making things . Because there was no loft . I knew that it was more of a festival. But her whole show for the first time in the u.s. people didn’t really dress up too much , i was like the only one that made a outfit lol. And i happend to get yes ill say it i don’t care, its embarrassing, a bladder infection , right before i left. I was SUPER sick nauseous. Drove to vegas alone. Having to stop at gas stations almost constantly bc i was so sick. Bc the antibiotics take over a week to fully work. And then i broke my phone yay me! Lol . Then i Met up with my friends, one from Australia , andrea. shes so sweet. That night i added the finishing touches to my dress. I couldn’t sleep at all that night i felt so sick. and the day came, and taylor didnt come on till almost midnight! We were there at like 9 am! Like crazy so long. We were in line with some of the other kinda tumblr famous people they were so cool, i love nic. She was one of the first people there too. I already was so tired and sick from the heat. And then finally the 3 gates opened. people ran like the Friggn hunger games ! it was crazy ! u have to run literally for like a mile to get to the stage! . ts a huge outdoor concert area. I got stomped on, felt so sick. I Ran and finally got there i felt like i was going to die. Not even kidding . I usuallly can handle alot bc i was sick as a kid most of my life and spent alot of time in the hospital. So thats when u know its bad. And we got to the stage. It was only 3pm! So i had almost 8 hours or so till she came on! And i was feeling so awful, dehydrated , hungry u couldnt leave or youd loose ur spot by the stage. No chairs . And i got so sunburnt like bad i forgot sunscreen dumb me. And eventually it got so crowded you could not sit. And i got kicked in the heels. i was bleeding no joke! I seriously tried not to cry . Because after all i went thru, as bad as i felt, i wasn’t going to not see taylor. No way. And i couldn’t even get to a bathroom. Ironically of all illnesses the time i literally could not use a bathroom for hours. And no to mention basically standing for hours straight, no sit time. And not to mention its still 2 hours or more added to that because thats how long her concert lasted. And i literally was in so much pain, i couldn’t get water or sit. My phone died, even with a battery pack charger. Since i was there for so long. And the min i was about to cry and told everyone im so sad but i literally cant do it , i felt so sick and i cant stand anymore i have to go walk to first aide or lay down in the grass . I kid u not the MIN i went to go , this girl came up to me and said taylor wanted to meet me. And i was like 😦. Totally in shock like totally , like not expecting it at all. And my phone had died so i saw no messages from her or taylor nation. And i never answered them. But she still tried! Being the sweet Taylor she is. she didnt give up and had people from online she saw , that she thought might know me come find me. How cool is that? She is literally so sweet. Like in a crowd of 50,000 people no phone, taylor Friggn swift found a way to find me. I literally didn’t cry because it seemed to surreal. I didnt believe it. So they told me after ed sheeran sings to go meet in this certain spot. And i had to push thru a level crowd of like 50,000 people my outfit was literally falling apart from such a long day, and having to push through people that wouldn’t move . and no one wanted to move. But i finally got out of the crowd. And she asked our names i was with a couple of girls taylor was going to meet too . It was tree and someone else. And they started to take us backstage. I was talking to tree along the way she was so nice , all the people we passed said congrats guys! And i was so sick, and tired in shock, I honestly didnt feel all there. Like it was a dream. It was so cool because she had no meet and greet set up at all, or any loft. She literally MADE time . So then bc of this we all got a little extra time. I was so happy to sit for a few mins before i met her . It was pure heaven, if i didn’t get to sit, i don’t think i could have made it though her concert whatsoever. And the room was so small, smaller than a bedroom size. it was like her dressing room. I got to sit next to her blue shake it off shoes and some oufits. And we were there for like a half hour total. There weren’t very many of us at all. she was like Im so glad i found u guys! It was kinda hard , but I’m glad i finally found you too this time! I was so in shock right when i walked in she was like just right there. Like i just couldnt believe it . We all talked in a group but i was quiet because i was sick and in shock. And it seemed like if i tried to talk everyone just talked over me so i gave up. But i really didn’t care because i was just happy to be there. She danced around and did funny accents lol. I let everyone else go first really, and by some miracle idk how, the bag i brought with me ended up having the necklace in it that i had been saving since the i heart awards. I gave her the cat necklace i had. She said she loved it. It was even her birthstone , And Hugged me a bunch. I talked to treee while she saw the other girl. And i just didnt ask questions really or take a video, the time your actually allowed too for once , i didn’t . because my phone was dead , and i didnt have one again like the iheart awards. and i was in such shock. And i didn’t want to seem greedy, or ask people to use their phone. i was just happy to be there . she told me she loved me , and llike nuzzled her chin on my head and side hugged me again, and saw my outfit and talked about it . Her and tree loved it , unfortunately it was falling apart by then . and i was embarrassed. But she was so nice about it and said she saw it online lol, and she cant believe i do all that for her, and all i went through for her, and that im amazing and i made her so happy. i think i said i love u i hope lol. And she wrote long live for me, for my grandma, a tattoo i wanted. And then we left she said she was making sure security saved our spots and escorted us back, so we Could just hop over the front of stage so we wouldnt have to go thru the crazy crowd. So we hopped over, i danced thru all the pain and had the best night ever. So I was a mess when she saw me. I didn’t say anything i wanted to at all. But it was of course and it was still the best day of my life. And not to mention after wards being so tired and hungry and dehydrated , after all that we still had to walk back to the hotel. So i still didn’t eat or drink till the next day.and just crashed on my bed… The end

