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Recently I tried designing my own halloween costumes for Kurama and Hiei! Kurama as a werewolf and Hiei as a vampire ^^

(i never finished the fullbody pic of kurama but heres the sketch:)

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I want to stretch my hand out
I want to run, just a bit more

You know what piss me off about netflix? Is that they really are obvious in their fav show. Like marco polo, sense 8 and the get down get canceled and the reason i even know about this show is thank to like one or two people i follow on tumblr (maybe a bit more for sense 8 ) but like i have never seen ads for them

But then show like the crown : huge poster in every metro stop with the date of airing. Same for house of cards. Truth be told i didnt see any for stranger things but i did see a lot for iron fist.

They are literraly selectionning which show they want to ad for and then go all “aaaw well this one doesnt did well so cancelling” like… you didnt even try???

And it really pisses me off because we are losing interesting show with diversified cast instead and keeping the others that are cool but kind of generic….

hey?? so you know how there’s a new voltron poster and the trailer came out? yeah so i was looking closely and my klance lenses came out (oops?)

(sorry for the bad quality i can’t be bothered and this is urgent)

so we see hunk in the background of the trailer WITHOUT his gloves, probably preparing for some battle or practice or something they’re in ATLAS for, and keith’s wearing his gloves in the trailer, but not the poster. maybe the connection is insignificant, but we have seen keith comfortable without his gloves in the show and in posters. this means keith got his gloves from SOMEWHERE and decided to wear them even when they may not be needed.

i thought, maybe lance gave keith his gloves? by the time i had this relevation, i’d already saw some posts where lance is seen giving keith’s gloves to him, and it was insinuated that the gloves were the item lance kept with him from the castleship (instead of keith’s jacket). what lance brought back from the castleship was kept a secret, which is suspicious if it was something that wasnt significant to the plot or characters (and is probably the reason why so many people are making this klance, including me).

IF my theory was correct, that means after lance gave keith his gloves, keith kept them on just because. he wore them because they were given to him from lance and keith was probably touched by lance’s actions. they’re also in that pre-battle aesthetic stance (you know, that one), which makes it all the more cute that lance probably gave keith the gloves before something important for luck. keith didnt need to wear the gloves, they aren’t required or anything, but he still did.

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Hi! do you have any tips on anatomy? i struggle so much at it. your art is so cute btw!!!

hi anon!! thank u so much!! im gonna try my best to offer some tips to u!!!! im still learning with anatomy as well (& im not so good with tutorials…) so bare with me:

SIMPLIFY AND BREAK DOWN EVERYTHING IS MY #1 PIECE OF ADVICE. for example lets start small with a hand. instead of looking at a reference or ur own hand and trying to perfectly capture every detail, look at the basic shape!! its p much a square for ur palm, 4 sticks of varying sizes, and as i have described here the little pouring part of a teapot (idk what its called) for a thumb.

u can apply this anywhere!!! just like the hand, other parts of the body like legs and arms have basic shapes too!! ive seen many artists explain it this way so i picked it up as well, but they have this rhythm where one side is curved and the other is straight (its more subtle in realistic art, but if ur going for cartoony u can exaggerate this too). depending on the drawing or sometimes if my drawing is small i’ll just make straight rectangles for arms or legs but rly it will make things more interesting and technically correct if u show these variations in the appendage shapes.

really the best thing in art ever for me is to simplify simplify simplify, im not great @ anatomy but learning to break things down and represent them in the most minimalistic ways has rly helped me a lot and made my anatomy look better too. to be honest i have not done figure drawings in ages and i rarely use real life references when drawing (IM NOT ADVOCATING FOR DOING SO, I KNOW IT HELPS MANY PEOPLE A LOT BUT I JUST CANT EVER GET INTO IT). whenever i use real life reference, i feel like my art becomes stiff since i tend to replicate the image too closely thus making a cartoony style have the proportion and anatomy of a real person which doesnt really fit the style.. i prefer to study the work of other artists especially animators since they have a great grasp on appealing simplification and stylized anatomy (bc u know its hard to have an animated show thats super detailed). craig mccracken and genndy tartakovsky both have really cool simplistic cartoon styles so i draw a lot of inspiration from their art (and i hope to use varying shapes and exaggerate my anatomy more like theirs as well). 

(one little other important thing i didnt rly mention but ill keep it short since everyone says this. of course u have to practice too. i know it sucks to hear “just keep doing it” from everyone when ur frustrated with ur abilities and dont want to keep doing it, but continuing to draw bodies will boost ur abilities so much. u can look at art and read a million tutorials, but actually drawing will continuously build up ur muscle memory for drawing arms, legs, etc and after a while it comes naturally!!)

tldr practice & study not just from real life but look at how other artists break down and simplify shapes of the body. also remember art doesnt have to have flawless realistic anatomy to look good! there are so many incredible artists who bend the rules of anatomy whether its as a stylistic choice or to exaggerate emotion or perspective, etc.

