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Marichat Fanfic~

I decided to post my marichat fanfic that I made a while ago here, cuz why not? It was my first fanfic ever. So it’s… Pretty bad xD I might post the rest of the 17 chapters, if it turns out you guys like it?? Anyways here goes nothing ✨

Marinette’s POV~
I slowly made my way towards the park to meet alya, who insisted I go immediatly. For what reason? I do not know. All she had told me was to put on something nice and meet her at the park. I didnt give much thought about it and put on jet black boots that come up just below my knees, and with highwaisted shorts that were a floral color. And a beautiful hand stitched shirt. (I WISH U GUYS COULD IMAGINE EXACTLY HOW OUFIT LOOKS, ITS LOOKS WAYY BETTER THAN I MADE IT SOUND)

As I made my towards the park, I spotted four figures at an entrance to an ally, 3 seemed to be surrounding the fourth, and smaller figure. I frowned, and crept closer to get a better look. As I slowly approached the figures,a heavy stench overcame me, it was the heavy stench of beer and liquor. Then I realized the three figures were older men, probably in there 30s or 40s and judging by the way they looked, all drowsyand uncordinated, they were drunk. What made my heart stop was who they were pinning to the wall, my best friend. Alya.

I clenched my fist and called out alya’s name, which made the 3 men freeze, giving Alya a chance to free herself from their grip and run off. I gulped, as I realized the situation I had just put myself into. The men were walking right towards me. I yelped, and darted to the other direction, trying to find a place to transform. Thats when I hit a dead end. There was no way out, the alley had brick walls that were impossible to jump over. Unless.. I transformed. I shook my head, I couldnt expose my identity. I had to get out of this some other way. I turned around to see the men right in front of me. My eyes widened in horror. I screamed as one of the men tried grabbing me.

Chat Noirs/AdriensPOV~
I sighed, the photoshoot was finally done and overwith. Adrien quickly tranformed into chat to relax and be able to feel the cool wind blow against his face as He jumped from roof to roof. Thats when a blood curdling scream split the air. I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew that voice. My eyes widened.

Marinettes POV~
My scream was cut off as a rough hand clamped over my mouth. I felt another pair of hands grabbing my waist and pinning me to wall, I struggled to get lose, struggling hopelessly. Without thinking,I bit down hard on the hand that was clamped around my mouth. I heard them scream in pain and I brought my knee up to the second attacker, hitting the right where it hurts. I staggered forward, Ready to make a run for it when a searing white pain striked through my head, my head colliding with the brick wall. I groaned as I saw the men closing in on me. I lay helplessly on the ground and I tightly shut my eyes. I hear a shout and the men release me. Two of the men were already bolting the opposite direction, while the other man one was fighting none other than Chat noir. My eyes were wide with shock as I saw the burning rage that filled chats eyes, his clenched mouth, placed almost like a snarl. His face was so contorted in anger that I couldnt help but gasp a little.I had never seen Chat so angry before. Suddenly the man grabbed an empty beer bottle from the ground and smashed it on Chats head. I screamed chats name, as Chat grimiced in pain and collapsed to the floor. My blood turned to ice as I saw the man draw something from his pocket. The object glinted in the sun. It was a knife. Without thinking, I darted in front of chat as the man pulled back his knife and thrust it deep into my shoulder. I screamed in pain and tumbled to the floor. Landing face first in the concrete floor, forcing the air from my lungs. I gasped as I struggled for air. The ends of my vision blurring and the world seemed to dip and sway. All I could see was the faint image of chat throwing the man with extreme force against the wall. I then saw chat rushing towards me and gathered me into his arms. I pressed my face into his leather covered shoulder.“Chat..”? I whispered weakly. I struggled to keep my eyes open, but eventually my eyes clamped shut, and there was a hollow silence.
I did it in 1st person, yes xD I SUCK AT WRITING OK.

