i didnt know people used that as an insult

“I wish the people complaining about rtte would just be grateful for once. Your negative comments are toxic and ruins the fun for everyone else. It was a gift from Dreamworks and to insult the writters just because you didnt enjoy it is childish. You don’t even know what the writters went through just to provide us with a show about the movie we love. It isnt perfect yes but I for one am grateful for it, just like how grateful I am for all the fanfic writters and artists here in this fandom. I appreciate and love all the fics and art you provide so please appreciate what Dreamworks has provided.”

Literally looks up “how to blacklist a tag on Tumblr mobile”

Because the Steven Universe fandom right now is people just insulting the leaked images and people very blatantly insulting the crewniverse. You “critic” blogs, don’t even know what a critic is. What you want to do is look up constructive criticism, instead of using your opinion as a reason the rudely comment about peoples art.

“My design is better” but you didnt make a TV show now did you?

“They don’t need children defending them” they also don’t need children offending them.

Or to the people that say “I don’t watch the show anymore but-” stop there. You don’t watch the show, you aren’t allowed to just comment about how you don’t like something.


i love cats. cats and taylor swift. cats, taylor swift, the color pink, and candles. also very wide mini dresses that are fun to twirl in. i also love mimosas and seeing my friends achieve their goals. animals are amazing. i want a pet. macaroons are my favorite pastry. my presence in general is a bit overwhelming and annoying but i am always covered in glitter. a quarter of the time, im holding flowers of some type. my dark jokes are always met with an uncomfortable silence and usually followed by me giggling. did i mention i love cats? taylor swift is a very big part of my life. people think my love for her is weird and most of the people i know absolutely despise her but no one gets the fact that she gave me a home when they didnt. her music and her presence took me in and made me feel okay when they didnt give two shits about what i was going through. she helped me find parts of myself and that’s something no one can take away from me, no matter how much they insult her or how much i enjoy her. i hope she knows that much at least. that when the world is against her, there are people who don’t really know her but know her well enough to understand that though she can/will screw up, she was there for us and that makes it so much harder to leave her. i dont know what i’m saying. she’s a fucking dweeb and she’s boring as hell right now but i owe her a part of me because she doesnt know it but she gave me so much of who i am today. people who cant respect how much she means to me cant respect me and…..it’s a waste of time to stick around if you cant accept all of my angles. truthfully i have like 3 friends…..maybe 2.76 friends to be exact. but taylor makes me forget that. i have a memory, good or bad, to go with so many of her songs and her music never leaves me. she can stay away as long as she wants but her music has been there for me longer than most people in my life. i forgot what the point of this post was but just fyi i love taylor swift.

ML Drabble: Useless

Adrien was casual surfing through the Ladyblog. He always loved to check the number one site for all things Ladybug. Plus, if a new picture of his lady just happened to be added to the site, he could easily add it to his archive.

As he was looking through, he stubbled across a chat room, affectionately called ‘Chat about Chat’. Curious by a section of the ladybug actually talking about his hero Identity, he decided to look into it.

As soon as he opened the chat he noticed the interesting topic. The topic of the chatroom today was “Does Ladybug need Chat noir?”

The blond model began to feel his heart sink as he read the highest rated response.

Chat noir is nothing more then a hinderance for Ladybug. If he isn’t getting captured, or getting the tar kicked out of him by the villains, he is being controlled and getting in the way of the real hero. Maybe if the black cat was halfway competent in his abilities, he might actually be able to help people.

Chat noir looked closely at the comments below. His heart getting hit with every comment.

He would be a better villain then a hero.

Who gave this guy superpowers? Probably just as dumb as the guy who has the powers.

Ladybug should have a better partner.

Maybe a new hero who is better can take his place.

If I was that cat I would have taken a leap off of the eiffel tower by now, would have been the best thing for him to do for ladybug.

Why does Ladybug put up with him?

Aside from his looks, he is practically useless.

Give his powers to Ladybug, she would make way better use of them.

Adrien kept reading the countless cutting comments. The cruel nature of the chatroom was getting more and more apparent with each comment. Most were just repeating what the others had been saying.

Useless, burden, pain, pathetic, all words that were used to describe him. It hurt with each comment, like a needle in the back. But the worst part about all of them is, that he can see their point.