I cringed during the whole exorcism video. Is that priest even a real exorcist or a priest? He did not follow the correct procedure of exorcism. I call bullshit. Why did he let civilians who doesn’t know anything about the ritual? Did he directed that girl first to a psychologist or any sort of medical expert and help? Why isn’t he bothered by how careless shane and ryan’s approach is to the spirits? I don’t think I saw a Benedictine medallion too which is usually present for exorcisms.

Father Thomas is more knowledgeable. They should have just brought Father Thomas in and gave Shane and Ryan a sermon/scolding instead of that guy performing ‘exorcism’. :/

Fuck managers and fuck one specific coworker

So i have this coworker….he’s an ok guy and an ok friend. But he is the shittiest employee/coworker. He and I are both CSMs and he calls in allllll the time and most of the time its a bullshit excuse. “My cat died!” But when i asked him about his dead cat 2 months later he’s like “….what cat?” And then theres “my roommates are fist fighting right now! Theyre like my family i cant just leave them!” Yes you can. Theyre not the ones paying for your bills. If theyre really your family they’d understand that you gotta go to work to keep your job and that they are old enough to handle themselves. And now I’ve just realized that this was also a bullshit excuse bc he actually lives with his parents. He probably calls in once every week which i know sounds like its not a lot but when you consider that if someone calls in more than 9 times in a 6 month period they’d be fired by now. But he’s not. And then theres the fact that i had to beg to be promoted bc they didnt want to promote me bc im always late and yet they promoted someone who almost never shows up. And on top of that he is now dating one of our cashiers. He is supposed to be demoted by now since he’s got such bad absences but….it hasnt been made official. But at this point I’d say its time to full on fire that hoe. He apporved this lady’s bogus return for almost $1,000 AND ACCEPTED A GIFT FROM HER. We are not allowed to accept gifts from customers and thats an automatic termination. Yet he is still here. Either they just favor him so much or they’re just too lazy to fire him but its so unfair to the rest of us who are working our asses off.

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blupjeans is trans representation tho i dont get why people are kicking off about it. barry and lup could also be bi/pan calling it bad bc its het is just not the right way to go about it

im putting this under a readmore because this is more than them being a m/f couple

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lmao okay so i read simon vs the homosapian agender years ago and was… underwhelmed. like, there was some plot stuff i didnt care for, but mostly i didnt think the prose was written well. that said, it was years ago. i might feel differently if i re-read it, who knows, i barely remember what happens in it now. anyway.

what i REALLY dont get tho is how this film, which is a cheesy teen comedy, is getting more shit for being “problematic” when everyone basically let call me by your name, you know, the one that romanticizes pedophelia, go by unchallenged. even when it won oscars & shit.

this is an important film, because it is what determines how and whether gay films are targeted at children/teens, and what kind of budgets they get for the next few years, if not the next decade.

if you don’t understand the difference: every gay film you’ve seen, even as a teen, Was Not Targeted At You. they were indie, adult, etc. they were probably dark. if they werent, they CERTAINLY were not mainstream (films like moonlight or brokeback mountain were not expected to be as acclaimed as they were, & they were definitely not box office breakers). or they were garbage (fuckin GBF). they did not get advertiserd on billboards. the did not have big studio budgets. and personally, this is the first time i wont have to drive an hour to go to an independent cinema to see a queer film, like i did for moonlight and countless others.

and i get it! there are better books to adapt! books you prefer! books written by queer authors! and they deserve movies too! but you know what? They Will Not Get Them If This Movie Flops.

plus, for all those ppl like me who are desperate for gay ppl in films not About their sexuality, the film/book industry treats YA as a genre, not a demographic. so. this is actually a huge step towards getting the blockbuster astronaut/pirate/wizard gays you want.

also, ive seen the film being accused of being a “white gay” thing before anyones even seen it. i cant really argue one way or another on its supposed racism, im white, im not american, its not my decision. however: the main mystery of the plot is who Blue actually is, and im super grateful that the advertising hasnt undercut the film by giving it away (im looking at you, MJ in spiderman: homecoming). but he’s not white. and id also just in general suggest watching a film BEFORE u decided its ideologies. trailers can be misleading, sometimes intentionally.

plus from watching the trailer, the plot i disliked from the book seems to have been minimised or taken out of this film entirely so. theres that too.

….anyway, it could totally end up to be a “problematic” movie anyway, or just crap, but can we at least not jump the gun on it???


idk why im here defending the adaptation of a book i didnt think was particularly good but i just wanted to get my thoughts out. im not actually interested in a discussion.

tl;dr this movie is important to the industry and landscape of gay filmmaking regardless of whether is actually good or not