i didnt know they were paired up

things that happened after the events of aaddtsotu

  • dante and ari went on many, adorable, shitty dates. dante found out it’s not just girls who like it when you buy them milkshakes
  • gina didn’t find out they were dating until she, ari and susie were talking about kissing boys and she was like “what would u know” and ari was like well, actually
  • honestly as much as i love this book sometimes i wish it was set later because can you imagine dante and aristotle’s text converations
  • dante and gina become best friends. ari jokes about dante trying to replace him. dante and gina gossip about ari a lot
  • dante is more effected by homophobic comments in public than he shows
  • they get high in the desert and make out. dante didnt expect this to happen since he kinda Broke up with his dealer but ari was like “you left him to die in an alley if you dont do this i will break your legs”
  • when they get married, dante’s little sister is the flower girl
  • ari contemplates the fact that they figured out they were gay with each other and theyre still dating. what if theyre doing the whole gay thing all wrong and they dont know bc theyve never dated anyone else? dante says speak for yourself ari, it’s not his fault u suck at being gay
  • ari buys dante a pair of those water shoes for his birthday so he can wear shoes on the swim team. dante is horribly offended
  • dante’s arms start to heal. he always had more secrets then he let on
  • dante talks about his reaction to first seeing ari got really hot with all those muscles. ari is so embarrassed
  • dante is a very demanding boyfriend. he insists that ari has to “grill him a cheese” and ari is like oh my god you lazy ass do it yourself
  • ari saved all the letters dante wrote him from chicago, even the horribly embarrassing ones. he teases dante about them later
  • they probably go on roadtrips and shit together. fucking losers
  • dante discovers how easy it is to make ari blush. he has such a good time with this
  • dante quits his job at the drugstore. his dad pesters him about getting a job. dante explains he doesn’t need a job, dad, he’ll just marry ari for the money
spoilers for fast 8

i cried when dom revealed the baby’s name. it was so perfect and fitting to an end. i hope its an end cos i couldnt watch another fast and furious movie without paul walker. it would feel right yknow? 

luke hobbs doing a haka with his soccer team was such a good scene, such a good scene. 

i love how they really pushed the family theme. even the villains had family. mr anonymous had a juniour “little nobody” who was kinda funny when paired up with roman but i just didnt feel like scott eastwood got enough time in the franchise to establish himself and thats kind of a good thing cos he was tooo….new…. ramsey has two movies now we know her were still cool with her but yeah he was new. good comic relief with roman though.

decker was intenSEEE. DECKER FUCKING SHAW. brilliant.
the whole fight scene with him holding baby brian killed me it was kike the one thing ive always wanted to see a tough guy do outside of cartoons. reminded me of the time mcginnis had to fight crime with a home ec baby. or was it spiderman.

when they shielded dom from the explosion with their cars. FAMLEEEEE

also “strangers become family” is some fucking cool shit i love how ridiculous this franchise was and ran with it. lettie needed more vests imo. 

i have a lot to say about this movie. 

Birthday Surprise- Draco Malfoy Imagine

My first imagine yay! hope you guys like it. It would help if anyone can give me any feedback on my writing, that would mean a lot. Feel free to request a prompt so i can add to a list. Enjoy!

y/n: your name

Today was your boyfriend,Draco Malfoy’s,birthday.You knew he didnt have it easy in life since he was a death eater. Not even for his birthday. Blaise once told you that Draco hasn’t celebrated his birthday in years. He gets a simple “Happy Birthday” from his parents and spends the rest of it in his room alone. It broke your heart to hear that.

So today you wanted to give Draco the best birthday. You were lucky that there were no classes today so you headed up to his room.

Entering, you found him peacefully asleep.Strands of his blonde hair on his forehead. Chest rising up and down, soft snores coming out. He looked so peacefull, angelic like. How did you get so lucky? you thought

Carefully, you ran your hand through his hair and gave his nose a little kiss. “ Draco,Draco, wake up.” He shifted and groaned a little. Then he woke up.

“y/n? Hey love, what are ypu doing here?’

” Just came by to see if you wanted to spend the day together.“
He grabbed you by the waist and pulled you down so you layed next to him.

“I dont feel so well y/n. Im sorry maybe we can spend another day together.”

You knew he was doing this on purpose and you werent gonna have that
“ Is this about your birthday today?” He didnt say anything but look away.
“ Cmon Draco,cheer up for me please?” Still he gave you silence.

In annoyance you got up and pulled his arm so he could get up. Once he sat up ypu got his robes and placed them in his hand.
“ Change and meet me at the black lake when you’re done. Please. I love you Draco.” You gave him a quick peck and went to the Black Lake

You nervously waited for Draco. You weren’t sure if he was going to come or not. Many thoughts were going through your head. What if he didnt like what you did? What if you didnt get him what he wanted? Or what if your not giving him the best and he has another bad birthday?

Your thoughts were interrupted when a pair of hands covered your eyes.
“Guess who?’
You turned around and gave Draco and hug knowing all too well it was him.
"You came!”
He smiled at you. “So why’d you bring me here?”

