i didnt have internet for a week

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Hawker are you ok? Tuesdays update didnt come in and you havent said a word. if i missed anything sorry heh. hope you have a great thanks giving week!

My internet has been dead for like 3 days now, but hey my mobile service has been paid so imma post the missing updates soon!

you didnt miss much

i revolt secretly every time i see an article or post about how we’re all addicted to our screens and never go outside and have no human contact etc etc. 

listen, this is what i wanted. 

i saw star trek, and i wanted to walk around with small flat tech that tells me everything i want to know. i never wanted to talk on a phone, even when there wasn’t an alternative. i didnt want to memorize phone numbers for each of my friends; i was terrible at it anyway. how many fucking times did i go to a public library when i was 10, and the book i needed to answer the question i’d been asking for a week was checked out, or lost, or damaged, or getting rejacketed or, and this was the worst, the library had never heard of it and never owned a copy.

do you have any idea how many of those unanswered questions went into cold storage in my jumbled memory until the internet finally answered them or let me order that book or showed me a dozen other paths in the woods to follow and get even better answers? 

i’m old enough to remember what it was like before we had this, and it was steaming garbage. it was impossible to put a photo of yourself on the internet without a consumer grade camera, film of the right type, access to a photo lab, and $10 to get the roll developed, most of which would be unusable or blinking or sneezing or ugly or blurry, and then the final insult, you had to scan the dirty, smudgy, badly exposed thing into a computer and then, jesus christ, where would you even host it? do you remember how expensive it was just to get some storage space that would display pictures to other people? i do.

this isnt a “kids these days” post, either. its a post for every newspaper cartoonist who’s made fun of a twenty year old for taking a selfie. that middle aged cartoonist spent the 90s doing exactly what we all did in the 90s: worked our asses off trying to make up for the lack of simple contact books, free cameras, free hosting, accessible image editing, inexpensive and tailored music, and internet access that didnt charge by the minute.

it’s not anythig like a utopia but sometimes its such a god damn relief

god im freaking out my bank just gutted me and now im 274 dollars over in my checking. i had $200 in my account and i owed about $250 on my credit card this month so i put in a transfer of $150 for the meantime, but the transfer wasn’t showing up anywhere like it does every other time so i figured the webpage crashed or something with the internet happened or i just forgot the click the button and carried on for like a week, bought $50 groceries and a $20 laptop charger because mine finally broke after 4 years and i didnt have access to my laptop, and then called my bank to make a payment of $100 dollars on my credit card and the banker specifically said that the 150 didnt show up ?? only now i check and see the $150 did go through, so i was already over my limit after groceries and was charged 35 in overdraft fee, then another 35 for my laptop, then another 35 for the 100 dollar transfer, then photoshop autocharged $10 and left another 35. i just cant believe over the course of a day i’d get $140 in overdraft fees and its so frustrating cuz i could have paid for all of this. i know this is a rookie mistake and from now on i will never assume a transfer didnt go through because it’s not showing up in my activity feed but i really do not know what to do at all right now 


YO YO, It’s ya girl Brooke. I just went a day without internet and phone and it was hella scary because I couldn’t call anyone or check my bank account or email or anything. I was able to pay some of the bill and get my service on until the 20th. I’m splitting the bill with my sister. My provider is suddenly turned everything off, first told us we over used but then telling my family that we didnt pay the bill in December but we been paying it??? So either way with $200 to pay next week. Sadly won’t have another pay check coming in until the 1st.
So if you like my art please consider commissioning me! I know I’m not the best artist but I’m practicing everyday! I can do lot of cute stuff! I’m known for thr cutesys art😘💕👌

I normally take payment after I sent a sketch but for this short period I have to take payment first. I hope you can understand!

If you want some more info check out my commission about page or message me! You message this blog or my personal @your-toku-mom. Also I’m willing to work out some form of deal if you want some in between for what I have above.

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So was that why you were doing poles and asks a few weeks back on if everyone like the ship? So you can gain the Kerge to ask your wife you out?

Nah it was just a skit, I asked her when I didnt have internet and I needed to get on a high place to call and text.

Funny enough it happened when I was thinking about the song “Can’t help falling inlove with you” by elvis.

Now I just love to tease her a lot in a loving way x3 right @sefira101 ?


(I tried to post it before but didnt worked… stupid internet company)

First one is Takoyama in the dress that Touko used in my yesterday draw, @viridiansword wanted me to draw him in that dress so here you go, enjoy!!

