i didnt know what to do xd

Original reference, belonging to @enadene

Promised fanart from me :) With this i can safely say that @xxmileikaivanaxx is trully the most amazing woman in the world. Do you know why guys ? She gifted me, with colors. And i thank her so much for this wonderfull gift. She allowed me to push myself even further :) Thank you, my love.

I messed up a lot of things. The hands are bad, and some colors arent really up to the reference, but i was so afraid to actually use darker colors, that i didnt knew what to do ! xD I never colored in my entire life, so this is more of a funny doodle ! But hey ! I still like how it turned out !



Iwaizumi loves Oikawa.  。◕ ‿ ◕。

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RFA (including Saeran and V) reacting to MC who loves Yaoi? :)

Oh my God I´m just so excited to write this o(^▽^)o


° Yoosung was at your house to help you get your things for the sleepover at his parent´s

° he knew you were sort of an otaku, so he wasn´t suprised to find a bookshelf filled with mangas over mangas

° he himself only read some including his favourite LOLOL characters

° (I guess some sort of doujinshii)¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° “Hey MC, can I borrow a manga from your shelf?”

° “Sure go ahead. But don´t make a mess.”

° as every good fujoshi you kept your most precious copys in the very back of said shelf

° it was a habit Yoosung also hold ¯\_ʘᗜʘ_/¯

°  NOT good….

° “Hey MC what is this about?”

° you looked around and to your suprise he was showing you the cover of Ten Count No.5 (it´s the latest one available in my coutry XD)

° your emergency-yaoi-bells rang and you tried to take it away from him

° “Give that back you won´t like it, trust me!”

° but he held it out of your reach when did this brat get so damn tall?

° “Why do you want to hide it that badly MC?”

° “Because of reasons!” (;¬_¬)

° he then did the unavoidable and opend the book

° of course it was not a page with Shirotani and Kurose talking

° and of course it wasn´t one with Kurose in his childhood either

° it was one of those pages

°  if you want to know to what I´m reffering to please check out Ten Count chapter 27/28  o((*^▽^*))o

° with a bam he dropped the book on the grounf, now red as a certain character involved in the manga

° “M-MC, what is that? Don´t tell me all of theese contain such….. acts??”

° he was the definition of embarassment becoming alive at this point

° “No they´re not! You just had to pick one from the back, hadn´t you?”

° if you say it like that it sounds as if he´s at fault here…

° “I´m so sorry I won´t ever take one from the back again.”

° this poor boy is now shocked for live ヽ(*>∇<)ノ

° but hey MC can like what she wants anyway XD

° sometimes you have to learn the hard way Yoosung….


° Finalyyyy~ your long awaited package arrived~

° you said good bye to the postman and now held a big box full of new Yaoi-Mangas in your hands


° as you opend the box the one copy you´ve waited for forever to be realeased in korea happen to be on top

° so why wait when you can enjoy it now  o(≧∇≦o)

° it was called The right way to write Love

° (personally I really enjoyed reading it)

° after your precious box was carefully put away under the bed of course you settled down on the couch and began reading

° when you finished the first story you were almost crying from all the sweetness    ⊂(♡⌂♡)⊃

° but the following one…. dear god forgive me for I have sinned for reading that

° let´s just say the focus was set on interhuman interactions and by interaction I mean in a physical way

° to summarise: it wasn´t something you would want your parents to see             。(*^▽^*)ゞ

° unfortunate she´s Mommy-Jaehee

° since it felt quiet alone in the house you turned on the TV to have some noises

° because of these noises you didn´t hear the door opening and Jaehee calling out for you

° your faced away from the door so you didn´t see her entering the living either

° “Hello, what are you reading MC.”

° because you´re a real fujoshi and your entire focus was on reading physical-gay-interaction (if you know what I mean) it was like she´s talking to a wall

° so she decided to just take a look at what captured your attention so much that you didnt notice her

° bad mistake….( ≧Д≦)

° “My gosh MC what are you reading? What are they even doing??!!”

° to say it was the shock of her life was an understatement XD

° you screamed. she screamen. the girl on TV screamed

° as quick as you could you closed the page and hid the book behind you

° blood was running from her nose and it resembled the colour of her cheeks

° “Let´s just not talk about this again. Ever!”