You turned around and sat on the blanket you had set up, montioning for him to sit next to you. you then placed a small item in front of Draco.“ I wanted to give you this but I wanted it to be special so I brought us to one of our spots, The Black Lake. Happy Birthday Draco.” He looked down in confusion at the small item wondering what it was. You took your wand out.


Draco was blown away at what the item was. Right before his eyes was the newest Nimbus 2001 (a/n please just pretend there was a newer version of the Nimbus 2000)

His face lit up like a little boy on Christmas morning. Suddenly you were tackled down by Draco.
“Bloody hell y/n’s! I *KISS Love *kISS You *KISS so *kISS much!”
He sat you both up and placed you on his lap.

“What did i do to deserve you.I wouldnt be where I am today without you. I was left in darkness and you brought me light. When I told you I was a Death Eater you werent afraid of me, you didnt leave me. You stayed y/n. And if anything happens to you I dont know what i’d do. I love you y/n and im the luckiest man to have you.Im glad you made me come out here”

You werent realising you were both crying untill he wiped your tears away. L aughing you said “Look what you did you made us both cry…and I love you too Draco”

Grabbing his hand you both stood up.You suddenly though of something fun and gave him a smirk.
“ How about we go and test this baby out” motioning to his broom

The feeling when flying on a broom is like no other. The wind in your hair, the small kisses of the cold chill on your face. The smell of pine in the air. And of course the warmth you get from embracing Draco with your arms around his waist.

Spending time flying with eachother was amazing but it soon had to end when it was almost curfew. For the rest of the day you both sat on the blanket in eachothers arms and watched the stars.

“ This was the best birthday I have ever had in years y/n. Thank you so much. I promise for now on my birthday will be one of the best days in my life when i get to spend it with you.”

A/N Merlin’s beard this imagine was harder to write than i thought. I give so much cred to anyone who puts in their time and work to write imagines and fanfictions you guys are awesome. I hope this imagine was at least good for my first time writing. Im not sure how often ill put imagines up but ill try to do it often. Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope you have an amazing day or night. baiii

Smoke Part 13

Story Summary: You knew Bucky and Steve back when you were kids. When they both disappeared in the war, you let Peggy experiment on you with the serum. It had a different effect on you than it had on Steve, and you’ve spent your life in hiding. What will happen when you finally make yourself known?
Word Count: 1,417
Warnings: Mentions of rape, swearing, aaaand some fluff.

You entered the room behind him, shutting the door softly, before turning around and looking at him. He stood there, his arms crossed over his chest, his gaze at the floor. “I’m sorry.” He whispered finally, and you stared at him, your eyes wide. “Why.. are you sorry?” You asked, and he looked up slowly, meeting your eyes. “I know why they did this to you.. because they wanted to get to me.” He told you softly, and you nodded, tucking your hair behind your ear. “But.. they didn’t know that it wouldn’t work, because they erased your memories of me.” You filled in for him, but he didn’t seem very happy with that. “What do you mean by that? You don’t think it got to me?” He asked, his voice cold. You chewed on your lip, adverting your eyes from his gaze. He took a few steps towards you until he was standing right in front of you. “You don’t think it got to me when I walked into that room and I saw you there.. like that?” He breathed, his voice breaking. “I wanted to kill every person in that building for what they did to you..” You still couldn’t bring yourself to look up at him. “They said that by the time you got to me, I’d be ruined.” You whispered, and he sucked in a deep breath before growling. “This is all my fault.” He whispered, and you shook your head. “No, Buck.. It’s not. You didn’t know..” You felt your stomach churn, this conversation feeling all too familiar to you. “I did this to you.” He hissed, taking your face in his hands. You blinked a few times before you pulled out of his grasp, pressing your fingers to your temple. “Y/N?” He asked softly, taking a step towards you, but you held your hand out to him. “I-I’m fine, I just need to lay down, I think.” You stammered, opening the door and practically sprinting out of the room, him hot on your heels.

“Y/N!” He called, grabbing your arm and spinning you to look at him. “What is it?” He asked, concern laced in his features. You still had your fingers to your temple as you looked at him. “We had this conversation, once.. and last time, I woke up in a Hydra facility.” You told him softly, “They used you to get to me, too.” His mouth fell open, and his grip on your arm loosened enough that you were able to slip away, heading towards your room. “Aren’t you hungry?” Nat asked as you walked past her, “I’ll order Chinese or Pizza later. Don’t worry about it.” You mumbled, walking into your room and closing the door behind you.

You crawled back into your bed, pulling the covers over you tightly. All you wanted was to go back to sleep, but it wasn’t coming easy to you. Your whole body ached, and despite everything, all you wanted was to be held. You knew that was too much to ask of Bucky. He already felt guilty enough. You grabbed your phone from where it sat on the nightstand, writing out a quick message to Steve. Can I ask you to do something for me, without you thinking its weird? You hit send, tapping your fingers against the back of the phone while you impatiently waited for a reply. Anything. Was his response. You let out a breath before you responded. Could you just.. hold me for awhile? I need it right now, and I don’t know who else to ask. I think it would be too difficult for Bucky.. You sent it to him, and almost immediately, there was a light knock at your door. You didn’t even have a chance to respond before the door opened, and you saw Steve standing in your doorway. “You could ask him, you know?” He said softly, not moving from his spot. You huffed, hugging the blankets closer to yourself. “I can’t do that, Steve.” He sighed, “And why not?” You shook your head, “He’s angry at me. I know it.”