Second one is sad Takoyama… (mental note: dont draw while listening sad music)

Third one is Guru Ant with his TV (the memeeees) also I have this headcanon, basicaly his favorite show is Sailor Moon (weird I know, but i like it)

Fourth one is mah girl Noodle… wow she grows fast (actually I did this some weeks ago, but i forgot to post it… oops)

if you want to know how awkward i am, just know that i lived 8 years and 3 months (exactly half my life) with seeing my clarinet teacher once a week and never ever saying ‘you’ to him because i didnt know whether to use the formal one or not and after some years i just couldnt ask anymore that would have been too embarrassing so i either just spoke so quietly and kinda left out words (i do that a lot normally but believe me i can talk in a way where i say every word but you will not understand me at all because i waaaiit i gotta wait for google translate to load but my internet is bad okay it says mumble or mutter but tbh thats not quite the word im looking for but whatever you know what i mean) or i just kinda always went ‘thanks’ instead of ‘thank you’ and ‘uh i need my book…’ instead of ‘could you hand me my book’ and yeah frankly all you people who dont have formal and not formal yous can be glad lmao

a trip to the supermarket with my dad

so about an hour ago, my dad noticed that i’d been on the internet all day and hadn’t been outside for days/weeks/whatever so he decided to drag me outside to go shopping with him

we didnt talk much in the car on the way to the supermarket but once we got there i realised i was literally dressed like dean winchester (which i didnt point out because my dad doesnt know supernatural) but i started laughing and he sort of gave me a look that said “oh no not my weird daughter again”.

 having not been outside for a while and living on tumblr for a week, i had forgotten what was socially acceptable so i just randomly started singing the ghostbusters theme song because a box of cereal fell of a shelf by itself then i said “DAD DAD IT’S A GHOST CEREAL BOX! WHO YA GONNA CALL?” and he just facepalmed and kept walking. i just started humming fall out boy songs and skipping around and talking enthusiastically about pizza and my dad just put his hand on my shoulder and said “grace, people are gonna think youre on drugs” so i stopped and started talking too enthusiastically about jillian holtzmann like “oh my god holtzmann is so amazing i love her so much she is amazing and awesome and l mean youve watched the film you saw her she is just perfect in every way” and he was like “grace, youre making me question your sexuality” and i laughed and said “you dont have to do that for me” but i almost said “dont worry im gonna come out in january” and just managed to stop myself

as my dad was paying i was talking to him about harry potter. i was saying “dad youve only read the first book. you have to read all of them” and he was like “no i dont because ive watched the films” and i was like “im not lending you the cursed child until youve read all seven books” and he was like “maybe i wont read the cursed child then. maybe i’ll just go and see the play” and i was like “we might not be able to see the play” and he just looked at me and said “oh, i’ll see it”

when we left the supermarket i said “but what if we dont see the cursed child” and he said “we can all act it out” and i said “who would you be?” and he said “silvius balfoy” and i just stared at him and said “who the hell is that?” and he said “y’know. draco’s little one” and i said “SCORPIUS MALFOY YOU IDIOT” and he was like “yeah i’ll be that one” and i said “dad, he’s 14. youre nearly 45″ and he said “i’ll be harry then. you can be scorpius. molly can be albus.” and i was thinking “woah dad youre casting me as scorpius and my girlfriend as albus? scorbus much” then i remembered he doesnt know im gay or that my best friend is actually my girlfriend. then he kept going on about how he could be harry potter

on the way home some boys like 17 or something rode their bikes across the road in front of us and my dad said “watch out, lads” and i looked at him and said “you do know they cant hear you, right?” and he said “they can. i used telekinesis.” i groaned then a few seconds later said “wait isnt telekinesis when you move objects with your mind?” and he said “yep”

later he was like “did we ever finish watching shadowhunters?” and i said “i did. you didnt” and he said “im sure i did” so i said “you didnt. you watched up to episode 5. whos your favorite character?” and he said “magnus and harry” and i looked at him and said “whos harry?” and he said “the gay one” and i was like “THATS ALEC” 

and that is what happened when i went to the supermarket with my dad

Part 3

Merry Christmas to all of you lovely humans. I’m grateful for all of you. I hope that you all had an amazing day. And even if you don’t celebrate, happy Monday! 


Good morning! I’ve literally had no internet for a couple of days. The. Worst! But I’m back now. Here is part 3!