° a nod was all you could manage to do while going to your room and laughing like a mad man  。(*^▽^*)ゞ


° as always Zen was out off the house to practice his new play

° for you this meant you´ve got some special freetime which you always dedicate to your secret Yaoi-obsession

° this means: singing openings, watching anime, reading manga and fanfiction and of course and liking tons of fanart

° as your anime of the day you selected the masterpiece Junjou Romantica, season one

° while watching (let´s just assume MC is such a big fan she understands japanese) you also read the mangas because why the heck not ? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° you  know how the second episode ends? Misaki quitting Virgin-Cub

° the same Thing happend in the manga, just a BIT more detailed

° you started hearing the intro-song for the 3rd time this day and couldn´t resist singing along

° while singing you kept the page you were currently reading open, to continue anytime

° but while singing and constantly turning the volume up the arrival of a certain actor remained unnoticed

° he always thought it was simply impossible to not notice him, but there you were, singing some catchy tune and reading some book

° his abnormal bid ego just couldn´t bear that….(҂⌣̀_⌣́)

° it was logical to him to pay you back for that

° standing behind you he coverd your eyes and took a look at the page infront of him

° remember what I said about the manga having more detail?

° you tried to struggle free and hide everything but it was to late

° “MC, what is happening there?”

° fuck, he saw

° “Eh…. you know, when two peoplelove each other they do interactions on a physical level..”

° “I know that! But These are dudes MC, dudes!”

° “Do you want me to become gay?”

° “What? No, of course not Zen.”

° is it to much to expect people to accept your likings? Yes? ok then I said nothing

° you had to explain a LOT to him but in the end he kind of accepted you liking this genre?

° still a bit disgusted tho

° but to distract you from this stuff he walks around shirtless a lot more than he did before, and to show you that he looks a dozen times better than those men    ( ° ʖ °)


° you had to be careful, very careful…

° because every package that arrived was controlled by one of the security members

° that meant you couldn´t just order Yaoi-Merch online like you used to as a single

° the consequence was that you had to buy all of this stuff either at a shop or ask one of your friends to order it for you

° today you went out shopping and to your luck you were able to do that without any guards following you

° this was the perfect opportunity to stock up on mangas o(≧∇≦o)

° you returned to the penthouse with a bag full of precious new babys for your collection

°  back home, Elisabeth joined you on the big couch where all of the copys layed in a big mess

° she just purred like she didn´t care XD

° 1 houre later you already finished the first 2 volumes of Sekaii ichi Hatsokoi and started with the 3rd

° (if you wonder it´s the case of Onodera Ritsu No. 5)

° you looked at the clock and to your relief there was still an hour left till Jumin will come back

° so you cleaned up the mess you created, planning to continue reading after you´ve finished

° unfortunately you left the book on the couch with Elisabeth

° what was even more unfortunate, Jumin´s last meeting was canceled and to suprise you he didn´t send a text to warn you

° as you put the last bok away in the shelf you heard a scream, Jumin´s scream

° “ MC what is this Piece of junk doing here!?”

° no need to say it like that…¯\_(⌣̯̀⌣́)_/¯  

° “Jumin don´t shout like that you´ll scare Elisabeth.”

° rushing to the living room the worst case scenario already has happend

° he was reading the damn book, right on the page where you left of

° Takano forcing himself on Ritsu once again

° “Jumin, give me back my book, please.”

° to your suprise rather than angry or disgusted he looked more confused

° Thank God!

° “MC why would you read something like that? Do I not satisfy you enough?”

° great now he looked hurt.. but still this is way better than angry

° “What are you talking about? This has nothing to do with you Jumin I just enjoy reading it.”

° he looked like a little confused kid and than did the last thing you´ve expected

° “Jumin! What are you doing put me down this instant!!”

° “No.”

° apparently he had to make sure he still satisfied you for the rest of the day

° so it wasn´t even that bad that he foudn out about your no longer secret hobby


° I saved the most strange one for him XD

° when he did the background-check on you he also took a look at your online orders

° and there he thought he already was the biggest Fujoshi Queen King…           (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)

° this being a critical hit on his ego he made up his mind to pay you back one day

° after you moved in with Seven and Saeran you stopped ordering online and bought every book your heart desired in the local bookstore

° because you just knew Seven would tease you nonstop if he found out about that obsession of yours

° little did you know Special-Agent 707 already had his masterplan ready…

° when you came back he wasn´t on his Computer, which was very unusual
° instead he sat infront of the TV and it looked like he was waiting for you to return

° “Hey Seven what´re you doing here?”