“He isn’t angry at you, he’s angry at the situation.” You sighed, sitting up in the bed. “Even if he wasn’t angry with me, do you really think he’s ever going to let himself get close to me again?” You spat, and you saw pain written all over Steve’s face. “Y/N..” He whispered, and you shook your head at him, feeling tears pool at the edges of your eyes. “You know it’s true, Steve. Any chance I ever had of being close to Bucky again is long gone. Do you know how much that fucking kills me? Do you? To be forced to be around someone that you know you can never have, no matter how badly you want them?” You were yelling at this point, and you didn’t care if everyone heard you. You slipped off the bed, pulling a pair of shoes on along with a hoodie. You grabbed your keys and phone from the nightstand, storming past Steve and into the living room. When Bucky saw you, eyes rimmed red, rushing out of the apartment, he stood up immediately. “What’s going on?” He asked, looking at Steve who was following close behind you. “Nothing. I’m leaving. Don’t follow me. I want to be alone.” You said coldly, your hand reaching for the door. You felt a hand on your forearm, squeezing gently. “You know you can’t do that.” Bucky whispered, and you shook your head, looking up at him, unshed shed tears making your eyes blurry. He stared back at you, something hidden in his eyes, and before you knew it, you were pulling your arm from his grip as you opened the door. “I’m a grown woman, James. I can do what I want. You’re not my father, or my boyfriend.” You spat before storming out of the apartment.

You didnt even make it two doors down before you felt a strong pair of arms around your waist, stopping me from moving. “Doll, you’re not going anywhere.” Bucky breathed into your hair, and you tried to pry his hands away from your waist, failing miserably. You felt a tear fall down your cheek, and you growled at him. “Just fucking let me go! I don’t want to do this anymore.” He kept his grip on me, tight, not moving from where we stood. “Y/N, I’m not letting you out of my sight. Even if I have to carry you back kicking and screaming.” He told you softly, and you shook your head. “Why are you doing this, Buck?” You whispered, and you felt his grip loosen on you slightly. “Regardless of what you may believe.. I.. I do care about you.” He told me quietly, and you sniffled, another tear making it’s way down your cheek. “You don’t mean that.” You murmured, and his grip tightened on you again, before he spun you around in his grasp, gazing down at your face with the same expression from earlier. “Don’t tell me how I feel.” He said gruffly, before pulling you against him, burying his face in your hair. “I thought we lost you.. when we got here and you were gone and everything was broken.. I saw blood on the floor and I.. I lost it.. I wanted to come after you immediately, but Steve stopped me.” He paused, his hands moving up your back to your hair, tangling his fingers in it. “And when they finally let me come for you, and I saw you like that… Knowing what they did to you.. Y/N.. I wanted to kill them all. It made me realize that.. I do feel something for you, even if I can’t understand it yet.. I feel things for you.. Things I thought I was incapable of feeling.” You let out a small gasp into his chest, another tear escaping your eye. “Buck..” You whispered, and his grip on your hair tightened. “So, no. I won’t let you go. You’re staying here. I’m going to protect you from now on.” His hands slid down to the middle of your back as he pulled away from you, staring down at you sadly. “I’m not going to let anyone hurt you ever again.” He whispered so softly that you almost didn’t hear it.

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to-be-radiant  asked:

Hey! I'm a new follower but do you have a link to your short film you could share?? It looks super good!

oh thank you! i didnt direct it, i wrote it and did the costume & set design, there are a lot of flaws in how it was done and the director didnt know what she was doing (we were paired up for a competition) but here it is https://vimeo.com/207038395

(thats the version on my vimeo, the version the director posted on youtube is… a little different) 


Can you make an isaac smut where the reader and him hate each other but they guys end up living together in college? And then one night, the reader and him argue about something stupid but things get heated later? thanks :)

ask // masterlist // mobile masterlist (requests are open!!)

Pairing: Isaac x Reader

Word count: 1056 words

Warnings: oral smut( reader receiving)

a/n: i didnt know if you wanted smut or not but it happened. i hope you enjoy! :-)

You were never entirely sure how you had ended up here. Stepping into your shared apartment, you shut the door behind you. You rolled your eyes at the mess that was everywhere. You dumped your bag on the kitchen counter and got to work tidying up the place.

Over an hour later and it was mostly clean. You just had a few dishes left to do and then wipe down the counters. Isaac entered the apartment, and let out a low whistle.

“Cheers for cleaning this up,” he said, grabbing the carton of orange juice out of the fridge. You rolled your eyes but didn’t say anything. “Cat got your tongue?” He asked, drinking straight from the carton.