So this post isn’t to brag, in anyway. I just want to show how amazing and kind of a person taylor is . She met my friends. She has 80 million fans. She didn’t have to try and meet me again, but she kept trying and did. And the point of this story is also to show you that anything is possible. And never give up on meeting taylor because it does happen when you least expect it, and when its meant to be it will. So don’t get discouraged , and never give up. Because i know why it wasn’t meant to be then. My other grandma died a week after i met her. And that helped get me through. And i wouldn’t be able to tell this crazy long story , that might inspire you guys to never give up, if i met her at the awards now could i?! That is just what is so special about Taylor , she makes you believe and never loose hope … ( don’t expect any reblogs at all . Because this is just to show who taylor truly is…. @taylorswift @swiftdownunder @swiftiesparkleshine

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Why is it so hard for you to believe that the "real Zach" is that douchey, bro-figure that he has portrayed before moving into the house and after getting evicted? I live in South Florida as well and most guys from my area are exactly how he's been acting. The cuddly Zach in the house could have easily been scheming in order to win over Frankie and the other house guests.

theres no way. sorry anon.

you cant put on an act 24/7. it would be exhausting if not impossible to scheme like that.

1) zach told julie he didnt have a game plan and that he didnt really have a stategy. his mom confirmed that too. so its highly unlikely that he would be pretending to cuddle to get some money.

2) if flirting was his startegy, why didnt he flirt with any of the females? why didnt he take it even FURTHER with frankie in that last week to try to sway his opinion? or i dont know, suck up to some of e other guys? im sorry, i just dont buy it.

3) the only person he was that cuddly with was frankie. period. and yet, frankie was his closest friend in the house. so you’re telling me zachs “strategy” was to get the person he believed he was the closest to, to keep him? huh? that makes no sense honey. if it was stategy hed be cuddling up to the people whose vote he thought he didnt have.

youre saying his strategy was to be cuddly and flirt and say ‘if i was gay’ etc and not just to… oh i dont know… be nice? lol great strategy.

if zankie had been the last two in the house and he knew that he was already in the finals and that frankie would not be able to give him a vote do you honestly think he would have acted any different?

the person you see when hes just hanging out is the real zach. not the one whose being put on blast in an interview by a jerky homophobic man.

i think people have a tendency to mirror their surroundings and because jeff was being a jerk about it and giving him a hard time zach felt on the attack. he felt like he had to defend himself and bring out his macho persona.