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Taeny & KF Shippers
How should I begin this? Alright. This will mainly be the topic of Tiffany’s relationship. No. I am not going to bring myself to say THAT name. For i dont even bothered to. So lets just say, those of you whom shipped that couple..go ahead, but that doesnt means you have to make every single living sones to ship them. Cos that is just plain dumb. What makes me laugh for a good time is seeing those tiny pathetic pest saying: “YOU ARE NOT A REAL SONE IF YOU DONT SHIP KF” I say double fuck you to that. Since when did SNSD made you a judge? Or are you a soshi member to judge who is real and whats not?  So lets just say…lets just say. An example. If 1 of the soshi member doesnt bless or agree on kf relationship…does that makes her a fake soshi? Lol. Now. I am just trying to simplified your stupidity. Now you get it? There’s pros and cons. We have our reasons why we dislike Nichkhun as it is the same of why you adore him. Why cant we dislike him? Sometimes bad things happened and we may blurt things out like “I hate you God…why me"  Come on. Your Nichkhun is not even the almighty. So please. You cant and shouldnt expect every single sones to like or accept that relationship. Because it is up to that one sole person to decide who they love/like or the other way. Who are you to control the other thoughts? Psycho. Like the recent RunningMan. Many of you blinded by passions said "You guys just want him to answer idk so it gives you a reason to say he is not caring” Er hello? Talk to my double middle fingers. He could’ve just shrugged it off with a shy smile and avoid it. But its okay if he choose to answer it with a thoughtless mindless answer. She is sleeping. I find it awfully hilarious at his answer to it. It was genuinely obvious that he answered without thinking and with whatever his brain can projects. And that just shows how much attention he wants to gain. By simply answering. Is just like if my friend ask me “hey..what is your dog doing right now?” And I’ll go.. oh i think my dog is at home making some coffee for itself..enjoying his time break freedom. Get it? LMFAO. 1 thing for sure. I realized this guy wants 1 thing. Fame. He jumps into any pit hole for that. That brings us back to the time where he and Taeyeon arrived in Thailand airport. She was there for her B ing event and as for him. I got no idea. Didnt care. Taengangers and Sones were there. Crowding the whole airport just to catch a glimpse of their Thai Prince. And no. Thai Prince..is Taeyeon.  Not that born and raise fella. Dont get it wrong ya ;) So, that fella got out first. he was amaze by the crowds. (I was too) (**applause to Thai Fans**) He bows to the crowd and tweet “So many fans welcoming..I feel warm” HOLD THERE A MINUTE BUDDY!!! ER WHUT!?  you thought the crowds was for ya!?!??! How hilariously embarrassing dude. Ok. Come on. Give it to me. you want to say he thought so? But you know why? Cos once again. he shamelessly wants attention. And he would say or do anything without thinking twice this dude is just dying for fame. Many came and told me if i dont accept the relationship it means i dont love Tiffany enough. i say you go and dig your way back into your mum’s womb and stay there. you dont know me so dont judge me. those who knows me. knows how well i am crazy for that girl. “If you love someone. You accept it” I do. did i accept it? Yes. I accept it. But that doesnt means i have to ship them. And you think Tiff would give a fuck if 1 or 2 person doesnt accepts it?  Er. No. ._. Its her choice. Her relationship why do you think she give a fuck. It is exactly how you fans should learn. why you shippers want to give so many fucks as in to what other might be thinking or reacting? Why do you want to fucking care so much? 6 years ago. I fell in love with Tiffany Hwang herself. not because of who she is with or who was with her. I love her for her personality and her eyesmile is a bonus to it. 6 years later. I still love Tiffany Hwang as the person herself. period. i wont support her latest relationship. Cos i dont give it any damn. Neither she gives a damn if i agree in her relationship or not. “SHE WILL BE SAD TO SEE HER FANS REACTING THAT WAY” Oh wait. Kf shippers and other sones who thought that way. Wait a minute. you didnt tell me you are not a human…you didnt tell me you are GOD for that only can explains properly of how you know how 1 idol really felt. Awwww. oh wait. you are just a fan. like me and everyone else. so just SHUT UP. I know most Locksmiths are sadden and upset by the news. I get it. I was too. when the news were up. i was so rage that i did something that i felt kind of regret when I calm down the next day. (IF YOU ARE NOT A LOCKSMITHS, PLEASE ZIP YOUR CRAPPY MOUTH SHIT MAKERS FOR A MINUTE)  I know how it feels to get crush by facts. i know when hopes got crush. that kind of feeling. I have been through this. but dear all. Remember what she said. “To love is to learn how to let it go” Come. Lets sing LET IT GO shall we :3 why not think of it this way? At least we are lucky enough to witness a thing call ‘real love’ how beautiful a love life can be. we seen it through TaeNy. and we still see it. Just like what she said “One picture can tells more” doesnt their gestures, expressions and eyesights does that? :) I think a love life is more amazing is when one couple makes the people around them smile just by watching them and them not realizing it. anyone can tell us anything. but we should also remember the reason of why our fandom exist. cos we are strong, supportive, caring, rush with passions of love from inside of us. Key & Lock. STEEL. our heart should be as strong as a steel. not the other way, marshmallow ;p  Cheer up. what saddens me is how some of you start turning your back to Tiffany. Is this it? If she can still loves her, why not us too? I know. Something is fishy. but hey.  10 years is not nothing. if i am going to continue to proof of to why i think this whole sudden announcement of relationship is fishy… trust me. I need all day and when i does… Locksmiths will be all strong again. But…not today eh? I have stories to write later on x3 all i can say is. Something made us believe. he may use her fame to himself for all he wants. but at the end of the day. Taeyeon will still be the very one for her. And come on shippers. Tiffany is not pregnant. Neither she is planning to get married. No. Im not God. I didnt read her mind. This is all just plain observation. sones. who is Tiffany? The member who has the most leadership roles playing among the girls. She is always there to maintain her group image. marriage? Pregnant? You think she is that dumb to ruin something that she has build and maintain for so many years? Dear KF Shippers. i cant call you retards for that will only be an insult to definition of the word. You all are a normal human beings by why are each and everyone of you kf shippers so eager to show the stupidity that is inside of you. desperate photoshop. releasing fake rumors desperately. SO GOD DAMN DESPERATE JUST LIKE YOUR NICHKHUN OPPA FOR HIS GROUP COMEBACK. oh no wonder.  That explains. like idols. Like fans. A bunch of desperado. please. if you are a kpop fan. you should know. This era. is EXO. your 2PM oppas are HISTORY. and no. I am not even an exotic. i am just plainly bluntly speaking what is real and happening. Hello. Come out from your cave once in awhile. It helps to update your brain. dont just sit behind your screen and read what was tweet or re-tweet by your own gang. salute to seunggi and khungho (< did i spell it right?? Sorry shikshin T.T) It takes 1 real man to know how to protect his girlfriend. How to respect her fans and friends. i guess your nikon oppa is still a little boy who is dying for desperate fame. Until then. Bye peepo ;) P/S:  If any of you who stays in KL wants to hang out or confront me..please do leave a comment here or my fb or my twitter or my ig or aff or anywhere you can get me. you want to talk about kf? Want to correct me? Lol. I prefer face to face confrontation. dont use your fake dp with fake name to come talk to me anon. oh please. grow some ovum and sperm people. lost your guts. only barking from behind screen? Pfffffft o0o talk to da finga cr: http://1308andrea.blogspot.in/2014/05/taeny-kf-shippers.html ============================================== **I do not owe this post…. Give this person:
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