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anonymous asked:

What have the Japanese fans been saying on Twitter? Would you be able to translate some of them?

honestly its just been a whole bunch of thank yous and congratulations to kubo. the only “negative” tweets were over the fact that they didnt know it was the final chapter(more surprised if anything) + whereabouts of the characters that didnt show up, especially urahara.

like i havent seen any whining over pairings at all lmao-i even saw some positive tweets over orihime/ichihime. even the I/Rs fans over there thanked him lmao

theyre fine with the ending tbh

gruvia drabble

prompt: ok i made this one up. to those of u that watch friends, do u remember that episode where monica realllyyy wants these expensive boots & chandler’s like “no ur wasting ur money” but monica gets them anyway but the boots end up being hella painful but she cant tell chandler bc hes gonna be all “i told u so” ok well that’s what this drabble is lol.

pairing: gruvia/gray x juvia

type: one-shot, au

rating: k

author’s note: ok 1, this was 99.9999% dialogue & im sorry. 2, i dont remember exactly how this episode of friends went down, but it was something along these lines lol. 3, the ending terrible but its really late & i wanted to finish this asap & i didnt know how to end it soo… there u go!!!!! enjoy!(:


Those boots were practically shouting Juvia’s name through the viewing glass as she walked down the street with her boyfriend. They were beautiful, pitch-black, knee-high boots with a two-inch stiletto heel. In one word, they were gorgeous.

“Gray-sama!” Juvia tugged on the sleeve of Gray’s jacket.

“What?” Gray stepped back and stood beside Juvia.

“Look at these boots! They’re beautiful!” Juvia awed at the shoes, practically pressing her face up against the glass of the window where the boots first caught her attention.

“Yeah, they’re nice.” Gray took a step forward to get a closer look. Suddenly, the price tag slapped him right across the face. “$500?!”

“No! They’re only $499.” Juvia defensively said.

“Oh, right. My mistake.” He sarcastically replied.

Juvia leaned forward to read the tag. “And they’re limited edition!”

“They just say that so people will buy them.” Gray grumbled.

“Juvia’s going to get them.” She giddly exclaimed without a second thought. Just as she dashed to the door of the shop, Gray got ahold of her wrist.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a sec.” He reasoned. “Don’t you think $500 is a little expensive?”

“Juvia would sell her soul if it meant getting those boots.” She sounded completely serious.

“Alright, that’s a little much.” He grumbled. “Still, maybe you should pass on these.”


“I’m sure you can find boots that look just like that for half that price.”


“Just sleep on it, okay?” Gray’s voice was remaining clam, yet stern.

“O-kay.” Juvia muttered as she sullked.


Gray reached for his phone again and checked the time. It was now 10:45 P.M, and Juvia was still not back from work. She typically got home around 9:00, so ever since they moved in together, Gray liked to wait for her to get home before going to bed. Juvia would refer to it as “incredibly sweet” to which Gray would probably roll his eyes and go to bed.

Even when Juvia was going to be home late, she always texted him first. This time, he didn’t receive a text. He even texted her. Twice. At this point, he was starting to get nervous.

Just as he was about to send out a third text, he heard the door to their apartment opening. He attentively sat up on the couch, thinking about what to say to her. Something along the lines of “where the hell were you” or “you could’ve at least answered my texts” would suffice.

Sure enough, it was his girlfriend who was slowly opening the door (most likely to avoid creaks). Once she saw the lights were still on and Gray was sitting down on their couch, she opened it with normal force.

“Oh, Gray-sama is still up.” She said a bit suspiciously.

“So, where were you?” Gray decided to take a calmer approach.

“Just, uh, you know… walkin’ around.” Juvia forced a chuckle which got a curious eyebrow raise from Gray. He then noticed she was hiding a bag behind her back. Juvia’s attempt to hide the bag was a lost cause, since it was practically twice Juvia’s width.

“Walking around?”

“Eh… yes.” It seemed that even Juvia saw the weakness of her own lie.

“What do you have behind your back?” He pried.


“Juvia-” He was close to getting up and seeing what was in the bag himself.

“It’s nothing!” She took a step back.

“It’s obviously something.” He stood up and began to approach her.

“Okay, okay. But Gray-sama can’t be mad.” She sheepishly said.

“Juvia, I swear to god if there’s a dog in that bag I will-” To be honest, Gray was prepared for the worst, and Gray remembered their argument just a couple weeks ago about getting a dog.

“It’s not a dog.” Juvia stopped him before he could continue. “It’s… the boots.”

“Boots? As in the boots we just saw today? The boots that you wanted to impulsively buy that I told you to reconsider? The $500 boots?” He felt his irritation level rising.

“… They were $499.”

“Juvia!” He scolded.

“Juvia’s sorry! They were just too pretty!” She defended.

“Not $500 worth of pretty!”

“I beg to differ!” She tightly held onto the bag as if they were her children.

“Whatever.” Gray flooped back down onto the couch, feeling defeated. “It’s your money, anyway. You can waste it on as many ridiculously overpriced pairs of boots as you want.”