° “Good you´re back I was waiting for you to come back and watch some anime with me.”

° you didn´t exactly know why but you already had a bad Feeling about this

° “Everytime we watch something it´s either disgusting or disturbing.”

° I´m only dropping the words Euphoria and Corpse Party here

° “But MC~ I know you´ll enjoy it this time.”

° Oh God this sounds so wrong

° you gave your okay to watch whatever it was with him

° but when you heard the first tune of the opening theme, you instantly knew what was going on

° but since you watched every freaking Yaoi, even if it was very strange/disturbing you were prepared

° personally, Ai no Kusabi disturbed me XD

° you somehow had the idea he already knew about you passion, so why not do the worst Thing to a Fujoshi? Spoiler

° “Did you know that they´ll cut Ricky´s dick off?”

° “WHAT??”

° he was shocked, and let me tell you to shock him is an Action worth a nobelprice

° MC used Spoiler, it was super-effective

° as if faced Medusa he was now turned to stone

° this means it was MC´s victuuriory

° he stayed like this until Saeran did the ice-bucket challenge to him XD


° he´s blind so I thought why not write about Drama CDs

° V had an appointment at the doctors to look after his eyes

° you stayed home because Jumin wanted to accompany him very desperately

° being a goog girlfriend you of course let him do that

° for you it meant that you could listen to your new CD over the sound system and without headphones

° said CD was called Kuroneko Kareshi no Nakasekata ( it means something like black cat´s boyfriend to cry for I think..) 

° because of V´s eyesight-situation he decided to focus on his other senses a lot more and invested in one of the best sound systems

° this was to your joy once again o(*≧□≦)o

° you didn´t understand much, but it didn´t matter to you since you were reading the translations at the same time

° did I mention it was really loud and you didn´t notice anything else? Good, Keep that in mind for now

°  one of the things that remained unnoticed was V entering the house

° the first thing he heardwas some strange, male moaning

° he thought you would be cheating an was on the edge of tears

° poor V(︶︹︺)

° but then there was another moaning, also from a male person and this seemed very strange to him

° he entered the livingroom, still unnoticed by you

° you then noticed him because he closed the door a LITTLE to loud which caused you to turn around in shock

° as quick as you could you turnd the sound system off to stop those noises

° “Oh, hey V. Is your appointment finished already? I used the System..”

° you were more than just relived that he didn´t bring Jumin with him in the flat

° “Listen, we won´t talk about that but if this is yout hobby than I won´t say anything. Just don´t let me hear it again OK?” 

° you gave your ok and hurried into the kitchen do prepare the dinner

° by this time V´s head and yours were as red as the tomatoes you were currently cutting


° his brother dragged him away to do some fishing to “deepen their brotherly-bond”¯\_(ツ)_/¯

° that meant you had finally time to play the game you purchased last week

° after getting comfortable on the couch and putting on some headphones for better sound you hit the start button of Dramatical Murder

° you started right away with Noize’s route

° and of course aimed for the best ending possible

° as you played or red to be more precisely, the hours flew by

° I played Amnesia (the otome-game) and it really took some time to finish a route

° so after you played for like 6 hours straight it finally payed off

° that meant the good parts came, and they weren’t the only thing that did

° if you know what I mean

° you already saw some of the CGs online but damn

° unlocking them yourself and hearing the voice actors while seeing it was way more satisfying (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

° so satisfying that you, however that is possible, didn’t hear Seven screaming that they’re back

° when Saeran couldn’t hear an answer from you he immediately thought the worst

° you finaly leaving him because of how fucked up he is  .( ˃﹏˂̵ )

° don’t think that my poor, precious baby I love you ( ≧Д≦)

° so he was more than happy to see you sitting on the Couch with some headphones on

° “So that´s why she didn´t hear us…”

° of course it was unacceptable that you ignored him

° he had to pay you back for that, that was a sure thing

° so he wanted to see what was more important to you than him at the Moment

° as quiet as he could, he walked behind you to take a look at your Screen

° he didn´t like what he saw….

