i didnt forget you anon :*

Hello and welcome to my ??? appreciation post! I seriously cant remember if this is my 3rd or 4th time doing this. I’m doing this because my blog will be turning four years old next week and I’m also kind of near to my ultimate follower goal ;;;; I’m doing an appreciation post because i’m including some of my followers and my special anons in this post. I’m really thankful to all the people who made this site bearable for me for the past 4 years. To my followers who have been with me since my pre-crack days (if some of you have been really following me for that long) then i’d like to thank you for bearing with me ;;; I won’t bold the mutuals because I hate it when tumblr does the thing and every thing gets messed up then everyone get untagged.

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Other LGBT+ kpop blogs

Here is a shortish list of other blogs who often(always??) post kpop lgbt+ content (moodboards, scenarios etc). These are the blogs we reblog from most frequently; if you know of other blogs, feel free to send us a message and we’ll publish it and give them a shout out! 

the clearao tag is fuckin broken so i whipped this out but i made them lesbians again because broken tags annoy me and Boys annoy me and life,

life annoys me.

anonymous asked:

what are your favourite blogs?

this is gonna be a long one. so kick up your feet, folks, and settle in for a wild ride.

crushes (or ppl who are otherwise too cool for me): falcqn, amyskhaleesi, howlingsoldier, darerogers, poetryandoldermen, buckiejbarnes, sansasdarkstevercgersteslatastic, protectmccall, mercystiel, onemoresoultothecallbrockrumlow and oldbrooklynsoul.

the steves to my bucky: charliequeen-ofmoons, bravebethy, merlins-total-turnip-head, pietromavximoff, thebetweenfallandspringsoldier, slyytherinsam, tormund–gingerbane, sherbet-lama, queenebethgreenepolaroidestiel, bethylgrixonscreaming-wolfstuckyforlife, the-unworthy-elevator, ohmaggies, gaycornsoldsamwise, holahydra, greywardens and dick-bear.

and cherished mutuals: hideyourgracesarwenonamoose, queen-mcbridekacefaceuniverse, in-cap-we-trust, helloarmchairphilosopher, upallnighttofindbucky, consulting–assassin, roamanoff, capondi, hawkeyetbh, aliceofasgard, oh-faramir, wholocked-the-library, eowynsheildmaiden, furiosaimperatora, aragornstriders, cryingbecausebuckybarnes, the-oh-so-mighty-alpha, roadtriptogallifrey, bgtea, bvckyjbarnes, starkidbethysilvanthranduiltimetraveling-teacozy, prattishdetective, babitty-rabitty, thekilitomyfili and afairladyofquality.