“It’s not like Juvia isn’t going to wear them! They go with practically everything. Trust me, they’ll go to good use.” She sat beside Gray.

“I guess you’re right.” He sighed and gave a tired smile to his girlfriend.

She had a smug look on her face as she cuddled up beside Gray. “Mhm.”


It had been two weeks or so since Juvia first bought the boots. She kept her word and was wearing them everywhere. She wore them to work, to go shopping, when she went out, and she even thought about wearing them to the gym.

These boots and Juvia were like a married couple. They were all over each other for their “honeymoon phase.” Juvia was hardly ever seen without the boots. She loved them more than words could describe. Then, things slowly got worse and worse.

After the first few days with the boots, she began noticing a couple blisters, but didn’t think much of it. Then, there was a a bit of pain every now and then when she walked in them for too long: no big deal. But then, the soreness kicked in. The poor girl wanted to shed a tear with each step she took in those things. It felt like walking on a field of legos, barefoot.

Of course, she couldn’t tell Gray this. Then she would get the whole “I told you so” talk which she was far too familiar with. She just had to suck it up and be a big girl. After all, beauty was pain.

But when Gray suddenly sprung on her one Saturday night that they would be walking to their friend, Natsu’s, house for a party, she almost puked.

“We’re, uh, we’re walking?” She barely choked out.

“Yeah? We always walk to Natsu’s house. It’s only six blocks.” Suddenly, six blocks sounded like six miles.

“B-but, it’s kinda’ chilly outside.”

“Chilly? It’s 60 degrees. Plus, you love the cold.”

“Ah, right.” She was so glad she had a boyfriend who knew these things about her.

“Just put on your boots and we’ll get going.” He began walking to the door.

“Th-the boots. Of course.” She felt her knees begin to buckle just at the thought of those torture devices.

They hadn’t even stepped out of the apartment complex yet and Juvia felt like her feet would shatter at any moment. This was going to be the longest six blocks of her entire life.

Gray noticed her awkward way of walking just after the first block. “You okay?”

“Me? Yeah, Juvia’s fine!” She forced herself to stand up as normally as possible while pushing a smile.

“Uh, okay… If you say so.” He continued walking.

Juvia lasted one more block of walking like a newborn deer before she finally burst.

“Juvia can’t!” She cried out, grasping for whatever was nearest to her for support. In this case, it was a post box.

“Can’t what?”

“Juvia can’t walk anymore! It’s too painful!” She felt tears stinging her eyes.

“What?” Gray still seemed to be lost.

“These boots are terrible! My feet ache, I have blisters, and they’re starting to give Juvia bunions, Gray-sama! Bunions!”

“I thought you loved the boots!”

“So did Juvia, until Juvia actually wore them.” She groaned. She knew the “I told you so” was sure to come.

Gray began to step closer to Juvia. She was ready for it. She was ready for the earful of nagging she was about to get. Still, nothing could’ve been worse than taking another step in those godforsaken boots.

But instead, she was approached by Gray’s back. He even bent down so he was closer to her height. “Get on.”


“Get on.” He repeated.

“B-but aren’t you going to give Juvia the whole “i told you so” spiel?“ She was almost in shock.

“Nah. I think your bunions do the talking for me.” He chuckled.

There was a moment of silence before Gray looked back to Juvia. “Are you gonna’ get on, or do you wanna’ limp the rest of the way?”

With that, Juvia quickly pulled off the boots in record time and placed them beside her. She then placed one hand on each of Gray’s shoulders and hopped onto his back. He wrapped his arms under her thighs to get a tighter hold as Juvia put her arms around Gray’s neck.



“Juvia’s sorry… she should’ve listened to you.” She admitted.

“Yeah, you should’ve.” He chuckled and spun his head around to peck her on the cheek which put her at ease, but she was still pouting.

“You good?” He asked.

He felt her nod and began the rest of the walk. Juvia was feeling embarrassed, to say the least. For one, Gray had to carry her around everywhere for the rest of the night, and second, he was right all along.

“I guess…” She said under her breath.

“Well that doesn’t sound so good to me.”

“It’s nothing.” Juvia said before blowing a piece of her hair out of her face.

“I could always drop you, ya’ know.” He turned his head slightly so she could see the smirk on his face.

Juvia took a breath. “It’s just… Juvia really liked those boots.” She whined as she remembered the happy times she had with her boots, even though those moments were very brief.

“I know.” He sighed.

“There’s $500 down the drain.” She gave a pout and turned her head to press her cheek against Gray’s shoulder.

Juvia eventually noticed all the funny looks she and Gray were getting from people they passed on the street. She couldn’t help but laugh.

“At least Juvia has an excuse for Gray-sama to give her a piggyback ride.” She giggled and tightened her grasp on Gray.

Juvia didn’t even have to see him to now he had a grumpy little pout on his face with pink cheeks.

"By the way,” She changed the subject. “Where are you holding the boots?”


“The boots. You’re holding them, right?”

Gray stopped walking. “I thought you were holding them.” His voice went dry.

“W-wait, so, you don’t have the boots?”


