i didnt know what to do with these pics so yeah

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what bts is like while sexting? 😳😳😳🙈🙈🙈 (tbh i bet like half of them are terrible and just say "damn babe" and "&& then wat?" - looking at u kook)

ok so i was a bit confused n didnt want to disappoint u bc i feel like some members would sext pics and some with words so i just went w that, u know, bc yeah ;-;


Can’t talk dirty to save his life. Will send pics instead. I picture him sending you a normal selfie first, with the caption “are you busy?” If you say no then he’ll follow up with another one, one that says “are you alone?” (at this point u know where this is going). When you say you’re alone he sends a shirtless gym selfie that just says “i was at the gym today. do you think my work’s been paying off?” You’ll say yes (he’s Swol why wouldn’t you?) and then, finally, after hyping himself up for 10 minutes, he comes at you with something stupid like “ok… can i see if your work has been paying off too?  😳 😳 😳”


Lowkey a fuckboy. It’s 1 am and he sends you a stupid selfie of him with his tongue out. Caption: “Send something to make me happy.” You send him a meme and he sends back “😒 you’re not funny, send pics” So you send a selfie first, a kinda ugli one with u in your jammies. “i see those stupid emoji pajamas all the time” “then what do you want” “how do i say show me your tits but, like, nicely” (don’t get mad at me i feel like yoongi is a bit crass ;-;) So you send him the pics he wants and at this point I feel like he’d starting telling you things like what he wants to do to you, what he wants to see next. ;-; 


Highkey shy asking for this. Doesn’t even outright ask for nudes. “i want to see you  😩” is a text you get kind of out of nowhere. a bit unaware, you reply with a normal, boring selfie. “you’re so cute >.< i might wanna see a bit more tho >.<” “oh my god hobi you’re asking for nudes” “OK NVM YOU DONT HAVE TO …” (he’s gonna be really coy about it) and he wouldn’t have you send pics without sending some in return, he’s a good egg


Direct. “this is a bit inappropriate and i’m sorry if you’re busy but i’ve been thinking about how great your ass looks lately and i’d like to see it, maybe?”  (in this scenario u have a nice juicy 🍑 ass) 


A tried and true tactic. He sends a pic of his dick and says “now you ;)”


Actually talks dirty. Is filthy. I don’t even want to quote what I think he’d say. he’d start things out talking about your day … “i spent all day thinking about you. when i was in the shower i thought about you. i was laying down but then i started thinking about you. of course thinking wasn’t all that i did,” jesus by the time he’s done you’re going to wish he was there to do what he said he would


Jungkook is … young. He’s going to look up “how to ask girlfriend for nudes” and go off of what he sees. (i looked it up and the first result contains “hey bby send nudes pls k thnx”) but i think eventually he’s going to just be like “i’ll show u mine if you show me urs!!” because he genuinely thinks that’s a good technique. then when you send them he’s like “damn babe  🙊 🙊 😝 u know what to show me now tho  🐱” 

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Hey! I saw your recent post and I just wanted to say as someone who has been in your position not too long ago, I'd say DON'T. If you love yourself and if you want to continue doing so, please don't date a guy who's about to turn 20 while you're only 15. It's been years since I did that and I am in my 20s now but I am yet not able to move past what it did to me and I'm yet not able to recover what it took away from me. I hope you understand and do the best. Love and worry

omg not me!! im 17 but like yeah i feel u but like this dude literally be asking my sis for nudes n shit and like she told me she didnt date him but like i went thru her phone??(ik thats bad but i was worried n i know my parents dont care) and like they were dating and he be asking her to send boob pics n body pics and shes 15!!! Literally just turned and hes 19 going on 20 and idk if its bad or not u kno