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sorry for my unexplained absence ! im in the middle of moving house, and we didnt have internet in the new house for the time being. im probably gonna be low activity until we get the house a lil bit in order and all that jazz, but hopefully in like. 2 or so weeks i can be back to my regular activity on all my blogs ! ty for understanding !!

shit dude

alright so lets start off with the big fact of i wont have internet after the next week

our roomate who has the wifi plan is moving out because he got a house to stay in until we move to Indiana, and to top that off he’s leaving before rent is due and i didnt work an entire fucking week* but made 300 at my job still.

* i have to talk to the head manager tomorow due to not calling in about being sick because i didnt know i fucking had to and so i might get fired for having not called in each day for a week after being told not to work until i get a doctors note.

about commisions: any and all funds i get from these would go to either rent or food, both of which we are struggling with keeping up with. which i hate admitting because i dont want you guys worrying. as a heads up the funds would go through paypal on my streamlabs (i think im remembering that correctly) where ill accept donations from streaming (which will be gaming and art commision streams on Twitch) now all that aside i dont really have much more to add as i have to go now.

till then, ill catch you guys on the flipside with an update on whats happening.

peace 💜👌

people on this site (and by people i mean pagans bc those are the only ppl i actually care about when it comes to arguments anymore) are fuckin ridiculous like one time i got into an argument about how some ppl want to make offerings that are “non corporeal” and the other person insisted that since they were poor they KNEW that everyone could make basic offerings and if they didnt they were just making excuses; when i said “actually im poorer than you” they acted like it was ridiculous. kept going on about “well theres water in the tap!!! you could still do that!! you eat food you could offer that food!!!!”

meanwhile, in reality, i grew up for YEARS not knowing if we would have our water turned on, on any given day; not knowing if there would be food at home or i would have to figure out some way to mooch off some church charity program or something illegal/dangerous, not to mention living in an environment where getting caught doing something pagan was literally dangerous for me -not like “an uncomfortable conversation” dangerous, but “could result in abuse” dangerous

and for fcks sake, YES, it was still conceivable for me to use the internet during this time because hey, free wifi exists. during this period of my life, being able to use the internet for a few hours a week was a luxury that i was willing to walk across town for and stuff, because it was the only fun thing i got to do, and it gave me access to a support system that i didnt have at home.

and my point here isnt to be all Endured More Hardship Than Thou necessarily, just. dont assume what everyone else can and cant do ok. sheesh

hey so im in an emergency-type situation

my mom didnt pay for my summer rent to stay on campus like she told me she would, and i dont have nearly enough to cover it. i currently owe my school $417 and if i dont pay, none of my financial aid will be processed.

if anyone has any spare cash my paypal is atrancy@ymail.com

i can do art and graphic design commissions but they’ll have to be put off for a few weeks since there is no internet at my house. here’s my art tag and i can give graphic design examples at request, when i get my own computer to an internet source.

for art, i can draw anything besides incest and pedophilia. nsfw and gore included

for graphic design, i can design anything as long as i have specific dimensions. ive worked on posters, t-shirts, dvd cases, and cd cases in the past. i cant provide printing services.

please send me an email at the same email address as above, since im more likely to get that than an ask or message on tumblr

the life cycle of a college student
  • stage 1: shit i did so bad last semester i'm gonna study extra hard this semester and make all the notes
  • stage 2: eh fuck that there's plenty of time
  • stage 3: oh shit the work's mounting up but i can still do this i have a month
  • stage 4: 1 week til exams and i havent started fuck fuck fuck
  • stage 5: *oh look a butterfly/internet/food/procrastination*
  • stage 6: day before the exam and fuck sake i still have 70% of work left to do
  • stage 8: you know what fuck this shit i might as well sleep not gonna learn anything 4 h before test
  • stage 10: shit i did so bad last semester i'm gonna study extra hard this semester and make all the notes

every time i accidentally see a real dead body on the internet I lose a little more of my own personal lifespan


Mun Talk: i have been abscent for the last week , i went on a trip with my family to our hometown, the place were we stayed didnt have internet so im using my mobile data to upload this.

so while i was at that trip i doodled some of the muses i liked the most, ought to say that they arent the only ones and i plan to draw more muses in a future (you guys i love your designs and the way you play your characters !!!) sorry if i got something wrong i didnt have much of reference pictures on my laptop.





(and of course a little portrait for dimentio UwU)