“Juvia must’ve left them back there when she got in Gray-sama’s back!” She mentally face-palmed.

“Well they’re gonna’ stay there, cause’ I’m not walking all the way back there just to get some boots you aren’t going to wear again.” And with that, he continued walking.


“Do you wanna walk back and get ‘em?” He interrupted before she could finish her (most likely) weak argument.

Juvia paused. “No…” She let out a sigh.

“Then they’re staying.”

“Okay…” They then continued their walk to Natsu’s

“Gray-sama…” She whined.


“Can you give Juvia a foot massage later?” Her voice sounded so cute Gray couldn’t seem to utter the word “no”.

“…Yeah.” He breathed out, and Juvia gave him a peck on his neck.

“You’re the best boyfriend ever.” She hummed in his ear.

“I know.” Gray replied and continued to piggyback her the rest of the way with no complaints.

A Change Of Heart - M.C.

Requestcould you do one where y/n and Mikey have been in a relationship for a little bit and y/n is vegan and one day Mikey is like “oh maybe I could go vegan like that would be cool right?” and y/n starts giving reasons for why he wouldn’t want to like the fact that he wouldn’t be able to eat pizza and stuff and he gets all discouraged but then y/n is like “no no I didnt mean it like that it would be awesome if you were I just wanna warn you” and then like he ends up trying and it ends up all good

Summary: Michael’s girlfriend is vegan and it inspires Michael to make a change in his life. 

Pairing: Michael x Female Reader

A/N: you know @cliffxnada requested this when the request length is the equivalent of of panic! at the disco or fall out boy song title.

“I think I wanna make the transition.” 

Y/N closed the oven door, eyebrows raising in amusement as she slid off the oven mitts. “You mean you wanna be a girl?” She joked, placing the mitts back into the drawer beside her, exchanging it for a dish rag. Michael stuck his tongue out at his girlfriend, shaking his head. “No, you idiot, not that transition. I’m saying I think I want to make the transition to veganism.” Y/N froze, her hand hovering above the food-covered countertop. “Are you serious?” Y/N asked, snapping out of her trance and starting to clean off the mess. “You wanna be vegan?” 

Michael nodded, a smile on his face. “I mean, you already cook vegan food here, which is absolutely amazing. I don’t think fully transitioning would be that hard.” Y/N giggled, shaking her head at Michael’s assumption. It was going to be hard, especially for such a food-lover like Michael. “You know what you can’t do if you change to veganism?” She questioned, letting the rag rest on the granite countertop. Michael looked at her intently. 

“No wing night with the guys,” she began, crossing her arms over her chest. 

“I can give that up, I don’t even like chicken wings that much,” Michael argued, but Y/N raised a finger to shush him. 

“Let me finish. No milkshakes, no burgers- no pizza. Michael, you’re addicted to pizza, how can you give that up?” 

Michael frowned, the expression on his face darkening a little. “Are you trying to tell me I can’t do it?” He asked, his tone sad. “You don’t think I’m capable of this?” 

Y/N felt guilty, not intending to make him sad. “No, Mikey, I believe you can. I just don’t think you put much thought into it is all. It would be amazing if you went vegan, babe.” 

The smile returned on Michael’s face, his arms reaching out and his hands making grabbing motions towards Y/N. She stepped closer, letting him pull her in and connect their lips together in a chaste kiss. “Thank you for believing in me.” 

About a month has passed since Michael made the switch, and he was surprisingly doing very well. He broke once, sneaking out of the house to go get burgers and beers with the guys, but he quickly resumed back to his new plan for good. Y/N had asked him to go get the groceries, trusting that he’d be properly educated on what he could get and what he couldn’t get now. 

“Let’s see,” Y/N mumbled, opening one of the paper bags on the counter and beginning to pull out the contents. “Fruits, good. Veggies, good. Soy milk- nice, Michael, you’re really catching on.” Michael smiled proudly, hopping onto a clear spot on the countertop. 

“Are you proud of me?” He asked, swinging his legs like a child. 

So proud of you,” Y/N grinned, pulling out the rest of the products and folding up the paper bags to put them aside for future use. “You know, when you first mentioned going vegan, I didn’t think you’d last this long.” 

“I didn’t think so either, but you’re the best motivator,” Michael smirked, grabbing Y/N gingerly by the wrist and pulling her in. “I really love you, you know that? I’m really happy with where I’m at right now. I feel great.” 

Y/N blushed, her forehead resting against his. “I’m glad I could help you achieve that.” 

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merricup young justice au what yeah not taking it back

Carla, I love you. Okay so I see Merida as Artemis but Hiccup is totally Robin so this may come off Traught-y so I apologize if you’re a hardcore Spitfire shipper.

Contrary to popular belief, training rooms were not adequately equipped with a restoration program. Most of the time, what is done to the training room must be undone by the Hero in use. Sure it’s efficient if you have super speed, like Jack, or when you could levitate things, like Rapunzel, but when all you can do is hit targets dead on - which, okay, is not a bad thing at all, whatsoever - it takes a little while longer to get everything cleaned up.