° the next things happend in only a few moments

° he placed your headphones somwhere els and turned off the handheld-consol you were playing on

° after that you remembered laying on your bed with Saeran ontop of you and already pulling at your shirt

° “MC you were a bad Girl for playing These naughty games. So for that you must be punished.”

° and he did. the whole night.

This was so fun writing I had the fun of my life o(*>ω<*)o Although I lost the document 2 times

I hope you like it and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing o(^▽^)o

I think I’m finally done :’D Weapon included 

they’re called dual tantō for those curious few

I might go back and change up the scabbard a bit at some point who knows

also I obviously decided not to change the pants because I couldn’t figure out what to do with em xD

-is it obvious I didnt draw the 2nd sword? Thank god for copy/paste amiright :’D- 


“EDIT: When you realize you didnt add eyebrow ;a;”

some info on the details ?

the shirt and the boots are sort of asian -y 

and the arm thinggy is inspired by Clouds arm thingy from final fantasy 

the sword guard was supposed to kinda look like a septiceye but idk how well that translated/ if it’s obvious 

the scabbard shape is sorta based off of Rose’s but mostly its based off the scabbard or whatever that was in the pic with the tantō

and I just realised I didnt do any sort of shading for the scabbard :’)

And yup I think that’s it, here’s the pic I based the weps off of 

 mmmkay bye

hope y’all like it :’)

SVTFOE Hunger Games

Alright, lets do this (this will be a LONG post)

Marco’s getting a head start. And…somebody already died..


Yes, I added Starco in there, because I didnt know who else to add..

Poor Marco…




That was extremely fun! (Starco was so close to winning though..)

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The thing I don't onget but totally love is that the two very jelous yg time(where hongbin was touching jin's hair in some award show in rub era an the kenjin encore stage)when hoseok is beside yg he looks totally not happy with the situation too,like he doesn't approve at all.i don't why he too looks kinda mad but it's adorable

ahahaha but if you look more closely in the encore stage it does look like hobi and namjoon were so tense like they didnt know what to do in that situation, looking back and forth between yoongi and jin and the audience like they were asking for help xD

Marichat Fanfic~

I decided to post my marichat fanfic that I made a while ago here, cuz why not? It was my first fanfic ever. So it’s… Pretty bad xD I might post the rest of the 17 chapters, if it turns out you guys like it?? Anyways here goes nothing ✨

Marinette’s POV~
I slowly made my way towards the park to meet alya, who insisted I go immediatly. For what reason? I do not know. All she had told me was to put on something nice and meet her at the park. I didnt give much thought about it and put on jet black boots that come up just below my knees, and with highwaisted shorts that were a floral color. And a beautiful hand stitched shirt. (I WISH U GUYS COULD IMAGINE EXACTLY HOW OUFIT LOOKS, ITS LOOKS WAYY BETTER THAN I MADE IT SOUND)

As I made my towards the park, I spotted four figures at an entrance to an ally, 3 seemed to be surrounding the fourth, and smaller figure. I frowned, and crept closer to get a better look. As I slowly approached the figures,a heavy stench overcame me, it was the heavy stench of beer and liquor. Then I realized the three figures were older men, probably in there 30s or 40s and judging by the way they looked, all drowsyand uncordinated, they were drunk. What made my heart stop was who they were pinning to the wall, my best friend. Alya.

I clenched my fist and called out alya’s name, which made the 3 men freeze, giving Alya a chance to free herself from their grip and run off. I gulped, as I realized the situation I had just put myself into. The men were walking right towards me. I yelped, and darted to the other direction, trying to find a place to transform. Thats when I hit a dead end. There was no way out, the alley had brick walls that were impossible to jump over. Unless.. I transformed. I shook my head, I couldnt expose my identity. I had to get out of this some other way. I turned around to see the men right in front of me. My eyes widened in horror. I screamed as one of the men tried grabbing me.

Chat Noirs/AdriensPOV~
I sighed, the photoshoot was finally done and overwith. Adrien quickly tranformed into chat to relax and be able to feel the cool wind blow against his face as He jumped from roof to roof. Thats when a blood curdling scream split the air. I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew that voice. My eyes widened.