Request -  heyyy could u do a dirty text post w/ exo?? not sure if u do dirty ones..but thanks anyway xD


i def do dirty posts<3 thanks for requesting, and i didnt really know exactly what you wanted so i did it as if you made them horny because of a frisky snapchat you sent them. heres exo-k and ill do m soon:) but not tonight cause i have a colorgaurd comp tomorrow.

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I love your blog and I'd like to know 33 and 41 🌸

Ooooh thank you for the ask and for liking my blog /)(\

33: What do people call you? 

I hear weirdo, silly or nerd quite often ;) But seriously. My name doesnt leave very much space for nicknames but I get called Schätzelein by some friends. @valisi-clark calls me princess, @gouguruheddo calls me jello and @alwaysbesassy calls me Strudelwin. I have the coolest nicknames :>

41: Have you ever wanted to tell someone something but didn’t? 

Oh yes, and I didnt for many different reasons, personal and other. You just can not tell your boss that hes an asshole if you still want to continue working xD

The accompanying meme

SVTFOE Hunger Games

Alright, lets do this (this will be a LONG post)

Marco’s getting a head start. And…somebody already died..


Yes, I added Starco in there, because I didnt know who else to add..

Poor Marco…




That was extremely fun! (Starco was so close to winning though..)

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in case you wanted to know what it was that you reblogged that didnt load, it was them being cute dumbasses xD


do u guys notice how the first was wonwoo and now the second’s minghao wow cheap wonhao

EXOs reaction to seeing their gf getting kissed from another boy

Long time no see guys ♥

 I didnt know how exactly you wanted the reaction like .. did you wanted that she cheated on them or did you wanted that some random dude is kissing her >: … well lets do the: some random boy kissed her reaction ok ? XD if that wasnt what you wanted then pls tell me how exactly you want it :3 ! Ok lets starto ~

D.O.: *tries to take it cool but cant* Is he really kissing my baobei ? *is ready to knock the random dude out* 

Tao: *gives the random dude a glare* These are my lips .. only I can kiss them

Chen: *ready to scold*


Kai: *cant go over there but watches you hit the boy in the face* ooh … he deserved it..

Suho: *awkward* hey I’m her boyfriend .. if you didnt notice … *gets slightly angry* Suho ! From EXO … with a massive fanbase .. which could beat you up like sh#t

Kris: *glares at the boy*

Xiumin: *tries to distract himself so he doesnt stuff him*

Luhan: *watches you how you beat this guy up* 
*smiles happy af* this is my girl 

+ Special

Baekhyun: *laughs at luhan* Even your girlfriend is manlier than you

Luhan: *ready to beat Baekhyun up*


Y/N: B..Baekhyun .. he … 
Baekhyun: I know Jagi here hold my Jacket and … just give me a second !


Sehun: Bruh … did you just … really … ? 

I hope you liked it ♥ Thank you for your requesto ~ 

 Finished! :’’’DDD

Welp… I didnt know  what to do to the background so I just made some horizontal strokes to fill up the space ;_;

I’ll think of some better background… In the near future…

Please let me know if this is actually too dark or this has too much contrast because I’ve had some issues latlely with my computer screen and I really dont know the real colour o this portrait TTvTT

If so, I’ll fix it and repost it

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Unpaid Debts

“What the hell do ya mean I’m supposed to live with that man!?” Natsu growled, looking down at the man who he had come to call Gramps. His adoptive family was drowning in debt, and the loan sharks had come more than one time to get their money. Gramps had made a deal with the boss, if Natsu went to stay with him then their debts would be forgiven….but the pinkete didnt want any part of it. 

“I can just get a job….we can pay him off just….I’m not going to live with that bastard!!” He scoffed, looking down to see the Gramps sigh. “Whatever….fine….but if he starts doin some weird shit then I’m leavin” He frowned, folding his arms. 

It didnt take long for Natsu to have his things packed and leave, wanting Gramps to be able to relax as soon as possible. Sitting in the back of the car he watched the scenery, wondering what his new home would be like.