And because today had been a … particularly unbearable one … the training room had pretty much combusted in Merida’s use.

She assesses the damage, knowing it’ll take an hour, at the very least, to get it looking decent enough. Still, her fingers pluck at the remaining arrows in her quiver - three, she counts with a smirk, satisfied that she hadn’t used them all up.

When she turns to head to the control room to activate a couple of cleaning bots - because hey, their training room wasn’t adequately equipped, but it was equipped - she swears the shadow at the right-hand corner had moved by an inch.

And because she was so sure someone was there, spying on her, she nocks all her remaining arrows and pulls back the string of her bow in one swift motion and - 

“Woah, woah, woah!” comes a voice from the shadows, and the Night Fury walks out, adorned in his costume, mask and all, "What’s got your arrows in a twist?” 

“Oh,” Merida snorts, lowering her bow. “It’s just you.”

“Hey now,” Fury brings a dragon-scaled gloved hand to his chest, feigning hurt, “And here I was so ready to comfort you, too.”

Merida pulls on her bow again, eyes hardening at the junior caped crusader, “I don’t need comforting.”

“Yeah, looks like the training room’s done that bit for me,” Fury gives a noncommittal wave at the disaster around them, and she sighs, setting her bow down and walking over to the nearest water dispenser.

“So, what’s up, Mer?” she jumps when she sees him hanging above her, his head tilted to the side, “You’re normally less aggressive than this.”

“Would you get down from there?!” she fumbles with her words, frustrated that he - that someone - had to show up at all.

“Yikes,” he mutters, and pushes off a wall, landing beside her with a soft thud, “Okay, a lot less aggressive than this. Did Jack piss you off again?”

"When doesn’t he?” she rolls her eyes, raising the plastic cup to her lips.

“So if it’s not the Speedster …” Fury taps his chin, and she could see the lightbulb flicker on above his head, “Must be about another boy.”

She chokes on her water, which sends her into a coughing fit. Fury waves his hands around, not sure what to do, his mouth flickering between a frown and a grin. 

“I’m just having trouble with a friend, okay?” she wheezes through her fit, hoping he’d drop the conversation.

“But it is a boy?”

"Yes, it’s a boy, but we’re just friends!” Merida lets out, the training having done absolutely nothing to settle her mood. “A stupid, scrawny boy who thinks he should avoid me because our families have issues with one another -“

She curses inwardly, biting her tongue, realizing she had already said far too much.

“Do … you wanna talk about it?” Fury asks, and though he sounded pretty genuine, his sudden eagerness threw her off.

“Nah,” is all she says, afraid she’d sputter out anything unnecessary.

“Are - Are you sure?” Fury urges, taking a step closer to her, “Because really, if it’ll ease your mind, we can talk about Hicc - er, him -“

"Fury,” Merida narrows her eyes at him, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Okay, but if you need help with any boy problems whatsoever -”

“Finish that sentence, I dare you,” she threatens, crushing the now empty plastic cup in her hand.

Fury holds his hands up in the air like some criminal, and she rolls her eyes at the irony, “Got it! Got it. It’s not like it’s any of my business anyway…”

1) Give me a pairing.
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Preference #14: Second Chances

A/N: Okay so this kind of ties into Preference #13: Cheating so read that before you read this if you haven’t already! x. 

Harry: It’s been weeks since you last saw him. The hole in your chest was still there, reminding you everyday of the pain and heartache. You’d done everything to ignore all of his calls, texts, and visits but for some reason tonight was different. It was the third night a row he showed up at your apartment, his muffled voice coming through the door begging you to let him in. You could hear him pacing back and forth and on a crazy stupid whim you opened the door. Your eyes scanned his familiar pink lips, green eyes, and messy hair, causing your throat to get dry. “Hi Harry” His mouth hung open for a second, shocked that you finally let up. “Y/N. agh- can I come in? Please” His eyes begged and not trusting yourself to speak you just nodded and walked over to the couch. When he joined you, he took a deep breath before speaking “Words cannot explain how much I miss you Y/N. I- I kno-” His eyes close and his lips purse together, which he only did when he was thinking deeply. “I made a mistake. I dont know why I did it but believe me now, I will never do it again.” Turning to you his eyes met yours “I miss you. Your laugh, your smile, your voice. I even miss you elbowing me in the face when we sleep. I will do anything and everything to make you mine again Y/N. I love you so much.” Your chest tightened and tears brimmed your eyes. God, you missed and loved him too. So much. Your eyes search his, remembering all the times you had together, the kisses, the hugs, the laughs before whispering “Second chance?” His hands cover his mouth in shock but then he yells happily and reaches for you, planting grateful kisses all over your (happy) tear stained face.