Marinettes POV~
My scream was cut off as a rough hand clamped over my mouth. I felt another pair of hands grabbing my waist and pinning me to wall, I struggled to get lose, struggling hopelessly. Without thinking,I bit down hard on the hand that was clamped around my mouth. I heard them scream in pain and I brought my knee up to the second attacker, hitting the right where it hurts. I staggered forward, Ready to make a run for it when a searing white pain striked through my head, my head colliding with the brick wall. I groaned as I saw the men closing in on me. I lay helplessly on the ground and I tightly shut my eyes. I hear a shout and the men release me. Two of the men were already bolting the opposite direction, while the other man one was fighting none other than Chat noir. My eyes were wide with shock as I saw the burning rage that filled chats eyes, his clenched mouth, placed almost like a snarl. His face was so contorted in anger that I couldnt help but gasp a little.I had never seen Chat so angry before. Suddenly the man grabbed an empty beer bottle from the ground and smashed it on Chats head. I screamed chats name, as Chat grimiced in pain and collapsed to the floor. My blood turned to ice as I saw the man draw something from his pocket. The object glinted in the sun. It was a knife. Without thinking, I darted in front of chat as the man pulled back his knife and thrust it deep into my shoulder. I screamed in pain and tumbled to the floor. Landing face first in the concrete floor, forcing the air from my lungs. I gasped as I struggled for air. The ends of my vision blurring and the world seemed to dip and sway. All I could see was the faint image of chat throwing the man with extreme force against the wall. I then saw chat rushing towards me and gathered me into his arms. I pressed my face into his leather covered shoulder.“Chat..”? I whispered weakly. I struggled to keep my eyes open, but eventually my eyes clamped shut, and there was a hollow silence.
I did it in 1st person, yes xD I SUCK AT WRITING OK.

God i hate how the girl squad is treating Sana xd
Like she is sooo good and helpful
And they are just ignoring her?
She was with them in their worsts
And still…
They know nothing about her…
What she can and cant do…
They are hurting her all the time…
And its not only about Vilde who is really bad and cruel person, its about Noora who didnt say nothing never, its about Chris who knows her the longest and its about Eva who just should understand with all her past…
Its really sad that Isak and Even and rest of the boy squad like also the ballon squad are more invested in her feelings than her “best friends”
Its just soo sad
And should not happened to person soo good like Sanasol :(

gallysburger  asked:

ok ok i wear make up everyday, mascara,blush, etc. so i guess i sorta know what i'm doing??? ok so if you don't really like make up just go simple! like mascara, maybe some lip gloss or anything easy like that. don't feel the need to go the whole shabang! a little goes a long way

It’s not that I don’t like it… its just Im not good at it? XD Like my mom grew up in a farm and didnt ever do hair or makeup so I had no one to teach me?

damn you know what im really gonna miss

that ending frame 

guess this is gonna be the new one now XD

anyways this episode is gonna be the birth of something a little bit more than just the arena

what secret does Ren hold 

what lies beyond the floors of the arena 


anyways i didnt really do a closing theme analysis because its 2am and im tired as hell

ill do it later today 


other than that 




(my end card isnt gonna change :3)

EXOs reaction to seeing their gf getting kissed from another boy

Long time no see guys ♥

 I didnt know how exactly you wanted the reaction like .. did you wanted that she cheated on them or did you wanted that some random dude is kissing her >: … well lets do the: some random boy kissed her reaction ok ? XD if that wasnt what you wanted then pls tell me how exactly you want it :3 ! Ok lets starto ~

D.O.: *tries to take it cool but cant* Is he really kissing my baobei ? *is ready to knock the random dude out* 

Tao: *gives the random dude a glare* These are my lips .. only I can kiss them

Chen: *ready to scold*


Kai: *cant go over there but watches you hit the boy in the face* ooh … he deserved it..

Suho: *awkward* hey I’m her boyfriend .. if you didnt notice … *gets slightly angry* Suho ! From EXO … with a massive fanbase .. which could beat you up like sh#t

Kris: *glares at the boy*

Xiumin: *tries to distract himself so he doesnt stuff him*

Luhan: *watches you how you beat this guy up* 
*smiles happy af* this is my girl 

+ Special

Baekhyun: *laughs at luhan* Even your girlfriend is manlier than you

Luhan: *ready to beat Baekhyun up*


Y/N: B..Baekhyun .. he … 
Baekhyun: I know Jagi here hold my Jacket and … just give me a second !


Sehun: Bruh … did you just … really … ? 

