i didnt forget u

hello !!! it’s amira back at it again w a follow forever nd this time it’s for a milestone that actually had me screaming at my laptop !!! i’ve had this blog for about 9 months nd became a monbebe in january 2017 nd it really was the Greatest decision of my life,,,, i’ve met so many amazing people who i can happily call my friends nd it’s just ???? i cant even describe how happy i am that we can support mx together,,,, nd to everyone following me like ??? thank u ???? all i do is talk abt rarepairs monsta x shownu nd make gifs but ur here nd im here nd like woW okay im !!! emotional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyWAYS before i start like :/ tearing up all over my laptop or smth Equally as Uglie, under the cut you can find messages to my close friends nd a list of mutuals who i love nd adore w all my heart !!!!

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undertale? in this day and age? its more likely than u think

nah but i was scrolling thru old pictures and stuff and saw that this wasn’t completely horrible so like why not make it digital? also theres a lot of people who followed me for undertale so like check it! i didn’t forget about u guys!

Other LGBT+ kpop blogs

Here is a shortish list of other blogs who often(always??) post kpop lgbt+ content (moodboards, scenarios etc). These are the blogs we reblog from most frequently; if you know of other blogs, feel free to send us a message and we’ll publish it and give them a shout out! 

so after a long time,i decided to make my first  Follow Forever,ok i wasn’t sure about my edit ( because i kinda suck at it lol )

I want to thank you all for making my dashboard better ! and even if i don’t talk with most of you because im antisocial and nobody wants to talk to me *sigh* nah actually they do talk to me lol :) i met so many beautiful people here,and im so glad about it.  these blogs & their owners are cute and kind af dunno you should follow them too if u don’t already


@taemcin  @subaek @chaichanyeol @jonmyecn @squynhty 

@hyunqvwon @chanhyun @jnghobi @baixeans @baekpedia

@brbcrawlingtokorea @baek-a-licious @baekhyuh @byunchen

@byunlucid @mochibaeks @ohhsenshine @etherealbbh @junyixinqs

@topfied @thicksehun @chanyeolcide @chanyoel @chanshine

@sugadaddytaeyong @pinkjonginie @luhan-vevo @sxhuns

@cutebaekhyunnie @94-hun @callmeminseok @sehuntiago 

@sehunsluckyone @lottomp3byexo @bbhsthighs @etherealbbh 

@sehunnified @seoulsuho @luflute @sehunspubes @sehunicorne

@isexoreal @wtfyixing @luhans-foreskin @yeolhighness @stunningsoo

@strongastitanium @staygoldenbunnyboy @ilovminseok 

@whatiskanye @chanyeollipop @chnyeollie @rosybbh  @shadysoo

@smhsehun @tipannies @chouxiu @ibyun @hunandonly 

@glamorouschen @sebaeksgirl @dokaixing @dorkdo @alphaksoo

@chanyeolsalpha @heroesfan101 @zelovevo  @myminseok

@pebble-xo@gotnothintodo@pcysfirstlove@baehkhun @krellysworld

me? bad at graphics? yeah..

ANYWAYS i reached a really small compared to my other mutuals’ follower goal today and i wanted to share my thanks? so i’m gonna thank all of my mutuals (under the cut) as a way to do that (i guess?) !!! thank you so, so much for 150+ followers !!!

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i finally finised yohane!! i love her & the rest of aqours so much ;u; she was fun to make & i learned a lot :^}

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follow forever

thanks for 1000 babes 💞

a-g: @aleclightwoodisbetterthanyou @asexualbrittaperry @capstevierogers @catty-words @claryfightwood @clarystea @cometlesbian @distractedbythedictionary @freyjaranka @fnpoe @earlsleg @garrobanes @gayisabellelightwood @gayspacehoe @goudabeary

h-n: @harryspaceshipmchale @hedwwig @isvbellelightwccd @izzyswife @jaxgardnr @ladykima @latinalightwood @lesbianniedison @lesdemonium @lesleynope @lukegarrowayisamaincharacter @maiagarroway @mayaheart @miserysucculent @moonlightmaia @naturalsapphic @nblesbianmaia @nightfallgoddess 

p-z: @politedemon @popgothica @quentinscoldwater @raphaelownsme @rose-hold @sciencegf @softjace @sunmaia @thediaryoflaurapalmer @whatthehellareregionals @wordmage-girl @yolandalesbian @zendaysa @zacscottysnl

                                                F A M D R O I D

ROW 1: @thepaleandroid @thatredsaiyan @android-20 @artificialanomaly

ROW 2: @android-018 @rebxlliouscybxrg @smolbxt @thesilentandroid @thetokenandroid @getrocketfisted

ROW 3: @artxficialblue @thevioletandroid @supercilicus @android7 @suaveswindler @droidinatruckerhat @bioxperfection @bioxdroid @azuremcnster


                    ★゜・。。・゜゜・ wow guys, i can’t believe it’s not even been a full month and i’m so thankful to see so many new & familiar faces on my dash every day !! shion has been a character so incredibly close to my heart that it nearly broke it to take a leave of absence away from him, but to be able to have everyone’s support as i’ve rebooted him has been such a blessing. you guys really make being here so worthwhile and i look forward to writing with each & every one of you. and to show my appreciation, i just wanted to be able to thank & give a small shoutout to the blogs & individuals behind them who are such talented writers & wonderful friends i’ve been able to admire and be lucky to know. thank you all for sticking with me, and i hope i can continue to grow shion alongside everyone in the future !! ♥ lettie

                         @xyuuken@dreamswithin@darlingroom@paulomiles@justonekid / @equvlent@catprided@crownedcosmos@chaied / @jedicoded@tsunameme@luckremorse@puzzllcd@wrathruined + all of knight’s blogs they’re such a joy to read?? ❀ @narumakii + ofc all of hobbit’s blogs <3 ❀ @saecris@ghostypuffs@astrcea@nxfas@svagefaith@preciousyellowidiot@stckhlmr@serialten@ghostpillow ❀  @nezumi-vc-103221@kodomokira