Louis: You didn’t let the pain show. Every single day you told yourself that it didnt hurt, that you didnt care. Yeah right. When you got to your apartment, something soft wrapped around your eyes and before you could scream bloody murder Louis spoke “Y/N. It’s me, please dont freak out.” His voice made your breath catch and he took your silence as an okay. “I-I miss you baby.” His hands rubbed your shoulders as he slowly shuffled you forward “You dont understand how much I miss you. For the past few weeks, you were all I could think about. Were you slamming your alarm clock off every two minutes? Were you getting ready for a long day at work? Were you thinking of me like I was thinking of you?” You stop shuffling, which causes him to run into your back “Stop Louis. Just stop.” Without turning you say “You cant come in here and tell me all these things when you didnt call or text me after that happened. And what the hell is this? Blindfolding me in my own home. I dont have to lis-” He stops you from ripping off the piece of fabric from your eyes. “Wait!! Y/N just let me do this.” He ushers you forward and then takes off the blindfold, revealing a candlelit dinner with everything you loved. Turning, your eyes meet his “I’m not doing this to kiss up or show you what you walked out on. I’m doing this because I love you.” He stands a few feet away and you hope he didnt notice the tears forming in your eyes. “I made a stupid mistake and I can deal with that the rest of my life. But what I cant deal with, is you not in it. Please, can I have a second chance?” The emotions you kept bottled up broke like a dam and you ran into his awaiting arms.

Niall: His apologetic voice mail and texts didnt make anything better. In fact, they made everything worse. You couldn’t take his “I’m sorry’s” or “It was a mistake” calls anymore. Were you not good enough for him? Why did he feel the need to cheat on you? Shaking your head, you down another shot of tequila and make your way to the dance floor. You’d been coming to the pub for a couple of days now, without a glimpse of the ex boyfriend, which was a good sign. Wake Me Up by Avicii came on the loud speakers and you screamed in drunken excitment. You’d come alone and you didnt mind dancing by yourself, but when a pair of strong hands wrapped around your waist you didnt protest. “Hello darling” The familiar nickname stops you in your tracks. I know that voice. Turning around brown eyes meet familiar blue ones “Niall?!” Your mouth hangs open before you push him away like you were burned “Dont touch me!” The music suddenly feels like too much, the bodies pressing together are suffocating so you push your way out of the club and into the cold outside. Tears threaten to fall and a horrible feeling of deja vu hits you like a tidal wave. This cant be happening. You hear him calling out your name but when you try to walk away his hands grabs you. "What part of dont touch me do you not under-“ His lips meet yours and your heart flips flops in your chest. When you pull away you’re both breathing hard, your hands are tangled in his hair and his are around your waist. "I miss you Y/N. I-I was drunk that night and got out of control. I will spend every day I have to make it up to you, just give me a second chance.” Your eyes search his and you bit your lip before pressing a soft kiss as your answer.

Liam: The guilt was eating you alive. You had no idea why you were guilty for catching him when he was cheating but you were. And you felt stupid for it. He was angry at you for looking through his phone without permission and you were mad too. But still, if you didnt, would you still be oblivious to what he was doing? Would he still be cheating on you? The situation seemed to be balanced on both sides of the scale and you couldnt take it anymore. You hesitated to call but before you could lose your bravado, you dialed his number. Your heart thundered in anticipation and when he picked up you hesitantly started speaking. “Liam?” … “Hey, um I know the past few weeks have been… weird. And I-I’m still kind of down about the whole situation but I also wanted to apologize… I shouldn’t have been snooping through your phone and I feel awful about it.” The line was quiet and you mentally smacked yourself. Stupid stupid stupid. How could this ever make the things between you guys better?  “Y/N? You have no idea how comforting it is to hear your voice. But why are you apologizing?” You take a sharp intake of breath and your stomach dances “I’ve been working up the courage to call or go over but I dont know I just couldnt. Now that I have you I want to say I’m so sorry for everything. I made a dumb reckless mistake and I want you back.” His voice is shaking slightly and your heart broke, from happiness or something unknown. “I want a second chance. Can I come over?” You didnt hesitate before saying yes.

Zayn: You sit with your back to the front door of your apartment. You could hear Zayns steady breathing on the other side. He’d been sitting out there for about half an hour and you had no idea what to do. A part of you was scared that when you saw him you’d break down in tears. Another part of you was scared that there would be no tears at all. You jumped when a knock on the door rang out through your apartment “Y/N? Please open the door love.” When you made no sound he continued “I know you’re in there, so just listen.” He takes a deep breath “I cant explain how much I miss you and how bad I feel about what happened. Y/N you’re the one I love. I-I dont know why I did what I did.” It took you a couple of minutes to realize your cheeks were wet with tears. You stood up and your hand rested on the door knob. “I’m okay with you not wanting me back but I just want to show myself that I actually tried. I’m trying so hard to get a … ” You couldnt take anymore, the longing for him was too much so you opened the door. Unfortunately he was leaning on the door for support so when you opened it, he came tumbling down on top of you. When you both caught your breath from laughing so hard you couldnt help but get choked up again “I miss you too Zayn.” Your bodies are still pressed together and he smiles down at you. “Would you like a second chance?” His eyes lights up and he kisses your nose lightly “Hell. Yes." 

A/N: I am so sorry for how long this took!! I wanted it to be perfect and hopefully it is to you!