Ladybug has proven more then capable without him, but he was always the one screwing up. He was always the one being the burden. Their partnership wasn’t exactly even to the rest of the world.

The blond teen couldn’t help but wonder what Ladybug thought about him. Did she think he was a burden like these people do?

“Adrien, your out of Camembert. We need to get more.” His black cat Kwami appeared from out of his bag. The kwami quickly realized his words were not reaching his chosen.

The black cat kwami quickly made his way to his partner, who seemed too focused on the screen. Plagg took a quick gander at the screen and knew what was up.

“Your seriously reading this crap? A bunch of whiny fans that only know how to complain.” The kwami retorted, hiding his annoyance at those internet trolls that were insulting his partner.

Adrien turned to his kwami, his face stoic as he looked at the green eyed cat.

“Plagg, am i useless?” The teen questioned, his voice a touch shakier then he meant it to be. He didnt want to let anyone know it actually got to him.

“Are you serious? Of course your not useless. “ Plagg answered. “You bust your butt to save peoples lives everyday. Plus you keep me relatively fed. Tell those losers to come out of their mother’s basement and use their fingers for something other then typing and pleasuring themselves.”

Adrien smiled a bit at his Kwami’s words.

“Now let me do some typing. Let ole Plagg teach you how to deal with hecklers.” Plagg smirked as he began typing on the keyboard.

After a few minutes Adrien looked at what Plagg had typed.

“That is.. really mean Plagg. I don’t think they deserve that.” Adrien spoke, taken a back by the large use of profanity.

“What? most of those comments are just as mean as this one.”

“Yeah, but how does that saying go? An eye for an eye?” 

Plagg looked at his chosen and sighed.

“I’ll give you this kid. You got a good heart, that makes you a lot better then most of these idiots. I am pretty sure Ladybug feels the same way i do. You are a good Chat noir.”

“Plagg.. Thank you.” Adrien said as he hugged his kwami.

Plagg flew out of the hug, not use to the kind affection.

“Alright enough of the mushy stuff. The only cheesy thing I want is some camembert. So make like a good chat noir and feed me some Cheese.” Plagg commanded.

The blond model chuckled at his kwami.

“Alright Plagg, I’ll get you some. But no more rubbing the cheese on everything, I had to get my clothes washed three times just to get that stench off of me!” Adrien said before he headed out of the room to get the cheese.

Plagg looked at the Computer screen before turning it off. The black cat knew that all the chat noir’s had to deal with their critics. It was the fate of the bad luck. But thats what made Adrien different from a lot of the chat noirs. Most of his previous chosen would bite back, probably would be petty when saving a certain person that had been mean to them before. Adrien wasn’t like that, the boy gave everyone a chance, he didn’t have a mean bone in his body. Even to his father, who really deserved it, Adrien held his tongue. Plagg didn’t understand how the boy could do it, but that just made him more interesting.

“You really gave me an interesting chosen geezer.” Plagg spoke to himself. “He might be my favorite one yet.”

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I went through her Dinah tag but it didn't give much information. But is the stuff as bad as the things Canola done?

If u use ur mobile and search her name theres a whooole lot on her blog but i can guide u to this post http://lenasmixedgf.tumblr.com/post/152966041003 she also used gay as an insult, cultural appropriated who knows how many times, refuses to apologize when shits wrong and people were saying how she supports trump and her response was she didnt vote at all lmao she didnt even say she didnt she just said nah i didnt vote and honestly both are ugly shsjdkdk its not much of a competition its their own levels

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headcanon: slytherins tell people their perceived weaknesses to get rid of any chance to use them as ammo in a fight

i can see that, definitely. I tell people about my depression and anxiety all the time, because it helps them understand me and because it serves as a preemptive strike against anyone trying to use my mental illnesses to hurt me.

i think a lot of Slytherins do this subconsciously. I know that i tend to tell people a lot about my insecurities, even people i dont know that well. I always got frustrated with myself afterwards, because i didnt think at the time it was a very Slytherin thing to do, but thinking about it from this angle it actually makes tactical sense. You cant use a common fact against someone very well, and if the worst someone has to say to me is “you can’t do anything cause you’re all emo”, i dont even really need to bother with a counter-argument because that person has already made themselves look like an idiot, and the insult is so weak its more than just laughable.

huh. i honestly never thought of it this way.