I hope you liked it ♥ Thank you for your requesto ~ 


Savage Saeran is savage.
Btw ignore the smol “can” cuz I was sleep deprived and found out I forgot to add it before I inked *sob*
Anyways I found those tiny cardboard glasses in my house and I didnt know what to do with them until it hit me. *GASPP* Paint them in the colors of Seven @0@“
Btw I can imagine Seven doing this EVERYTIME he gets new glasses xD Second pic is before I glued on the tiny glasses! :D

reversalmushroom  asked:

The reason I sent that again is because I wasn't paying attention when you posted that screenshot of the stuff being deleted, so I thought you wanted me to send it again. And they didn't "disappear"; they went into my inbox. I'm guessing that wasn't intentional; I thought it was. And the first time, the answer had cut off anyway. I was thinking "this would be a really useful thing to post on the blog".

Yes it wasnt intentional to send it to your inbox, it was supposed to go up on my blog but it didnt and i also didnt know it sent to your inbox. Glad that it is clear what happened now, i checked in the setting but nothing seems off in a way that it does the thing but i guess ill just post answers the way i would do with pictures in it. Thanks for telling me! (Sorry if my grammer doesnt make sense sometimes, english isn’t my first language xD)

 Finished! :’’’DDD

Welp… I didnt know  what to do to the background so I just made some horizontal strokes to fill up the space ;_;

I’ll think of some better background… In the near future…

Please let me know if this is actually too dark or this has too much contrast because I’ve had some issues latlely with my computer screen and I really dont know the real colour o this portrait TTvTT

If so, I’ll fix it and repost it

J2 autographs…

Jared- we swore at eachother after the handler dropped my book and stuff fell out. “Oh shit, that’s mine” “Hey now, that’s a swear word and we don’t fucking say those” “Damnint lol-trying to find the right page again-” “Where do you want me to….all over? Okay and watch your fucking mouth next time lol”

Jensen- “hey there” “hi again.” “-drops his marker on the page.- oops! -signs-” “hey im doing better this time; jared swore at me xD” “really?! -leans back and looks shocked- hit him next time” “ha! okay”


i saw everyone doing this thingy where they compare their sylvaris to actual plants/flowers so i decided to do one too since this list of what flower matches who has been sitting in my drafts like forever but never had a chance to actually publish it.. XD  

didnt add maevon tho because he’s so new and i know like 0 plants so i havent figured out anything for him yet D: (my dear friend @spirited-drinker came up with most of these anyway,,,,,,) 

names + flower names in captions!

samsterfx45-deactivated20150821  asked:

Hi Molly! PAX is coming up, and I am excited to meet you guys (I'm going), but I am also extremely shy and nervous when meeting new people, especially ones who I look up to (it's something that's come up). Do you have any advice for shy and/or nervous fans?

Hmmm lets see….

First I gotta say don’t feel like we’re going to judge you for being shy or quiet. All of us have been fans of someone and been shy and awkward meeting them so we can personally relate to how you’re feeling. Plus we’ve all been to enough conventions to realize that people will be shy at first. We all do our best to try to make you guys feel comfortable so you can enjoy the moment. :)

Make sure if there’s anything you want to say to, as Shia would say, JUST DO IT!. xD I know its easier said then done, which is why we try to make sure you guys are feeling comfortable and less shy so that its easier to ask for pictures and signatures and such. You have to remind yourself too that this may be a once in a life time thing, so if you want pictures, signatures, and such you have to be brave and go for it. Its always sad to go on social media after conventions and read about people who didn’t say what they wanted or didnt get pictures because they were too shy or because they felt awkward asking. Its a lot better to deal with a few awkward feeling moments then to have to go home without having said and/or done what you wanted to do.

ALSO, there are going to be fans way more comfortable going up and talking to us then others…..and sometimes I’ve noticed the shy/awkward fans struggle sometimes to try to get attention or try to get a word in because the outgoing fans seem to not stop. I can’t speak for the others but Wade is very good about making sure everyone around him has gotten a chance to speak with him and such. 

Any hey, you know who we are, but we don’t know who you are, so let us know if you’ve ever interacted with us or what your username online might be….or heck just introduce yourself with your real name. xD Its weird for us because we can’t say “Hi I’m [name]” because you already know us.

Make sure you have lots of fun at the convention itself too! I’m sure meeting everyone is a goal but make sure you go out and enjoy everything the con has to offer. ^^