i didnt know there were this many pictures omg

we miss you cory (1982-2013)

Hey Guys! So yesterday, I got to see and meet one of my favorite bands, Bad Suns, live. It was utterly amazing so I’m gonna talk about it. 

So I got to the venue around 4 PM, it was a little bar with a capacity of 200 people and we were the first to arrive and the only people there till 8:30! But it was really fun we just chilled at the bar and talked to the cool bartender and ate some really great mac and cheese.

Anyways, around 6:15 Bad Suns pulled up in their van, and obviously, as tradition, I took a selfie with it so we edged closer to the van and all the boys saw us and I’m not sure if they were in the right state of mind or just didnt know how to really interact with us but we were just kinda standing next to them for a minute and then i spoke up to Miles (MY FAVE BBY OMG) and I’m like “Hey Miles, can I please get a picture?” and he’s like “Of course" 


so we took this picture and I’m like "Thanks, I can’t wait to see you guys tonight” and he’s like “Cool I’ll see you then” but no i saw him many times before you will see.. so then they were unloading stuff from the car and their manager was like “no more pictures for now” so I went back inside the bar and chilled 

So we were sitting somewhat by the bathrooms so I SAW THE BOYS SOOO MANY TIMES THAT DAY AND HERE ARE THE PICTURES I GOT

so first boy to walk out oh so casually was Christo and I got him a Coke that said “share a coke with Chris” and here I took a selfie with it so no one can claim they gave it to him whatevsso yeah when i gave him the coke i was like “I wish I could share it with you” really sarcastically and he got I was joking ok he laughed and was like “ooh sure” anyways so first picture we took was v blurry but here it is but yeah he’s holding the coke bottle and I feel accomplished but then I was like “can we take another one but can I kiss your cheek” and he’s like “aww I’m really sorry but If I let you do that my girlfriend would get mad” so I’m like “ok no problem, nice meeting you" 

BUT THEN I SAW THE PICTURE WAS BLURRY AND WASNT OK WITH THAT so the next time he walked by I made my cousin (who doesnt really care for them) ask for a picture so I could hop in 

so here’s that

Next to walk by was Ray and HES SO SWEET OMG

He was by far the friendliest and after the picture he asked me what my name was then initiated hand shaking then was like "well thank you so much for coming out I hope you enjoy the show”

Next I met Gavin and what a cutie!!!!! omg 

he is so adorable look at him throwing up the peace sign awww 

then christo walked by again and look what he’s holding!!! my coke bottle which he was drinking from!! 

and then I saw Miles walk out a couple times but he seemed rushed so i was like watevaa but then when he just casually walked by us the last time I’m like “Hey Miles, can we take a selfie!” and he’s like “yea sure!” so I took the selfie and then I’m like “can I kiss your cheek for another one?” and he’s like “yeah no problem” and I’m like freaking out mentally and then I kissed him while taking a selfie and it didnt work!! 

so then after my friend took a picture with him I’m like can we please redo that? and he laughed and was like “come here” so then we got this beautiful thing

he is so gorgeous

so then we waited in line (I was first) for like 30 more mins and then they allowed us in AND THERE WAS NO BARRIER IT WAS LITERALLY ME RIGHT INFRONT OF THE MIC


so thats freaking amazing. Their openers Colony House were absolutely so so so great!! i was not expecting that but I was totally Wowed by them!

so Bad Suns went on and one word: phenomenal. 

I also talked to Gavin and Ray from the stage!!

ill upload videos in another post and I promise you I’m not kidding but Christo made eye contact with myself and my friend a lot during their performance as we were part of the few in the tiny venue that actually knew their lyrics. During one song, his mic popped up and he smiled at me cause I was laughing when that happened. 

After the show I met all the boys from Colony House whom I also met before their set, I also have a group picture with all of them! 

As for merch, I bought a Colony House EP (which they all signed) and a T-shirt (which they also all signed) and for Bad Suns, I bought the white one that says Bad Suns then Bad Suns backwards below it crossed out


we took a selfie and he signed my album, then we talked about the show, them touring with New Politics in Fall, and his debuting of his pants (which he bought “2 days ago from H&M for $5” ) then we said our good byes and he gave me such a long hug!! but srsly, what. a. chill. guy. 

Then we were leaving the venue we passes Christo and none of us even acknowledged him?? like i dont think we processed it but he stopped us and was like “hey guys how’d u like the show?” and I’m like you were so amazing! and my mom started talking to him, then we took a selfie and he signed my album and my T-shirt and then I’m like “by the way I got you something else, and i pulled out a triple pack of gum and a letter I wrote for all of them and he’s like "yes!! i always need gum!!” and I’m like “I know! you asked for some on stage once when touring with the 1975” and he’s like “thats really nice thank you” and I’m like “alright Christo, can i get a hug then I will leave you alone?” and he’s like of course and then he gave me a hug! and also, here I am on Colony House’s Instagram! 

overall, what an amazing show. I feel so lucky to have actually met not only Colony House but especially Bad Suns as I know they are gonna be so big very soon, I really hope to see them in the near future!